Fighting For Love

One Direction fanfic. 17 year old Adriana was kicked out from her house by her parents for getting into trouble. Her parents got her an apartment to help her in Chicago, since then she has been living with her best friend, Danni. When Adriana went out for a run, she had no idea what was going to happen and how much 5 boys could change her entire life, but would it be for the best or for the worst? (Trust me the story's better)


43. Long Chapter! -Swears-

Adriana's POV
(I'm not sure if you haven't realized but Adriana is graduated from High School already.. School already ended pretty much) -Summer-

Five weeks later..

'Having the best day at the beach with these losers ! ;) @Max_bball @Derrick_23'
I laughed as I saw Max glare at me, playfully.
"I'm not a loser!" I laughed again at Max and felt the sun hit my skin. I was wearing my bikini, it was brown with white stripes on it. Max and Derrick both had swimming trunks on...
We were at the beach obviously, it was so hot today!
"Whatever! We're going into the water wanna come?" I shook my head, I seriously needed to tan, I got pale during the winter.
"No thanks.. Maybe in a bit." Max shrugged and ran into the water with Derrick, squirting water at each other with nerf guns.
"Boys.." I giggled and laid down again, soaking in the sun. I moved my sunglasses onto my eyes and closed them. I relaxed for awhile.
"Adriana?" I moved my sunglasses and got up a bit.
"Yeah..." I couldn't see anything since the sun blinded me. I moved my hand to cover my eyes and still couldn't make out who was standing above me.
"Move a bit, I can't see you.." I laughed a little and as they moved, I saw who it was.
I moved my sunglasses back on, ignoring Danni.
"You still hate me?" I laid down, still ignoring her and enjoyed the sun.
"Wow, okay then... I just wanted to say hi." I kept ignoring her, I really didn't want to see her at all. I thought I had made that clear the last time we spoke.
"Hey Danni! I found a space over here..." I looked through my sunglasses hearing that Irish accent.
"Adri? Adriana! I haven't seen you in forever! What's going on with you...?" Niall had his trunks on too and he sat down next to me on the sand as Danni walked away.
"Hello?" I ignored Niall as if he wasn't even here.
"Adriana... Can you at least say hi? I haven't seen in you in such a long time.. The lads and I just finished the tour like a week ago..."
Niall please go... Please! Agh..
"You don't hate me....Right?" He stayed silent and looked at me.
I was not about to talk to him, no after what they did to me... I got up and went towards Max.
"Max!" He turned around and smiled and hugged me. Holding me he ran into the water.
I laughed and smiled as I went underneath the water and stayed under swimming. I saw Derricks legs and I was going after them to pull him down.
I pulled on them and he fell back into the water..
I got up for air and I turned to look at Derrick and saw Zayn. He was looking at me and was going to say something... I stopped him though.
"Sorry... I thought you were... Someone else." I turned around going back into the water and swam back to max.
"You made him fall!" Derrick laughed at me and I felt my cheeks burning.
"Hey! I thought it was you. I did apologize." He laughed at me even more and Max kept staring. He looked at Zayn and then he started to look around.
"Looking for someone?" I said going in front of him and hugged him around his waist.
"No.. Just.. Uh, looking. Was that..?" I looked at him with curious eyes, I don't want Max to know they were here too. He would automatically say we should leave and honestly I wasn't about to leave because they were here, I was having fun.
"Never mind.." He looked at me and smiled. I smiled back at him and he hugged me and gave me a peck on my lips. "I bet you I could beat you to the food stand..." Max laughed and went serious, "No." I laughed at him, "okay! Fine, if I win you buy lunch. If I lose then you buy lunch." I laughed at him.
"Cute. No. If you win I'll pay for lunch, I win you pay."
Max nodded, "I'm alright with that! First one to that reaches the stand buys food!" I looked at Derrick and rolled my eyes, smiling.
"Okay! And just know I was cross country winner in middle school.." I winked at Max and he laughed preparing to swim then run.
Derrick started to count down, "Three.... Two... One.. One and a half... GO!" I started swimming as fast as I could with Max right next to me.
I finally reached the sand and started to run to the food stand.
I was up ahead him, passing different people.. then I passed Niall and Danni.
Max started to run faster and he eventually caught up to me and passed me. We were so close together but Max reached the stand first touching it.

"Diver and cross country winner babe." I looked at Max, we both were breathing hard and we started laughing. "Okay! You win fair and square, I'll pay." I started going to my wallet in my bag but Max stopped me.
"No... I saw you win.. I'll pay." I laughed at him, he was too cute.
"No! Max I clearly saw you win... Who did you see win, be honest." I looked at the man inside the stand and he chuckled pointing to Max.
"See! I'll be right back." I went after my wallet and saw Derrick coming too.
I reached my bag and dug inside it. I found my wallet and took out two twenties. "Cool! Hmm... I'll get pizza, thanks babe!" Derrick put his hands on my shoulders and started leading me to the stand.
"You're really funny! I'm not buying you food! It was a race between Max and me." I smiled looking at him and he gave me a puppy dog face.

