Fighting For Love

One Direction fanfic. 17 year old Adriana was kicked out from her house by her parents for getting into trouble. Her parents got her an apartment to help her in Chicago, since then she has been living with her best friend, Danni. When Adriana went out for a run, she had no idea what was going to happen and how much 5 boys could change her entire life, but would it be for the best or for the worst? (Trust me the story's better)


46. New opportunities

Adriana's POV
From: Tony
'Hey loser. I'm coming over :)'
Sent at 12:39 PM

I laughed, finally it's been two hours with silence! Well except the TV or radio.
To: Tony
'Not a loser -.- aha, kay. See you in a bit then.'
Sent at 12:40 PM

I turned up my music and continued to clean my room again. It was so messy, I never really bothered to clean it.. I wasn't a neat freak like my mom, she would had forced me to clean it everyday. I vacuumed, cleaned the windows next to my bed, made my bed, washed all my dirty clothes and put them away, and organized my desk.
I was done in an hour and it was 1:35 now. I was so tired and I jumped onto my couch and closed my eyes to rest. I really needed to clean often.
"Hey Adri! I brought Mccdonalds! Best brother ever, no need I already know." Anthony smiled and put the food on the coffee table next to me and sat on my legs.
"Oh my gosh.. Get off." He laughed and got up. I sat on the couch properly and he hugged me. "Didn't you miss me huh?" I giggled and hugged him back, "How could I not miss my annoying little sister?" I stuck my tongue out at him and he chuckled.
"Where's Max?" Tony looked around (tony is Anthony) and looked at me. "He's out, it's our ten months today and he wanted to do something special for me." I blushed and Tony winced, "Yeah.. I don't want to know what he's gonna surprise you with. Blah." I  didn't know what he meant but I caught up.. Oh my gosh.. I began laughing so much and so loud that I went towards Tony and he pushed me away.
"We're not going to!" I laughed and I didn't find this embarrassing but more funny. "I don't want to know!! Don't say it.. Change of subject."
I laughed and laughed until he started laughing with me. "Okay! I'm hungry you want food or not? I will eat it." I began to calm down and I got up. That was hilarious...
Tony handed me my food and drink. He knew I always had the chicken nuggets he mentioned before that when he was seven he fed me little pieces and I managed one time to take them away from him and spill them on the floor with his sprite.
I smiled remembering his face when he told me. "So what's up with the twitter thing? Something about E news." He said as he took a bit of his hamburger.
"Ugh, I was just watching TV and they mentioned me.. They called me an insane and an idiot.." He made a confused face, I haven't told him about Liam, Niall, Louis, Zayn, and Harry.
"Why would E news mention you?" I sighed and began telling him everything. By the time I finished explaining everything to him he had wide eyes and finished all his food.
"One Direction.. Okay so one if them saved you... You met them. Hung out with them. Liked one of them. Mom and dad actually approved of them. Now you hate them because they kept dad dying a secret."

I nodded my head and he patted my shoulder, "You're going through some tough crap." I nodded again.
"It's weird.. How I just went for a run one day.. And it ended me here meeting them, not knowing what the hell's happening half the time. And in a fucking year."
It was weird.. But I missed them, deep down. I'm so angry at them for keeping such a huge secret from me, but I couldn't help but miss them so much.
"It's alright Adri. Shit happens for a reason..." Just then my phone began to ring from an unknown number.
"Hello, Adriana Gomez?"
"Yeah, who's calling?" I waited patiently for them to answer.
"This is Ok! Magazine. I'm the Editor, we want to have you for an interview."
An interview?, "Interview for what exactly?"
"As being a great friend of One Direction we want to know what's fun what's not, issues, secrets.."
I stopped them there, "I don't mean to be rude but we're not friends.. Anymore."
"Oh, I'm sorry to hear that. We could make this work though.. Maybe about just the boys anything you did. Something small... Nothing big, if you accept this we could give you a special spot on the magazine bringing up offers for different things like modelling as a choice, as we see you're a beautiful young women."
I wasn't sure about this, I wasn't sure if I wanted to accept this woman's offering.
'Who is it?' Tony mouthed to me.
"Um.. I'm not sure. I don't even know of their management would approve.."
The woman laughed, "We contacted them, and they said it would do good for them. Are you interested?"
I wasn't sure, was it smart.. I did need the money, because I don't want to go back to Starbucks.
"When will it be...?"
"This is great! It will be tomorrow in the morning, around 8 is about the only time available it will be short around an hour long."
I nodded, "That sounds great then.. Any directions to get there?"
"We just sent you an email."
BING. My phone rang, "Okay, I'll be sure to be there."
"Can't wait to meet you Adriana. Goodbye." They hung up and I sighed.
"It was Ok magazine.. I have an interview set for tomorrow..." Tony had a big smile and high fived me.
"That's awesome! Right?" I nodded, "I guess.. Except the part that its about the guys.." He lowered his hand and made a ' :/' face.
"But, it could be big for me.." He nodded and hugged me, "That's great then!!" He picked me up and I laughed.
"Amazing.." I couldn't help but feel like crap though. It was horrible enough of talking about them with Tony and now speaking about them and having it published on a magazine.. Oh my god.

