Fighting For Love

One Direction fanfic. 17 year old Adriana was kicked out from her house by her parents for getting into trouble. Her parents got her an apartment to help her in Chicago, since then she has been living with her best friend, Danni. When Adriana went out for a run, she had no idea what was going to happen and how much 5 boys could change her entire life, but would it be for the best or for the worst? (Trust me the story's better)


12. Spoons

Adriana's POV

I looked at Liam and I nodded my head, "Thank you. I know I do and I will."

I smiled at Liam and he smiled back. "Ok, good."

After that we started talking about the concerts, fans, and his girlfriend, Danielle. Danielle seemed like the perfect girl, Liam is lucky to have a girl like her. After an hour the boys came back and it was about 4 PM.

"We should go now... Come on everybody!"

Louis shouted to everyone, he steered us back to land and I went with Harry and Louis back to their place. The car ride was awkward... I caught Harry glancing at me when I would look at him.

"So Adriana have fun?" Louis broke the silence,

"Yeah, it was the best time. Thanks for taking me." It was the best time ever only the part with Harry was a little off.

"You are welcome. You should come with us to London, it's amazing over there." Did Louis just invite me to go to London with him? No, he's just saying... not actually inviting me, Harry shot his head up at Louis.

"Yeah, I mean that would be awesome." I smiled at Louis who looked quickly back to me to smile. It was silent until we got out of the car.

Directioners were surrounding the door, screaming filled my ears. I realized that I needed my cover up. I reached for my bag and got it out  and put it on. The boys all waved and smiled, took pictures, signed posters, and talked to the fans. I waited silently behind them, "Who are you?!"

I turned around and saw a blonde girl behind me. "Just a friend." I told her and turned away from her. "Stay away from them!" I ignored her not wanting to talk to her, then she pulled my hair. I turned back around, "Did you just pull my hair?!?"

She shot a mean look at me. "We're all just friends! Ok?!"

I rolled my eyes at her and she still continued to talk back at me.

"I don't care if you're just 'friends'! Leave them alone!" I really didn't want to talk to her or even look at her so I turned my back at her. I had my hands at my sides and then she actually bit me.

I immediately turned around and then looked at my wrist, It was bleeding.

"What the hell do you think you're doing! You made my wrist bleed!" She smirked at me.

"Stay away!" She pulled at my hair and I didn't want to touch her but I was pissed off! I grabbed at her hair too and pulled on it. "They're fighting!" Another girl shouted out. "Woah!" I could tell it was Louis saying that. All I could think about was how mad I was at this girl. Instead of pulling her hair back I grabbed her arms and tried pulling them back.

I fell back and this girl was clawing at me! Paul pulled her off from me and took her away, as Harry picked me up and took me inside. "Ugh!" I was still mad and I just saw all of them looking at me with wide eyes. I ignored them and looked at my wrist. It was still bleeding and you could see there were teeth marks on it.  I looked up at all of them until Louis shouted out,

"That was crazy!" I started smiling, Louis was so weird I loved him for that.  

"Can any of you give me something to put on my wrist?" It really hurt and Niall leaded me to the bathroom. "Thanks Niall."

"Are you ok? It looks pretty bad..."

"It just stings. Ill be fine." He nodded his head and walked back with the rest of them. I looked into the mirror and I had scratches on my arms and one on my face. It wasn't too bad, only my wrist was still stinging. I put some water on my wrist and grabbed a small towel, I doubt they needed all of them since there was a huge stack of them. I wrapped it around my wrist and held onto it.  I walked out and Harry was waiting by the door.

"Sorry..." I thought he needed to go in but instead he shook his head.

"I don't need to go in, but I wanted to apologize for... Kissing you. Please don't freeze up on me again..." I chuckled and shook my head.

"No, I won't and it's ok. It wasn't a bad kiss... I was just shocked that you would do it." He started blushing and so did I. It wasn't a bad kiss, I actually liked it. I was just to angry then to say it or think it...