"Pwease." I giggled and nodded my head, "Fine.. Only because you have a funny puppy dog face." He chuckled and put his arm around my shoulder and we started walking towards Max. We passed by Danni and Niall again as Danni didnt see me and Niall looked up and smiled hopefully.
I looked away and ran to the stand.
"Okay! I'm back.. Uh.. You two can get something first.."
I looked at the menu above the mans head.. Watermelon looked good.
"Hamburger!!" Max yelled out excited.
"Make that two hamburgers!" Derrick patted my back and I laughed.
"Yeah.. So two hamburgers.."
"With a Gatorade!" I looked at Derrick and laughed.
He smiled at me, "Water."
"Okay.. So two hamburgers, Gatorade and water.. I'll get sliced watermelon."
The man started to cook two hamburgers and let them grill.  He started slicing up the watermelon too and putting the pieces in a cup.
"Going to buy me something too?" Niall asked smiling at me as he poked my side.
I looked at him and looked back at Derrick and Max.
"Why didn't I know you were a diver?" I started talking to Max and he looked at Niall.

"Come on.. Are you still mad at me?... I'm sorry for what happened I really am! I only did it to protect you.." Did he really just bring this up..?

"Stop... Okay?" I turned to Niall and then turned to look away again.
"Uh.. We're going to wait back there.. Bring us our food?" Derrick smiled at me with his hands out.
"You could wait awhile." I didn't want Max or Derrick to go, or I'd be stuck with Niall.
"Actually, just go relax.. I'll help Adriana bring you your food yeah?" I glared at Niall and shook my head.
"I go with him. Thanks babe!" Derrick ran off and I rolled my eyes.

"I'll stay." Max smiled at me and I smiled back. Only Max understood why I didn't want to be with Niall.
"You could go man. Relax, it's the beach."  Max shook his head and put his arms around my waist, holding me close to him.
"Can I just say something to her, privately?" Max shook his head at him.
"It's best if you leave.." Max looked at him quickly then looked away again.
"I just wan-"
"Babe... Come on. Harry and Liam are waiting for us." Danni came up behind Niall and held his arm.
"Come on.." She gently pulled his arm and Niall just looked away and walked away with Danni.

"Thank you." I kissed Max on his cheek and he smiled back at me.
"I don't mean to get into your business but you have a problem with him huh?" I nodded at the man, he was probably in his 40's..
"Yeah.." I said quietly and he handed us our food.
"Okay, two hamburgers with water, Gatorade, and sliced watermelon. That'll be 20 dollars." I handed him a twenty and he nodded at me as Max and I walked to Derrick.
"Here's your food lazy!" Derrick chuckled and took the hamburger and his Gatorade.
"Thank you!" Derrick used my bag as something to hold his back.
I started to use my fork to eat my watermelon, so sweet! Yummy.

 Derrick and Max kept joking around and had a burping contest.. I couldn't stop laughing.

"Okay! No! Derrick so won that one!"
"What?! Come on! No he didn't!" Max had his hands sticking up arguing.
"You heard the girl! I won." I laughed at Derrick. He high fived me and I playfully stuck my tongue out at Max.
They started to burp again and I couldn't help but laugh so much!


"Woah. Having fun huh?"
I kept laughing a lot and then I started to calm down.
Max and Derrick kept laughing and they always squinted their eyes, so they couldn't tell who was talking.
I looked up to see Harry and he hugged me on my side.
"I missed you!" I quickly pushed Harry away.
"Stop." I shrugged off his hug, what was he thinking? He looked at me with puppy eyes, I just ignored him.
I felt him stare at me but he left a few seconds later. I watched him walk away, if he thinks he could just hug me and say he misses me, doesn't cut it. Nothing but bringing my dad back would. I looked to the beach and the waves hitting the sand, the whoosh it made...
"Adriana.." I shook my head and quickly looked up at Max smiling at me.
"Who just came over here?" He asked still laughing a little. "No one important."

Max started squirting water at me & Derrick. Derrick had my back and started shooting his water in his nerf gun to Max. We were all laughing, this was way too fun. I shrieked as Max picked me up and swung me around, I started to laugh more.

Harry's POV

I heard a yell and looked towards Adriana as fast as I could..