After hanging out with Tony it was six and I was ready for the surprise with Max. I was dressed casual, blue jean shorts, and a white ruffled top. I waited for him for twenty minutes..


I waited for another thirty minutes.. Nothing. No one came, I sat on my couch angry, how could he just ditch me like that?! I thought you were suppose to spend the day with your boyfriend on your ten months together.
After two hours it was 10... I set my alarm for the interview and fell asleep, crying.

Next day..


I opened my eyes and looked around, I was sleeping on the couch in my clothes from last night.. Everything happened, I waited for about three hours for Max, I was furious. I cried so much and I could feel that my eyes were puffy.
I turned my alarm off and saw it was 7 AM. I got up to the bathroom washing off my makeup all over my face since the tears moved it around. I washed my face and took a shower. I got out quickly and I went to my room and got new clothes. I wore a blue high waisted shorts and tucked my dark blue and white striped shirt in.
I checked my email and I saw the directions to the studio, a recording studio.. I've seen it before it was about a fifteen minute drive.
I got a new car from my mom and dad, she said it was dad's car and he wanted me to have it. I put my make up on again and let my hair loose and sprayed it so it was curly. It was growing really fast and was up to my belly button, I tried to smile but I just thought of how Max left me. I slipped on black wedges, tan at the bottom and the laces were black.
I grabbed my purse, keys, and sunglasses, locked my door, and went to the elevator.
I clicked to go to the lobby and I went on my phone.
From: Tony
'Good luck on the interview thing sis.'
Sent at 7:35 AM

To: Tony
'Thanks loser :P x'
Sent at 7:35 AM

The elevator doors opened and I lowered my sunglasses to my eyes, I don't want anyone seeing my puffy eyes, they'd go normal once I get to the interview.
I walked out and went to the parking lot, I went inside my car and drove off.

I got to the interview and I moved my sunglasses off and I checked my mirror, they weren't that puffy anymore. I took them off and parked on the street parking.
I checked the address as the email and I went inside. I was welcomed by a woman and she led me to a office.
"Hi, sit down." I sat down and I shook hands with her.
"So lets just start this so it could be quick. Okay, so just let me know who you are.." She smiled at me kindly and had her notebook and pen out.
"Um, okay. I'm 18, I worked at Starbucks, I have one brother, a great mom.. My dad passed. I have a.. Boyfriend, his names Max."
She nodded and wrote down whatever I said I guess.
"How did you meet the boys of One Direction?" She continued to smile big and looked up to me.
Just talk to her as if she were someone you trust, "I.. I went for a run one day. I didn't know where I was going since I just moved into my apartment, then.. A man was following me and he was trying to assault me. Niall told me he heard my screaming when their car stopped and he rushed and punched the guy in the face. I was hit by something and I couldn't talk or move. After about three days being unconscious I woke up and I meet the boy who saved me and his four friends."
The woman smiled, "You must be grateful.." I nodded, "I am, for that."
"What happened that made you, not be friends.." I sighed and I wasn't sure if I was ready to tell people, "It was just an issue and I couldn't speak to them. I choose to ignore them because I don't want anything to do with them. Yes, they did save my life, they were there for me when I needed them but sometimes.. Things happen. I just can't forgive them." She nodded and continued to write.
"The rumours, they continue.. I'm sure you know. What is this about Harry and Zayn.. You've trended with both of them on Twitter. Harry and Adriana, Zayn and Adriana, it caused some of their fans to compete almost.. I must say most of them also don't agree on you with any sort of relationship with them."
I laughed and shook my head, "It's funny really. We were friends before.. That's all it ever got to. And I, I was always with my boyfriend Max and my ex boyfriend Leo.. I never really wanted anything more with Zayn or Harry. It was just a friend thing really. They're rumours and the best thing to do is ignore them and don't let them get to you."
She nodded, "What about the pictures of you and Harry sealing lips, also with Zayn."
She clicked on a remote towards a TV and it showed a picture of me kissing Harry and Zayn on the other side.
I sighed, "I kissed them.. Yeah. It was a mistake. People make mistakes.. And I happen to make.. A lot of them. I apologize to people who thought it was anything more."

