Fighting For Love

One Direction fanfic. 17 year old Adriana was kicked out from her house by her parents for getting into trouble. Her parents got her an apartment to help her in Chicago, since then she has been living with her best friend, Danni. When Adriana went out for a run, she had no idea what was going to happen and how much 5 boys could change her entire life, but would it be for the best or for the worst? (Trust me the story's better)


56. Screaming +13

Louis' POV
"Hey! I'm buzzing to see Ed!" I was excited for the first time in awhile. We all got pretty mad at each other but we all just talked about it.. I was still pretty mad with Harry but we did manage to talk without yelling.
We all decided just to go see Ed and have fun.
We got there and I heard so much yelling, we waved to them when they screamed our names.
"Hi!" I told them and we were let in right away.
"Ed's doing vocals right now. You could just wait for him." I heard the quite big bodyguard say.
"Thanks mate." Niall told him as we walked into the backstage.
"I'm going to get something to drink. Anyone else want something?" we all shook our heads, "Be right back." Harry told us and left. I looked behind me as he walked and I saw two people making out.
I didn't know who it was though...
"Don't look now but look at those two.." Danni laughed when she told us, I laughed too.
I turned back to look at them and I finally saw who it was. Of course she was here, Adriana...
"Is that..?" I heard Liam say shocked and I saw her face look guilty. Harry was saying something to them and of course Max had to stand up to look like the bigger guy.
"Is that her boyfriend?" Danielle asked, I kept looking at them both and I saw Harry reach for a Pepsi, he walked back to us with a hurt look.
He shook his head, and chuckled angrily.
Of course they were here, they were always somewhere nearby. I looked at Ed coming towards us, I smiled at him.
"Hey lads!" We all acted normally, like nothing even happened.
He motioned for Adriana to come, she looked at each of us as Ed 'introduced us'. We knew who she was, I personally didn't need to hear it.
I made a disgusted look at her, I secretly hated it but what made her think I wanted to see and her boyfriend snogging after he made those marks on her.
The light didn't show much so I couldn't see them but I knew they were there. She looked away from me and turned to Max.
Ugh.. I looked away from them as she thanked Ed and walked away.
"How'd you know her?" Ed looked at us curiously.
"Long story. Best if you didn't know."
Ed narrowed his eyebrows.
"It seems like.. You don't like her." I chuckled, "Some do, some don't."

"Some really do..." I heard Niall as we all looked at Harry and Zayn.
"You two like her?"
We looked at both of them and they smiled but nodded.
"You could say we do I guess." Zayn said as he looked at Ed. "She's pretty. She does have a boyfriend, seems like a good lad too."
I spat when he said that, "Good lad? Mate have you seen those marks on her bare arms? Damn guy squished them because he got angry." I don't want Ed thinking the slightest good thought about him. Ed looked at them and they were hugging, I saw her crying and I felt guilt but made sure not to make it noticeable. "I've seen them but I didn't want to say anything. He did that to her...What a dick." He looked frustrated, I hated Max so much, and I'm not one to hate people.
"Ed! The show starts in a minute!"
I heard them call and we smiled at Ed. "Good luck!" We all wished Ed the best and he smiled running back out to the platform where he would come out from.
I looked at Adriana and she was no where to be seen but Max was sitting down on his phone.
I heard Ed started singing, I walked closer so I could see him but not visible to the crowd.
Everyone followed me and we stayed there hearing him sing.

After about thirty minutes of Ed singing he continued on. I looked behind me and I still saw Max sitting down, but still no Adriana.
"Be right back."
I walked away from them and walked towards a room, I passed Max and he didn't bother to look up. Doesn't he worry at all? Your girlfriends been gone for thirty minutes..
I walked through a hallway and I saw a room with people in it and they were setting down things for Ed. I ignored them and walked into another room.
I figured Ed stayed here since his guitar was leaning on the couch.
I saw another door, I walked towards it and I heard crying..
"Hello?" I knocked on the door and the crying stopped.
I saw the door open and Adriana looked at me, she had her eyes red..
"Sorry" She whispered as she walked away from me.
I saw her stop and turn around, I felt bad seeing her cry.
"Sorry for giving you that look" She nodded and bit her lip. I was able to see her marks now, and they were still there a bit faded but there.
I didn't want to say anything else so I went into the bathroom.

