Fighting For Love

One Direction fanfic. 17 year old Adriana was kicked out from her house by her parents for getting into trouble. Her parents got her an apartment to help her in Chicago, since then she has been living with her best friend, Danni. When Adriana went out for a run, she had no idea what was going to happen and how much 5 boys could change her entire life, but would it be for the best or for the worst? (Trust me the story's better)


10. The fight

Leo's POV

I was sad and angry that Adriana lied to me. I walked out the door regretting meeting her. I was still in love with her even though she wasn't with me... I went to my apartment and went to my couch and sat there thinking of what I could do. I still want to be with her because I love her but if she didn't feel the same way what was the point of the relationship then.

I heard my sister walk past me, "Hey big bro!" Hailey walked to sit next to me and she sat down.

"Why are you home so early? I thought you were with Adriana..." She was only 14 but she understood a lot.

"She was still working so I left... Are you hungry?" She gave me a confused look and starred at me.

"Kay, I know somethings up so you have to tell me. And yes. I'm starving!" I chuckled getting up and going into the kitchen. Our apartment was medium sized there were two rooms one bathroom like a regular apartment.

We lived together since our parents died 5 years ago. Both of us refused to go to a orphanage and our family lived so far away, we didn't want to go. I took my sister and I've been working as a engineer since, while she goes to school for the day.

"Tell me what happened!" She followed me into the kitchen as I grabbed some meat from the fridge.

"Nothing, Hailey please. Did you do your homework?" I looked at her and she nodded.

"Yes. Already done, look I'm just trying to help. If you don't want me to then fine." She walked out from the kitchen and I hated getting her mad so I called her back in. "Hailey!" She came running in and she was smiling. "Are you going to tell me now?"

"Yeah, I guess... So yesterday I was at her apartment, right. And I told her I loved her. She said it back then today she tells me she didn't mean it."

"Bro. It's been three weeks. She's not going to feel the same way just like that. Us girls are more complex. We do fall fast sometimes but maybe there's something that's stopping her hence why she doesn't feel the same way, but if she likes you, then you're close to love."

Damn. She was good, but she would understand since she's a girl. She was right though, something was holding Adriana back, if I fell in love with her so quickly she should have too since we're both crazy about each other. "What are you doing?" Hailey pulled out her headphones, "Going to listen to some music."

"Help me make this! You could do both, come on." She rolled her eyes, smiling. I saw she was listening to One Direction, I smiled and started cooking. After we cooked and ate the chicken we made, I headed to the door.

"Where are you going?"     "Going to figure out what's holding Adriana back." She smiled and continued watching TV.

I drove to Adriana's apartment and I planned out what I was going to do. I'm going to apologize and tell her if there's something she wants me to know for her to tell me. I took a quick breath and opened the door, "Hey Adriana, I'm sor-" There was Adriana in Zayn's arms. Kissing her cheek... This is not happening.

"What the hell is this?!" I yelled out.

"Leo." Adriana had a shocked face while Zayn looked tense and serious.

"Hey we were just talking. Don't worry."

"Talking? Exactly why you were kissing her. Get out of here!" I walked closer to them trying my best not to punch him.

"Leo! He doesn't need to leave! The one who should be leaving is you!" She got up from the couch. Zayn did the same.

"He's the one holding you back. It's why you don't love me because you like him!" She liked him! I clutching my fists...

"You're just messing things up more dude. Just get out." Was he really doing this. Alright, ok... I walked to him and punched him in his face.

"LEO!" She stood behind and I didn't bother looking at her.

"That's all you got?" He was asking for more, fine. I punched him in his stomach and he punched me in my stomach back. I pushed him down and kept punching him.

"LEO! STOP!" Zayn grabbed my hand before I could punch him again and he kicked me in my stomach.

Adriana grabbed my shoulders asking me to stop. "LEO! JUST STOP PLEASE!"

Zayn got up, and started punching me again and I pushed Adriana off and we fought until Adriana came in between us, in front of me. "You wouldn't hit me, Leo..." I had my hand in the air ready to punch Zayn. I would have hit her if Zayn didn't move her. I punched the wall, Adriana was crying as Zayn had her in his arms.

I've lost her. I walked closer to her, "Adriana..." I tried touching her arm, "GET OUT! JUST LEAVE! I NEVER WANT TO SEE YOU AGAIN! GET OUT!!"