"So you never had an interest in any of them?"
I shook my head, "I never had an intention of being more than friends with any of them as in Zayn and Harry.  Personally now, I have no intention of even being friends."
She made an O face, and wrote it down, "Well, you mentioned you had a brother and a boyfriend, can you explain how they are?"
I smiled, "My brother, it seems weird but I just met him when my dad passed he asked for me to get to know him more since he was a bit of a trouble maker so he didn't live with them but in New York with my aunt.
His names Anthony and I absolutely love him to death. He's one of the craziest and funniest person you could ever know."

She laughed and smiled and I continued, "And my boyfriend.. Yesterday we had our ten month anniversary.." I felt my eyes getting watery, "Are you alright?" I nodded and moved my hand to move the tears about to fall, "I'm fine.. Um, ten months together and I'm in love with him. Even though he have a few problem here and there we could make it through. He loves basketball, literally obsessed." She laughed as I told her stories about him, "You two seem so in love and I'm so glad for you." I smiled at her and nodded, "I love him." I said as I smiled big and a tear rolled down my eye. "Now, now! I'm going to get emotional too.. We need pictures of you for your spot in the magazine!" I nodded and she continued on.. "Last questions.. You have or had a friend names Danni? Niall's girlfriend? Yes..?" I nodded, "Did you know they were together?" I shook my head, "Had and no I didn't. They had a thing for each other before.. well obviously, so i guess it was leading to a relationship. So, good for them." I had a straight face and she smiled at me, "Okay then. More you questions.. Favorite color?"
"Blue and pink."
"Celebrity crush?"
"Definetely Ed Sheeran, he has an amazing voice, he's so cute and sweet!" The woman laughed, "I've met him. He's really nice." she nodded and I made an O with my mouth. "Really?! oh my gosh. i think i'd die if i got the chance to meet him." She laughed more.
"Perfect date?"
"At the beach, sunset... Just us two, in the water.. Just being ourselves and having fun." She wrote it down and continued, "Any pets?" I shook my head, "No pets.. Right now. I really want a kitten and a puppy."
"What would you name them?"
"I'm not sure.. I would love a cute little dog named Sam. For a kitten I would probably name him or her Snowball."
After she wrote down everything she got up, "We're done! now come with me for some pictures!" She grabbed my hand and she led me to a room with cameras and photographers, make up artists.
"Sit down and they will be putting your makeup on, get dressed, you'll take a few pictures, and we'll be done here. Alright?" She smiled again and I nodded.
I let them put make up on me and they did my hair a bit differently and I got dressed in a ruffled white dress with white wedges.
"You look gorgeous! Are you ready for some pictures?" I nodded as I looked at the mirror, I sounded so conceited but I felt beautiful and I never do.. I went to the laid out white rug and blue -green screen but its blue- layer hanging out.
"Smile and be beautiful babe!" I looked behind me and I saw Max smiling at me.
I shrieked as I ran to Max, and it was pretty hard since I had wedges on, "You did this?!" He nodded and hugged me by my waist. "I don't want to ruin your make up, get over there and smile big!" I nodded and went back.
I smiled and acted like I was a model and I was having so much fun with this.
I made those funny faces I did before with Max, the photographer laughed and continued to take pictures, "You look lovely darling!" I smiled and laughed.
I changed again into regular black skinny jeans and a white top, and white high heels.
"Max! Come on!" I smiled as Max came in and picked me up as I smiled and we made hilarious faces that made everyone laugh.
After two hours of just picture taking we were done and I told them I wanted to be surprised in what pictures they picked. I would get the new issue next week.
I walked out holding Max's hand and I hugged him when he closed the door.
"I can't believe you did that for me.." I wrapped my arms around his neck.
"You're beautiful.. You're born to be a model. It's just... You." I kissed him and he kissed me back, "Thank you.. Best ten months and a day.." I smiled and he chuckled. "Sorry about just leaving you.." I laughed, "It's perfectly fine. Thank you..." He smiled and gave me a kiss, I was so thankful that he did this for me, when I was posing and just having fun I felt the happiest in months...