Adriana's POV
I walked through the back and I asked a woman where a bathroom was, "Go into Ed's room, go straight and it should be right there."
I nodded and I walked into the room and to the bathroom. I looked at myself in the mirror, I had tears on my eyes and I wiped them away.
Why was I crying? You don't like them. They lied..
Stop crying Adriana. I kept telling myself not to cry, but it didn't do any good.
I slid down on the door and I sat there with my hands on my head and cried.
Their looks, the way they ignored me, they didn't care. Was this how they've been feeling?
I hated it, the look Louis gave me, it was disgust, he felt the same like their fans.
He hated me just them. They all hated me. They said they would and could never hate me, but it was obvious they hated me.

I felt so alone.

My thoughts drifted off to my dad. I missed him so much. I tried hard not to think about him, I really did. He would have been right next to me, promising that everything was okay. He told me he loved me, I was his daughter and even though he sent me off, he still cared about me and to never think different. I thought about the last moments I had with him.
I had a dream it would happen, and it did. I cried more, I could have don't something... More than just sit around and hope.
"I miss you, dad.." I said whispering and I wanted everything back to normal..
Where I had my dad, where I wasn't scared of my boyfriend... Where they didn't hate me. Where Danni still lived with me and we were best friends.

I continue crying for a long time, I could hear Ed's voice through the door and it was the only thing comforting me.
I heard a knock at the door and I got up, "Hello?"
I wiped my eyes quickly and opened the door. I saw Louis standing there, "Sorry" I said it quietly and I walked away from him. I couldn't look at him because I would just cry.
"Adriana?" I took a breath and turned to look at him, "Sorry for giving you that look"
I nodded, I didn't believe him but his eyes were sincere.
I walked out and I made my way back to Max. Ed's voice was more clear and I heard him singing UNI.
"Babe, where'd you go to?"
I looked at Max, it was good the lights were dim so he couldn't see my eyes.
"Just.. Around. I'm going to get a closer view of Ed."
Max stood up and smiled, following me.
I walked to the back and I hadn't noticed they were all there, I swore under my breath but I wanted to see Ed so I walked next to them.
They looked at me but I ignored them unless I wanted to cry more, Max was on the left next to me and Harry to my right.
I moved closer to Max and put my head on his shoulder.
I had my arms wrapped around myself and I moved my lips along with Ed's singing voice. It was amazing hearing him so close, instead of hearing him on my phone or on the radio.

I felt someone touch me and I turned around looking behind me and it was Danielle.
I looked at her, smiling. "Having fun?" She asked me and I nodded.
"Yeah, his voice is.. Amazing." She smiled and looked back at Ed.

We listened to Ed singing until the end, "I'll see you tomorrow since you leave later tomorrow night. Yeah?" Ed smiled at me and hugged me as I waited for Max.
"Thanks for inviting us, you got some serious talent." Ed gave a fake smile and nodded at me. "See you tomorrow love."
I went to the door hearing faint screaming, then I saw Danielle walking to me, "I'll see you another time." Danielle whispered to me and hugged me as I walked forward.

"Adriana!" I glanced where I was hearing my name being called and I waved to the guy.
"Adriana! Oh my gosh!!" I smiled hearing my name and I walked pass a line of people waiting for Ed.
"I love you!" "You're so pretty!" I smiled to everyone until I got to my car.
"Damn" I narrowed my eyebrows looking at some guy that was staring at me. That was disgusting hearing him say that.

"Shut it or I will for you." I heard behind me Max talking to the same guy and I just pulled Max along back with me, "You don't need to do that."
"Sorry but I don't want some loser looking or saying things like that to you."

