Fighting For Love

One Direction fanfic. 17 year old Adriana was kicked out from her house by her parents for getting into trouble. Her parents got her an apartment to help her in Chicago, since then she has been living with her best friend, Danni. When Adriana went out for a run, she had no idea what was going to happen and how much 5 boys could change her entire life, but would it be for the best or for the worst? (Trust me the story's better)


17. Ruined.

Adriana's POV
I went to my locker and saw Danni waiting for me.
"Hey, come on! I'm starving!" I smiled at Danni and opened my locker, to take out my phone.
"Look at you, come on sit with me for lunch?" I turned around and saw Zack with his possie. Wow, he was the guy that always made goals on his soccer team. A lot of girls would 'die' to sit with him. I was clearly not one of them.
"Zack, for the millionth time, no."

Danni was starring at me, she didn't like Zack and she didn't die to sit with them so I was shocked when she told me,
"Aw, come on Adri. One time wouldn't hurt." I opened my mouth in shock to what she said.

"Yeah, listen to Danni. Come on. One time and I won't ask ever again." Just to get him to shut up, I nodded my head,
"Fine." I grabbed my phone and closed my locker. Zack smiled and started walking towards the cafeteria.
"Danni! What were you saying?!" I was a little bit mad.
"One time, Adri. It's going to be fine." I nodded my head and started following Zack.
I didn't feel hungry today so I just waited for Zack and we sat down.
Zack sat on my right and Danni on my left.
I turned around quickly and saw Mindy starring at me. I rolled my eyes and looked at my phone.

Harry: 'Hey babe. It's alright. I miss you, why don't you give me a call?xxxxx'
I smiled.. I dialed Harry's number and heard the ringing.
"Who ya calling?" Zack looked at me.
"Someone..." I told him before I started hearing Harry's voice.
I smiled he was so adorable, I missed hearing his voice.
"Hey Haz!" Zack was still looking at me and his friends were off talking to each other or one of the cheerleaders.

"I miss you.... We sh- HEY ADRIANA!" I heard Louis start yelling. I laughed.
"Hi Lou! I miss you too babe. What were you saying?"
I saw Zack giving me a disapproving look.
"Put him on speaker." Zack said. Why did he want to listen? Whatever, I pressed the speaker button,
"I was saying.. That we should Skype or something. I miss seeing your face." Harry started laughing.
"Adriana! I told you no calling or texting at school!" Lou and Harry started laughing. They were silly but I loved them.

"Yeah we should, some other time though. Lou! Im at lunch it's fine."

I started smiling. I noticed Danni was on her phone too, probably texting Niall.
"Who are they?" I turned to look at Zack.
"They're my best friends.." I smiled to Zack.
"Who's that love?" Louis started saying.
"A guy, his names Zack. Say hi!"
I heard whispering from Harry,

"Hello?" I told them.

"Oh, sorry.. Hello Zack!" Louis was the only one talking.. Where was Harry.
"Hey man." Zack said into the phone as he started drinking his red gatorade.
"Is that Adriana? Yeah.. ADRIANA VAS HAPPENIN" I started laughing and so did Danni, Zack just gave a weird look.
"Vas happening Zayn!" Zack rolled his eyes. What was wrong with him, he's the one who offered to hear.

"I miss you! Respond to my text babe! I gotta go, Niall I'm coming! Bye love!" I heard Zayn slowly disappear from the conversation.
"Adriana, Harry here says he's jealous that your with another g-
Shut up!"
Louis started saying before I heard Harry saying shut up. Harry was jealous that I was sitting with another guy. I couldn't help but blush.

"Don't be jealous Haz... I only like you remember, or have you already forgotten?"

Zack was starring at me and he turned red. I tried to make Zack jealous and it worked. I laughed, I heard Harry laughing too.
"How could I have forgotten?! Its when you kissed me." I started laughing, Zack was really red now. Ok maybe this was a little too far. I didn't want Zack to go crazy mad...

"Yep. I try to make it memorable! Well I have to go. Love you Lou, love you Haz. Bye!" They both said bye and I hung up.

"What was that?" Zack looked at me, he was still red.
"It was a call." I pushed my phone back into my pocket and started talking to Danni.
After awhile the bell rung which meant the end of lunch and back to class. I got up and went to my locker.
"Aw, you called your little boyfriend?" Mindy was glaring at me. What was her problem.
"Oh yeah, he says hi." I rolled my eyes and put in my combination for my locker.

"Funny. You do know he doesn't like you, he just doesn't want to make you feel bad."
Yes, thats why he kissed me and wanted me to call me and got jealous, because he didn't like me.
"Mindy. Can you just like leave. You get to be annoying." I put my phone in my locker and started grabbing my books.
"Please. If you and Harry even had anything, it was only a summer romance. Nothing more. You know thats true."
Summer romance? She was crazy. I ignored her and went to my next class.

End of school....
I walked out from my last class, and went to my locker and saw Danni too.
"So got any homework for the day?" She started saying. I didn't realize she was actually talking because I was still thinking about what Mindy said.

