Fighting For Love

One Direction fanfic. 17 year old Adriana was kicked out from her house by her parents for getting into trouble. Her parents got her an apartment to help her in Chicago, since then she has been living with her best friend, Danni. When Adriana went out for a run, she had no idea what was going to happen and how much 5 boys could change her entire life, but would it be for the best or for the worst? (Trust me the story's better)


25. Phone call.... & Birthday

Ive been having writers block again... This is bad :/ I'm trying though and I'm sorry for not posting on Saturday..! If you want to follow me on Twitter I'll post when the newest chapter is coming, and sneak peeks and such. My twitter is @izzaybel_love1D Thanks<3

Adriana's POV

I walked to my phone in my room. It couldn't be who I thought it was... I could not handle this. "Babe... Don't answer it." I was in the hallway to my door and I stopped. Should I answer it?



"Please." I turned around to find Max behind me. "Why...?" Why didn't he want me to pick up? It still kept ringing.

"It's obviously Harry. If you pick that up. I know... I know, we aren't going to be the same. I know you're still in love with him... Please. I'm trying hard to make this work.. Pretending each and every day that you don't love him. That you could actually forget him."


Max was good to me, I was the one who was in love with someone else while he's giving me his whole heart.

"Let me just check who it is...." Max walked in front of me,

"Let me check..." I bit my lip. I nodded my head and it was best he did.

"Okay." Ring....

"Stay here please." I agreed. Max knew what he was doing, I trusted him...

He was going to check who it was, simple as that.

Max's POV

I couldn't let Adriana pick the phone up. It was Harry, it was obvious. If she ppicked up... It would be the end of us. Seeing her face light up when she saw him on the TV... It killed me. What did he have that made her keep him in her heart. I want to be her only guy. Her everything.

She let me pick up the phone I told her to stay because this Harry guy needed to back off.

I had to tell him.

I picked up her phone on the table and looked at the caller....



I pressed the answer button,

"Adriana? You picked up!! Adriana! I'm so sorry. Please! Please listen to me... I lo-"

"Okay. This ends now! Adriana has a boyfriend. She doesn't need you confusing her more! Can't you just accept the fact that she's happy... WE'RE happy!" This guy needed to learn...


"Oh! You're her babe. Huh? Listen mate. Adriana will never love you the way she loves me. She looks at me in a way you  will never get, at least not from her. When I get back to America, Adriana will be the first person I'm going to see. You won't be able to hide her. I love her."

I was clutching my fist, if he was in front of me I could've punched him! He was never going to see Adriana and ruin our relationship.

"That might be true, but I'm willing to wait for her. You aren't the only one that loves her. I won't need to hide her, dude, she let me pick up the phone! She doesn't want anything from you, she knew you were calling." I chuckled. "Adriana wants this to work out, so back the fuck off." 


"Max." I looked at Adriana at the door and she told me to hang up. "You've said enough."

I clicked the 'End' button. Hopefully he got the point.

I handed Adriana her phone and she hugged me. She dug her head into my chest and I put my head on hers.

I looked at the roses... and smiled. I love Adriana, and I wanted her to be fine, to stop being confused.

"I love you..." I told her as she continued hugging me.

"I know and I love you too." I felt relief from her hearing her say she loved me.

We spent the rest of the day in each others arms, watching movies.

One month later... (Adriana's Birthday February 24)

Adriana's POV

I woke up around 8 AM, and I was fully awake right away. I was still in bed and I grabbed my phone to see if anything important happened last night. I had a whole bunch of notifications from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr saying Happy Birthday!

I smiled at all the sweet comments. I posted onto Twitter,

'Waking up to so many Happy birthday tweets! I love you all, to everyone who have said Happy Birthday! xxx' 

Facebook: 'Thanks for all the B-day wishes! Much love!!'

Instagram: *Picture of me smiling* 'Thanks for the Happy Birthday's! Love you all.' 

I saw Danni walk into my room with a huge cupcake! Woah!!

"Happy Birthday! To Adriana! Happy Birthday to you!  Like my song?" She smiled at me and I got up, sitting on the bed.

"Blow your candles... Candle!" There was one huge pink candle on the huge cupcake, I made a wish... and blew out the candle. I really thought about the wish.

I wished for one simple thing... for everything to just work out.

I got up, standing and I hugged Danni. "Ah! I love this! Bro, that cupcake is huge!!!" We laughed.

"Max isn't here?" She looked around as she set the plate that was holding the cupcake.

He went out with his friends last night. He hasn't come back, I didn't really mind though. He was always with me and we both obviously could have time away.

"He went out with friends. Probably with Derrick and Leo."

Oh yeah, Leo and Max became like best friends. Yes, Leo my ex. We saw him with his sister at the grocery store...

Three weeks ago...

We were at the grocery store with Max.

"OH! Oreos!!" I giggled at Max running to the cookie section.

I went after him and almost bumped into a little girl.

"I'm sorry sweetheart!" She had dropped a bag of chips and I picked them up for her.

"It's okay..... Wait. Are you Adriana?" How does she know me? Then I remembered... I was with Harry, she was probably a fan.

"Yeah, I am." She smiled and shrieked. I giggled.

"You dated my brother! Leo!!" Then I remembered Leo did have a little sister..

