Fighting For Love

One Direction fanfic. 17 year old Adriana was kicked out from her house by her parents for getting into trouble. Her parents got her an apartment to help her in Chicago, since then she has been living with her best friend, Danni. When Adriana went out for a run, she had no idea what was going to happen and how much 5 boys could change her entire life, but would it be for the best or for the worst? (Trust me the story's better)


38. The Big secret

Harry's POV
When Adriana's ours? "What do you mean ours? Mate, it's not an ours.. She's going to be mine." Zayn did realize that.. Right? I have gone through so much for Adriana, what made Zayn think he could win her heart?
"Harry.. I love her. I don't know what I'll do without her being mine. I'm dying seeing her with that lad." I looked at Zayn and gave him a confused face. "I've gone to the hospital Zayn.. I could have died. Do you know.." I started to yell and went back to talking normally, "Do you know how many times I've cried for her? Seeing her walk away from me? The last time I've kissed her soft lips.. Every time I see her I feel tempted to kiss her, but I can't. I just want to be able to do that again without having complications." I looked at Zayn and he obviously wasn't getting it. I looked away from him and leaned on the couch.
"What do you think I've been waiting for then Harry? I want to be able to say she loves me not you. I want another real kiss. I want one where she wanted to kiss me, like before. Not one where she tells me she doesn't love me or one she doesn't even kiss back."
What did he mean one she didn't kiss back... They only kissed when we met, and when we were leaving.
"What? When did you kiss her?" Zayn looked away from me, what was with the secrets?!
"When we met. And when we were leaving..." I glared at him, he kissed her more than twice...
"When was the one she didn't kiss back."
I was completely serious with him.
"Forget about it." He relaxed on the couch and began to use his phone.
"You kissed her. You actually kissed her again..." He licked his lips and kept looking away from me.
"ZAYN." I wanted to know when he kissed her. I need to know.
"Okay! Fine. I kissed her again. But what does it even matter! She didn't kiss back. It was stupid. It was.. Like a week ago. Whatever."
I wanted to just yell out my jealousy. But I couldn't help but feel happy that she didn't kiss him back...
"Sorry." I told him before Louis walked next to us.
"Adriana's really bummed that you didn't accept his amazing apology." I chuckled, "Maybe if it was any good, I'd think about accepting it."
Louis and Zayn chuckled, "What did he say to you?"
Louis laughed silently, "Sorry for thinking you liked my girlfriend." I laughed out loud.
"Hey, I know I'm not the best at apologies. I just don't want Adriana mad at me." We turned around and saw Max walking towards us.
"Maybe if you put effort, it would be decent." I told him, he shouldn't even be here.
"I'm trying alright? Just say its okay in front of her and we're fine." I laughed, "I'm not going to lie to her." I started looking through my phone, acting like what he said was a waste of my time.
"Fine. Want her to be sad? Okay. I'll just go fix it again. Like I always do."
I started to clutch my fists, I wasn't going to start with this lad again.
I didn't say anything and let him walk away.
"Good job Haz. You actually didn't punch him." Louis patted my shoulder and sat next to me.
"I promised Adriana I wouldn't pick a fight with him." And I was going to keep that.
"Aww, Harry!" Louis started to play with my hair and poke my face as Zayn laughed.
"Harry.." Adriana walked behind me and put her head on mine.
I felt my cheeks burn, "yes?". I also felt Zayn's eyes on us.
"Please just say its okay. Pweaty pwease." I put my hands on top her head and patted it.
"Why would I want to lie to you?"
Adriana sighed, "To give me a bit of relief." She rolled off from my head and rolled onto the back of the couch and put her head next to mine backwards.
"Okay.. But he has to make it decent." Adriana laughed and Louis did too.
"Sorry for thinking you liked my girlfriend." Louis whispered under his breath and chuckled.
"Max!" I heard footsteps come in and Max was behind me next to Adriana.
"Harold here, says he's happily accept your apology if you make it decent."
I heard him laugh, "I'm only doing to make you happy babe... Uh, sorry for saying bullshit I didn't mean, and I'm sorry that.. Uh.. I don't know what else." I chuckled, "Amazing" Zayn chuckled as Louis laughed.
"Just accept it. Look at poor Adriana." Liam walked over to us and sat down on the other couch.
I looked at Adriana and she had her puppy face going on.. I can't say no to her.
"Okay! We're okay." I looked at Louis and shook my head gently.
"Well that was a terrible apology and lie. But I'll take it." Adriana rolled from the tip of the couch to laying on Zayn, Louis and I.
"Adriana ill be back later, I'll be out with Derrick and Leo. Bye babe."
She lifted her arm up and waved bye to him as he walked out the door.
She had her head on Louis and her feet to Zayn. Louis put his hands on her face and she kept trying to move them off.
"Stop! Blah..." He was laughing at her...
"Ssh! Do you hear that?" Zayn whispered to us. We all stayed quiet and heard noises coming from the kitchen.
I saw Adriana mouth to Liam, 'Is that Danni and Niall?'
It was noises like kissing.. We all realised that and we started laughing.
"Niall! Get a room!" Louis yelled out to them and Niall responded with sending us the middle finger as he peered through the door way. We all laughed because Niall was blushing!
"Guys. I'm bored." We looked at Adriana and I poked at her stomach.
A vibration from her pocket made everyone jump, it was so quiet.
Adriana pulled her phone out and read what she got.
I pulled my phone out too, Twitter it was.
'Hi everyone having a good day ?Spending mine with the lads and Adriana.'
I put a picture with it and had Adriana laying on Lou's lap.

