Fighting For Love

One Direction fanfic. 17 year old Adriana was kicked out from her house by her parents for getting into trouble. Her parents got her an apartment to help her in Chicago, since then she has been living with her best friend, Danni. When Adriana went out for a run, she had no idea what was going to happen and how much 5 boys could change her entire life, but would it be for the best or for the worst? (Trust me the story's better)


67. Sheek Mag.

Adriana's POV

I woke up with a message from a friend a while back, Mandy. 

From: Mandy 'I legit haven't talked to you since school was out. :/ anything new? I was wondering to see if you'd want to come to a party I'm having! It's like a small reunion haha, everyone from school is coming too. You should def come, so I can see you! Text me back boo!'

Sent at 8:32 AM  

I giggled reading her text, of course I would go! I haven't been to any sort of party lately.   

To: Mandy 'Hey lovely lady! Uh duh I'll go! Date, place, & time? I miss ya loads too :(' 

Sent at 8:33 AM

I stretched out my arms and yawned as I did. I was so tired lately, and I hated it.  I went back to my phone looking through twitter.  'I hate mornings' 

'@SheekMag: Have you all gone out to buy our new issue of Sheek Monthly? Totes worth it ;)'  I smiled, it was absolutely fantastic to be able to say, I have been on Sheek magazine. Yes me. Adriana Belle Gomez on Sheek.  I let out a breathe and grabbed the pillow next to me and screamed into it. I felt a wave of energy inside of me! I automatically hopped off my bed and slipped into some running clothes. I tied my hair into a pony tail, brushed my teeth... All those things and quickly put on a phone holder around my arm and put in a few money inside of it. I put my headphones on and pressed play to hear Drake Underground Kings. I ran out my door and raced down the stairs and heard Greg calling for me. "Woah! Don't slip now. Where you off to?" I stopped for a second, "Me, Adriana on the cover of Sheek Magazine. I need to go see it! I might as well go out for a run too." I shrieked with joy and ran out the door, bumping into a few people. "Sorry!"  I started walking seeing the amount of people passing by at first then once I got to the sidewalk I ran. I was anxious to get to the closest magazine cart. It took me twenty minutes to finally reach one and I was in the middle of the city. I ran faster, I was sweating, how attractive I know, either way I ran faster and I jumped in front of the man setting up newspapers on the side. "Oh!" He looked shocked and I stood there smiled like an idiot. "Sorry," I told him, I took out my headphones, "Do you have Sheek Magazine here?"  The man looked around, "You shouldn't be scaring people like that miss." I giggled, "Sorry again. I'm just really anxious."  He handed me the magazine from the side of the cart, "This the one you want?" I nodded and I took it, seeing it.  'Sheek', I saw my face on the magazine and I jumped up. "Oh my god!" I looked at it again, on the left I saw my name, 'Adriana Gomez: "We were friends but problems come up.' and then my heart dropped. 'One Direction: Back to London so soon boys?'  I should have seen this coming, this was not going to make me upset, it just couldn't. I was way too happy to let this ruin anything. "That you on the cover?"  I nodded not taking my eyes off it and he got his own and looked at it. "You're really pretty. I've been in this industry before and I know this magazine means big things to the people that get front cover."  