Summer romance? We weren't just a summer romance.
Were we....

Harry's POV
When Adriana called me I was on my bed watching TV.
Louis walked in and sat next to me on my bed.
I heard 'Everything about you' starting to play on my phone, it was Adriana's ringtone.
I answered and we started talking.
I heard Adriana was sitting with some guy named Zack. I couldn't help but be jealous.
I told Louis as he said hi to him and Zayn walked in.
"Are you jealous Haz?" Louis was eating popcorn and looked over to me.
"Well shouldn't I be?" Louis told Adriana that I was jealous...
"Shut up!" I covered Louis mouth before he could finish what he was saying.
We talked for a few more minutes before Adriana had to go.
We said goodbye and she hung up.
"I think you made that guy jealous!" Louis started laughing.
"Good." I smiled and started watching the telly again.

Three weeks later...
I was on Twitter, I was really bored. I was about to take a nap until I heard Lou call my name.

"What?" I yelled back not too loudly though. He didn't say anything back so I got up and went to Louis that was standing by the door.
Whoever was at the door couldn't see me since I was in the kitchen. Lou could see me though.
"Uh, hi Samantha.. Harry is in his room.."
Samantha was a girl I met about two weeks ago when the lads and I went out.

She was drunk and so was I, I had no idea what was happening. We ended up sleeping together.
I regretted it all in the morning.. But what was she doing here now? I told her to leave, we had nothing, we were just drunk.

"Should I wait for him?" Why did she want to see me?
"Um..." Louis was looking at me, I was shaking my head no, not to let her come in.

"He's sleeping, he doesn't like to be woken up."

It was a good lie but I know Samantha, she doesn't believe a word.
"Louis, I know he's not sleeping. Please I just want to talk to him."


Lou looked at me and he just made it completely obvious.
"He's right there isn't he?" She started saying.
It was too late now.
"Hey you.." I gave her a fake smile. I just needed to make a her leave.

"Harry were not done.." What was she talking about, I looked over to Lou, to let us talk alone and he left to his room.
"What do you mean?"

"I mean, that I know we have something.. I know you say we don't but we do." She grabbed my shirt and pulled me closer to her.
What was she doing! She's crazy... We don't have anything, it's not her she's gorgeous and all but she's not my type. I only wanted Adriana.
I pulled away from her.

"Samantha we have nothing. I'm sorry. But nothing. Please leave."
She gave me a sad look and she put her hands on my face and kissed me.
I grabbed her hands and pulled them away from me.

"No! Stop! Leave..! I'm not saying it again Samantha please."
I held the door open for her gesturing her to leave but she wouldn't. Why did she want to be with me?

"Harry Styles, I know we have something. Whether you like it or not, this isn't the last time you see me Harry." She walked away and opened the door and left.

I sighed. Wow. I closed the door and walked back to my room. On my way I saw Lou by the kitchen.
"What was that!?" He was ease dropping! Oh well, Louis was my best mate I should tell him what happened.

"Remember when we all went out that one night? I brought her with me and we ended up sleeping together..."
Lou started laughing, this was funny to him. I started smiling, couldn't help it.
"You slept with her and now she won't leave you alone. Oh Harry!"

Louis would find this funny. He's still my best mate though.
I walked back to my room, "What about Adriana?" I looked to Louis who followed me into my room, its exactly why I had regretted it!
I love Adriana and I wouldn't know what I would do if she found out.
"I still love her. I don't want her to find out! Don't tell anyone."
I gave him a serious look and he nodded his head.

"I won't tell anyone, but she's like my other little sister, I don't want anyone hurting her." Louis gave me a mad look then smiled.
"I'm just kidding mate. Still don't hurt my little Ri Ri." He obviously just made that up, I laughed.
"I don't want to.. So as long as she doesn't find out were fine." I smiled hiding my lips and nodded.
"I'm starving!" Niall came yelling into my room.

Zayn's POV
"Harry!" I heard Louis call him, I didn't hear Harry say anything back until I heard him opening his door.
I didn't hear anything after so I got up from my bed and slowly opened my door and I walked until I saw Harry hiding and I quickly hid too.

"Uh hi Samantha. Harold is in his room..." I heard Louis say. Why was he lying if Harry was right there? I knew Louis could see him.
Harry ended up coming out from his hiding spot and started talking to the girl at the door.

"Who's he talking to?" I told Louis as he walked to me.
"Samantha. A girl Hazza knows."
I nodded my head and walked away. I really wanted to know who that girl was and what she had to do with Harry.

I closed my door and I still stayed by my door and I knew I shouldn't be eavesdropping...
I heard Louis talking then Harry.

Harry slept with that girl. Her name was Samantha I guess. How could Harry do that knowing Adriana is back in America waiting for him?!
"I don't want to.. So as long as she doesn't find out were fine."

Harry wasn't going to get off that easy. I went to my bed and I heard Niall scream he was starving, I chuckled.
I called Adriana, I'm not going to tell her but I know she will find out... Eventually.

