Fighting For Love

One Direction fanfic. 17 year old Adriana was kicked out from her house by her parents for getting into trouble. Her parents got her an apartment to help her in Chicago, since then she has been living with her best friend, Danni. When Adriana went out for a run, she had no idea what was going to happen and how much 5 boys could change her entire life, but would it be for the best or for the worst? (Trust me the story's better)


53. Tweet!

Adriana's POV I felt light headed after he injected me with the three needles on my back. He said it was to ease the pain?  He left leaving me by myself again while he went to go print out these papers. "Hey sweetie" I smiled at my mom and started looking at my phone.  I heard someone walk in with loud footsteps and I looked up to see Anthony. "Hey Tony"  "Hey Tony? That's all you gotta say? What the hell happened to you?" My mom looked at Tony since she hates it when we swear.  "Sorry."  He looked back at me waiting for a answer but I didn't want my mom finding out what really happened.  I looked at my mom if she could leave and she nodded leaving me with Tony.  I explained to him everything word for word since I completely trusted him. I told him about the girls, Max, the talk I had with Louis, Zayn, Harry, Liam, and Niall.  "The fucking asshole! What the hell makes him think he could just do that to you! I swear if I fuck-" Tony was clutching his fist and I could tell he was mad, "Tony! Stop okay? It was a mistake! Tony, calm down." I put my hand on his arm and he pulled it off.  "What makes him think he could hurt my little sister like that? Next time I see him, he's gonna wish he never touched you..."  He was tense and I was actually scared to see him like that, I never saw him like this. I didn't know if I should ignore him and keep quiet or continue to talk to him.  "He didn't mean it, I'm fine. He didn't know. Can you stop saying those things, you do realise he's still my boyfriend... Who I love.. Tony?"  He seemed like he wasn't listening to me. I chose to try to calm him down.  He put his hands on his head and he took deep breathes.  "I hate him. I hate him. I don't care if you love him," he stopped, "I'm going to beat him he won't even..."  "Shut up! Shut up. You are not going to even lay a finger on him! Hate him all you want, but you aren't going to hurt him." Tony wasn't going to go near him if he was going to hurt him. I really meant it.  "He hurt my little sister! What do you want me to do? Just sit around and ignore the fact he HURT you?!" "Just because I'm your little sister, doesn't change the fact I'm eighteen." He was red and still clutching his fists. I crossed my arms and looked at him, "Are you done saying bullshit?"  "You know you need better? Instead of that dick... Like that Zayn or Harry guy! They made sure you were alright... Unless they're like Max.." He tensed up again when he said his name, I knew Zayn and Harry wouldn't hurt me, they weren't like that. "Well I don't love Zayn or Harry. So..." He huffed and looked at me.  "You want to stay with him, whatever. I'm just telling you if I see him I'm gonna knock his teeth out." I laughed he wouldn't he only said it to act tough. "He won't be near you, promise. To be honest you scared me.." Tony looked weirdly at me and smiled. "I scared you?" He chuckled, "Yes!" I smiled and he ruffled up my hair. "Sorry Adri. How's your ankle?"  I sat back down on the bed and looked at my ankle, "Hurts when I move it too much but I think it'll be fine."  He looked at the bands wrapping my arm and then looked at my scratches.  "Damn... I didn't know a group of girls could.. Well, they do have nails. What about you back what did the doctor say?"  I shrugged, "Just poked me with a few needles."  The doctor walked back in with sheets, "Okay, Adriana. I just need your signature and your mom already paid your bill." He smiled handing me a pen, I signed my name, "Leave when you like, but please make it less than ten minutes." I nodded at him, "Thanks, oh! What about my ankle?" "You have to keep it wrapped up like that just for a week and the scratches should disappear soon, your back seems fine just go to your doctor if you get any pains, and lastly those two bruises on your arms, they should be gone in a few weeks." He smiled kindly at us and he left.  "Few weeks.. Wow." I heard Tony whisper to himself and I pretended I didn't hear and left.    "I'll see you later loser!" I stuck my tongue out at Tony as he ran to his truck. I continued to walk with my mom.  We were in the car half way home it was quiet except the voices of the radio.  "What do you think about her Ed?"  "Uh.. She seems like a good person. I haven't met her so I wouldn't exactly know." I heard the radio and I turned it up louder to hear Ed sheeran.  