Fighting For Love

One Direction fanfic. 17 year old Adriana was kicked out from her house by her parents for getting into trouble. Her parents got her an apartment to help her in Chicago, since then she has been living with her best friend, Danni. When Adriana went out for a run, she had no idea what was going to happen and how much 5 boys could change her entire life, but would it be for the best or for the worst? (Trust me the story's better)


64. Love and care, halfway around the world


Harry's POV

"I haven't touched your room since you left." I smiled at my mum and I looked at everything.  "I'm going to go to sleep then. Thanks for the dinner. I missed you." I hugged her and she smiled at me.  "I missed you too. Now get some rest." I chuckled and jumped onto my bed.  She closed the door as she walked off, and I was left alone.  I could finally sleep comfortably in my own bed.  I positioned myself to sleep until I heard someone open my door. 

 "Gemma, can't a man get some sleep?!" I told her jokingly, ignoring her, and closing my eyes again.  "No, you can't. Now talk to me curly. What's going on?"  I huffed and began opening my eyes again. How would I tell her, what exactly should I say? I guess I looked confused because Gemma started rushing, "I'll help you. Was it a girl?"  I stayed silent, "So it was. I knew it! Was it this girl? What was her name! I know it, hold on."  She drifted off into space and I had to say it, "Adriana?"  She looked at me and immediately put a smile on her face. "Adriana... That's a lovely name. How old is she? What is her occupancy? When did you meet?" She piled me with questions and I interrupted her, "Gemma! Why does it matter?" She looked at me for a second, "She is nothing to me anymore. She was just someone I came across. Can I sleep now?"  Gemma gave me a sad look, "No, this girl obviously means something to you. You must have stayed over there for a reason. Harry please, talk to me!" I felt like I was going to burst and the worst thing was I didn't know why. 

"She's not anything Gemma."  I told her, and remained calm. I didn't want to hear about Adriana, hearing about her or thinking made me angry and depressed.  "Harry, do you not trust me to tell me?"  "It's not that- I'm tired let me rest."  I put my blanket over my head and hoped she would leave. Of course she didn't. She pulled the blanket off and glared at me, "Tell me now!"  I pulled it back getting frustrated and she pulled on my hair, "That hurts!" It was like when we were little,  it was the reason I wanted my hair off.  "I won't treat you like a child if you stop acting like one! All I'm asking is to tell me what's going on!" 

"Gemma stop!" I removed her hand and covered myself again. I held onto it tighter and made sure she didn't pull it off this time. 

"Gemma stop!" She was pushing me back and forth on my bed until she finally made me fall off my bed.    That was it.  I stood up as Gemma was on the floor, on her knees and I looked down at her,  "She's one of the most important girls I have ever met. Her perfect smile and her laugh made me crazy, she is all I could ever ask for but she has someone else in her life, someone who can be with her all the time, someone who... Who manages to hurt her but keep her happy. But she is so stubborn and is so difficult to handle and I don't even want to speak about her anymore," I spoke in a lower voice, "I'm just tired, all I beg of you is to let me sleep!"  I said it possibly the fastest I have ever said anything, I picked my blanket from the ground and laid back down on my bed with my back to her. "What is going on in here?" I heard my mum come in and yell at us.  It stayed silent for awhile until I heard my phone ringing, it was on the floor and I turned around quickly and grabbed it. I looked at Gemma who was still on the floor and my mum who looked at both of us.  "Hi." I answered and heard Louis voice. 

"Studio tomorrow, I had to tell everyone." He talked in a angry voice, he was still mad at me.   

It was on speaker and I was about to say something else until it quickly hung up.  "By-" I swallowed, and looked at both of them, "What?"   

Zayn's POV

"I want to everything about America!" Safaa looked at me, and waited for me to continue about everything I had done in America.  "I was in Chicago for most of it.." I didn't feel like talking, yes I missed them but I just wanted to be in my bed.  "How about telling us in the morning, let Zayn have some rest."  I looked at Waliyha and she sighed, "Didn't you sleep in the plane?" I shook my head, "It's not easy sleeping in a plane that's up three thousand feet in the air." 

I stood up and stretched, "I'll see you in the morning. I'll come straight here as soon as I wake up." I walked towards the door that led to the outside.  I pulled my keys out from the car I rented, I was going to buy a car tomorrow. A Bentley, I always wanted one... 

"Can I stay over with you? Just for one night..."  I looked over at Waliyha and I nodded, "You have to ask mum."   