Adriana's POV
I was just finishing my homework when I heard my phone playing, 'I Gotta Feeling' Zayn's cover...
So I got up I already knew Zayn was calling and I pressed the 'Slide to Answer' and heard Zayn.
"Zayn!" I was smiling, I hadn't gotten any texts or calls from them lately. I knew they were busy and all...

I started laughing, I hadn't heard Zayn say that in awhile.
"Zayn, you're so weird!" I giggled, "But I love you! How's everything been going so far?"
I took my phone off the charger and walked back to my desk. I put Zayn on speaker and set my phone down on the desk.
I was putting my folders and binder into my bag.

"Everything's good.. Have you hear anything about... Harry?"
Harry... I missed him, I wanted to talk to him... But what did Zayn mean if I heard anything about Harry? Was I suppose to...


"Uh, no.. Why? What happened?"

I started to get worried and Danni came through my door.
"Who you talkin' to?" She sat on my bed as she took her phone out too.
Danni nodded and went back to her phone.
"Oh. No I was just..." Zayn stopped talking and I heard Harry yelling,

"Uh, I'll call you later love."
I was about to grab my phone until I heard Zayn talking... He forgot to hang up..

I shouldn't listen... But it did involve me in a way... I grabbed my phone and sat by Danni.
"Why we're you calling Adriana?!" Harry was yelling.
"I can't call her now? Harry get over yourself why don't you go with Samantha?"
Danni mouthed to me, 'Who's that?'
I had no clue.. I continued to hear.
"How do you know about her...? You were overhearing us!... Weren't you!? What did you hear..." Harry was saying more concerned and angry.

"Oh you know.. Just that you slept with her! How could you even do that to Adriana? She's practically in love with you and you're here with some girl you met at a club!"
My heart started to sink and I felt like I was going to burst out crying but I held it in for some reason...
"It was a mistake! I would never hurt Adriana! A girl like her doesn't deserve that, I know that, it's why she won't find out!"

Harry was planning to keep it a secret from me?!
"So why haven't you've been calling her or even texting her! She told me she hasn't heard of you for a while now!"
It was true, all Zayn said was true. I haven't gotten any calls or texts from Harry for three weeks...
Tears rolled down my cheek and Danni started hugging me.

"... That's not important!... There isn't any time to do it...!" No time? Niall had been texting Danni everyday.. How could there be no time? I wasn't asking for Harry to text or call every day but hearing from him at least once would be fine..!
"There's plenty of time, Harry! Niall's been talking with Danni.... Why can't you at least keep her happy? It's exactly why she should be with me."

"There hasn't been time!!" Harry was yelling again.
"There's enough time mate. If I could talk to Danni everyday why can't you even talk to Adriana once? I don't want you mad but I care about Adriana..."
Niall was starting to get into their conversation now.

Danni took her phone out and looked at it, 1000+ messages to Niall.... She looked up at me and gave me a, 'I'm sorry look' as she started to type something else into her phone...

Niall's POV
I was in Harry's room saying I was hungry until we started hearing Zayn talk.
Harry had gotten up and went to Zayn's door and we all started listening...
He was talking to Adriana and he was mentioning Harry...
Zayn came out from his room and they both started arguing..
I didn't know Harry slept with another girl! How could he?
I started feeling bad for Adriana since she didn't know and she still liked him.
I got into their agruement since I cared for Adriana and Harry shouldn't have done that.
My phone buzzed as I looked at it and it was a message from Danni.

"Niall, tell Zayn he should hang up next time..."

This can't be good...

"Zayn... Zayn.. ZAYN!"


Zayn looked at me mad, "What?!"
I showed him the text from Danni and he walked over to his phone...

Zayn's POV
Niall showed me his text from Danni,
"Niall, tell Zayn next time he should hang up...."

I did hang up... Didn't I?

I went over to my phone and it said I was still in a call... Adriana had heard everything...
I put my phone to my ear,
I said softly and as calm as I could.

It was quiet and I couldn't hear anything... Until I heard Adriana breathing hard.
"Adriana...." I looked over to Harry, he had a nervous face...

She was crying... I put it on speaker so Harry, Louis, and Niall could hear too. Liam came next to Niall, he probably heard us yelling...

"Are you okay?" I felt bad and it was so dumb of me to not hang up!!
"Tell Lou, N-Niall, and Liam I love them... I l-ove you too Zayn.. Just please never talk to me again, please just agree... Make this less h-harder for me..."

How could she want me to never talk to her again...?
Harry came next to me and took my phone.
"Adriana! Please d-..."

Beep.. Beep... Beep...



She ended the call.
I looked over to Harry who had tears in his eyes but none of them fell.
I didn't know what to tell him. He just starred at me and shook his head.
If Adriana was as important to Harry as it looked like.. I could never apologize for something like this.

Harry's POV
Beep... Beep.... Beep...

Adriana had heard every word. She knows about Samantha and what had happened.
He could never apologize for this. Adriana wasn't suppose to find out I was suppose to go back and be with her and just be happier than ever.
Everything I had hoped would happen is ruined.








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