"Really? Well that's good then. Want to try to make one last now?" What a flirt.

I laughed at it. "No thanks." I patted his chest and walked back with everyone else.

"Feeling better love?" I smiled at Zayn, he really cared for me...

"Yes. Much better. Thank you for everything I really mean it." Louis grinned at me and so did Zayn.

"Do you want to stay over? Like for now and for the night?" Niall had a puppy dog face, he was adorable. I did want to stay the rest of the day and one night wouldn't hurt anybody...

"Yeah, why not?" They all cheered and Louis jumped from the couch. He pulled out a nerf gun from behind the couch.

"Let's go." He gave a serious look and ran.


I stood there and before I knew it the rest of them had gotten nerf guns and ran off. "You better run before any one of us catches you!"

I smiled as Niall threw me another nerf gun. It was full with water and I ran into their kitchen and his behind the counter. I heard footsteps coming in and I lifted my head slowly and saw Louis walking. I leaped out and shot water at him, he did the same back at me and then the rest came out from nowhere and started shooting at me.

I ran into one of the boys rooms. I went inside their closet and by the looks of the clothes I could tell it was Harry's room. I hid inside there until Liam caught me in there and pulled me out to squirt water at me. After about an hour of playing everyone was tired.

"I won!" I shouted out.

"You're good..." Niall said. I started laughing and sat down on the couch. Harry and Louis sat next to me and Niall next to Louis. Liam and Zayn sat in the other couch.

"I've never had this much fun!" I told them. "But now it's boring." Louis said with a sad face.

"Well I'm starving." I smiled at Niall, he was one hungry boy. "Anyone want pizza?!" I shouted out. They all cheered again and I got up to go to the kitchen. I pulled out my phone from my pocket and dialed in the pizza place number.

"Hi, can I get four large pizzas... One with pepperoni, one with sausage and  the other two with pepperoni, sausage,and pineapple.... Thanks!"

I hung up and walked back in with the guys. I sat back down with them,

"Pizzas coming in thirty minutes. Now what.?" I looked at each of them. Zayn pulled out his phone and so Liam got up and went to his room.

Louis ran to his room and Harry took out his phone. Niall went into the kitchen. Alright then. I looked at my phone and I hadn't used it all day. I looked at my texts, ten from Leo, yay. Two from Danni and two from Ethan.

I wonder what my parents were doing. This whole summer they called once, and not even a text. I pushed the thought away from my mind and looked at the texts from Leo.

'I know I messed up but please forgive me.' 'Im sorry.' 'I can't imagine myself without you, Adriana. Please, I would never do that to anyone but seeing you in his arms... I got jealous please respond back.'

The rest were pretty much the same thing, just apologizing and that he was jealous and all this other stuff. I ignored it and read Danni's and Ethan's texts. I went onto Twitter and looked through them. When I clicked in my profile I saw that I had 1K followers. Woah. When did that happen... I saw my mentions and everyone was saying that they thought I was cute with Zayn or Niall or Harry. Then some hate, I didn't bother to see them so I went onto Harry's profile, he was just tweeting fans, Liam was following people and talking to fans, and Zayn was talking to fans.

I was getting really bored. "Harry... Want to take pictures?" Harry smiled at me and nodded his head.

We took a normal one and then others were just... Wow. We were sticking out our tongues, making the duck face, one of me kissing his cheek, and just making funny faces. We took over 20 pictures and after that we heard knocking.

"PIZZAA!!!" Niall ran to the door and I stead right behind him.

"Here's $35, thanks!" I waved at the delievery man, as he walked back to his car. "PIZZA!!" Niall kept yelling out. I walked back in laughing.

Niall had his face stuffed with food. "Ever try chewing?" I told Niall as he gave me a fake smile.

I smiled back and took a piece of pizza as everyone else came in and grabbed pieces. "You like pineapple?" Zayn asked me. "Not really... But I thought you and Niall did..." Zayn smiled at me and took a bit from his pizza.