I screamed which made my mom push onto the brakes and yell too.  "What? Dear lord Adriana!"  I was so anxious to hear Ed talking.  "Mom! It's Ed Sheeran!! AHH!" I was so happy I could hardly breath.  My mom smiled and continued to drive.  "I hear she has a bit of a crush on you..."  Ed laughed, "Does she?"  "She said it here on the magazine, let me find the page-- ah! Here." He started reading out loud, "Celebrity crush? Ed Sheeran! Proof right here Ed. She seems head over heels for you." I started breathing harder, were they talking about me... Oh my gosh.  "She's pretty... Maybe I'll meet her some day." Ed laughed again and I felt my heart skip beats.  "So are you saying you are open to seeing her?"  "Yeah, why not? Can I see that magazine?" I felt like screaming more but I held it in, "Adriana, what is the point to t-" I shushed my mom and she quickly closed her mouth laughing quietly.  "I'm sure she's going to love-" "She has a boyfriend, come on. You're setting my up with a girl with a boyfriend." I heard people laughing around Ed.  "I guess I didn't quite read everything.." The man laughed, "I'm sure she would still love to see you." "Eh."  "Let's send her a quick tweet see what she says."  "I doubt she's constantly on Twitter mate."  "Well lets see... You too! Go on.."  I heard Ed laugh yet again and I heard buttons pressing, "What's her twitter?"  "Oh, right here.." I was so anxious and I just wanted to hear what the girl would say, I had a little hope they were talking about me though. I heard my stomach rumble, "Mom? Can we get some food, I'm starving."  My mom nodded, "Sure honey."  She started taking a turn and I waited to hear Ed talk.  "Okay, it's sent... Now."  I waited for my phone to buzz but nothing... It obviously wasn't me. I felt hopeless and I grabbed my phone. I was going to tweet 'Ed Sheeran you god. Always getting my hopes up.' "No reply yet?"    When I pulled out my phone to unlock it and saw a tweet.    '@edsheeran: I guess I have a big fan.. @Adri1995 hello! Maybe we could have a meet up someday'    I dropped my phone and I screamed so loud. "MOM! Oh my gosh!" I started hyperventilating and I got tears rolling down my cheeks.  "Oh my god! Ed Sheeran tweeted me! MOM!!!"  My mom shrieked again but didn't press the brakes. "She hasn't answered.." "She doesn't seem like the girl to constantly be online."  "Adriana answer the damn tweet!" I heard the guy say and I yelled again.  I retweeted the tweet and began typing my best even though I was freaking out. "Is that you?" My mom asked. '@edsheeran OMFG I CANF BRESTH YOU TWRTIED ME I LOBDVE YOU DO MYVB IN CRYING' I meant to write, 'omfg I can't breath you tweeted me I love you so much I'm crying' but it didn't quite work out.  I was still screaming "Mom!! Ed Sheeran tweeted me!"  I yelled more, I could not believe it! He wants to meet me. I can't.. I cannot!   "Is that her?!" I heard the guy say and Ed began laughing hysterically. I heard a lot of people laughing behind and I was screaming with tears running down my cheeks. "Adriana! You're crying.. What am I going to do with you."  I laughed and cried more. I looked at my Twitter even more putting 'ED SHEERAN TWEETED ME I CAN'T. PLEAFE I LOVE EVETYONE BLESS YPUR SOJLS. I KEEPT CRYJNG' '@edsheeran: @adri1995 what exactly did that say.. Is that a yes?' I screamed yet again, I couldn't handle this. I have never acted like this, this was insane.  '@edsheeran I'm trying hard to type good. I love you so much! You're a god, I just heard you on the radio.. I'm crying. YES!' "The girls having a heart attack" The guy said, "She said yes, uh.. She's hearing this right now. Well, hello Adriana! Hopefully you're still alive." I laughed and my mom did too. Ed knew I was dying.. "Adriana please stay calm for a second, let me order food."   I closed my mouth as my mom pulled to the drive thru. I was still breathing hard, I was controlling myself.  '@edsheeran: @adri1995 I'd love to meet you, I just don't know about your boyfriend haha' "Welcome to Wendy's, can I take your order?" "Hi, can I have two spicy chickens one sprite and the other lemonade. That should be it." "Okay, that will be 7.65"   I turned up the radio and my mom rolled her eyes. "Next up give me love by Ed Sheeran, Adriana Ed can't wait to meet you." He laughed and I was hyperventilating again.  '@edsheeran I'm sure he'd be fine with it, I love you! :D I have to keep saying it, thank you so much!' I was controlling myself and by the time we got to my apartment I ran inside.  "Greg.. Ed Sheeran.. Tweeted me, and knows I exist." Greg laughed and gave me a thumbs up, "That's great Adriana."  I smiled big and ran up the stairs, trying my best as I could, to my apartment and unlocked my door. 