"Mum?" She looked at her and she nodded, "Can I go too?" Safaa asked, "If Zayn wants you to." She laughed gently and Safaa jumped up excited.  "I'm going to get some extra clothes, I'll be right back!" Waliyha walked up the stairs and Safaa followed behind.  "Doniyha do you want to come to?" I asked her jokingly and she laughed. "Sure why not?" She responded sarcastically.  She pretended to get up, and I laughed.  "I have work in the morning." She made a ':/' face.  "Now I know how you feel, try touring worldwide." We all laughed, "I'll be out in the car."  My mum walked to me quickly and gave me a hug and a kiss on the cheek, "I missed you Zayn." 

"I missed you too, I'll come here tomorrow as soon as I go buy my car."  My mum looked at me, "Buying your own car already? Ah, I can't wait to take it for a ride."  I chuckled, "We're ready!"  Waliyha and Safaa had a bag each and walked outside.   

I got to my flat and let both of them in, and locked the doors. 

"There's a empty bedroom on the right!" I told them and I heard them dropping their things.  I had my suitcase in hand and walked to my room, I switched the light on and laid in my bed.   

It was a two hours later that I woke up and I remembered about Waliyha and Safaa. I walked to the room they were in, the lights were out but I saw a dim light underneath the covers. 

"Waliyha?" I whispered and she took the sheets off and looked at me shocked.  "Why aren't you sleeping? Hand the phone over." I stretched my hand out and she handed it to me.  "I couldn't sleep."  She told me and I shut her phone off and set it on the desk next to me.  I looked at Safaa who was sleeping next to her, cuddled in.  "Try to sleep, if mum finds out she's not going to be happy and you're not going to be able to stay here anymore." I warned her and I felt like a parent, "Can I ask you something?"  I looked at her and she sat up on the bed. "Who's Adriana?"     

Liam's POV

I was laying in my bed, I had already talked to my family, I missed them a lot. I came to find, Brit. One of the cutest dogs I've seen. It was empty and dark until the lights flashed on and my parents, sister, and a few family friends popped out screaming welcome back.  It was fun we laughed, talking about how it was, the lads, simple things.   

The thing was she always made it into the conversation.   


"Talking about the boys how are they? I see they fancy a girl back in America..!" My mum began and I just chuckled. "Uh, they lads are great, being away from them just for right now is a bit lonely." They all 'awed' and I continued, "But they're great." I didn't want to talk to them about Adriana, it was something they shouldn't know about, the issue I mean, not Adriana. 

"That's lovely hun." My mum smiled with my other friends and family around. "But what about that girl?" I heard someone say, I just shrugged,  "Nice girl, she's sweet I guess." That's not even close to what I would say about Adriana, more, 'Shes a really nice girl, she's really outgoing. Not afraid to be herself type. But she's sensitive at times, overall though great friend.' Or great ex-friend if that made any sense.  "That's all?"  "I saw you all with her practically in ever news article I read, Liam."  "Must be more than just a nice girl."  I looked to where I heard someone say that but turned back around, "Well she's a nice girl, what more can I say?" I told them again and they just laughed, "Talking about nice girl, how's Danielle doing?" My mum looked around and added, "She is about the sweetest girl you'll ever meet" I smiled really big, I loved when they said kind things about Danielle. "She's amazing. She surprised me by going to Chicago, I was really happy seeing her there with me."  My mum put her hand to her heart, "Aw." I laughed.  

End of flashback...

I decided to stay at home for awhile and head to my flat later on. I would most likely end up sleeping there too.  I wondered how Adriana dealt right now?  I felt tempted to send her a quick message but what was the use?  I looked through her twitter instead, sneaky Liam. I laughed quietly, that was so strange. 

'@adri1995: I can't sleep, thinking too much of what I've done. I'm ashamed' I had an idea of what she was talking about but I shouldn't think we were the only people in her life.     

Louis' POV

I hit my bed and felt like just closing my eyes. "Today was fun." I looked back up at Eleanor and laughed. "Being trapped in the London Eye for three hours is not fun." We actually had gotten stuck! Never in my life going there had we gotten stuck. We were on the sides closest to leave so I guess we didn't wait as long as the other people, I felt bad for them. "So we didn't finish talking," I groaned only because I was tired, I didn't really mind talking as long as it didn't take too long. "It was fun, ya know? The tour went great... Everything was great."

"We talked enough about Chicago and America, I meant the girl. Adriana." I groaned louder this time, why her?

"Whats to say? She was selfish for keeping us there and only being rude to us after we tried helping her, she didn't need our help. She never did." I didn't want to continue because I wanted sleep. "Selfish? Louis you were staying there because you wanted to. All of you were." I looked weirdly at Eleanor, "I wanted to?"

