Fighting For Love

One Direction fanfic. 17 year old Adriana was kicked out from her house by her parents for getting into trouble. Her parents got her an apartment to help her in Chicago, since then she has been living with her best friend, Danni. When Adriana went out for a run, she had no idea what was going to happen and how much 5 boys could change her entire life, but would it be for the best or for the worst? (Trust me the story's better)


59. 'Love'

Adriana's POV
"I hate to leave you like this. I'm going to make us some breakfast and I want to see that beautiful smile back on your face. He doesn't deserve your tears babe. I love you." Max kissed my cheek, "I'll wait for you in the kitchen."
Max let go of me and went to the kitchen. I cried only more when he left.

Harry meant every single word. I had never heard him just snap like that, his face was full of anger and disappointment.
Zayn couldn't even look at me, so he left and it only made it worse.
I hated this.

'Two lads that were in love with you'
'We just stopped' Harry was in love with me... Who's we?
 I didn't even know, I knew he may have had a bit of feelings for me but... He loves me?
That only makes Zayn.. Zayn and Harry are...

Were in love with me.
I didn't even... I felt my heart hurting and I held my hand against my chest. I had lost my friends.. My best friends... Lou-Lou.. 'He just gave up on you'
Niall... the one you always laughed with just stopped the joke.
Liam, the one who took my problems and listened to me, stopped listening. And Danni... She wasn't beside me anymore.
But Harry and Zayn, they were in love with me? I just.. I couldn't wrap that around my head they seemed silly to even think about it.

The fact that Harry believed Max was a 'beater' it made me sick to my stomach...

I felt my phone vibrate in my pocket and I wiped my eyes.
Stop crying Adriana, it seems like that's the only thing you're good at. It hurts, but come on. Show Max you're just fine, show mom you're just fine, and when you see Tony, show him you're happy.
Stop crying...
I tried convincing myself but it ached so bad, I just wanted to stay in bed and never move again. It hurt, every inch of my body did. It was painful knowing that the people who loved you don't anymore, they hate you. And this time I was sure of it.
I looked at my phone and I saw a text from Ed.
Ed... I needed to be strong, he was the reason I stopped crying before with his music, now I need to be strong I never cried, now look at me!
I shook the thought away, it's okay to be weak...
I took a deep breathe and read Ed's text.
From: Ed(:
'Im leaving tonight, we should go see more around chicago. I hope you liked last nights concert '
Sent at 11:28 AM

To: Ed(:
'It was amazing, thank you for inviting me! & Sounds great... Let's meet somewhere yeah?'
Sent at 11:30 AM

I wiped my eyes again and sniffled.
I went to my drawer, my vision was full of tears. I pulled out red shorts with a black small belt and a loose white sleeve open back shirt with a grey tank top underneath. I went to my mirror and I saw my mascara everywhere, I pulled a small towel in my closet and wiped my eyes. After, all my make up spread and I grabbed a make up remover towel, taking everything off. I closed my eyes...
Why did I ever get into that car with Harry? Why didn't I just do what a smart person would do, go home! Not with a stranger... I huffed and put my hand to my head.
I loved all of them, I still do... I miss all of them, I was done lying to myself. I love all of them! Why couldn't I just stop being so damn stubborn and admit I did a terrible thing!

Secretly it wasn't that I was mad at them because they kept a secret from my dad... Not because of trust although that did effect it a bit, but... It was really because... My dad died.
He wasn't with me anymore. I was never going to see him again. I didn't need to be around anymore, all I needed was myself because I just don't want to lose anymore people. I pushed away all the people I really loved, because I didn't want to ever lose them. Although I pretty much did, that's what made it hurt even more.
It changed so much, from being so happy to depressed.
You did this to yourself Adriana. No one else to blame. I thought to myself, it was all my fault.
I payed attention back to my mirror and added pink lipstick on, mascara, blush, and waterproof eyeliner.
I looked much better than I did before, I still saw tears and a tear slipped as I looked clearly at myself in the mirror.

"Babe! I finished making bacon and I have a few pancakes done, wanna come and eat? I want that smile out here to!" I gave a gentle smile but let it fade quickly, "Be right there." I stuttered hearing my broken voice.
I went to my closet and pulled out my red high top converse. I went to my jewellery box and I saw my gold and diamond bow tie ring, I pushed down a lever that opened up a 'secret' box within the jewellery box..
Inside I only had two things, an old homemade bracelet I made with my dad when I was seven, it had 'A.E.G & dad' spelled out with different beads. It was a father and daughter day out and we just spent it at home watching basketball, soccer and went out playing sports and we went to the mall shopping, and planted some flowers around the house, went to a fair close to town... It was one of the best days I've ever lived through. I say it a lot but... It was number one. It was amazing, spectacular...
I smiled and more tears dropped from my eyes. I missed him so much...

