Fighting For Love

One Direction fanfic. 17 year old Adriana was kicked out from her house by her parents for getting into trouble. Her parents got her an apartment to help her in Chicago, since then she has been living with her best friend, Danni. When Adriana went out for a run, she had no idea what was going to happen and how much 5 boys could change her entire life, but would it be for the best or for the worst? (Trust me the story's better)


9. Trust

Louis' POV

I woke up extra early to see Adriana today. I just wanted to talk to her since I didn't get to yesterday. She was the sweetest thing ever. I checked my clock, 7:15AM. I decided to call Eleanor since I woke up a little too early.

I've missed her so much.. We haven't seen each other for 2 months.


"Hi, why are you up so early? Isn't this week your break?"

"Yeah, it is but I wanted to call you. I miss you."

"Aw, I miss you too. Anything exciting happening?"

"I met a girl, she's lovely, you would love her! Zayn, Niall, and Hazza have a huge crush on her. Then yesterday we were all hanging out and her boyfriend came in to see shirtless Haz. Zayn looked like he could kill him, since last month Adriana and him were making out. Then she left since Haz found out that they kissed and we saw her since yesterday after a month." I was talking so much, not like me... I smiled.

"Wow.. Is it that who everyones talking about on Twitter, if it is, she is gorgeous! I'd love to meet her. I don't find it hard to believe that the three of them like her...Poor girl."

"Yeah,she's sweet and all but I don't understand why all three of them like her? She does have a boyfriend."

Eleanor and I talked more and more until it was 10 AM. "Bye, I'll miss you!" I told her as she said the same thing back and we hung up.

I loved her, she always understood me and we could talk about anything. I couldn't wait to see her...

I got up from bed and took a shower then changed to go see Adriana. I waited another hour until I decided i should go.  I didn't want the lads to see me since they would start asking me where I was going so I carefully walked out the door and to the car. No fans today, I'll be quicker to go to then.

I walked into the Starbucks and no body recognized me, a normal day like back then. Then while I was in line I heard someone scream, "How could you do that to him?!" Then hearing Adriana, "Sorry everyone, go back to whatever you were doing."  I wonder what was happening... I asked a lad there if Adriana was there,

"Hey, is Adriana here? I want to talk to her." He nodded his head and called her.

"Louis!" I saw Adriana and I smiled at her as she walked out from the counter.

"Hi, I woke up early to see you!" She made a confused face and checked the clock behind her.

"It's 11..... Anyways why are you here? I know you didn't just come to see me." She smiled.

"Actually I was but then I heard someone scream... Sounded like you were in a little argument... What happened?" She looked at me like, Oh no...

"Um... Louis.. Ok, can I talk to you? About something personal.. I'm trusting you, Louis." She looked worried.

"Of course you could talk to me, you're like a little sister to me. What's wrong?" I put my hands on her shoulder and we walked to a empty table.

"Ethan! I'm on break.." Ethan nodded his head.

"Ok... So yesterday when you all left... Leo and me started watching TV, and he was staring at me then he told me, he loves me." He said what? "How long have you been dating?"

"Three weeks." Three weeks?! That's a little too soon.... What was this guy thinking. But there was something more to this. "I know that's not it though."

"It isn't... I couldn't just leave him hanging, so I told him I loved him back... But I don't. I like him still but I told him I loved him. That's kind of a big thing. For all I know by next week he's going to want to live with me or me with him."

She was right. If he told her he loved her then by next week he could be moving in or wanting more... Adriana doesn't deserve that, if he ever even touched her in that kind of way, I wouldn't hesitate to beat him then and there. But Adriana did play with his feelings and it takes a lot of gut for a lad to say he loves someone.

"You just have to tell him you don't then. Obviously you like him, exactly why you're together. It might be hard but you can't just play with his feelings like that." I turned my head to her since she was looking out the window and had tears rolling down her cheek.

"You don't have to cry... It's all going to be okay." We were sitting across each other and I moved to be right next to her.

I pulled her to lay on my shoulder and she told me, "Louis... I don't just like Leo...I like Harry, Zayn, and Niall." It felt like my mouth was going to drop, it didn't. I was completely shocked. Four of them like her and she likes all four of them. What was this?!

"What... Adriana... What the hell are you thinking... I'm sorry but all four of them.? You need to get your mind straight girl!" Yeah.. Never saying that again. She chuckled.

