Fighting For Love

One Direction fanfic. 17 year old Adriana was kicked out from her house by her parents for getting into trouble. Her parents got her an apartment to help her in Chicago, since then she has been living with her best friend, Danni. When Adriana went out for a run, she had no idea what was going to happen and how much 5 boys could change her entire life, but would it be for the best or for the worst? (Trust me the story's better)


6. Ready

  Niall's POV

It going to be midnight soon, I was tired so I headed to bed.

"I'll see you in the morning..."

"Sleep well" Liam and Louis told me as I walked to my room.

My phone started buzzing, I pulled it out and it was a text from Adriana... I can't believe she texted me now, what if something's wrong... I opened up the text that said,

'Hi Niall! I'm sorry I never texted you before.. I was busy and all this stuff happened. I miss you! Tell the boys I miss them too, text me back!(: x'

Adriana was sweet.. I couldn't be mad at her.

'It's okay, i miss you too. We should go get something to eat sometime. You know me. I'll ask the lads if they want to, I'm gonna go to sleep. Text me back and don't forget :) '

After that, I fell asleep happier than ever.

Next Morning

I woke up and I was starving. I went to the kitchen to find all the lads eating pancakes without me...

"Did you save some for me?!"

"Of course we did, and now we didn't."

There was only one pancake on the plate and Louis took it and started eating it and smiled.

I gave him a mean look. "I made some more in the kitchen by the stove."

That's why I love Harry. I smiled at Liam and Louis and Zayn were laughing. I went to the kitchen grabbed a whole bunch of pancakes put in the plate and walked to the table.

"So guess who finally texted me last night?"


"Harry's joking. Who texted?" I looked at Harry and sarcastically laughed.

"No. Actually Adriana."    

Zayn's POV

"No. Actually Adriana." My heart literally skipped beats.

Adriana... I miss her I had to find where she was. I needed to see her and make her mine...

"She texted you? How? What she say?" Harry would be asking.

I glared at him. He has to know that she was mine and no one else.

Harry always got the girls, I needed to catch her before Harry did...  I would treat her right and never let anyone hurt her.

"She said that she missed me.. Erm.. Us. And she wants to hang out."

She wants to hang out! I started grinning, I finally get to see my Adriana after a month, it felt like forever.

"Really?!?!? When?" I asked Niall. I was anxious to find out.

"I was going to text her after I was done eating. So when do you want to.. I was thinking later today."

Later today was perfect. We had interviews all this morning.

"Yay! I get to hang out with my best friend!" Louis started screaming.

He was obviously really happy. I'm sure he didn't like Adriana, he has Eleanor and they seem pretty happy with each other, so did Liam and Danielle.

"Alright so later today around 2 and she'll pick where to go."   

Adriana's POV

I got another text from Niall, last night. I just got another one right now, it was about 9:30 AM..

'Hey, the lads said yea. Any time after 12 we have all these interviews. You choose where we should go, any where's fine.'

I don't know where we could go.. Maybe a simple restaurant, yeah that would be good just to talk more.

'Oh yeah that's fine. Maybe a restaurant? Got any idea which one though..? Good luck at the interviews, don't mess up! (: x'

I was still laying in bed, I was so lazy.

I should be getting ready to surprise Leo at work bring him some coffee or something. After I do I'll get ready to hang out with Niall, Harry, Zayn, Louis, and Liam.

I couldn't wait!

I finally got up and opened my window to let the air in, it was nice and fresh outside. I changed from my pajamas to a blue high waisted shorts, ruffled sandals, and blue plain t-shirt with a white tank top under.

I looked into my mirror and  my hair was everywhere. I put it in a messy bun and put some mascara on. I was happy how I looked, so I walked out of my room to the kitchen and ate some cereal.

After that I headed to Starbucks to get some of Leo's favorite coffee.

"Hey Danni! Going to surprise Leo at work. Can I have a two vanilla white mochas please?"

"Sure thing Adri! Dang. Leo's so lucky to have you. How long have you been dating?"

Danni was my best friend I met her in middle school and we never saw each other until I started working here three weeks ago.

"Sure he is, and its been three weeks. Almost a month now." I chuckled as Danni handed me the two mochas.

"Aw, you are too cute together. I can't talk for longer, the managers been bugging me. Ugh. I'll text you in break. Bye!"

"Eh. Alright bye bye."

I took the two mochas and walked out. Leo worked six blocks away from me, I called a cab and waited for fifteen minutes until I got there.


I have him $15 and walked to see Leo working already on a car.

"Hey babe! Guess what I brought you?" I walked to him and kissed his cheek.

"Aw come on, you didn't need to come or bring me anything. Seeing you is enough. But thank you." he smiled at me and I started blushing.

He took a sip out of it and started smiling again.

"My favorite."

"Yes, I know.... So what are you doing here on this truck?" I pointed to the truck and put my elbows on it and started looking around.

"Just checking the engine... Here can you hold the light for me?"

I grabbed the little light and held it for him.

"So I'm going to hang out with some friends today." Leo looked up at me.

"Look at you hanging out with some friends, which friends?" He chuckled at his joke.

"Cute. And you know that band, One Direction... I never told you but I bumped into them like a month ago and we hung out before and today seemed like a good day to hang out again..."


He looked at me like 'One Direction!?' but a mix of confused face.

"Everyone knows them.. But you bumped into them...? Ok.. Listen, I trust you, I just don't know if I would be ok for you to be around five guys, that every girl dies for..."

Aww he was jealous!


"Leo.. Are you jealous? Besides two of them have girlfriends so it's ok. Don't worry. I know these guys, they won't try anything. I promise."

He looked at me like, I don't know... "Ok, I trust you. I'll be going to your apartment though once I'm out of work, alright? I'll see you then, go have fun."

I smiled at Leo and gave him a quick kiss and left to call a cab. After I sat in the cab and headed home I payed the cab driver again and walked into my apartment.

"I'm pretty much already dressed I just need to know if it's going to be fancy or not..."

I pulled out my phone to read a text from Niall.

'Just got done with two interviews. Haha thanks, and Zayn said he knows one close by.'

I started to text him back,

'Oh alright, is it fancy or just casual.. I need to dress perfectly to see you guys again(:  P.S you're welcome x'

It was true. I was finally going to see them after a month I was not about to dress off from where we were going. I went to the mirror and decided to put some eye shadow on.

Hm.. Maybe just a little black. Before I could add it onto my face, my phone started buzzing.


'Zayn said dress however you like. I think you'll look beautiful any way you dress. Where do you live? We'll pick you up. We really want to see you, Louis really does.'

Aww Louis, the memories started flashing in my head. I missed them so much..!

'You guys are too sweet... Apartment 4B, Fairfields Apartments. I can't wait! Aw, I miss Louis too. X'

I went to take a quick shower and once I got out I changed into my a knee length white dress, it was my favorite dress ever. My mom bought it for me as a dress for a dance at school, but I never got to wear it since I was kicked out... I didn't want to think about what happened then..


I tied up my hair and waited for it to dry on its own. I was watching TV and checked my phone it was 12, that was quick. I checked if I got any text from Niall,

'yeah, we are. Haha. We just finished with the last interview for today, we're on our way.' That was twenty minutes ago.. Crap!!! I ran into my room put on my white wedges.

(She looked like this:



I started putting on my mascara and black eye shadow. I looked into the mirror, I liked how I looked so I was ready. I couldn't wait to see them!

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