Fighting For Love

One Direction fanfic. 17 year old Adriana was kicked out from her house by her parents for getting into trouble. Her parents got her an apartment to help her in Chicago, since then she has been living with her best friend, Danni. When Adriana went out for a run, she had no idea what was going to happen and how much 5 boys could change her entire life, but would it be for the best or for the worst? (Trust me the story's better)


33. Lux & Zayn

Adriana's POV


"Hello?" A sigh of relief flew threw me.. "Dad... Dad.." I swallowed, "You're fine. You're at home right?" I was breathing heavy, I was so worried for my dad.

"Adriana? Yes. I'm fine, what's wrong?" I cried more and smiled, it was just a dream... It won't happen. "No.. I'm fine. I just.. I was worried but for nothing.... Dad, do I- Do I have a brother?" I had to ask him, I mean.. I had to know, my dad was fine nothing wasn't or ever is going to happen to him. But, I had to ask.

"Adriana... Um, we will talk tomorrow. It's late, bye sweetheart." He hung up..

What did we need to talk about, a simply yes or no was fine...

I fell asleep at one point and woke up with a text.

From: Niall

'Its alright, Danni? She misses me? Rlly? do you think we could hang out? I never took her out on a date..'

Sent at 8:34 AM

Oh, Niall. You adorable irish boy. I walked to Danni's room quietly and jumped on her bed.

"DANNI!! GET UP!! YOU'RE GOING ON A DATE WITH NIALL!! DANNI!! LAZY BUM!" I pushed her and jumped on her bed and she woke up.

"DATE?! With Niall? Adriana, don't be silly." She layed her head back down and closed her eyes.

"Danni! I'm serious! SEE!!" I shoved my phone in her face to show her the text.

"...Adriana... WHAT THE HELL. No! Why did you tell him?! I can't! No.. I can't.." She pushed the phone away and got up.

"But Danni! He wants to go out! Your going to do this! Whether you like it or not!.. Payback could be a bitch. I'm actually doing a favor for you though. He likes you and you like him." She stopped me while I was walking towards her. I quickly dialed Niall's number, she was going to thank me later.

"You are not forcing me to go on a date with Niall Horan. I don't care if I like him, he has Demi! He's better off..."
She went into the bathroom and I laughed.
"Niall did you hear all that?" Danni quickly opened the door again and starred at me.
"What are you talking about... Adriana! Give me your phone!" I ran away from her and put the phone to my ear.

"I heard it. How could she think that?" I stopped and handed her the phone.
"Talk to him! Thank me later okay? Kay!" I ran off leaving her in the kitchen talking to Niall.
She loves me. I laughed and quickly changed into sweats and a black tanktop. I was so lazy lately, I let my hair fall down and I went on my couch to watch TV. I smiled at Danni laughing on the phone.
Just then, Max walked in and ran to me. He kissed me, "Are you alright? You knocked out yesterday.. I'm sorry for yelling at you. Please please forgive me. Pwease?" He said it like a baby and I smacked his chest.
"It's okay. Wittle baby." I did a puppy face and kissed his cheek.
He smiled, and sat next to me.
I heard 'Valerie' start playing and I pulled out my phone, it was Louis.

"Hey babe! I was wondering if.. I could stop by.. I know it's early. But Lou told us to watch Lux today and..." I laughed quietly..

"Yes, you could stop by, I'll watch Lux. Don't worry about it." I smiled even though he couldn't see, oh Lou...
"Really Ri?! Yay! I'm already outside, be right up.. Oh.. I brought the lads. Bye!"
Then he hung up. Oh great, he brought Harry then.. I sighed.
Danni came next to me and handed me my phone.
"Niall's right outside! I could finally see him! Oh my gosh..."
I turned around, taking my phone and curiously looked at her.
"What? What's wrong?!" She panicked and ran to her room.
"I'll be right back.." Max kissed my forehead and got up.
"I look like crap! I just woke up! Oh my gosh! Do not let Niall come in!" I laughed so hard I started crying.
"Oh my gosh, Danni! You're so weird!"
I laughed and heard knocks.
"Ri- Ri!" Louis yelled, "Come in Lou!" I stayed on the couch and saw five boys walk in.
In Zayn's hands I saw the cutest little girl I have ever seen, with the biggest blue eyes, and the most precious hair.
I ran to Zayn and stuck my arms out.
"She is so cute!!" I hugged Zayn, Lou, Liam, and Niall.
"Do you have food? I haven't eaten all morning." I laughed and pointed to the kitchen.
"Niall Horan? Not eating? I'm shocked." I laughed and played with Lux still in Zayn's arms. She kept laughing and smiling.
"He's lying! He already ate." I laughed as Niall opened the cabinets. "It was more of a snack."
I walked to the couch and Zayn and Harry followed me.