To: Mum
'Hi mum ! Missing you so much, tell Gemma I say hi too. :)'
Sent at 10:46 AM

I put my phone away..
I looked over to her and saw her face drop.
"Adriana are you alright?" I looked at her, and so did Louis.
She took in deep breaths, "My.. Oh my gosh."
She got up quickly and ran to her room.
I got up following her and so did Zayn.
"Adriana!" She closed her door in front of my face and I stood back shocked.
I opened it and saw Adriana changing.
"Sorry!" I yelled and closed the door again.
I waited for a minute or two and she came out with skinny jeans, converse, and a brown plain shirt.
"What's wrong?" I followed her as she went to the bathroom, I didn't realize she was crying until I saw the mirror. I put my hands on her shoulders, "What's wrong love?" I looked at Zayn and he was just as shocked as me.
"Adriana, is there something wrong?" She tried to speak in between words, "My.. Dad." Tears rolled down her cheeks as she went to the door.
Everyone was following her now, what was wrong with her dad?
"Adriana what's wrong?" Danni ran up to her, "It's happening. My- My dad. He's in the hospital."
Danni hugged her as we walked down the stairs, "I'll call Paul to drive us.."
Louis offered.
"No. I need to go now. I'll catch a cab..." Tears kept rolling down her cheek and I remembered I brought my car here, I could take her.. But it was only for two people.
"I could take you! It's a two people car though." I looked at them and they all looked disappointed.
"Can you take me?" Adriana stopped and turned around, I nodded my head and ran back to her apartment and got my keys and ran back to the lobby.
"Come on." I hugged her to the car and paparazzi started to take pictures.
"Adriana why are you crying?!"
"What's wrong?"
"Harry what happened?!" I quickly got to my car and opened the passenger door for Adriana.
"Harry what's wrong.." A fan came close to me and she looked so worried..
"Just a small issue. Everything's fine love."
I kissed her cheek quickly and got into the car and drove off.
"Can you please tell me what's wrong, what about your dad?"
She had her face looking out the window as rain started to pour down.
"My dad.. Harry. I had a dream that he was dying. It's coming true.. At the end...." She broke out in tears and I kept looking at her and back to the road. "At the end, he didn't make it."
I wanted to hug and kiss her promising everything was going to be fine, but I didn't know if I could keep this promise.
"I'm so sorry... I'll be there with you, everything's going to be fine." I didn't know if it was true or not but I can't stand to see Adriana cry.
After twenty minutes, driving in the rain we got to the hospital.
Before I got to turn off the car, Adriana opened her door and ran inside.
"Adriana, wait!"
I turned the car off, and ran out. I chased after Adriana and she stopped when she reached a nurse there.
"Ma' am. I need to see my dad. He's here in the hospital." My shoes squeaked as I took steps.
"Sure hon. What's your dads name?"
"His names Michael S Gomez."
The nurse went over to the computer behind the desk and she started to type in the name.
"Oh, he's in room 218.. He's been here for quite awhile."
If he's been here for awhile why was Adriana just finding out?
"What... How long?"
"About a week." Adriana shook her head and closed her eyes. She put her hands on her head, "Okay. Thank you." Adriana ran up the stairs and I followed after her.
"Hurry." She called at me, I started to run and we got to room 218.
Adriana stopped at the door and looked over to me, "Are you okay?" She sighed and knocked on the door, opening it.
"Come in.." It sounded like a voice of a woman.
"Mom.." Adriana ran inside and hugged her mom.
I didn't know whether to walk in or stay inside.
"Harry, come on." Adriana motioned to me to go in and I slowly walked in to see on the side a man, Adriana's dad.
I walked next to Adriana and shook her moms hand. It was strange how similar they looked, they had the same nose, hair colour, face shape, smile..
"Hello.. Harry is it? My names Maria. Nice to meet you." She smiled at me and Adriana ran to her dad.
"Daddy.." I turned to look at her dad to see him glaring at me..
"Why didn't you tell me?!" She blurted out as her dad started to cough, "I'm sorry.." She apologised and hugged her dad.
"Uh, dad. This is Harry. Harry Styles." He glared at me and I walked slowly to him and shook his hand.
"Boyfriend." I opened my eyes wide and shook my head, "Uh.. No. Just really good friends." His glare switched to a friendly smile.
"Ah, alright then. Nice to meet you Harry. Michael." He talked slowly and quietly. Adriana got her eye colour from him.
Adriana laughed and kept hugging him.
"Adriana was um.. really worried." He looked kindly to me and hugged Adriana back.
"Dad, what happened? Why are you here..." Adriana's tears were gone, she still had a sad look but at least she wasn't crying.