"Thank you." I turned and Niall was hugging me from my side, "Uh... Niall what are you doing?" I smiled at him, "This is the best pizza I've ever eaten." I started laughing until he let go of me.

We finished eating and we all sat down on the couch. I looked at my phone and it was 8 PM.. "Who wants to watch a movie?" We all nodded our heads to Zayn's offer. He got up and put in a movie, I didn't know what it was until I saw the beginning Paranormal Activity. Oh great.

I tensed up and Harry looked at me, "Yes! I'm scared..." he knew I was so he smiled and put his arms around me. I honestly felt better, safer.

I looked quickly over to Zayn and he was already watching making a sad face. I looked away and moved a little bit away from Harry.

"Are you ok?"

I nodded my head and Harry looked back at the movie. I kept looking over to Zayn and I caught him looking at me a few times already.

Once the movie ended it was 10:30. I yawned and I didn't realize I was laying on Harry's chest until he got up.

"I'm tired. I'm going to sleep." I nodded and got up too.

"I'm going to brush my teeth..." I went to the bathroom and brushed my teeth. I looked at my wrist and took the towel off. It was full of blood but my wrist wasn't bleeding anymore, it just had the teeth marks on it. I walked out and when I got back to the couch the rest of the boys were in their rooms.

"Hey, you could sleep on my bed." I saw Harry on the couch.

"You're funny but no, go to sleep in your bed." Harry got up and starred at me.

"No. Go to my room and stay there." I jumped onto the couch and layed down.

"I'm already laying down. Now go!" I smiled at Harry and he shook his head smiling and walked to his room. I closed my eyes and right away fell asleep.

Harry's POV

I was getting closer and closer to Adriana. I liked her a lot. I don't care if I've only known her for a month, I wanted her to be mine. When she told me she broke up with Leo, I had to kiss her! The kiss felt so right.

When she forgave me, I was happy again. Then when Zayn put the movie, It was perfect! She cuddled with me, I could tell Zayn was looking at us though. That's probably why she moved away from me... She was on my chest though after the movie ended, I didn't want to move but I had too.

When all the lads went to sleep I waited for Adriana to get out of the bathroom. I offered her my bed but she kept saying no. I ended up losing and I went to bed, after an hour I couldn't sleep so I grabbed my blanket I've had since I was little.

I went to the couch Adriana was on and I covered her in my blanket. She looked cute sleeping so calm...

"....Zayn...." Did she just say Zayn's name? I looked at Adriana again, she was sleeping... She's dreaming about Zayn. My heart sank. I walked back to my room thinking what if Adriana likes Zayn? What if she just wants to be with Zayn and not me. I shook the thought out of my mind. I fell asleep after that.

Zayn's POV

Before Harry took Adriana, we were having the time of our lives. I knew Harry liked her, but I wasn't going to let him take her from me. I liked Adriana and no one was going to take her, I didn't like seeing Harry holding her. I got jealous, I kept staring at her during the movie.

Why did I have to pick that movie?

It was the perfect chance for Harry to hold her and.... I was just angry at myself. I needed to talk to her more and spend more time with her to win her heart.

Niall's POV

Before I thought I had to have her heart but now, we just seemed like really close friends. I still had feelings for her but nothing like Zayn's... Or Harry's. I loved spending time with everyone, it was different since we had Adriana now, good different.

After we all went to sleep, Zayn left glaring at Harry and to his room.

"I think Zayn's mad." Louis blurted out after he left. Why would he be mad? That was just weird.....


That pizza Adriana ordered was the best. Hm, I want a piece now. But I should sleep... Man, I'm hungry.

Louis POV

The boat was a great idea, of course it was my idea. I saw Adriana getting pretty close to Zayn today, they looked really happy. Maybe Adriana chose Zayn. But then the movie came and she was close to Haz.