"I know, its just that Niall's funny and nice, Zayn says the sweetest things, Harry can always make me smile and Leo is just so understanding and he's sweet, caring, nice, funny, and they're all so adorable!" When she said all that stuff about Leo, she obviously likes him more but it doesn't change anything with Niall, Zayn, and Harry. We talked more and more and after thirty minutes she had to go back to work.

"So, just tell him you don't love him but like him and we'll talk later about the other lads." She smiled and hugged me.

"Thanks Louis. I don't know what I would have done without you." I hugged her around her head and she started laughing.

"Ok, I'll see you later." I smiled at her and waved bye and walked outside.

Adriana's POV

After I talked to Louis, I felt a million times better. I was scared to tell him, but I had to tell him. I'm glad I had Louis since he wasn't afraid to tell me off when I was doing dumb stuff. I went back to work with a smile on my face.

I came out of work at 5 and went to my apartment. I walked into my apartment and walked into my room and changed into a tank top and shorts. Then put my hair into a messy bun. I walked into my living room and layed down on my couch.

"How am I going to tell him.." I closed my eyes and opened them when I felt lips touching mine.

"Tell me what?" He looked down at me smiling.

"Er.. Um... Uh." He smiled at me while making a confused smile. I got up still closing my eyes and put my hand my head.

"Leo, I don't know how to tell you this but..." He walked to me and put his hands on my waist.

"What is it?" He was making this so much harder... I had to tell him though.

"Leo...Yesterday when you said you loved me, I said it back..." His smile turned to a serious face.

I felt him tense up and he let go of me. "Yeah... Adriana what's wrong? Just tell me." I felt like I couldn't breath. I put my hands back down and looked at him.

"Leo, I didn't mean it.... I know I'm a terrible person and if you hate me, alright. I'm sorry I know I shouldn't have said it but I was panicking and I didn't want to just say I didn't... I like you though. I don't want to be serperated either, because I do like you... There. That's it." I said it so quickly and I looked away from him then back. He was looking away and before I could tell him anything else, he grabbed his keys and left. I sat down on my couch and I had tears building in my eyes.

I looked down at my phone and I had a call from Zayn. I should answer it...


"Adriana? Are you alright?" I started taking the tears off my face..

"Um, yeah.. To-Totally fine.." I was terrible at trying not to cry. I started crying more and more knowing that Leo hated me.

"Adriana, I'll be right there." He said that and hung up... I didn't want Zayn see me crying but I was terrible at hiding it. After 10 minutes I heard the door swing open. I was in my room crying into my pillow.

"Adriana! Adriana!" It was Zayn. I couldn't even say anything so I walked to my door and opened it to see Zayn by the kitchen looking at me.

"Adriana... Why are you crying?" He walked to me and started taking the tears away from my face.

"Oh, no-thing I'm f-ine..." He hugged me and I put my head in his chest.

"Leo hates me." It's all I could manage to say until I started crying more and more. Zayn probably I was just a little cry baby or something.

"Why would he hate someone like you?" Zayn was so sweet.

"He told me he lo-ved me... When I- I told him I didn't he left without saying a word to me. Zayn he ha- hates me. I still want to be with him but..." He kept hugging me, "Don't cry, come on. It's going to be ok, everything is going to be okay." I felt terrible that I was bringing people into this situation. I kept crying and Zayn walked me to my couch and started singing to me.

"I know your heart's been broken but don't you give up. I'll be there, yeah I know it, to fix you with love. It hurts me to think that you've ever cried."

"Zayn, you're too sweet." He was singing to me to make me feel better, I smiled at him, and he started a new song.

"You know I've always got your back, girl. So let me be the one you come running to, running to, running. I see it’s just a matter of fact, girl, You just call my name I'll be coming through, On the other side of the world, it don't matter I'll be there in two......Yes, I like the way you smile with your eyes, other guys see it but don’t realize that it's my loving. There's something about your laugh that it makes me wanna have to, there's nothing funny so we laugh at nothing..."

He sang to me until I stopped crying. It was about an hour later and it was starting to get dark outside... "Zayn, thank you. For singing to me and I stopped me from crying." He smiled and he cleared his throat.

"So, you're feeling better?" I nodded my head and he put his arm around my shoulders and kissed my forehead. I smiled at his kiss and at the door, I saw open and Leo, "Adriana... I'm sor-" He looked at us and Zayn turned to look at him.  

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