I wiped them and looked at the other necklace next to it. It was a gold infinity necklace, the one Louis gave me. I read the lettering in the back, 'We promise we won't change Harry, Louis, Zayn, Niall & Liam xxxxx'
I swiped my fingers through the engraving and smiled at the thought. Louis was trying to protect me from Leo and gave me the necklace. It was the day before they would leave. The day I kissed Harry.. And Zayn. What was I thinking? I knew I wanted to let Zayn know I loved Harry, and he had wanted a kiss from me so I gave it to him. I really expected to see Harry come during tour and hit it off. We could have been dating right now, I could have been with him... I truly wanted to be with him before, I do now but I'm just in between.
Harry really tries and he admits he loves me evening though I took it as a lie, but now I knew I wasn't.  But when I found out he slept with another girl, everything changed.. It was strange, I felt like I could never be with anyone but I found Max and Max made me feel so happy and good about myself. He also wanted to protect me and care for me like no other.
Then Zayn... He was sweet, he said maybe once he loved me, a lie I thought before too. He really wanted to comfort me and always be there, he said the most precious things I took to the heart and just like Max he made me feel good about myself.

Why am I even thinking about this? They don't care.. They don't love me anymore. They don't even want to know anything about me anymore, exactly why by today they never will. They won't ever come back here.

I went back into reality feeling my phone buzz again. I quickly placed my phone on my drawer and put the necklace on.
I looked back at my phone and read another text from Ed.
From: Ed(:
'It was no big deal, I loved having you there. Do you want to meet at a diner around town, I haven't eaten breakfast.'
Sent at 11:43 AM

To: Ed(:
'Sure, I'll send you directions in a bit to a place :)'
Sent at 11:44 AM

I went online finding directions to a diner called Clarke's Diner. I sent them to him and I went back to my mirror.
I moved my fingers underneath my eye and removed my left over tears. I moved my hand swiftly through the air, making air hit my eyes. I looked up, hoping I could stop crying.

After a few minutes I went to the kitchen to see Max setting up the pancakes and bacon on a plate. I came up from behind him and have him a light smile.
"You're dressed... Going somewhere?" Max chuckled, thinking I wasn't. "Uh, yeah. Ed's leaving today so he just wanted to go around the city again."
Max looked at me, "You were just crying..." He seemed confused but I shook my head, "Like you said he doesn't deserve my tears. I'm going to eat some breakfast then head out..." I said quietly and Max smiled at me.
"Do anything that makes you happy. I have to head to practice in a hour anyways. I'll be early but I'll just shoot some hoops for awhile."
He slid the plate over to me and I started eating.
I looked at Max as I put bacon in my mouth and started chewing.
"Do you think I'm a beater?"
I looked at Max shocked, how could he think that?

"Max, no. Of course not. Harry was saying things..." He nodded and continued eating, "I'm not Adriana... I'm really not. I just mad, when I hurt you..." He glanced at my marks on my arms, which were starting to fade, "I didn't mean to. I'm so caught up in jealousy. I don't mean to say or do things but I just do it's an all of a sudden type of thing. I promise you, I will never hurt you again. I love you too much to lose you" Max sounded guilty and I felt bad just hearing him say those things.
"Listen, I love you too Max. People make mistakes, it's okay." I smiled at him and put my hands on his face and kissed him.
I felt him smile and chuckle, "Remember when you didn't even kiss me?" I smiled and nodded. I let it fade and went back to eating.
"One more thing.."
I glanced quickly back at Max and back to my food, "What?"
"He said two guys were in love with you... I'm guessing Harry and Zayn. Am I right?"
I could feel his eye starring at me carefully, I set my fork down and looked back at Max.
"I don't know."
"... It is. It's obvious they do... I just wonder though, what part made you cry so hard?"
I shrugged, "All of it?" I turned to lean on the counter, "They were my only friends before, I met them and it was the best. I had fun all the time, an now it's... It's just sad to think that everything won't be the same anymore. To be fully honest with you... I miss them. I miss them so much, my dad. He told me never to let them go they were good people, and I feel like shit for not keeping them with me."
I let out everything to Max and he had a serious face but I knew he was listening. "But they made you cry, they made you go through so much like hearing girls swear at you, threatening to kill you."

"I brought it to myself for saying what I said in that magazine. They all were nice to me, then I said a few wrong things and they got defensive because they're in love with them. It seems weird but those girls... They love them like crazy it's unbelievable but like you, you protected me because you love me. They were only doing the same."
Max bit his lip, "Ed's probably waiting for you..." I sighed, Max didn't understand... But it would take time for him to realise it.
"Okay... I'll see you later." I kissed him again and we did for about two minutes until my phone started ringing, I got a call.
I pulled away and grabbed my phone from my pockets in my shorts.
"Hey Ed. I'm on my way out."
"Okay, just calling to make sure, I'm about halfway there. I'll see you in a few minutes."
"Alright Ed. See you in a bit, bye."
Max smiled at me and he sighed, "Get going babe. I'll see you when you come back." I smiled at him, I didn't know how many fake smiles I would need to pull off today.
"Bye." I went to my room grabbing my purse with my keys and I waved bye to Max as I grabbed a pancake and put bacon in the middle and folded it.
He laughed and kissed my cheek. He kept kissing me on my cheek, nose, forehead, everywhere.
"Okay... I love your kisses but I should go." He started kissing my neck and I pulled away, "I need to go."

"Alright, maybe later..." I smiled and shook my head.
"Bye Max." I bit into the pancake and walked out.

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