Fighting For Love

One Direction fanfic. 17 year old Adriana was kicked out from her house by her parents for getting into trouble. Her parents got her an apartment to help her in Chicago, since then she has been living with her best friend, Danni. When Adriana went out for a run, she had no idea what was going to happen and how much 5 boys could change her entire life, but would it be for the best or for the worst? (Trust me the story's better)


5. Missing them...


Niall's POV

It's been over a month, and none of us have heard of Adriana. I told her to text me.. But she never did... I checked my phone everyday... I sat next to Zayn on the couch watching TV.

"Zayn, have you heard of Adriana?" He looked at me and shook his head..

We all were sad without her. Even though we only knew her for a day, we couldn't forget her..

 I knew Harry thought of her because he would check her Twitter almost every day so would Zayn, Louis, and Liam. I thought of her everyday too.. I liked her a lot. The day I saw her on the ground lifeless, not even knowing her, I felt anger and I punched that guy so hard my fist even hurt. I saw her still breathing and I couldn't be happier...


It's like I fell in love with her with one look.  


Zayn's POV

I missed her. She was my best friend, I smiled at myself. I always checked my Twitter to see if Adriana mentioned me or something... That night we kissed was the best, other than Louis walking in on us. She looked so beautiful.

"Zayn, have you heard of Adriana?"

I looked at Niall and shook my head. I couldn't talk to him about her, even though I haven't heard of her, I didn't want to bring her up because I know I'll end up being more sad. How could one girl do this? She was different than the other girls.

She was special...    


Harry's POV


That night Louis said "Guess who I saw kissing." I was angry... I knew it was Zayn and Adriana because they were the only ones awake before we all slept. I obviously liked her so I got mad. I know it's only been a day that we all knew her but for me it felt like I've known her forever...

"Still thinking about her, huh?" I looked at Liam, "No.. Um.. Just... Erm...... Ok! I am. I know I'm not the only one though..."

I looked at Zayn and Niall who were watching TV.

"We're all thinking about her mate. She was really nice, I only think of her as a good friend but I know you.. Some of you want more than that."

Crap, was it that obvious?

I thought I was hiding it pretty good...  "It's been a month.. Do you think she's ok? She said she lived alone, she might be lonely..."

I couldn't help but worry about her. What I would do just to see her one more time...

Adriana's POV

"Babe! Should we order pizza or something?"

"Pizza, pepperoni please!" Leo was always hungry. We've been dating for about three weeks, I met him on the day after meeting One Direction... I could never forget that day... I missed seeing their faces and hanging out with them. Um...

I met Leo at a coffee shop he accidentally bumped into me and spilled his coffee.


Four weeks ago

I went to go get some coffee to get my mind off of things. I walked into my favorite coffee shop, 'Karina's'. I ordered my black coffee and as I was going to sit down, pulling my chair out he bumped in next to me. "Ay man! Watch out.. I'm sorry did I spill on you?"

He had big hazel eyes, with brown spikey hair... Like Zayn..

He was really cute with his black t-shirt, dark blue jeans, and his Jordan's.

"Oh... No it's fine.. I didn't like this shirt any ways.."

I looked up at him and he was smiling. "I'm Leo. What's your name?" I smiled at him. "Adriana, nice to meet you Leo."

We both kept staring at each other... He looked sweet and caring..

Maybe I should say something... "Hey, you wanna sit with me?" He chuckled and nodded his head.

"Let me just get a new coffee."

He went to get a brand new one and came to sit with me. We got to know each other and talked until it was time to close.

I found out he's 19, American/Mexican/Canadian, lives on his own, works as a car engineer, and has one sister.

"Time passes by fast, huh? So um.. I was thinking maybe... We could.. Go on a date sometime?" He started blushing.. How adorable he was.

"I'd love to! Text me or call and I'll see you then." I wrote down my number on a napkin, handed it to him and smiled.

"Alright, I'll pick you up tomorrow at 7, until tomorrow beautiful."

He smiled and held the door open for me and we walked our separate ways.   



We were eating pizza that he ordered and sitting on the couch watching a movie.

"Ah. That was smart.. They wouldn't be dead if they listened to me, ya know?"

He was so funny and adorable, Leo could always make me laugh and feel better.

"Yeah, sure babe. They would still be alive.." I giggled and he put his arm around my shoulders.

"Woah what time is it? I gotta work tomorrow.." It was 11:37 PM. It was late and I was off tomorrow from my job at Starbucks.  

"I should be going.. Gotta wake up early. I'll see you tomorrow alright? Ok. Bye."  

He smiled and gave me a kiss on the forehead and left.

When Leo left I started flipping throughout the channels and stopped when I heard.


"Here's to all those Directioners out there, the official music video for What Makes You Beautiful." My heart stopped... There wasn't a day I didn't think about them, I missed them so much... I know I only knew them for a day, they were always happy and anxious for everything.

Oh crap... I never texted Niall.

I pulled out my phone, it was too late to text him. It's alright it was Niall, I'm sure he would be awake, if not then he'll see it in the morning. 'Hi Niall! I'm sorry I never texted you before.. I was busy and all this stuff happened. I miss you! Tell the boys I miss them too, text me back!(: x' I felt bad I didn't text him earlier, hopefully he'll forgive me...

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