Fighting For Love

One Direction fanfic. 17 year old Adriana was kicked out from her house by her parents for getting into trouble. Her parents got her an apartment to help her in Chicago, since then she has been living with her best friend, Danni. When Adriana went out for a run, she had no idea what was going to happen and how much 5 boys could change her entire life, but would it be for the best or for the worst? (Trust me the story's better)


76. Phone calls

Adriana's POV 

Although Harry was an amazing friend, it was odd to think of him 'loving' me in such a way. I didn't know anyone who got over a relationship in a day, and I sure wasn't going to but it flattered me. But either way, I found myself crying in the bathroom a hour ago. I never went through this with Leo, yeah I was upset for a few weeks but nothing like this amount of pain. Something like this was finding out Harry was with another girl, but having the pain repeating every second you believed you'd forgotten. I wanted to curl in my bed and cry, watch romantic movies, and eat ice cream. I thought when people did that in movies they over exaggerated but it really is how it feels. 

"Get out of bed!" Louis and Liam both pulled on my legs, I held on tight to my bed though. Tony left, meeting the guys and as soon as he did I came on my bed. No one questioned me until they realized I wasn't sleeping but crying.

"I want to stay here, I don't want to go anywhere." I begged them to stop numerous amount of times. 

"At least come watch the telly-with us!" Liam said as he gave a final pull, I had let go of my bed and let them haul me off.  "I don't want you guys to be here worrying for me. Go out or something." It bothered me that they stayed here rather than with themselves outside, having fun. 

"No! We do enough of that on tour. C'mon Ri!"  I gave in finally getting up and wiping my eyes.  "You look disgusting." Louis said as he grabbed a towel and handed it to me.  "Well shit Lou."  I wiped my face with it, I stared at both of them. "I'm going to change..."  They waited for abut and then left the room. I grabbed a pair of sweats and a plain pink shirt. As I slipped into them, I heard a phone ring. It was coming from the sheets on the ground, as I looked through them I found the phone ringing.  "Hello?" 

"Hi!"  A girl answered and I looked at the phone, it wasn't mine. Must be Liams' or Louis', I checked the caller ID and saw 'Eleanor'

"Hi, sorry this isn't my phone, just realized. Are you calling for Louis?" 

"Uh, yes. You must be Adriana! So good to finally hear your voice!" I laughed a bit, "Great to hear yours too. I'll go get Louis he just went off to the living room." 

"It's just you two there... or?"  It took me awhile to feel the tension, "Oh! No! All the boys are here with us. He was just helping me out of bed..." I paused for a second, "Oh my god! That's not what I meant, I'm terrible. I'll just go ahead and pass you to Louis...Louis!"  I felt like an idiot obviously she took notice at how embarrassed I was, so she stayed quiet, "Louis and I are just friends. I just say a lot of dumb things... Louis!- Sorry."

"Adriana if you're going to ask me to put on your pants for you, I'm going to be seriously concerned."  I put my hand on my head and I could hear Eleanor choke on something and quickly recovering.  "No, it's Eleanor. And I'm sure she just heard what you said and from what I've said isn't helping out much."  Louis came in and gave me a weird look and took the phone, "Hey babe."  Louis started going on and I left the room so he could have privacy. I walked lazily to the living room and say next to Niall.  "Why aren't you with Danni? I know she misses you a lot." I asked quietly. 

"I'm seeing her later today, and spending the night with her, since we leave tomorrow."  Tomorrow. My depressed face had gone worse. I wished I never left my bed, I assumed they took notice and saw my look. 

"We'll be back soon. We always are." Zayn said cheerfully and smiled towards me. I gave a small smile, "I know you will..."  I tried to get off the subject. Harry had switched to a channel and had started watching Friends, as did everyone else. I was almost completely drawn to something else, I wasn't thinking. My mind was out of place and I just had a blank mind, yet I could feel everything spiraling in my head.  

Harry's POV

I got distracted with the show, I laughed so hard. Then my phone started ringing, I sighed and got up from the couch leaving everyone and I went to Adriana's kitchen. 


"Where the fuck did you guys go?!" I heard a deep voice on the other end and I suddenly realized we'd been caught. 

"We're... Um, we went out of town with my aunt. We'll be back by tomorrow." Fast thought, I didn't even know where my aunt was at the moment. 

"You think I'm going to believe such a ridiculous lie? Robert asked one thing of you guys! Do not go to Chicago, and look what've you done!"  I tried to stay calm but Paul wasn't going to be easy to out yell, why had he called me?

"Paul, you gotta understand. I got Adriana back, if I didn't she would have hated me, us, forever. Does any one else know where we're at?" I asked hopeful, I trusted Paul with my life so I hoped I could trust him for a major secret this one time.

"I understand but Harry you know how much trouble I could get into for letting you five out of my sight? I could be fired! No one else knows so I'm going to let this slide. For you and me. I want you back by tomorrow morning, meaning get your ass on a plane immediately." 

"Paul, I just got her back! I can't just lea-"  "I said now Harry. All of you have to come back. You completely disowned me and I have never been anymore disappointed in you five lads. You're all very close to me, and whether I like it or not I was worried like a maniac. You have to come back to London now."  I sighed, I knew just having Paul keep this a secret was a big promise and asking to stay longer was a hard thing to ask for but I didn't want to leave. I had just gotten her back and I didn't want to leave her here.  "I'll be picking you all up tomorrow at 5." He hung up.   

Louis' POV

"Paul came to my house. He's been asking everyone where you've all gone." Crap, crap, crap. How does he catch up so fast?

"What did you tell him?" I hoped she had lied, as much as I hated to have Eleanor lie for me I really needed her help.

"I told them I wasn't sure. You hadn't mentioned going anywhere. But I sent them to your mums house."  My mum understood so we were safe. "Thank you so much babe. I hate to have you lie for me. It means a lot. I have to go tell the boys, I'll call you in a bit, love you."  "Love you too, be careful!"  We both hung up, what were we suppose to do now? I thought for awhile and it was a clear choice that we would have to leave sooner than expected. 

'@Louis_Tomlinson: Shit, this isn't good.'  I patiently thought out my plan, maybe I should just tell them and we could figure something out.

As I got back to all of them I sat on the couch and watched Friends. I thought a lot though, I didn't want to ruin any of their moods. Harry had gotten up, taking a phone call in the kitchen.

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