She still hadn't made up her mind.

Adriana didn't know what she was getting into. Harry and Zayn never faught over a girl, but I was expecting the worst since it clearly looked like Zayn and Hazza were in love with her. Especially when Zayn left angry at Harry. It was obvious he was jealous but why wouldn't he be?

He's watching the girl he loves being held in his best friends arms. It wasn't my problem but Adriana's like my little sister.

I'll talk to her tomorrow. I reached for my lamp and turned off the light and fell asleep.

Liam's POV

When Adriana and I talked today, we obviously got closer. She was really sweet, but she had a lot of problems.

I wouldn't have taken her as someone like that.

I can't believe she liked Harry and Zayn. Oh and Leo. Poor girl. I wanted to help her and I did but she needed to fix it herself.

I wonder what will happen then... No matter who she picks I'll be behind her every step of the way.


That was crazy when one of the fans bit Adriana though! I was just like woah... She practically tackled Adriana to the floor. Good thing Paul was there, her wrist looked pretty bad though. I hope she was ok, I never even bothered to ask her. I'll ask her in the morning! I closed my eyes and fell asleep.

Next Morning...

Adriana's POV

I woke up in the morning and heard Liam and Niall I think, arguing.

"You aren't eating pizza for breakfast Niall!" Oh Niall.

"Yes! I'm hungry!!" That's all I heard until I fell asleep again.

The next time I woke up I was in a bed and Liam was brushing his teeth looking at me.

"Liam, you didn't have to bring me here.... But your beds really comfortable." I snuggled in the covers more.

"Thanks... But it's not my bed." I heard Liam respond back to me.

"It's my bed." I quickly turned around to see Harry, wow I was really uncomfortable now...

"Woah!" I looked at Harry hoping he wasn't naked!

"What? I thought you were comfortable?" Harry looked me in the eyes.

"Well not anymore! After you telling me you slept naked.. Yeah very uncomfortable right now!" I started blushing. What if he was! Oh gosh....

"No! Don't worry I'm not naked. I'm wearing boxers, see." he lifted the covers and I looked and he wasn't lying he was shirtless though. I looked at his abs and quickly looked away.

"Alright then." I smiled and tapped his nose. He chuckled, I got up and saw Liam brushing his teeth again, "Look! It flashes!" He showed me his toothbrush and I started laughing.

"Very cool Liam." Then I turned to Harry who was staring at me.

"You slept in your bikini?" I didn't realize until I looked down. Yep I was in my bikini, I must've taken it off when I was sleeping without noticing. At least I wasn't naked...

"Yeah, I guess... Don't be shocked! You already saw me yesterday so who cares."

He started blushing and smiling, too cute.

"Can I wear one of your sweats? Please..." I asked Harry. "Yeah... Second drawer." I opened his drawer and grabbed grey sweats.

"Thank you!" I slipped them on and before I walked out. I put my hair in a messy bun.

"No shirt?" Harry asked me. I didn't feel like putting on a shirt.... I was really insecure about myself but they all saw me yesterday so what did it matter? They walk around shirtless.. I smiled, I did have my top on though.

I turned to Harry, "No, don't feel shirty today." I smiled as he smirked at me. I walked to the kitchen to see Niall eating a piece of pizza. "Ooo! Any pizza left?" Niall starred at me and told me, "Last piece is over there." I grabbed the pizza and went over to the counter with Niall.

Zayn walked in and pointed at us, "Pizza? For breakfast?" I smiled at Zayn and took a bit out of the pizza, Niall did too.

"Yeah buddy." Niall pulled his hand out for a low high five and I gave him a high five back. "We're just cool like that." I nodded my head as Zayn grabbed a bowl and a spoon.

"Well, since I want to be healthy... I'm eating cereal.." he stopped for a second,

"Hey.. Adriana, give this spoon to Liam." I gave him a confused look and took the spoon.

