Fighting For Love

One Direction fanfic. 17 year old Adriana was kicked out from her house by her parents for getting into trouble. Her parents got her an apartment to help her in Chicago, since then she has been living with her best friend, Danni. When Adriana went out for a run, she had no idea what was going to happen and how much 5 boys could change her entire life, but would it be for the best or for the worst? (Trust me the story's better)


82. Tonights Plans

Harry's POV

People believe that these things happen in movies, but this is real. It happened like a movie because it was too good to be true. I pinched myself, just double checking.  "You're an idiot." 

Adriana told me as she handed me some cookies. "Wouldn't it be perfect though?"  We had finished talking about having a family and how I would name out first child Dickson Styles. Everything slowly came together, tomorrow was our three years together. Tomorrow would also stand for a very important day. "When do you think we'll be going to Cheshire again? I miss seeing your mom." 

I shrugged and handed her a cookie, "We could go whenever you'd like love. Just not today or tomorrow or the next day. She'll come to us actually."  Adriana looked confused at me and laughed.  "Weirdo." I was starting to play with the cookie and thought of how it would all go down. I'd take her out, buy her everything she sees, then we'd go to a restaurant, then there I would do it. I usually had to re think on such decisions like this but I was completely sure of this. 

"I'm going to bed. You coming?" I shook my head, "I think I'm going to make a quick call. I'll see you in bed." She gave me a kiss on my cheek and walked off. this had to be perfect!  I made a reservation to a restaurant that I couldn't pronounce and ordered three dozen flowers to deliver tomorrow morning and another dozen at the restaurant. I paced around for awhile, this would be fine Harry. I was a mess, she was going to say yes. 

No one knows about this only I do I've planned it for a month now and tomorrow was finally the day everything would work out. I eased myself and went to bed and laid down next to her. I played with her hair and wrapped my arm around her. "Go to sleep Harry."  I kissed her cheek and held onto her as I fell into my dreams.   

Adriana's POV

"Thank you, just set it down on the table."  I had woken up a few minutes ago hungry so I went towards the kitchen. I saw Harry with a man carrying a huge banquet.  "Uh?" Harry smiled as he got closer giving me a kiss on my forehead. "Good morning."

  "Morning... What are the flowers for?" I asked confused and went to get a closer look. The man smiled, "Have a good rest of your day." He walked out leaving the two of us in the kitchen.  "They're for you. I just think you deserve them for putting up with me for three years." I smiled at Harry and gave him a kiss. He was so unexpecting it was undeniable the most cutest thing ever.  "Happy three years sweetheart." I hugged him and looked at the flowers again. They were all mixed to be honest the only one I could identify was the rose but the others were precious.  "I didn't get you any flowers... Maybe your favorite breakfast will do?" I went to the refrigerator pulling out five eggs.  "You don't have to. You don't owe me, I did this because you deserve them." 

"And you deserve a good breakfast. Now sit down, watch the news or something." I smiled pulling out everything to make my homemade breakfast thing. It was only pancakes, bacon, sausage, and hash browns. So pretty much a McDonald's sort of thing. I hated that I was only good for making that, maybe I could try something new.  Harry had turned on the TV and  began watching the news. "Incase you were planning to do anything tonight, can you cancel all of it? I really want to take you out for dinner." 

"I was only planning to spend today with you actually. Do you want something different rather than a Mcdonalds menu order?"  Harry chuckled and shook his head, "But I love your pancakes..." I sighed, continuing mixing the pancake mix. 

As I was mixing I heard the door open. My back was turned to the door but I could guess who it was. "Happy days to you guys. I brought along company so Adriana mind making a bit more of your meal?" Danni had gotten here, she always came in the morning and hearing a few more steps I assumed she brought the guys.  "Morning." Niall's tired voice echoed.  "Are you making pancakes?" Louis asked coming in and sitting next to Harry. 

"Hey pal." 

"You spoil him rotten love." Zayn came from behind me, kissing my cheek.  "Ah, well Harry's a lucky guy." I heard Abby say from behind, "Morning Adri." 

"Goodmorning, did Liam come?"  I asked and turned around to see Liam just walking in. 

"Yes, I'm here. I just got my jacket stuck on your door handle." I laughed and gave him a hug. 

"Oh! Are those pancakes and bacon?" Liam loomed through the counter trying to find bacon. 

"Yes but this is for Harry and I. But I guess I don't mind making more for you guys." 

"Jesus Harry, teach me what you do to her." Harry began coughing, "What do you mean?" I laughed, and looked at Zayn. 

"I meant she's usually grumpy in the morning. Like Abby, she won't even make me breakfast."  Abby hit Zayn on his chest, "Oh you're lucky I even bother to make you tea." Zayn laughed and Harry shrugged. 

"Like you said, he's lucky." I stated as Harry sent me a smile. "Aw how romantic. Can you stop?" Louis sarcastically added. "Coffee or tea, majority rules." 



"Bring on the tea." 

"Jesus. I could do a coffee today." 

"I'm going to have to go with tea." 

"Adriana?" Danni asked making her way to the counter. 