Zayn sat next to me, holding Lux.
Zayn raised her in the air and she started laughing. "Do you have a charger for my mobile?" I nodded, "In my room."
He handed Lux to Harry and got up.
I heard Liam talking to Niall, "Niall! You cannot make such a big mess! We have to respect Adriana's apartment." I laughed at Liam, daddy direction fit him right.
"Thank you Liam! Niall I don't want to see a mess in there." Harry laughed and I looked at him and gave him a fake smile.
He moved next to me with Lux and let her on the floor holding her hand.

"Lux, that's Adriana.." He smiled at me and the memory of the video he sent me teaching her my name crossed my mind.
"Adriana!" She said so perfectly and clear.. I smiled as she came to me.
I picked her up and smiled at her. Harry smiled, "She learned your name. I don't know if you.. Er got the video I sent you like a long time ago."
I nodded my head, "I got it."
Lux smiled as I lifted her in the air too.
I turned around and saw Max slowly walking towards us.
"Who's this?...." He was mainly talking about Lux, as soon as he saw Harry he went serious.
"Why the he-...." He stopped himself, knowing there was a baby and he didn't want to make a bad example. He was good, and I loved it.
"Hi, I'm Harry." He stuck his hand out and Max glared at his hand and at him.
"Max. I'm her boyfriend. I hope you know that, before you even try anything."

I felt awkward being in between both of them.
"Oh, I know. The guy who called me? Swearing at me, telling me to leave you both alone, since she was so happy. Yeah, I know who you are. Thanks for taking care of her, I could handle this now."
I looked at both them, "What makes you think I'd leave that easy? Having curly telling me to leave? Sorry man, but what makes you think you're so lucky?"
I looked at the ground and sat there, shocked and nervous.
"And what makes you think I'm not, pretty boy." I stood up with Lux and looked at both of them.
"Both of you stop. Now." Right then Zayn spoke up.
"What makes you think you're both so lucky? Adriana isn't a prize. She's a girl, can't you both realize that?"
I smiled at Zayn, he was the only one trying not to fight and actually helping.
"Thanks Zayn. Both of you.. Can't you be like Zayn?" I shook my head at both of them, I noticed that Liam and Niall were both starring at us.. Guess they heard all of that.
"He's just trying to impress you too, barely know him, and I already know he wants you." Max sat down with a angry face.. What was wrong with him! I couldn't help but get angry at him..
"Zayn where's Lou?" I walked away from Max and Harry.
"He's in your room."
Zayn smiled at me and I adjusted Lux on my side.
"Of course he is. How many of these guys are there?" I knew he was rolling his eyes, "Max, shut up." I spat out, Zayn and Harry both looked at me as Liam did too.

"Not nice words, Adriana." I smiled at him, and Zayn laughed.
"Yeah! You have to be nice Adriana." I heard Niall say with food stuffing his mouth.
"She is, letting you eat all her food..." I saw Harry and Zayn step up to Max as if they were going to punch him.
"Max, I told you shut up."
I gave Lux to Liam and he walked off to my room.
"Max, right now? Not a good time to be a dick. Especially to my friends. Okay? One more time and your leaving."
I glared at him, I had never been mean to Max but he was asking for it.
"And who's going to make me?" Was he really trying to put up with this.. I walked up to him, face to face.

"I have five guys, which are my friends. Four that are taller or your height. And another one who's shorter but trust me... He could throw a punch when he needs to, like he did when he saved my life, so if you don't mind, get out now or they could do it for you." I said it all confidently and a bit fast. I had no clue where all this was coming from...
Max stood in shock and grabbed his coat and left.
I turned around and saw Niall looking at me with a sad face. I walked to him and hugged him, "I'm sorry he's being such a douchebag. It's okay Nialler, my home is your home. Eat whatever you like and do what you like. I'm so sorry." He hugged me back and I felt so bad.
"No, now.. I'm not eating your food anymore, I'm sorry." No! I want Niall to feel at home and this wasn't helping.
"Niall! No. I want you to go back in that kitchen and make yourself 10 sandwiches with orange juice and even make yourself eggs with bacon.. Better yet! I'll make it for you." He smiled at me and hugged me.

"I've never seen that side of Adriana..." I turned to see Louis staring at me, and I laughed.
"Well, good! It's a bad side you don't want to see... Again."
I went to my room and saw Liam walking with Lux around my room.
"What are these roses for? You should throw some of them out, their kinda dead." I laughed.. I should throw some of them out...
"Just something... Forget it, sorry about the whole thing back there, can I have Lux? She's so adorable!"
He laughed and handed her to me.
"Do you even like him? I've never heard you be so... Rude to someone. Especially to Harry and it seems like you hated him when you found out, he ya know..." I nodded,
"I do... It's just he could have his moments. He's just like that." Liam nodded and I fell back on my bed with Lux. She was laughing and smiling.
"Hi, Lux! You are so cute! I'm so jealous!" I  held her up, doing the superman move on her.