I sighed rolling my eyes and got inside my car. I drove off and we were about halfway home with pure silence all around. "I have to ask, do you like hearing people say shit to you?"
I gave Max a look and didn't bother to reply to him, this was only leading into getting into yet another argument.
"I'll take that as a yes then.." Max rested his elbow on the side and put his hand to the back of his head. I got to a red light and stopped as the other cars did the same.
"What makes you think I want people saying that to me?" I spat at him, I was a little bit angry thinking I wanted people to say that? Besides it was one comment this time, I'm not going to let it to my head.
"You just kept on walking and you couldn't have at least said don't say that to me?" He raised his voice and I just got frustrated putting my hand on my forehead and the other on the wheel.
"Maybe because I'm not going to let a dumb small comment go to my head." I rolled my eyes at him and he looked out the window.
"They build up, unless you stop them. The truth is all you want is guys saying you're hot!" Max yelled at me. The light switched from red to green, I drove on. Did max really believe I wanted to hear those things?! Why would I want to and why would I need to?!
I got angrier and I didn't even want to look at him!
"You think I like to hear that shit? Honestly Max, it's like you think of me as a slut!"
"Well with you hanging out with every guy what do you want me to think?!" I made an 'O' shape with my mouth and I was about ready to start yelling out my lungs at him. "You fucking prick! I don't say anything when girls look at you! I could actually control myself instead of constantly yelling!" I yelled at him tightening my grip on the steering wheel. I hardly ever got mad like this, I knew it wouldn't do any good especially when I was driving and feeling my foot press down more on the pedal.
"I yell because I fucking care! You're a slut! You would think you'd be doing something else especially when you have a boyfriend, but no! You're hugging some guy you don't even know!"
I rolled my eyes and I saw the street that led to my apartment, "I've heard it from everyone else, I don't need to hear it from you too." I said it in a serious tone, and immediately stepped on the brakes making our bodies move forward, I waited for him to get out.
I felt like crying, when I get really mad, I cry. "Really? You want me to get out of the fucking car?! Fine! I don't even want to see you anymore, I could already imagine you running to Ed"
He got out, "Fucking whore." He slammed the door and I pressed on the pedal.
What made him think I'd just run to Ed, yes we were good friends but then again I just met him, I could and never will put pressure on someone like that. I had before and it was to never happen again.
I was tired of running from everything...
In ten minutes I got to my apartment, I slammed my door as I got out. I walked to the entrance door and I felt like someone was looking at me but I was too angry to even care. I walked in and I heard Greg calling my name as I went up the stairs, "Adriana! Are you alright?"
I continued making my way up stairs I didn't pay attention to much, even the pain that ran through my ankle. I only thought about Max, fucking prick.
I got to my apartment door and I put my hand in my pocket trying to take my keys out, they rumbled in my hands until I just pulled them out. I inserted the key and I pushed open the door. I threw my keys on the dining table and went to my room.
Who did Max think he was to say that bullshit to me! I hated him.

I couldn't even begin to say what exactly ran through my mind. I went to the bathroom grabbing a hair tie and putting my hair up.
He had no right to say that shit to me! I've heard it all before and I chose to ignore it, now he's the one saying it! I didn't need this!
I heard noises coming from outside the apartment and I looked at the window. I didn't see anything so I backed away.
I was too angry to do anything else and I was done for this day, I went to my closet, going to pick out my pyjamas. I threw my heels, making them hit the wall and fall to the floor. I started to take my shirt off as I started to look through my closet, I then took off my shorts.
I just wanted to sleep now, maybe sleep would be good to me.
I heard more noises that were getting louder and closer I looked out the window, and made sure my body didn't show out. I saw nothing again, as long as it stopped I couldn't care the slightest.
I backed away from the window and closed the curtain.
"You think just because you yelled and made me get out of your car made you think I was done? Think agai-" I turned around hearing Max's voice slowly fade off, I glared at him.
He kept staring at me and I didn't realise why until I looked down, I was only in a bra and underwear, and of course today I had decided to wear a thong.
My immediate thought was to yank the blanket and wrap it around myself, but when I tried the blanket stayed since it was tucked into the sides.
"Don't look at me!" I yelled at him but he kept his eyes glued on me.
I looked around the room trying to find something to cover myself with, i went to my closet and not even a fucking towel!
"Adriana..." I turned to look at him and glare but he walked closer to me and grabbed the back of my neck, crashing his lips with mine.
I tried pushing him away since I was still mad at him but he held his body close to mine. I moved my head so he would stop, "Don't kiss me!" I said until he started to kiss my neck.
I moaned feeling his lips touch my sweet spot underneath my jaw.
"Max" I said still trying to stop, he pulled away looking at me. I looked back at him as he waited for what I was going to say.
We stood in silence for a few seconds, the way he kissed my lips, his sincere look...