My mom followed closing the door behind her and setting the food on my table. "You seem so much more happier. You ran really quick for someone with a bad ankle."

I looked at my ankle and all of a sudden pain. It's like pain wasn't a sense I had, probably because I was busy thinking how Ed Sheeran tweeted me.

'@edsheeran is now following you!' I read on my phone and I felt my legs go weak, "Mom, I have no idea how I'm alive." She laughed taking the food out. "Calm down and eat!" I walked to sit down on the chair and I began eating my spicy chicken. This was too amazing to believe. 

I read through my mentions, '@Adri1995 you're a major fangirl omg'

I laughed favourting it and I kept reading, '@Adri1995 ed fucking sheeran tweeted you but not me :('

I felt bad and followed her and I reminded myself to mention her twitter to Ed. I finished eating and I sat down on my sofa and it was like living in heaven.

"So Adriana, I couldn't help but notice... You have some letters here"

Oh no. She saw the letters, the letters from college schools. "Um.. Yeah. About that. I've been meaning to tell you..."

"Adriana you need to start thinking which school you're going to. You have all these accepting you!" All of them were accepting me, I thought I was going to go to one of them to become a vet, but lately I have been doing good with modeling. I was happier with modeling it literally made me express myself and do what I like. I loved fashion and just being myself it was something great for me.

"Mom... I don't know how to tell you, I think maybe-"

"Adriana this is amazing! You worked hard for this reason. It may be hard to pick but I'll definetely help you."

My mom started reading through the letters, "Thanks for that, but I dont think..."

"This is a really good college honey!" She smiled at me and kept reading. "Yeah it is.. I was just thinking that-"

"Look at this!" She laughed and smiled again. "Can I say something?" I told her but she didn't listen.

She continued opening a new letter and I sighed.

"Mom I'm not going to college." She let her smile turn to a frown and she stayed quiet.

"Not go to college? Adriana stop being silly."

"I'm serious... I think, modeling can work out for me" I smiled big so my mom could know I really mean it.

"Adriana, you're beautiful and I love that you love modeling but that is not a something people stay in for a long time... I'm going to go back home to meet up with some girlfriends, think about which college alright call me if you need help." 

She got up getting her purse and she kissed my cheek, "Feel better, bye."

"Bye.." I hate that she does that, she thinks I'm just going to give into what she says. I wasn't though.

She left and I was left with my thoughts. I'll tell her some other time...


This chapter doesn't have much to do with anything really but it's mainly just to show Adriana is like any ordinary girl. I hope you loved it, I'll update soon promise ! Also please if you're having any problems with anything let me know & I'll help you out! I'm here to help you! :D I hope you've enjoyed the story so far more to come!Sorry for so many swears too haha. Thank you!

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