"What's wrong?!"  I looked up to see Leo and Leo looked at me smiling.
"Hi..." He said as his sister started shrieking again...
"You dated Harry!! AND MY BROTHER. Oh my gosh!!" I smiled her but felt really guilty.
"I didn't exactly date him. But I did date your brother.." Leo chuckled.
"It's okay. This shouldn't be awkward." I giggled.
Then his sister hugged me...
"Awe, your little sister is adorable!"
She laughed at that.

"My names Hailey." I smiled at Leo and Max came running back to me.
"Hey! Adri, should I get double stuffed... Or. Uh.. Hey."

This was getting so awkward.
"This is my boyfrie-.."
"Max!! Ah!" Hailey ran to Max and hugged him.
  Max had a shocked face and looked over to me and Leo.
"Hailey.. You're kinda making this awkward." Leo told her as she let go of Max and went to next to Leo.
"This is Leo.. We use to date."
Leo looked at me and at max.
"Didn't work out with Harry huh?" He bit his lip and I nodded.

Then Max started laughing and so did Leo.
Something happened with that and they just became best friends...

"You should call him..." I grabbed a ruffled white and tan shirt and looked at Danni.
She raised her eyebrows.
"Because it's your birthday and he's your boyfriend..."
I laughed, "It's okay Danni. I'm changing so can you...." She walked out and closed the door.
I changed into the shirt and some white jeans.
 I opened my door and saw Derrick at my door.
He hugged me and handed me a gift.
"Happy Birthday!"
I hugged him back, "Aww Thank you D!"
That was Derricks nick name 'D'. I didn't really think he would get me anything, having him here on my birthday was enough!
"No problem! Hey did Max ever get back here?"
I shook my head, he was probably at his parents house, maybe where they went was closer to his parents house.
"No, I think he's at his parents."
Derrick nodded his head.
"Where did you guys even go?"
I let go of Derrick and was walking towards the living room. I set the gift down on the counter. I'll open it later.
"Just to a party."
I poured myself milk and handed Derrick one too.
He nodded his head and I poured him some too.
I ran to my room and grabbed the plate with the huge cupcake and ran back.
"You're going to eat a huge cupcake? For breakfast."
I smiled at him and went for a spoon.
"Yup!" He grabbed a spoon too and started to eat the frosting with me. I could literally eat anything for breakfast. I didn't care.
"Yay!" Danni walked in and went for a spoon to join us.


It was now 1 and we spent the whole time watching movies and I was kind of wondering where Max was. He was usually here by now.

I decided to text him...
'Hey babe!'
I went to twitter and saw more birthday comments. They were so sweet!
I was scrolling through all of them an saw the boys tweets.

Liam: '@Adri1995 Happy Birthday babe! Have a good one, miss u xx'
Niall: 'Happy Birthday to the coolest girl around :) @Adri1995 Miss you bunches, want a pint?'
Louis: 'Today is like any day.. Except it's @Adri1995 Birthday!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY Ri Ri!!'

Zayn: 'You may hate me but you're still my best friend. Today is important since ur 18. Love u. @Adri1995'

I put to favorite all of them and RT.
'@Louis_Tomlinson @NiallOfficial @zaynmalik @Real_Liam_Payne Thxs <3 Love u 2 don't forget it'
It felt good talking to them after so long.

I smiled at myself... I really did miss them. I can't lie but it hurt to see that Harry didn't say anything... But why would he?... I didn't say happy birthday to him, I was regretting not saying it.. I felt my smile fade.

I was on the couch in the middle between Danni and Derrick.
They were saying something and I looked at them.
"Uh, did I miss something?"
They looked quickly at me and ignored me by watching the TV again.

"Hey! How about we go to the mall?" I nodded my head as Danni got up. I did want to go to buy some clothes!
"Ugh! I can't get up. Help me?"
Danni held her hand out and pulled me up.
I went to get my purse and went to the door with Danni.
"D! You comin?"
He shook his head. "No.. Have a girls day with Danni. I'll chill out here for awhile."
I nodded my head and closed the door behind me.

We got to the mall and we stayed there until 5. I bought a few things and so did Danni.
We were walking towards the food court to eat something then head back to the apartment.
"Panda Express?"
I nodded my head as I started to follow her.
"Go find a table, I'll bring you it. Birthday Girl."
I smiled at Danni and felt special! I laughed, "Feel special now... Okay, I'll be over there."
I pointed over to a table taking Danni's bags and walking to it.
I sat down and felt relief. I checked my phone seeing if Max has texted me. Ugh. Nothing.
I was actually starting to worry...

"Look at you."
I turned around to see Zack and his little group. I rolled my eyes, "Hey Zack." I said it in a disgusted way.
"What are you doing here by yourself? Where's your boyfriend?" I ignored him and he sat down next to me. He touched my chin trying to lift my head.

"Don't even touch me." I slapped his hand away from me.

"Zack bro. She doesn't like you. Stop tryin'." I looked at Zack's friend, I think his name was Jarret.

"Thanks. My point exactly. Can you and your little possie just leave now?... Or should I call Max and let him handle you?" All of them 'Oooo'ed and I kept a serious face at Zack as he got up and left.

"I want to see him try." I laughed, "So why are you walking away?" I chuckled as Danni came back with our food.

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