Liam's POV

"Come on Danielle!" I cheered on for her as she rolled the bowling ball.
She walked away without looking back and got a strike.
"Yes!!" I cheered as she had her hands in the air and I high fived them as I wrapped my fingers with hers.
"I won! I won! Ha! Pay up Malik!" Zayn laughed and handed her five dollars. "How did you beat me?!" She raised her eyebrows and ran back to me.
"You won, yes!!" We both laughed and she gave me a kiss.
"And here we have Liam James Payne snogging with Ms. Danielle Paezer!" I laughed and pulled away from Danielle.
"Put the camera away Lou!" I said as I pushed it away.

I missed her... A lot. I talked her almost every day and Skyped but it wasn't enough...
I just talked to her after talking with Louis yesterday. He was so sad about Adriana and I heard him talking to Eleanor and he sounded really happy.
Adriana and Louis were really close and best friends, it was obviously hard for Louis to be himself because in reality he feels like rubbish. I wanted to help out my best mate but I couldn't find a way to. I missed her too but I was actually quite good at hiding it. I didn't speak much about it to anyone, only to Louis. I didn't want to say it with Danni around either because since she moved out of Adriana's apartment she was quiet and spoke rarely. Only with Niall she was smiling and laughing being more of herself. I didn't know her really well but she seemed like a sweet girl.
I never ever thought about mentioning Adriana in front of Zayn and Harry. They just looked down and felt as if I was punishing them. Adriana had this huge effect on them, and I understand.. I couldn't bare to not have Danielle.
"Hey Liam.." I looked up and saw Danni smiling as she sat down on the couch with me. "Hi..."
"Do you mind if I watch TV?" I shook my head and she turned on the telly. She laughed as she saw it.
"Liam.. Do you mind if I ask you something?" I looked up and nodded my head, "Yeah, is there something wrong?" She shook her head, "I don't mean to bring her up.. But, we all obviously miss her right? Ever since the day at the beach Niall hasn't been the same. He's so quiet and shy around me, it's not him."
It got to Niall now... "Danni we all miss her a lot. It hasn't gotten to Niall since he has you and I'm just getting into it because I talk to Danielle but never see her like Niall does with you. So it's just getting to Niall, it's like we're all getting sick like being sad because we miss her." Danni looked around a bit confused, "So the reason for everyone being so quiet lately is Adriana?" I nodded, "Unless there is something else going on.."
I saw Danni's eyes start to water, I didn't want to see her cry so I went next to her and hugged her.
"You don't need to cry.." I said trying my best to make her feel better like I did with Danielle whenever she cried.
"I... I miss her Liam... I'm so sorry. You help everyone around here and I don't want to be like that.. I just gotta ask... How- How are you so smiley.. Don't you miss Adriana?" She cried on my chest and I rubbed her back.
"Of course I miss her.. I guess, I guess I hide it better. To be totally honest, I was thinking about her when you came. I don't understand how she just got so mad and the way she snapped at me. It was terrible. You could come to me with anything, the lads do because they trust me, I'm not the only one they go to... They go to each other. It's alright Danni, okay? Don't cry..." She cried harder and I chuckled as she giggled a little.