"Eh, coffee." 

"Coffee it is." Danni pulled out the coffee and cups.  "Niall! C'mon man say tea. I heard it helps hangovers." Louis urged, as Niall was on the couch groaning. "I'm not hungover. I had a rough night. I'm saying coffee." 

"Dammit."  I started pouring in the mix and cooking everything else. At times I would look back and listen to their conversations. All of us we're in our early twenties and beginning to think of it we are much more mature now than four years ago. 

"You don't think it all the way through. First you buy the turkey, second you watch it grow, let it lay a few eggs here and there, buy it buddies to hang around, and third you cook it. It isn't all just buy and put it in the grill and call it thanksgiving mate." Well we have moments. 

"We don't even celebrate thanksgiving." Zayn added.  "But we have American girlfriends so that adds us onto the list." Harry began to explain.  "List of what, who celebrates thanksgiving?" I questioned. "Yeah, I mean we have Zayn with Abby, me and you, Niall with Danni. Just these two who don't get turkey." Harry said as he lifted his eyebrow.  "But I'm still eating." Liam said as he shrugged his shoulders. I zoned out of that conversation. I focused on the cooking and began to wonder what Harry had planned. What would I wear? First question to come into my mind. 

"Babe, your phone's ringing in the room." Harry said as he began to drink his coffee.  I put down everything and went into the room, "Hello?" 

"Hello, Hello! How are you?" My manager's voice vibrated through. "Oh hi. I'm good. I'm with friends right now, I don't mean to be rude but is it important?"

"So sorry, it is that's why I called. I got you a job in Paris..." I gasped in excitement and began jumping up and down. Paris! The place I've always wanted to go, and I'm doing a job over there! "Oh my god! Denise, thank you so much! Paris... My god. When do I go?"  I was letting my excitement grow, Harry walked in the door smiling at how I was acting. I was all smiles, "That's the thing you have to be on a plane tomorrow morning. It's sudden but I know how much you've wanted to go and I saw it as a great opportunity for you. Working wise also. I can get you a ticket for Harry also." 

I was overfilled, it was sudden but I could manage. "Thank you! Okay, I'll be there just email me what I need. I'll talk to Harry I'm sure it he'll be as excited. Thank you! I'll call you later."  I hung up and ran to Harry wrapping my legs around him.  "Guess what! I got a job in Paris,  I'm freaking out... I leave tomorrow morning but I mean it's fine right? I've said yes already please say okay."  I saw his smile fade but quickly come back, "Yeah, that's great! I'll be going with right?" I nodded and he smiled, giving me another kiss. 

"Congratulations babe."   


I was panicking with the stress of packing and what I would wear for tonight.  Harry kicked out everyone an hour ago, saying we wanted to be alone. "I'll miss you, good luck in Paris Ri-Ri." I hugged Louis right before he left along with the others too. I would miss them to death, I would be gone for two weeks!  "You'll look good in anything can you please hurry." Harry begged, he was already ready. He needed to wait, I wasn't just going to wear anything. 

"Give me thirty minutes!" I began rummaging through my closet.  I was picking my outfits from a long time ago, "I'm not just going to wear what I wore for your mom's wedding!" I said hoping he'd understand I couldn't just simply wear something like that because I was older. I was definitely going through some adult phase or something.  "I love that dress though, you'd look great." Harry said behind the door, I kept looking through, "Are you crazy? That was four years ago I can't pull that off anymore." 

"What do you mean you can't pull it off?" 

"I'm older and need to pick more sophisticated stuff." 

"Are you kidding me? You're not seventy years old." 

"I'm not eighteen either. I can't wear just anything now." I responded looking at a black lace dress and putting it away.  "I've seen your dresses in there, you can wear whatever and look amazing." Stress had finally gotten to me and I threw myself onto the bed, this was hopeless. Harry then came in, "Aren't you a bit overreacting?" Harry petted my hair.  "I am but it's our three year anniversary and I just want to make you happy." 

"I'm happy with just you. I don't care what you wear. But looking good obviously is important to you so... Get up off your ass and pick a dress you feel beautiful in." Harry gave me a half smirk before kissing me and leaving the room.  I sighed but smiled. How was I so fucking lucky to end up with someone so perfect? I needed to loosen up, Harry is right I'm not some old spaz, I'm still young. And to be honest I could use a night to get completely wasted.  I stood up and looked through my closet again with open eyes. I saw a tan pinkish dress I'd come across, it was gorgeous, I was hesitant. 

'Just wear it Adriana.'  I had been quite easy to persuade, Harry was rubbing off on me.

I pulled it out and changed into it, I grabbed my tan heels with a lace and looked at the mirror. Marilyn Monroe came through my mind the dress looked like her original white dress she'd worn. I added a dark shade of eye shadow and mascara and caramel colored lipstick. I was going to look good, the best every tonight.  I grabbed my phone and walked out. "I'm ready."  I stood in front of Harry waiting at the front door. He looked absolutely amazing in his tuxedo, he smiled and looked at me as he kissed my cheek. 

"Looking amazing as always. Let's go." 

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