Fighting For Love

One Direction fanfic. 17 year old Adriana was kicked out from her house by her parents for getting into trouble. Her parents got her an apartment to help her in Chicago, since then she has been living with her best friend, Danni. When Adriana went out for a run, she had no idea what was going to happen and how much 5 boys could change her entire life, but would it be for the best or for the worst? (Trust me the story's better)


61. Some of us want to leave.

Max's POV
"Pass the ball!" I threw the ball to Leo and he dunked it in.
We all yelled and I gave Leo a high five. "Getting better and better everyday bro!" I chuckled, "Nah, you just got lucky."
I heard Junior behind me and he pushed me. "Just admit Leo's got some game! But I got better.." Junior laughed taking the ball from Leo and ran.
"Dick!" Leo ran chasing him and I ran catching up to Junior faster and I tackled him, grabbing the ball.
"You two got game? Watch me make this." I turned around and threw the ball.
I turned back around to see it spinning and go in the hoop. I 'ooo'ed and Leo gave me a high five.
"Who's got game?" I laughed and I headed to the bench to get my water bottle.

"So I heard about you and Adriana" I nodded and took a drink from my water.
"Oh shit! Yeah, you finally did it."
I laughed, "And?"
"You finally got her! What the hell you'd do? Damn, I wasn't even close to having sex with her." Leo chuckled taking a drink from his bottle too.

"Whatcha want me to say man..." I raised my hands by my ribs and shrugged. "Nah. Come on. How was it? She's got a nice body.." I looked at Junior.

"Ay, come on. Don't talk about her like that." I got defensive, I hated when they talked about her like that. I hated when anybody talked about her like that.
"You know it's true" I glared at Junior.
"It was her first time-"
I started saying till Leo and Junior cut it short, "What?!"
"First time?! Stop messing around bro. It wasn't her first time, how could someone like her, not have sex?"
"Someone like what?" I got closer to Junior and was in his face, what he'd mean someone like Adriana?

"Hey, Max, you know he doesn't mean it like that." Leo stepped I between us and gave me the ball.
"What happened to you anyways, I've been meaning to ask. Whats with that black eye.."
I squinted and I could feel how swollen it was, it didn't look like it though. I touched it and winced, "Adriana's brother got pissed at me." Leo and Junior started laughing. "You did sleep with his little sister..." Leo laughed and shot the ball in.
"What did you do? Throw back some punches?"
I shook my head, "Nah." Junior dribbled the ball to me and I caught it.
"You should of!" I chuckled, I was about I throw it in until I felt a soft hand on my arm. I turned to see Sofia and she looked mad. "Oh, hey Sof. Let me make this basket real quick." I slid her hand off and she quickly yanked my arm making the ball fall to the ground. I didn't know she had that kind of force...
I said as I turned to look at her and she slapped me.
"What was that for?!" I yelled at her holding my hand to my cheek.
"For sleeping with that whore! What the hell Max! You said you were going to break up with her, it was suppose to be me and you!"
I was shocked hearing her yell since she usually had a soft voice. I looked back at Leo and Junior, They were laughing quietly.
"Sof, let me play my game. I'll talk to you later." I said embarrassed, how did she even know I was here?
"No!" She slapped me again, "Why did you sleep with her!" She had teary eyes and I sighed, "Sof, come on. Not here. I'll talk to you later..."
"No, we're talking right now." She had a strict voice and I rolled my eyes.
"I'll be right back." I threw the ball towards Leo and they started laughing out loud when I left.
We walked towards a picnic table away from the court and I sat down, leaning my back on the table and my elbows back too. Sofia stood in front of me with her hands on her hips.
"Lady in the streets, freak in the sheets?" I chuckled hearing it again, "Dont fucking laugh, I'm being serious. Why would you lie to me?"
To be honest I didn't take Sofia seriously. "Aw, come on now. How'd you know I wasn't talking about you?"
I smiled and she glared at me and took her phone out. She handed me her phone with pictures of Adriana only in her bra and underwear. I smiled thinking of last night, she was so beautiful.
"Max!" I looked up hesitating whether to keep looking at Adriana or Sofia.
"You had sex with her. I know you did. You're a low life."

"I'm the low life? You're the one who chose to be with a guy who has a girlfriend. I told you that before we went to hang out. I'm pretty sure Leo told you too."
"You're the one who begged to have sex with me! I knew you had a girlfriend, I knew! You told me you were going to break up with her so I trusted you Max, and what the fuck do I get? You sleeping with her, you're an asshole."
She was tense and I tried to be serious but found it hard.
I moved my hand to her waist to pull her in and she moved away.
"Don't touch me." I put my hands back and chuckled.
"Okay, fine. If we're done here, I want to get back to my game."

I started walking back to the court and I heard Sofia yelling at me, "What about us?! What about me you dick?!!"
I turned around and walked backwards, "I don't know? You were just a back up girl babe." I winked to her and I walked back to the court and I saw Leo and Junior shaking their heads, "You know you and her are done?"
I shook my head and laughed, "She'll come back. She always does."
"Max!" I heard her yelling and I stole the basketball from Junior and continued playing.