"See? Just find little things to make you smile or laugh. I hate to not be around Adriana and her craziness but I'm trying really hard I want to show the lads I'm tough." She laughed when I said tough in a really deep voice.
"Thanks Liam.. I just don't want to be a bother.. I'm sorry. Thanks." She hugged me and I hugged her back.
"Things happen for a reason, and you can't just stay back. You have to live your life, it's what I had to do when I was in the X factor. I left and I came back now I'm here with the lads and I couldn't have wished or anything better." She smiled big and pinched my cheek.
"To be honest Liam.. I thought you hated me.. I think actually everyone doesn't like me, no body talks to me only if Niall's around." I laughed, how could she think no one liked her? We loved her!
"We love you! How could we possibly hate you Danni.. We don't really talk with you because we thought it would be weird. But I'll be sure to tell the lads to talk to you. We think you're lovely!" She laughed and we started to talk more and I really got to know Danni more. She was really funny and quite loud!
"That's is completely insane!" I yelled out, "It was.. I'm just saying.. Never going on a ride with him again... I.. It was crazy." I laughed as she laughed even more.
"Wow, aren't you two laughing a lot?" Niall came in through the door and smiled as he kissed Danni's cheek.
"Yeah, we are, were. How did the photo shoot go?"
Niall shrugged as he walked to the kitchen and heard him open a soda, "Good I guess." Danni turned back to me and made a funny face and I laughed quietly.
"What's so funny?" I laughed and so did Danni.
"She just made a funny face." Niall sat down next to Danni and I moved away so they could have more space.
My phone starts to vibrate and I saw it was Danielle.
"I'll talk to you later.."
I walked off and went into the balcony and started talking to Danielle.
"Hey babe. I miss you.. A lot."
" I miss you too, Liam. It's boring with out you." I sighed, "Only a bit more and I could see you! How are things going back in London?" She giggled, "A bit boring like I said. But I'm having a great time at photo shoots and dancing."
It was so quiet after awhile, "I was watching a video... Of us, remember the bowling alley? When you got a strike without looking back and Zayn gave you  money.. I miss times like that."
"I.. I do too.." I hear her stuttering and she was sniffling.
"Are you crying Danielle?" She laughed a bit but still sniffling. "I miss you so much Liam.. I want it to be like the old times where you'd be here with me instead of being in a different country."
I hated to hear Danielle cry, it was so painful.. "Please don't cry.. I hate to hear you cry. Just a bit longer and ill be back and we'll be together, babe. I love you and don't forget it. I promise I'll see you soon." I could tell she was smiling with tears, "Okay.. I can't wait until then. Okay, I must stop crying whenever we talk... How's the issue with Adriana been? I hear she's doing big with a magazine over there.. I don't quite remember the name." Adriana going big on a magazine.. Why haven't I heard about this?
"She is? I had no idea.. That's great for her then.. Oh, Honestly it hasn't gotten better. She bit Zayn, it was partially Zayn's fault though... Well. Yeah. If you were here everyone's so quiet especially Lou. He's usually buzzing! Everyone is!"
"She bit him? I'm sure she had a valid reason of course. It's unbelievable how one person could change a group of people. That's not like any of you to act like this though.. I could tell by your voice you're a bit depressed too. I can't even imagine the boys..."