"I've been dying to see you! If I wanted to I wouldn't have demanded to come back now would have I?" "No, if you didn't want to stay then you would have been back sooner." She got up and made her way to her closet, "It's all in your head babe. She was a really good friend and only because she said a few things, which she most likely regrets, makes you feel like by leaving is like stabbing her in the back just how she did to you." The way she put it made so much sense but I didn't like to think that I wanted to 'hurt' Adriana. I know deep down I miss my best friend but on the outside I didn't want anything to do with her. I just wanted to get out, I wanted to see my family, see my girlfriend, see our fans!  "How would you know if she's regretting it?" I asked lowly and curiously. "Have you not seen her last tweets, I don't mean to be a stalker it just pops up and for me.." She walked out from her closet and threw clothes on the bed, "Seems like she's pretty upset."      

Niall's POV

"I just got back from the airport, I'm at my house right now." I heard her breath in the phone, "Thank god you called me. I already miss you." I laughed slightly, "I miss you too. I don't like being away from you. I'm so used to seeing you next to me all the time."  "It's weird isn't it... I wake up and all I see is my old room with books on shelves, my keyboard on the side, my closet, desk... I don't know if I could adjust."

 Nothing seemed to be the same anymore it's all so different... "Nothing's the same. We just have to get use to it for awhile... So you have to adjust, only for now."  "Niall! Can you come down here please?" ... "It's a surprise for you!" I laughed, "I'll be down in a sec!... I have to go babe. I love you, and I promise we'll Skype soon. Text me whenever you get the chance." 

"B-Bye. Crap. I love you too. I can't wait to see you again." 

"Don't cry sweetheart. We'll see each other soon enough." I had to confront her, she didn't deserve to feel depressed.  "Alright... Love ya, now go, your mom's going to get impatient with you. Tell her I say hi, and I can't wait to hopefully meet her, yeah?"  "I'll be sure to let her know," She laughed, "Bye Danni." 

"Bye Niall." We both hung up and I closed my eyes leaving my phone on my bed. I missed her, so much. I walked back down to see what my mom had for me.  

"Where ya at?" I called to her, "Kitchen!" I turned to go into the kitchen and I saw my mom and Greg with a huge cake. That looked really good. I laughed and I walked over to hug them. "You couldn't have lost your appetite by being over there right?" She laughed and pushed me over to Greg. "Nice finally seeing you around mate." I hugged him and patted his back, "Finally get the time to be around." It meant a lot being around Greg, he was always busy but I had a feeling he'd stick around longer now a days. 

"I love this!" I laughed and passed my finger through the vanilla frosting, sticking it in my mouth. "I need more than just a lick" My mom laughed and went over to the cabinets pulling out plates and forks. We ate, and just talked. "How is she?"
"Who?" I looked to my mom as I set down my plate, "Your girlfriend. What's her name?" She thought until I blurted it out, "Danni." I chuckled, "She told me to tell you that she'd love to meet you some day. You'd love her." My mom looked at me with awe.
"She seems like a sweet girl. And a lucky one too."

My mom laughed and smiled really big and I sat down next to her and Greg at the table. "You finally got a girl bro!" He nudged me on my shoulder and we both laughed. "She's great. Real great. I'm the lucky one..." I stopped to see my brother snickering, "We just met met and I don't know we got along from the start. The thing with Danni is that she's so open and different and just so.. I don't know, she's just a great person and when you meet her. You're going to understand what I mean."
"You're tied up mate." My mom gently slapped Greg's hand and he pulled it back.
"Its not tied up-"
"It's love, Gregory." My mom interrupted me and I laughed at Greg. "Gregory..." I laughed and he smiled at me pushing my shoulder. I pushed on his chest and he nearly fell off until we both got up and he got me under his arm and messed with my hair. "Agh." We were laughing loud and my mom laughed too, "Now, come on. We should get to sleep. I'm sure you're tired." Greg let go of me and quickly ran his hand through my hair to mess it up even more. "I'll see ya tomorrow if I can. Nice having to back" He got his keys from his pocket and went out the door.
Jet lag hit me hard, the hardest out of the group really. "Go to sleep Niall." My mom hugged me and I smiled as she did. I gave her a kiss on the cheek as goodnight. "I'll make some food for ya in the morning." She walked off to the bed and I stayed and poured myself some cereal.

I hopped onto my bed and started dozing off. I quickly went onto Twitter, 'Great t be home with the family!'
I didn't have much time to look at mentions because I would sleep soon enough.