Zayn looked at me, he was bleeding from under his eye, and he had a scratches on his cheek. Did I do that... I didn't actually mean to... But I did. And now I've lost Adriana. I looked at her crying into his chest. I walked to the door looked back at them and left. I've lost the girl that I love because of something stupid. I got to my car and I know it isn't 'manlike' but I had tears. I've never cried over a girl my whole life, except for Adriana. 



I got back to my apartment and Hailey was asleep in her room, I closed her door and went to my room and didn't sleep the whole night.

Adriana's POV

When Leo and Zayn started fighting, I was scared. I tried stopping them and even went inbetween them, Leo would have hit me if Zayn didn't move me out of the way. How could he do that. I wanted him to leave and never come back. When he did, I started crying into Zayn's chest again.

"Shh, it's ok love." I lifted my head and saw Zayn was bleeding under his eye and had scratches that were starting to bleed too.

"Zayn, you're bleeding... Here I have the first aid in the bathroom."

"I'll be fine, just a cut." I took his hand into the bathroom and he sat by the sink as I grabbed some paper put it on under his eye. He was staring at me as I was doing it.

"Um.." I looked at his stomach, he was bleeding under his shirt, "Zayn,.." I lifted his shirt and he had a a huge cut on his stomach. "Oh, I didn't even feel that." He chuckled. I smiled at him.

I didn't have any thing to wrap his wound so I ripped one of my old white t-shirts and wrapped it around his stomach. He was still staring at me, "Why are you looking at me..?" I blushed and looked away.

"Hey, I want to keep looking at your beautiful face.." I looked back at him like huh? He started laughing, "Sorry, I meant. I don't want to look away from you..." Still kind of weird but sweet since he said it.

He started leaning in and I've learned from this before but this time I knew who he was and I like him. It's what I said before though... I still like Harry and Niall... and Leo. I don't even know if we were out of the relationship but with that fight, I'm sure it should be.. I think. Before I knew it Zayn leaned all the way and kissed me. I didn't know what to do but instead of pushing him away, I kept kissing him.

Harry's POV

Yesterday Louis left early some place and then came back. Then Zayn left and hasn't come back since. I checked my phone and it was 10 AM. I was already on the couch watching TV and Louis came in. "Haz!"

"Hey Boobear." Maybe I should ask him where he went yesterday, he came back pretty happy.

"Wanna go on a boat today, I'll ask Adriana to come." I shot my head up, Adriana... I do want to see her, especially if we could get some alone time.

"Yeah, sounds fun... Hey where did you go yesterday?"

"Oh, yeah. I went to go see Adriana." He took the remote from me and started flipping through the channels. He went to see her and didn't tell me? He knows I like her, why would he not invite me.

"Adriana? What did you do?" This was getting weird.

"Just talked, don't worry. I know you have a thing but we were just talking about... personal things." Personal things...? Must have been so personal that he didn't tell me or the other lads. I left it at that and we kept watching TV.

Zayn walked in thirty minutes later with his hair everywhere and his shirt practically ripped. The fans probably got to him. "Woah, what happened to you?" I guess Louis and me were thinking the same since we both started laughing.

"Nothing. Just.. nothing." He walked to his room smiling... Weird.

"Do you wanna surprise Adriana, we'll go to her apartment and stay there for a bit then invite her to the boat thing." I didn't have anything to do for once so I nodded my head and went to change.

After I changed, I grabbed everything and went to the door. I opened the door and directioners were waiting for us.

"Hi guys!" I yelled.

"HARRY!! WHERE ARE YOU GOING! AHHHHH!! I LOVE YOU! MARRY ME!!" It was what I usually heard and I smiled and walked to the car with Louis waiting inside. Louis started the car and we were off. Girls chased us until they couldn't keep up. I love them and the attention we get but it is a little strange that they wait by our door.

After twenty minutes, we were at Adriana's apartment. "Let's go!" Louis yelled and ran into the apartment. We got to her door and knocked.

After three minutes of waiting and knocking, there was no response. "Just open it. She won't mind." Louis opened the door slowly and we walked in.

"Hello? Adriana...!" She wasn't in the kitchen or living room..

"Maybe her bedroom." I went to her door and slowly opened it.






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