Was my voice different? I could tell the lads voices by their tones but I didn't realize I was doing it too.
"I hadn't realized my voice was different.. We really miss her. Louis said doing random things didn't come to him, like he didn't want to bother doing them. I just can't be-"
"Liam! Simon told us to rush to see him. We have to go right now!" I heard Niall yell, I didn't want to leave Danielle.
"Sorry babe I have to go, Simon wants us immediately. I'll call you to let you know what happened." I told her over the phone as I put on my shoes.
"Okay, I love you bye."
"I love you too bye babe." I hung up and ran to the door with the lads waiting for me. "Let's go, Simon wants us to get there quick." I nodded and followed them out the door.
We got to the lobby by taking the lift and saw Paul waiting for us. "A lot of girls are outside, we have to use the back." We nodded and followed Paul. Once we got to the back exit we saw a limo waiting for us, we all jumped in and they began to drive.
"What do think Simon has to tell us?" We shrugged at Harry and we all went silent. We all had an idea but didn't want to say it. Obviously we were nervous, Simon never has us rush.
After thirty minutes Louis was falling asleep and Niall was making noises since he was uncomfortable.
After about another few minutes Paul got out and led us into a studio. We walked in being welcomed by numerous people and we saw Simon standing by a door.
"Let's go boys. Over here." He walked into the room, we followed him inside and sat down around a long table with chairs around it.
"What's wrong that we had to rush Simon?" He looked up to Paul and others as they nodded and closed the door.
"I've heard plenty of rumors... I need to hear the truth boys. What is going on with this girl, Adriana I believe."
I looked around and I saw Harrys head go toward the ground, Zayn looked around the room, Niall moved his hat forward to cover his face, while Louis was the worst, he began wiping his eyes and moved his hands through his hair.
"So, what is with this girl? I need to know right now." I sighed, "Adriana was a... Close friend." The lads looked at me and Simon did too.
"And? That's not the whole story... By all your expressions, I know there is more to the story."
Since none of them were saying anything I continued on, "We hung out a lot, we got really close. You could say Harry and Zayn have a bit of a.. Thing for her. The reason Harry went to the hospital that one time, Adriana. He found out that Adriana knew he slept with another girl. Louis, loved her to death, as a best friend of course. Danni, Niall's girlfriend, has been staying with us, she was Adriana's best friend. Niall and I had a close relationship with her, just as really good friends. We kept a secret from her, her dad was dying and he told us. He asked us not to tell her, so we didn't. Adriana found out at the funeral... ever since then she's hated us. It's been hard on all of us, Simon. It's killing us all not to see her. We miss her and she won't even say a word to us." Simon looked shocked but nodded his head.
"I'm sorry to hear that then. But I need these rumors to close, you're all over the news with this girl!"

"Her names Adriana. Not 'this girl'." Louis spat out.
"What do you want us to do about it then?" Niall asked Simon.
"Say you have no feelings for her, Harry, Zayn. Say you aren't and don't want to be friends, Louis, Niall, Liam. Do this for he- Adriana. I know this isn't any better for her either. Put everything to rest boys. It's the best for everyone."
He was asking us to lie... We have never lied to the fans.. Our girls.. And I don't plan on starting now.
"I don't want to lie." Harry spoke up and looked at Simon.
"Do you want her to continue to get so much hatred? Do you want to be front page of the news constantly? Causing your fans so much distress.. I'm trying to help..."
He looked at all of us, "Lying wouldn't help though." Zayn said quietly but loud enough for everyone to hear.
"But it's what's best right now."

I shook my head, "Simon, I know you think it's best and it's going to help. But lying.. It's just a big fat no. Why should we have to lie and hide our feelings away, it may be something other bands are doing.. But we aren't that type of band. We didn't become One Direction to keep secrets and hide things from the fans, we want them to know as much as they can about us, no matter how strange it may be. It's what we are and what we became." I told them but got cut off by Harry.
"It's why we're One Direction. We want to be honest with them to show them we aren't like the others, who got money and just separated. I'm with Liam and I'm not lying." Harry had a strong face and he spoke actually quite fast.
Everyone else agreed, "Don't make us lie Simon."
Simon sighed and used his fingers to rub his head. "It was your choice." Simon got up from his chair and walked out the door. He looked mad...
We all stayed silent and looked around at each other.


Such a long chapter ! This is why I took so long unless I would have posted earlier. Thank you for trying to help me in my brother issue, I miss him but I got messages from him before he arrived and it was nice to talk to him. Remember when I had exciting news? Well the exciting news was I'm a Movellas Ambassador! I couldn't believe it honestly. Thank you so much!! Some have been asking for me to co- own movellas also, I'm sorry but I'm so busy & caught up in the two movellas I have right now.. I don't think it would be a smart idea right now. But I will definetely read the story & do what I can. (:

So, everyone you should read, "Love Triangles" by 1Directioner081998 & "Two Friends. One Dream." by 1D4Life ! Thanks (:

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