Fighting For Love

One Direction fanfic. 17 year old Adriana was kicked out from her house by her parents for getting into trouble. Her parents got her an apartment to help her in Chicago, since then she has been living with her best friend, Danni. When Adriana went out for a run, she had no idea what was going to happen and how much 5 boys could change her entire life, but would it be for the best or for the worst? (Trust me the story's better)


22. Reality

Adriana's POV

Did Max just ask me to be his girlfriend... What do I say?


I love Harry, maybe dating someone else would help me forget him.. There wasn't any chance he still liked me, he had... Samantha. I could get to know Max, he obviously liked me and I think I might too. Those aren't words you just say, he obviously did mean them...

I'll say yes to Max, I smiled.

"I'd love to." He hugged me and tried kissing me, I pulled away.

"Taking it slow..." He nodded and held my hand. "Come on, lets skip class for today." I nodded my head and grabbed my bag and phone. I looked quickly at my phone, 'Ended Call.'


Ended Call? I ignored it and put the phone in my pocket as Max grabbed my hand again. We quickly ran out the doors and he had his motorcycle. "Uh..." I looked at him, was I really about to go on a motorcycle... 

"You'll be fine, I promise." I went on and held his waist. He turned on his motorcycle,   "Ready?" I nodded my head and he started to move back and then he went straight toward the street. I held on tighter to him, he tensed up.

"What's wrong?" I asked him.

"Your feel... You know what? It's hard to believe that your actually my girlfriend now.. I've liked you since you came to school that first day." I smiled. I remember coming to school on the first day not knowing anyone, and the first person that said Hi was Max...


Last Year

I walked into this new school... My parents said it would be good for me. I walked in and everyone was staring and I saw a boy with his possie as he looked up and down at me.

Creepy... I kept walking as I saw my homeroom was on my right. I walked in and sat down next to someone.

"Hey, your new here right?" I nodded. "Yeah..." I was so nervous. I've had to do this once already this would be my second time changing schools, I was always getting into fights.

"My names Max." He stuck his hand out, I shook his hand and he smiled. "What's your name?"


"Pretty name..." 


Once we got to the mall we started shopping around, until we got to one store. "Look babe!" He's already calling me babe.. huh. I walked over to him and looked at him.

"I can call you babe right...?" I smiled at him. "Sure, now what did you wanna show me... babe." He smiled and chuckled.

"I got you a SnapBack, and a bracelet." He went into the bag and pulled out a SnapBack. He handed it to me and it said, 'Chicago Bulls'. I smiled at him as he took out a bracelet, he handed it to me.

It said, 'His' I looked up to him and he had his wrist up, his read, 'Hers'.

This was so adorable! "Aw! Max! This is so cute! I love the hat and the bracelet.. Thank you!" I hugged him still holding everything.

"You like it? I know its like literally been a hour since we've been together but I know were going to last long. And I want everyone to know your mine, and you're also someone I can brag about." He smiled at me, I smiled back.

"You're adorable, you know that?" I gave him a kiss on the cheek. I looked back at the bracelet and he started to put it on my wrist.

"Your mine now okay?" I giggled. "I like that, okay." I looked up to him and he was blushing. He finished tying it and held my hand.

"Wear your SnapBack!" I put on the SnapBack and he smiled.

"I am literally in love with this..." I smiled at him. We walked together hand in hand.


After about three hours of literally just walking all around the huge mall, we sat down at the food court.

"I'll get us something to eat... What do you want?" I asked him. I set down my phone and my bags on the table. "Whatever you get.."

I smiled and went to get pizza.

Max's POV

This was literally to good too be true, I was actually with Adriana! I bought her a SnapBack of the Chicago Bulls, since I was in basketball, and she was a fan.. I hoped. I also bought her a bracelet, matching bracelets they said 'His, Hers' I put mine on before I gave her the one I had gotten.  

As Adriana went to get pizza I started thinking how lucky I was. Adriana was my girlfriend now. I smiled at the thought of us being together and seeing everyone's faces. I love Adriana, I know she only likes me but I've loved her since the day I met her. Im not going to ever let her go.
I smiled and looked down to see Adriana's phone lit up...

I moved it to see if it was anything important...

'Call From Haz'

I answered it, I was only going to tell the person she wasn't here right now. Until I started to hear some guy talking...

"Adriana? Why would you do this to me?! I love you! I don't know who that guy was but please. You know no one could love you more than me. Adriana your my girl, my one and only. Please, please I'm sorry. I still love you."


This was that Harry guy. The one she couldn't get over... No one is going to ruin this for us, I love Adriana.

"You think you love her. But you don't. You wouldn't have hurt her, ever but you did. She's with me now."
I hung up and put the phone back on the table like I never touched it.

Adriana came back with two slices of pizza.
"Hey. Who were you talking to on the phone?"
I shook my head, "No one important."
I smiled at her as she smiled back. I couldn't let her know because if I told her it was Harry she would obviously call him back, leaving us as nothing anymore.
I loved her and no one should ruin it for us... But Harry loves her too I thought. If she truly loved him, she would have never said yes to being my girlfriend.

"What are you thinking about?"
I looked back at her, "Nothing.. Just you."
She smiled. I took my pizza and took a bite into it.

Harry's POV
I had to call Adriana back, after hearing that guy say all that stuff to her, it killed me. I needed her to be with me. I love her.

I called her after three hours, I tried putting together all the right words..
When she answered I told her everything, everything I felt about her. And only to hear back,
"You think you love her. But you don't. You wouldn't have hurt her, ever but you did. She's with me now."
And it hung up.
I threw my phone to the floor, I didn't care if I had broken it again...