Danni's POV
It was about 7 in the morning and I was already awake. I got chills through my body, my first reaction was to reach my hand behind me to feel that Niall was right there...
I turned around and saw nothing but covers and another pillow there, Niall wasn't here anymore... I forgot. I had just finished talking to him three hours ago too. I missed him... I cried yet again today, this was only day three without Niall and I was in tears how was I suppose to last a year? Possibly even more...
I got a call yesterday from Modest checking on me, it was like I was their property now that I was dating Niall. Danielle and Eleanor chose not to be involved in anything with Modest, they just wanted to be with the ones they loved. Modest didn't care, but Niall had asked them to keep me safe.
Lately, I've been getting large amounts of death threats. At first I was scared that these people would actually kill me, but I've talked to Danielle and she says that you get them no matter what, no matte how nice you are, there are always people that think its okay to act strong behind a computer or phone. I had to be honest though, I was terrified that someone would just... Do it. Although Niall had told me nothing was going to happen, it still scared me. I remembered calling Niall and crying because of the first death threat I had gotten. We hadn't even been dating then, we were just close but I had feelings for him, obviously.
He told me to calm down to relax, none of it was true, they were insane and he would never let someone hurt me. It made me feel better and I hoped it would happen but since Niall and I had announced we were official... They were one by one, continuous and persistent.
I was scared that I could possibly just be pushed to my limit and...  I didn't even want to think about it.
I was still crying, as I got up. "Honey, I'm off to work!" My mom knocked on the door and let herself in.
I panicked and wiped my eyes but my mom caught me. "What's wrong?"
She walked to me and made me sit down on the bed.
"Honey..." I shook my head, not wanting to talk. "Is this about Niall?" I looked at her and I started bawling.
"I... I-Miss him" She hugged me, "So much."
"It's alright.. Shh." She ran her hand through my hair and I cried on her shoulder. "How am I suppose... Suppose to live without him? Mom... I don't know. He's just-just not some other guy."
She stayed silent and comforted me, "I don't want to rush but-I love him... I know it's so soon."
"Honey, never too soon for love. Don't cry anymore, you'll see him. I promise you. Look at me Danni. Danni." I was shaking, but looked at her, "Stop crying. You're a strong girl. It is not easy to be away from someone you care a lot about. But sweetie, you have to understand in order to make your relationship work... You have to get he misses his family too. He has someone to care about, I'm sure you mean so much to him, but give him some time to be with his family..." She gave me a reassuring smile but it only hurt to hear her say that he was pretty much not going to be around much.
I acted like I was better only to get her to leave, I just wanted to be alone. "Thanks mom... I think I'm better now." She smiled an gave me another quick hug. "Your dad's coming late and I might too, please... Please watch your brother and sister. They haven't seen you in awhile, so be kind?" I smiled an laughed, "Sure, we'll be fine now go before your late."
She smiled at me yet again and walked out of my bedroom. I love my mom more than you think, I really do but times likes these I just wanted to be alone.
I put my hair in a pony tail and put on sweats with a black plain t-shirt.
I went into my brothers room first, Logan. I haven't even seen him since I had moved in with Adriana, I saw them whenever I had the chance but not much. I'm sure he was still the same 9 year old brother I had.
I knocked on his door, "Logan?" I entered and saw him sleeping. His bed was against the wall and he leaned against it. His covers were down to his feet and I could see the goosebumps on his arms as I got closer. He was cold?
I covered him and he snuggled in and took a deep long breath. I smiled and walked out quietly, I went into my sister Sarah's room. She was fourteen, this girl was so difficult but I loved her.
She hated being woken up so I quietly walked in and I saw her already on her phone, "And I thought you were sleeping. It's 6 AM..." She looked back at me and looked away.
"No good morning?" I told her.
"To you? No. Where's mom?" She glared at me and I knew she was mad at me.
"She left to work a little bit ago. I gotta look over you two so whatcha want for breakfast? I'll make you anything." I told her kindly hoping she would love me after although it didn't work that way with her.
"Only because I'm hungry..." She stood up and put her hand on her hips, "How about McDonald's?" I huffed, laughing and nodded. "Alright. Get dressed and we'll leave in ten." I moved from her room, to allow her to change and she slammed the door on my back. "Damn."
I sighed and went to get dressed too.

SARAH! I hope you're reading this, I remember you asking if I could make Niall meet you, how does being Danni's sister work for ya? Haha. So anyways guys, you're all so sweet to me! I was going to update yesterday but my friend accidentally kept my iPod which had the chapter on it so I couldn't do update... It's so sad, I'm sorry again! I made this long and I hope that I can update soon!
So I'm sure you've all seen the publishing with Random House contest yes? I was thinking about entering Hurt & changing the names and fixing it up and adding the newest chapter... Would you all read it? It's my birthday on 2-24.. - I'm excited haha :$ (that's a blushing face)- So it would be a good gift <3
You don't have to if you don't want to though, I'm not going to force you! I love you all, stay safe & be happy! :D -Bella
ONE LAST THING. One way or another was perfect. Felt like I should say that :)

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