I was about to scream but people were walking passed up and some were already staring so I decided not to. "It does? Thank you! I-I.. Ah!" I said as I hugged the guy and pulled out ten dollars. "Here you go! This is just... I have to..." I started running back with the magazine. I ran to my apartment, faster than I had ever ran. I got inside, with sweat running down my face and I went up the stairs a bit slower this time and into my apartment. I opened the door and closed it and I jumped to see Max in front of me. "Holy-! Max! Oh my god, Max!!" I showed him the magazine and he backed up trying to get a better view. "You're on the cover! Good job babe." He kissed me and then laughed, "You're covered in sweat, nasty." I laughed too and I pulled my phone from my phone holder thingy. "Please take a picture of me!" I handed Max my phone and I put the magazine in front of me, allowing my eyes to show. I made them pop and Max laughed taking the picture. I took it from his hands and clicked on Twitter, 'excuse my look but I'm on @sheekmag ! This is crazy a'f!'  I added the photo and it went onto Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.  I know most people would be like it's just a magazine but this is was huge for me. I sat down on the couch and sighed, finally realising how short of breathe I was. "I ran..." Max sat down next to me, pulling my feet up with him. "I could have guessed..." He looked at the magazine again, "This is huge though, you're on Sheek... I don't know what it was up until now but I know it's a bog deal and it means big for you!"  I laughed a bit, and sat up, "I'm excited..." I honestly told him, well if it did mean big for me, then I was excited but scared.  "People are going to know your face, people are gonna love you! Just not more than me.."  "So cheesy." I laughed and he rolled the magazine, gently hitting me with it on my leg. "But seriously you know this is big." I nodded and I guess I must've looked worried because Max ran his hand on my leg trying to comfort me. "It only means good. Don't think about the bad. Now I think we should get some celebratory breakfast!" I looked at Max and rolled my eyes, smiling.  "I'm going to shower first..." I walked passed Max and got into the shower.  I hummed along with the music I had on and I heard Max by the door, singing in a high pitched voice. "Can a girl take a shower without being bothered? By the way you're terrible at singing."  "I'm performing here! You just don't know when you hear a good voice."  Liam's voice was in my thoughts, he had this sweet voice that could drift me to sleep, Niall had a strong soft and gentle voice that made me want to sing along, Louis' voice was kind hearted and made me want to dance, Harry's voice was strong and perfectly sung making me want to press replay and jump around, Zayn's voice was at a smooth melody which always made my mood go up and lay down thinking of everything positive.  The effects their voices had on me was life changing, I loved the way they put their voices together to make the perfect mix. I realised I hadn't said anything and quickly responded with, "Sure, definitely. Since I'm about done, go pick out my clothes. I'm trusting you so make a good choice!" I yelled out and he laughed, "Fine, bossy much?" I didn't respond that time and took my time rinsing my hair.    I got out, with my towel wrapped around my body and I saw the clothes Max picked for me. He was laying on the side of my bed on his phone. The clothes he picked were pretty but not together. "Max, really? Do you think green shorts go with a pink shirt?"  "I thought the shirt was nice..." I laughed and took back the shorts. I got out white shorts instead. I got dressed in the bathroom and fixed myself up. "Let's go!"   