This guy meant nothing to her, he couldn't! You can't just fall out of love that easily.
I was still so angry, as Samantha walked in, "I heard you throw something.."
I rolled my eyes.
"Yeah." I hated her. I had to tell her we were done or I wasn't even going to be happy anymore. Well I wasn't until I had Adriana back.

"It's okay baby." she lifted the phone up,  "It didn't break..." she looked at it and then back at me.
"You called that slut!"
"She isn't a slut." I grabbed my phone from her hands.
"No! Harry. You can't call her! Your dating me! Shes so ugly... You have me!"
I looked at her with disgusted eyes. Why did I ever chose her that night. Yes she is pretty but she must have been this nice and sweet person that night. Because now she was bossy and mean, she also sweared at every little thing.
"She isn't ugly! She's beautiful. I could call her whenever I want! I don't need anyone's permission especially yours... We're done." I leaded her to my door and gently pushed her to leave.
"Harry you can't just break up with me!!! No!"
"I can and did. Please leave now."
I tried saying as nicely as I could.
"Ugh. I hate you! Why would I ever want to be with you! I could do way better."
I nodded my head, "Then go.."
I watched her walk out of the flat. Finally. I felt weight lifted off my shoulders. I grabbed my laptop and
went onto Twitter,
'Single.. I really shouldn't be this happy. :)'

I looked through some mentions and people were saying,
'What happened to Samantha?"
"I knew they wouldn't last. Harry never looked like he liked her."
I chuckled, our fans knew a lot about love.
"Good job Harry! :)"
"You're single, I'm single... We were meant to be ;)"
I laughed, our fans were cute.
I decided to go onto Adriana's twitter to see what was happening with her, obviously she got a new boyfriend.. I pushed the thought away.

'The babe and I :)'
I clicked on the picture.. It was some guy and Adriana, I didn't pay much attention to him but more at Adriana...

       That look..
I opened a new tab and went to a picture with me and Samantha. We were smiling as the camera snapped the picture..
We both had the same look. (Adriana & Harry)
The look that showed she wasn't happy.
My hopes grew.. She still loves me.. Or Maybe...

Zayn came into my room and sat on the bed.
"I heard your single now.. Good job mate."
I chuckled. I guess everyone knew I didn't really like being with Samantha.



"What about Adriana..."
My smile turned to a frown. I looked down at the laptop.
"I still love her. What about you? I know you still have something for her."
Zayn never really did forget her like me. It was obvious, everyday he'd have this day dreaming look...

Four days ago...


Danielle and Liam were sitting on the couch as I sat on the other one with Louis.
Zayn was on the other couch with Niall as were watching the telly.
"Hi Harry." Danielle told me and smiled at me, I smiled back waving.
"You know where we should go lads.. The beach and just relax." Liam smiled as Danielle put her hand on his chest.
"What about me?" She smiled at him, as Liam smiled back.

"That would be fun." I said before they could kiss, "Yeah.. We could go surfing." Louis jumped on the couch and pretended to surf.

We all laughed, "We should go when we have the day off. What do you think Zayn?" Niall looked over to him.
We looked over to Zayn, chuckling. He was looking at the TV paying no attention to anything else.
Liam reached for the remote, turning it off. Zayn still looked at the telly, hardly blinking.

"Looks like someone's in love..." Danielle started saying.
Louis went up to Zayn and said something in his ear as Zayn shook his head and looked at us. Louis laughed really loud and went to the ground,
"Uh.. sorry." Zayn said as he looked at us.  Everyone laughed but me... He was thinking about Adriana...

Louis got up and sat next to me again.
"What did you say to him?"

Louis looked at me,
"Dont worry about it Haz."

Zayn chuckled but then went serious, "I love her Harry..." I looked at Zayn, of course he did.

"Even....  Even after everything.."
Zayn bit his lip and nodded.
"I love her..."
I sighed softly. How was I suppose to compete with my best mate, her boyfriend, and that Zack lad.

"You know she has a boyfriend?"
I looked up at Zayn, his eyes shot up at me.
"What?... What's his name? Who is he?" He looked at me with wide eyes, I pointed to the screen and clicked the picture.
"Him... I called Adriana to tell her.. That I love her and i Wanted her back, instead he answered and told me that she was his now."
Zayn studied his face, then he sighed, "Best of luck to them.." He walked out of the room and saw him put his hands on his head.


Zayn's POV
Harry showed me the picture of Adriana's.. Boyfriend. It hurt me to say it.
I knew Harry still loved her, and I did too. Even after everything. I still loved her. All I could manage to say was, "Best of luck to them." and I left Harry's room.
I put my hands on my head and went to the couch. I sat down and thought of everything. I love Adriana, so does Harry, and I guess this guy does too.

Adriana had this one thing about her.. Something everyone craved for. I didn't really know what it was.. It was her soft and passionate kisses.. Her personality, Her big brown eyes, her smile, her wavy long brown hair, or sympathy... I didn't know.
But I did know that.. Once we were back in America she was going to have to chose.

I have tried to forget about her so Harry could be happy with her. I never could though. Even trying to make it easier for her, since she would have to chose over everyone...

I went into Twitter with my mobile, I saw people giving hate to Adriana,

'I know you still like Harry. It's so obvious! But of course you have to use this guy. That's just low."

"Poor guy. He's only being used. Adriana is a total whore."

"Ok, honestly. What are these guys problems? Seriously. First it was this other guy, Leo.Then Zayn and her, then Harry, now this guy?! -.-" "





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