I crashed my lips back on his and I felt him put his tongue in my mouth. We kissed each other with so much passion and it was perfect.
I felt him move his lips down to my neck again, he moved his hands through my body. I made my hands to his shirt and started pulling it off, I took it off and I moved my hand through his stomach. I felt him breathing hard, I started to take the button off his pants and I moved down to take them off. I made my way back up and kissed him back not wanting to be away from his lips anymore. I felt his budge on me, once I realised what he wanted, I hoped Max knew I've never done this before.

He started to unclasp my bra and when he did, he threw it to the wall, I giggled and I felt him pick me up and slam me against the bed.
He went on top of me taking full control, he thrusted into me and I could feel his bulge again. I winced and Max looked at me, "You're first time?" He asked with quick breathes. I nodded to him and he smiled, he went to me and kissed my lips, "I promise it won't hurt, if it does tell me. I love you" I grabbed his neck and kissed him, I knew he wouldn't hurt me.
He went back to his original position and continued to thrust but lightly. I wanted him now, I knew it could hurt but I wanted him.
I went to Max pushing him back and I took his boxers off, I could see him fully he was beautiful.
I kissed him on his stomach and I heard him moan. He moaned my name and I felt the rush come to me.
I felt his abs only wanting him more, he pushed my back making me hit the pillow and he took my thong off. He went to his pants taking his wallet put and pulled out something. He adjusted it on him and he came back to me. I was shaking from how nervous I was but I loved him and I wanted him.
"I'll be gentle." He said as he put his in me, I yelled feeling him in me.
He went farther and I held onto the blanket, I yelled again and I felt pain all through me.
He went farther and I screamed, he was gentle and then he started thrusting faster into me, that's when I felt better and the pain eased. I felt my legs slowly stop shaking too.
Max looked at me as I started to slowly let go of the blanket.
"Fast? Alright.." He said whispering and he thrusted faster into me and I screamed louder. Max face was next to mine and he covered my mouth with his hand. I screamed louder as he pushed himself more into me, I moaned his name. He smiled in pleasure and I put my hands on his back and dug my nails. He continued doing it for a while until, he went faster and I felt a warm rush come to me and I screamed in pleasure, the loudest yet.
Max continued going faster until I heard him moan really loud, I felt a warm sensation again.
He slowly pulled out from me and I was panting. "That was amazing."
I couldn't even breathe to tell him the same thing.
I looked back at him as he laid beside me, I went on him and started kissing him. I made my way through his neck and down to his stomach. He stopped me by pulling me forward and he kissed my lips.
"I waited so long for that." I smiled at him and all the anger I had for him was gone.


"I never meant to say those things to you, I love you too much to ever say anything like that. You know that.." I looked at him and nodded, "I know.. I love you too, I'm sorry for saying those things to you too."
"If I ever do say anything like that to you... I mean ever again, slap me as hard as you can and leave me." I smiled at how he really wanted us to work.
"Oh I will." I told him smirking and he chuckled and kissed me yet again.
After everything I fell asleep next to him, with my head on his chest.

HOW'D YOU LIKE IT? I'm sorry, I could only imagine how many of you hate me right now... But calm down ! Tell me what you think, express your anger or express that your happy it happened ! :D Write what'd you like. Just please nothing rude towards it. I also got help from 2 of my friends Daniela & Jackie on that scene ! Thank you guys ! :D Thank you to all reading too !! :) ~ Izzaybel
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