Danni's POV

"When's your party anyways?" I was on the phone with Mandy. She was planning this huge party for all the seniors that graduated high school, so we could all join up together. "It's in like two months, I'm just inviting people now so I can see how much of things to get and everything. Please tell me you're going!"  "Uh, obviously! I wouldn't miss it." I flipped the pancakes I was making for Sarah and Logan, as I did I looked behind me to see Logan watching me make the pancakes. "Hey Logan" He was still shy around me since he hasn't seen me for a long time. "You want pancakes? I have some over here. I'll get them ready for you..." I was trying hard to be nice so he would open up so he could be the same little brother I had before I left. "Yeah..." I smiled at him.  "Are you talking to your brother?" "Yeah, just making him some breakfast.." 

"How nice of you, want to come over and make me some?" We both laughed, "Well, I can't wait to see you. Girls day in two days! Alright? We'll talk more about the party then. Bye!"  "Alright then, text me when. Bye!"  She hung up and I reached for a plate and a cup.  Once I set the table for Sarah, Logan, and I, putting the food on the plates and some milk in the cups, I had to wake up Sarah. "Sarah, I made breakfast. Get up." I knocked on her door and I heard the floor creak as she walked to the door. She opened the door and walked passed me, attitude much?  "Brushed your teeth?" I asked her before she sat down to eat, "I have mom to tell me that, i don't need you to. Why are you even here anyways? Why can't you just go back with your friend and stay there?" She snapped at me and I raised my eyebrows. "A simple yes was alright." She rolled her eyes and started poking at her food.  I sat down next to Logan and I caught him awkwardly looking at me every now and then. I stopped eating and set down my fork, "Okay, what's up? Logan I know for a fact that you talk and I know that you... You aren't always snappy. What happened?" I asked looking at both of them and they don't say anything. "Logan? Nothing to say? At all...?" He shook his head and I looked at Sarah who didn't even look back at me. Fine then. I took my plate and threw out any food I had left and put my plate in the dishwasher. I walked away from them and into my room. It's like they didn't want to speak to me, I felt terrible for just leaving them there but I wasn't going to sit there taking that.  I dialed Niall's number and heard ring after ring. "Hey honey." I heard enthusiasm in his voice and I smiled cherishing it. "Hi... I'm not bothering you am I?" I hoped he would say no. "No, I was just with the lads watching a film. How you been?" I sighed, "I guess alright. Sarah and Logan act like I'm this stranger watching them."  Niall laughed, "Give em time. They're kids, let them adjust to you being around." Niall sounded so parent like and it made him be a million times more attractive than what he already was. "Yeah, I guess... How's being home been?"  "It was great, I was home with my mom and my brother yesterday and this morning I flew into London for a interview, I'm probably going to stay here for awhile." I knew how much Niall wanted to be in Ireland with his parents, I felt bad that he had to go to London so early. "I'm sorry. I know how much you want to be with your parents..."  "It's fine, hoping I could get them here so I could be with them."  I heard knocks at my door and I got up to open it, "Um, hold on Niall..."  I saw Logan standing by the door looking up at me with his big hazel eyes and a small part of his brown hair in the front of his forehead. I waited for him to say something, I expected he just wanted more pancakes, "If you want more pancakes, ask Sarah." He looked at the ground and then he hugged me. It was possibly the cutest moment. He was nine but he was the sweetest and nicest little none year old boy ever.

Although most nine year olds are stubborn and playing with their Xbox or some sort of video game. "Aw, Logan..." I lifted him up and hugged him back. He had a few tears running down his cheek and he hugged me around my neck, "Why are you crying?" I asked him with my most sincere voice, "I really missed you." I hugged him tighter, "I missed you too. You don't need to cry though." I put him down and he walked inside my room. I thought that maybe Niall could meet him, or at least talk to him, so Logan could get to know more about what I had been up to while I was gone. "I'm on the phone with  Niall, he's my boyfriend. You want to talk to him?" Logan hesitated as I handed him the phone, he took it though and put it up to his ear.   

Niall's POV

"One time I scared Danni really bad that she fell of her bed! It was really really funny." Logan laughed mischievously and I couldn't help but laugh too. "Logan! What are you telling him!" I heard Danni in the background say. "Scare her again but record it and send it to me, I have to go bud. It was nice talking to you. Next time, you'll actually see me when we talk on the computer." I told him excitedly. "Really?! Okay! Maybe one day when you come we'll be able to scare her, it's going to be so funny!" He laughed again and I laughed too, "One day..." I heard Logan pass the phone to Danni, "I don't know you did but he's in love with you. He isn't the type to just blab on with someone he just met. You talked for like an hour?" I felt really accomplished with that actually, this was a good start with the family. I laughed, "It's one of my many hidden talents." I took a pause, "I want to see you soon, I miss you a lot. I love you." I moved my hand threw my hair lifting my hat and then lowering it back onto my head. "I love you too... Maybe in the next few days when you're not busy. You should go now, I'm pretty sure you have to get somewhere. Bye Niall." "Most likely... Bye Danni."  I hung up, feeling upset I had to go. "Niall!" I got up from the bed I was laying on and went out, "Yeah?" I asked, the film ended and the lads were all waiting by the door. "We're going to the studio, lets get rolling!" Louis said as he opened the door so we could all get going. I could finally play my guitar, after awhile! Now I was excited.   


Quick note, if you don't like this movella & think it is boring & such, sorry. This is how I am writing it, I can't please everyone so yeah.  Hope you had a Happy St. Patricks Day ! :D Hope your days have gone good and been fun too, ily all so much ! I'll update very soon! :) ~Bella

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