Fighting For Love

One Direction fanfic. 17 year old Adriana was kicked out from her house by her parents for getting into trouble. Her parents got her an apartment to help her in Chicago, since then she has been living with her best friend, Danni. When Adriana went out for a run, she had no idea what was going to happen and how much 5 boys could change her entire life, but would it be for the best or for the worst? (Trust me the story's better)


49. Trusted all of you.

Adriana's POV
"Danielle!" Liam picked her up and hugged her like crazy. I've never seen two people miss each other as much as they both did.
"I missed you so much..." Liam whispered to her enough for me to hear.
"I missed you too." She said and hugged him even more. They kissed each other and I smiled a bit, just to see how happy they were.
Liam didn't take his eyes off her, she grabbed her arm and took her in, I stayed out, not knowing if I should go in or not.
"It's Danielle, lads!" I heard them cheer and I smiled a little.
"Did Eleanor happen to come with you?" I heard Louis ask, hopefully.
"I asked her but she was stuck at work.. She really wanted to come, badly."
"... She said she'd try to come soon though!" I could tell Louis was smiling and I stuck my head a little bit in just to see him smiling.

"I brought someone else with me though."
Liam made a confused face and he turned to look at me. His eyes went wide and he kept staring at me..
"Who is it?" I moved back and stayed against the wall, Louis walked to the door and I saw him look to the left then to the right, at me.

He looked shocked too, and he had his eyes wide, "Adriana..." He said whispering, I didn't have to talk to them, I didn't have to say a word, nothing at all. I could feel my eyes get watery, but I held it back.
"You.. You could come in. Um.. Just.." He moved from the door and I listened to him, going in. I walked slowly to the door and I saw Niall and Zayn staring at me. All of them looked shocked and I just looked away from them.

"I bumped into her while I was coming out of a shop. She's such a great person! No wonder all of you adore her." I looked at Danielle and smiled a bit.

I knew my eyes were watery, I couldn't help it. I hated to see them, but I missed them so much.. I didn't want to say anything to them because everything I worked to try to ignore them would disappear. I couldn't, I could never forgive them.. Never.
But a part of me just wanted to know one thing...
"What's with the cheering?" I looked straight ahead of me and I saw Harry shirtless only with some black shorts on with his arm rubbing his eyes.
He cleared his eyes and he looked straight at me, I looked at him and tried so hard not to let any tears fall. He stood still for a bit and he just walked straight pass me with a hurt look on his face and sat down on the couch.

Harry ignored the fact that I was there and I admit I was happy he did but I felt a bit hurt because I just wanted to hug him and say how much I missed him, I wanted to say it to all of them.
I looked back quickly and put my hand on my neck, and I looked to the ground and back up to the boys. Niall went back to eating whatever he had and Louis looked at me and at Zayn then to the couch. They both walked to the couch and sat down with Harry.
"Right.." I said quietly and I went with Danielle.
"Do you want to show them what we bought?" Danielle sounded excited and I shook my head, "You could, I doubt they want to even look at me." Danielle made a sad face and she walked to the door, "Where are you going?" I asked her before she left.
"To get the bags!" She had her hand up and I threw her my keys. She smiled and went out. Now I was left with these five. Liam walked with the rest of them, also ignoring me.

I looked at everything they had there and I walked to see some pictures they had on top of a drawer. I could feel them looking at me. I picked up photo booth pictures and they were all of them making weird faces but they looked really happy. I turned around and I saw their heads quickly turn around to look at something else.
I sighed and I put my elbow on top of the couch Liam was on and I put my hand on my chin. I had to know something...
"So you all hate me now." They looked at me, and Harry, Zayn, and Liam just smiled.
I raised my eyebrows and Zayn looked at me, "You think we care what you said in a magazine?" I paused and I looked at Zayn, "You're still our crazy, funny, hyper, wild, and yet sensitive Adriana."
I laughed a little then I went serious, "Why.. Why can't you just say you hate me already?"
Louis finally looked at me, "Because we still care about you. We've known you for quite a while. I don't know how you did it but we just can't forget about everything"

Niall came from the kitchen and sat down on the ground next to Harry and Zayn.
"Especially the part where you kept the secret that my dad was dying?"
I brought it up, I didn't care anymore, I wanted to know what the hell ran through their minds when they promised to keep it from me.
They all had a guilty looks, "Well don't tell me you forgot about it? I remember that just fine."
I still had watery eyes and talking about my dad made it even worse.
I waited for them to say something but they didn't, "Well then?"
Harry looked up to me, "I've told you before so many times, I'm sorry. I'm so-"
I stopped Harry, "I don't want to hear I'm sorry, Harry. I know people make mistakes, I've made a million of em..."

"So.. Why do you hate us then?"
All of them waited for me to answer Niall.. So I did.

"I don't necessarily hate you. I'm just mad because I trusted all of you... My dad wasn't getting any better, but I trusted you, all of you, to tell me if you knew something. Instead, you kept a secret about my own father dying"
I continued on, "You guys should know I'm not the type to hold grudges... Just because I said a few things in a magazine and it had truth written as a caption.. Doesn't mean it was.. The total truth."

Danielle walked in opening the door, "I brought them!" Danielle smiled and set the bags down.
I took a breath and walked to Danielle, "I should be going, my brothers waiting for me. I had a really fun time" I smiled at Danielle and headed for the door.

"Don't leave your keys behind" I stopped and turned around, I took the keys from Danielle and she handed me bags with my clothes, I laughed a bit, "I forgot I even came in a car, remembering some things from the past." I smiled and quickly made it fade away.

"You're so strange, Adriana..." She laughed, "I'll see you some other time!" Danielle hugged me and I hugged her back to see them staring at us. I looked back at each of them.
"I'll give you my mobile, give me a call when you want to hang out again..."

I backed away and handed Danielle my phone. After a bit she handed it back, "I'll see you soon, bye!" She smiled and I waved to her.
"Bye!... Goodbye boys." With that, I walked out of there.
I still didn't get the answer I hoped for but I guess that would be for another time.

MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL ! :D I HOPE YOU'VE ALL HAD AN AMAZING DAY ! I TOLD YOU I WOULD POST ! I was hoping to post Hurt too but I need to work more with it, maybe tomorrow? Hopefully... MERRY CHRISTMAS AGAIN ! ! !
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