                                            Liam's POV

I heard Adriana say everything, she was so mad. I've never seen that side of her.
I ignored it though and played around with Lux.
I walked to her dresser and looked at her things she had there. I came to her jewelry box and I saw the necklace we gave to her, neatly set there.
There was this button on the side and I clicked it.
Out a ballerina popped out, which made Lux laugh so much. I laughed too, and closed it up again.
After awhile, I saw Adriana walk in and she looked happy.
She had said strong things to him, and yet seemed like nothing even happened.
I asked her if she even liked him, it was strange, I've never seen a couple like that. I decided not to ask more.

                                         Adriana's POV
I spent the rest of the day with the boys, Lux, & Danni. It was actually pretty fun, other than Danni and Niall constantly flirting. It was cute though.
Harry and Zayn kept their distance while I was usually with Lou- Lou, and Li. My dad never even called or stopped by to talk about this issue of whether or not I had a brother.
I really wanted to know, so I could meet him and just have someone there for me, who's family...
"I'm going to get some food, who wants to come?" Louis yelled out, I didn't really want to go anywhere..
"I'm going!" Niall ran to the door and put his shoes on.
"Oh! I'll go too!" Harry got up for his shoes.
"I'll go to, you are terrible at choosing my food, Adriana are you coming?" I shook my head at Liam, "Nah. I'll stay with Lux. So it's not so cramped in the car."
Zayn stepped back and smiled at me, "I'll stay too.. To help.. Adriana with Lux."

Louis smirked at me, what was that suppose to mean?
"Uh.. Okay.. I guess we'll like be back in a few minutes." Harry said as he walked away slowly.
"Thanks Zayn. " I smiled at him and turned to look at Lux who was asleep on the couch.
"Bye!" I waved bye to Liam as he closed the door.
"Well since Lux is asleep lets set the table for everyone."
I left Zayn in the living room as I went into the kitchen and reached for the plates.
Why must they be on the top, max would usually get them for me...
"Need help?" Zayn came up behind me and he put his hand on my waist and reached for the plates. He got all of them and set them down, I turned around and faced him.
I felt his breathing on my face, he smelled like cinnamon.. He looked into my eyes and I did the same.. His brown eyes looked so beautiful... He started getting closer to me, and closer.. So did I. What was I doing?!
We were literally a centimeters away from each other before I stopped.

I closed my eyes and felt his breath on my lips.
"I should check on Lux..." I had my hand on his chest and walked away from him.
Oh god, I was so close to kissing him! I'm such an idiot what am I thinking?! Ugh.

I sat by Lux who was still sleeping and covered her with her blanket..
I saw Zayn walk with the plates and left them on the table.
"Uh.. How should I set this up?" I got up and grabbed some plates.
"Here, just plates on each side. Simple." I went to one side and he went the other.
"Do you like anyone?" I smiled,
"Uh, yeah. I do. His names max." I laughed and Zayn sighed.
"Anyone like us.. Couples don't fight like that love." What was he trying to say?
We'll I wasn't going to lie to him.
"Is that a yes?"
"So yes?"
"Possibly.. I guess." I put the plates up and looked at him.
"Is it me?" I giggled and smirked.
"Maybe.." I tried to keep him entertained. This was funny..
"Is it?" He smiled at me.
"Possibly.. Hm."
"It's Louis." I laughed.
".. Harry?"
"I don't know." He sighed.
"Can I change your mind?"

I looked up to him and he was right next to me.
I laughed quietly. "It's Max. Only Max."
I walked around the table and checked that everything was set correctly. Zayn followed from behind me.
I turned around and stopped him.
"Zayn. Please stop." I looked at him and he was staring at me again..
"I'm going to check... On Lux..." I walked away and he reached for my arm and turned me around.
I felt his lips smash onto mine and I stood there in shock. Was he really kissing me?!
I wished... I wished I could kiss him back. He was just kissing me and I stood there like a idiot.
I wanted to grab his neck and kiss him but I pushed him away.
"I can't Zayn.. You don't know how bad.. I want to just kiss you.. But I have a boyfriend, I'm not cheating on him."
He sighed and I walked away from him.

I wanted to turn around and just start kissing him again... I have to hold back though, only Max. Think Max...

I hope you all enjoyed this chapter! I had A LOT of fun on this seriously! AHH CHER LLOYD ON SHAKE IT UP. <3 I love her, thank you to everyone reading I laaa you! :D Much love!



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