"I'm just a bit sick. I'll be fine.." He said as he started to cough.
The room went silent after he had stopped coughing and all you could here were the sound of the machines beeping.
After about three hours, Adriana had fallen asleep on my lap. I talked a bit to her parents and I could say that I'm sure they liked me!
Her dad was a really funny and a nice person, her mum was sweet and honest. Adriana had all those things, both combined to make the girl I'm in love with.
I started to play with her hair, again it was crazily everywhere. She hasn't even moved too.
"How sweet." I looked up to see Adriana's mum looking at me across the room. She smiled at me and I smiled back.
"You fancy her, don't you?" I chuckled at that, was I making it that obvious?
"Well" I chuckled again, "Yeah."
I was smiling like a idiot and I hoped that her dad wasn't glaring at me when I looked over to him, he wasn't. He was smiling..
"Then why don't you go on out with her!" Her dad smiled at me and I chuckled feeling my cheeks go red.
"I can't.. She has a boyfriend.." I laughed a bit and my smile faded thinking of Max and Adriana.
He was so different to me and I didn't like him at all.
"By the look of it you seem like you dislike the boy." I gave a ':/' look to him.
"I just don't like that he took Adriana away from me.. Well. It's what I deserve." I looked back at Adriana and wondered how she even forgave me. I was an idiot when I did what I did. I don't deserve to have Adriana with me right now, I don't deserve her laughs, smiles, hugs, or anything.
"What exactly happened with the both of you."
I smiled and began to tell them everything, not missing anything. After talking for a long time I looked at the clock and I realised it had been about another hour.
"I know, you may think.. I'm just a young lad that doesn't know what he's talking about but.. Mr and Mrs Gomez.. I'm crazy about your daughter. I don't deserve her, I don't..." I was looking down at Adriana, when I looked up I saw Adriana's mum crying and her dad smiling gently.
"I'm sorry.. Please don't cry." I hated to see any one cry especially people that have been so kind to me.
"It's tears of joy. Harry... I don't exactly know Adriana, because we had sent her off. But it seems to me that she's just very lucky. To have these three boys loving her and to be able to have six very good friends next to her... This makes me happy and makes me regret it less that we had sent her off, she's obviously really loved." I smiled at her and thankful that they didn't judge me for what I had done.
"Every one makes mistakes son." I felt so accepted by them, and I was happy around them.
"I love this family." I meant to say it in my head but ended up blurting it out.
Just then we heard a knock at the door and Adriana's mum had gotten up to open it.
"Hello" I couldn't see who it was until I heard Niall's Irish accent.
Niall, Liam, Louis, Zayn, and Danni walked in and they all hugged Adriana's mum.
"So nice to meet you, Harry has told me about you all." She smiled at them and at me.
"Go ahead take a seat." Adriana's dad moved his bed forward so he wasn't laying down anymore but more sitting.
"Hello, Mr. Gomez. I'm Louis Tomlinson, I'm one of the many friends of Adriana. Great to meet you." Louis shook his hand and I could tell Louis and him were going to get along.
"Hi, My names Zayn Malik. Good to finally meet you." Zayn shook his hand too and went next to me.
"Hey there. I'm Niall, I hope your feeling well." Niall shook his hand, "I'm feeling better, thank you."
"Hello. I'm Liam Payne, really good to meet you sir." Liam did his innocent smile, shook hands and walked over to me.
"Hi! My names Danni, Adriana's friend. I've waited a long time to meet you two, your daughter really missed you." Danni hugged him and he hugged back.
"Well it's really good to meet you all. Harry here has said really good things about you. Thank you for being there for Adriana."
They all smiled at him and they sat down, Adriana was taking up most the space since she was laying down so Niall had to sit on the edge and Liam stayed standing.
"Did she just fall asleep?" I shook my head.. Zayn was looking at me as I played with Adriana's hair..
"If you don't mind me asking, but are you alright? Adriana scared us.." Adriana's dad smiled but quickly it faded, he said he was fine..
"I don't want to tell Adriana.. I'm, I really don't have long... I don't want her to find out. Alright?" He looked at everyone and then he kept his eyes on me, I didn't know if I could keep that from her, how do you not tell someone that their dads going to die.
"Need you all to promise me you won't tell her."
We all looked around at each other and nodded our heads.
"Okay, we won't tell her." Danni said as tears went down her cheek.
"Thank you."
Everyone stayed silent and I quickly looked at Adriana.. We were all going to have to keep this a secret.
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