"Why..." Niall started laughing. "He's going to show you something really funny." I nodded my head and walked over to Liam still in Harry's room. I wonder what was the funny thing he was going to do...? "Hey Liam?"

I called him as he came up to me out of the bathroom.

"Yeah?" I had the spoon behind my back and I pulled it out so Liam could see it. He jumped back and I was surprised.. I moved it closer to him and he started yelling, "GET THAT AWAY FROM ME!"

Was he... He was afraid of spoons! How... Hmm..

"You're afraid of spoons aren't you!" I shouted out as Harry bursts out laughing.

"Im not scared! It's just not one of my favorite utensils, now get it away!" He jumped to one side and he ran out the door. I chased him and Zayn and Niall were waiting and laughing.

"Liam! It's a spoon!!" I chased Liam and he was on the couch.

"No!!!" He jumped over the couch and ran into the rooms, I kept chasing him. This was too funny!

"Come on Liam!!" He was in Niall's room on his bed.

"Help! No!! Get it away!" I was laughing. "Did someone need help!?" Louis ran in and had his arms on his waist.

"He doesn't want to touch the spoon!" I told Louis, "Oh ok then." Louis said and walked back into his room.

"Louis!!!" Liam jumped over me as I ran to him on the bed.

"It's a spoon Liam!" We ran and ran until he caught me and lifted me up on his shoulders.


I was laughing as he set me down on the kitchen counter. Niall and Zayn were laughing at Liam.

"Ok! Who told her!?!" Liam looked at Niall then to Zayn.

"Boo!" I took out the spoon and he jumped back. He took the spoon and threw it to the sink.

"Very bad! Adriana why did you do that!" I gave a puppy dog face, "I'm sorry..." I turned to look at him and he was smiling and he pulled me down from the counter.

"It's ok." He smiled at me and glared sarcastically at Niall and Zayn who were still laughing.

Harry walked in chuckling, "Hey! No shirt?!" Zayn called him out.

"Oh sorry. I don't feel shirty.. Right Adriana?" I started laughing and nodded my head.

"Yep! No shirts guys." I laughed. "Well then." Zayn took off his shirt and Niall did too.

"I have respect for the guests." Liam pointed his head to me.

Liam was sweet, I turned my head and saw Louis come in.

"What is this! Oh come on! Adriana buy a whole shirt next time. Something that's not in yellow, not your color babe."

Woah there, someone was being sassy.

"Woah. I'm sorry. Does it bother you?" I smiled at him as he shook his head.

"You have no shirt.. What can one do?" He smiled at me as he took two eggs and handed them to Harry.

"Please?" Harry took the eggs and took out a pan.

"I want some!" "Me too!" Niall and Liam smiled at Harry as he went to grab more.

"Anyone else?" Harry looked at me and I shook my head. He started cooking as Zayn turned to me.

"Are you going anywhere today?" I actually was, Danni asked to hang out today since it was the only day she had nothing to do.

"Yeah, going to hang out with a friend." I put my elbows on the counter. He had a disappointed look. "Boo! You're ours!" Louis shouted out.

I started smiling. I didn't want to leave them either but I did promise Danni I was going to hang out with her.

"Sorry. I promised..." It was 11 AM. I had to leave soon. Ugh. I didn't want to leave.

"Oh no! Let me guess you have to leave right now?" Liam looked at me. I nodded my head. "Yeah.. I'm sorry. Text me! Call too. Alright?"

I went to the couch and got my cover up, phone, and bag. I put on my cover up and went to the door. I waved to them and they waved back.

"Hopefully there's no fans outside." Harry yelled.

I slowly opened the door and there was only a few. They started asking me who I was. What I was doing there...

"Excuse me..." I tried walking past them. I called out for a cab and a cab stopped and I got in. I told them my apartment and I got there in twenty minutes. I pulled out my keys and unlocked the door.



I opened my door and saw Leo sleeping on my couch. Why the hell was he here!

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