Adriana's POV
"Hey Adriana!" I turned to look at Ed and I waved hi to him.
I walked towards him, he was sitting on a chair that was next to the counter, it was an old fashioned type of diner you usually see, that's why I liked it so much.
"This diners great. I hadn't ordered yet, I was waiting for you." I smiled and shook my head, "I ate right before I came."
"Eat something, get a bit of fat on you." He poked on my stomach like Zayn did before.
"Uh.. Alright. I'll just get a hash brown and some juice."
"It's something..." Ed smiled at me and a waitress came in from of us. "You want to order now?" She asked nicely and Ed motioned for me to order first, "Oh, um.. Just two hash browns and apple juice."
"Sure thing darlin'."
"I'll take waffles with syrup on top and a tea."
"That all?" We both nodded and she walked away heading to the man on the other side.
"Today's your last day huh..." I asked sadly, I didn't want him to leave but I understood he had to continue his tour for him fans.
"Yeah, it's really exciting..." I smiled, I knew he was excited, he loved performing, it was great seeing him happy.
I looked away, distracted. I thought about him, his music and how it helped me through so much but I didn't know why this time it doesn't want to work...
Ed was my drug, he made me happy, but now all I heard was his voice and not his lyrics, not the meaning.
I closed my eyes, sighing and I had forgotten I was still with Ed.
"You alright love?" I looked directly at him and nodded, "Fine."

"You look upset." I smiled, "I'm fine, I really am. Thank you though."
I was not going to bombard Ed with my problems.
"Here's you food."
The waitress slid us out food over the counter and quickly walked off.

We finished eating, we laughed and talked about everything. Ed was a really awkward guy, but one of the sweetest ever.
"With bass", We said in an Irish accent.
We laughed and Ed reached for his drink. "Oh, you done?" He nodded and I took his plate and put it over mine, so it would be easier for the woman to pick up.
"You want to head off, somewhere?"
I smiled, nodding and thought of places to go.
"We could finally go to Navy Pier and Millennium park!"

Ed took my hand and led me out, we ran out, "Lets take your car, I got dropped by a cab."
I looked at him weirdly, "It was a cab or be followed by a body guard all day." I giggled and took my keys from my pocket.

Harry's POV
"We don't have time! Lets go, come on!" Paul ordered us to hurry and put our suitcases in the van.
We were planned to leave in a few days but when Zayn came into the suite mad and punching the wall, we were forced to leave.
Paul wasn't happy so he immediately told management and they had booked us a private jet to London.
Louis was already in the van, sitting. He wanted to leave, he didn't want to be here anymore. Liam and Danielle were hesitant but threw their things in and went into the van.
"I'm going to miss you." I heard Danni telling Niall, "I'll buy you some time." I told Niall and he nodded.
"Harry, you need to hurry!"
I huffed, I didn't want to leave, but who was I to argue? I had no reason to stay here anymore. Adriana wasn't a reason, I told myself forcing to believe it.
I still loved her, more than you can believe. I had never felt any way about someone the way I feel towards Adriana.
But she didn't need me, she didn't need any of us. We only stayed to be her friends again, so everything could be normal but it just wasn't going to happen. It made me depressed knowing we'd leave for good and not come back for a long time, but we had no option. No reason.
"I don't want you to leave.." Danni was in tears, holding Niall's face in her hands.
"I don't want to leave you, come with me. London's a great place, we could visit Ireland, meet my parents."

"I can't, I have to stay and work, and I have a scholarship at UIC... It's a big opportunity and I can't leave that. I love you, and meeting your parents sounds amazing, but my family..." Niall cut her off and kissed her, they were attached to each other. I looked away and put my attention onto Zayn who threw his things into the van and walked away angrily. His hand was in a small cast like thing, after punching the wall.
"Harry!" I looked and saw Louis glaring at me. I looked away ignoring him, "Hey! Oh my gosh, is that Harry Styles?!" I chuckled looking towards Ed, I put my hands covering my mouth and ran over to him. "Oh my gosh is that Ed Sheeran, what a hot ginger." Ed chuckled.
"Where you heading off?" I bent down and I saw who was driving him, "Heading back to London..." I saw her expression go sad, she looked beautiful, but the sad face made me sorry. But I kept it up.
"Already? I thought you had a few days." I shrugged, "Zayn punched the wall, and we were kicked out."
Ed laughed, "Someone pissed off Zayn." I smiled, "Yeah, someone did." I said looking at Adriana and she glanced at me and away.
"Harry, I'm not going to tell you again!"
I heard someone yell at me and I sighed.
"Treating you like you're a little kid.."
Ed said. "Yeah, listen. Call me once your back in London, good luck on tour mate." I patted his arm and ran back to the rest.
"Just get in." I got into the van and Louis looked angry at me.
"Some of us actually want to leave." Louis said under his breath and put his headphones in his ear.
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