I saw Max pick her up and soon her around, she had the biggest smile on her face. Watching her with Max felt like knives stabbing at me, when she rejected my hug.. Why did I ever lie to her? But I knew that if I had to go back I would keep that promise, I just didn't think it would hurt Adriana so bad.
"Mate! Do you want to surf?" I got up looking away from Adriana, "Yeah." I got my board while Liam and Louis got theirs too.
"Come on!!" Louis yelled as he ran towards the water. Liam and I both started chasing after him and saw him already close to the water.
Sooner or later we reached the water and began to surf. I actually had fun and didn't put too much attention to Adriana, every time I looked for her she was with Max and the other lad, I didn't want to keep looking because it would only put me down.
"Harry! Watch this!" Louis jumped on his board flipping around and smiled at me. I tried doing the same but ended up falling off. I heard Louis and Liam laugh as I reached my head out of the water. I shook my head and laughed too, "No one can beat Louis Tomlinson!"
"The Tommo Tomlinson!" We all laughed at that, I found myself looking at Adriana and saw she was looking back and she was smiling. I looked at her and smiled and her smile quickly faded. I looked at the water and turned around again. Why does she have to do this?

Zayn's POV

"Look at Harry.." Danni pointed to Harry and Niall started laughing. "Go Louis!" I yelled out, maybe coming to the beach wasn't so bad..
I looked at Adriana, she was looking at Liam, Louis, and Harry surfing and she was smiling. It was good to see her smile, she was happy. Now why couldn't I be the reason for it?
"Zayn, going in the water?" Danni asked, I shook my head, I was still recovering from falling in the water. It was the first I heard Adriana say something in more than a month. She looked so beautiful, well she always did.. Her hair moved slightly as the wind blew on it...

 I wanted to hug her and apologize for everything, I wanted things to go back to normal.. Because right now instead of Adriana being with Max she could be with me. I sighed and looked down at the sand, biting my lip.
"Zayn?? Oh my gosh.. Is it really you?" I looked up to see two girls with big smiles.
"Hi" I smiled at them and they jumped a little, "We're such huge fans of One Direction, Zayn.. Are the boys all here?!" I nodded my head and I pointed over to them, I saw Liam and Louis pushing each other as they walked on the sand towards me and Harry behind them.
"Oh my god!!!" The girls shrieked and smiled even more.
I laughed, it was fun seeing fans at random places. "Hi!" Louis waved to the girls and smiled. "Hi Louis!!"
"Having fun, I absolutely love the beach."  The girls nodded, "Do you want to sit with us?" Liam offered and they smiled at each other. "It would be fun to hang out with some fans." I cheekily smiled at them, they sat down in front of us and I saw Harry quickly grab a towel and covered himself.
The girls laughed, "You don't need to put a towel." One of the girls said, she had short brunette hair. I could tell Harry was getting ready to flirt...

"You'd like that!" Harry flashed a cheeky smile at them and the girl blushed.
Harry sat down and we were in a circle just taking.. This was fun, just talking seeing how they reacted was priceless.
Harry was flirting with the brunette who's name was Diamond and the other was a blonde with brown streaks, was Sam.
"I can't believe I'm actually having a conversation with you guys.." Sam smiled at us and put her hands covering her smile.
"Don't hide your smile!" Louis told her and moved her hand away. It looked like she got goosebumps, I laughed a bit.
"Okay, this question was obviously coming. Which one of us is your favorite?" I asked Diamond and Sam who looked at each other and smiled.
"Well.. We love all of you.. But I have a sweet soft for Harry." Diamond poked at Harry and Harry smiled at her.
"I love all of you, I don't have a favorite really.." Liam laughed, "How do you choose a favorite?"
"It just comes to you really.. You can't choose, it just.. Happens." It just happens, well I wanted to know how it happened.
"That's strange." I said to them and they shook their head, "Not to directioners.. It's a characteristic we have."
We all laughed at that, "A characteristic, that's odd!" Louis laughed more, and I found myself laughing too.
"Harry I saw you surfing, can you teach me? I have no idea how to, if you don't want to I totally understand." Diamond flirted with Harry and Harry didn't mind, but accept it. Sam was having a conversation with Liam and Louis about the tour that just passed, take me home.
I payed more attention to Harry and Diamond who seemed to keep flirting.. I thought Harry was in love with Adriana but he was flirting with another girl.
Maybe Harry was getting over Adriana...

Adriana's POV

"Max! Stop! AHH!" He kept squirting cold water at me. "Boo!" Max ran off with Derrick to who knows where. I looked over to the water, now I could rest and tan. I saw Louis, Liam, and Harry surfing, Louis made a 'stunt' and I guess Harry tried copying him but he ended up falling.. I smiled and I didn't even know why, I just did.
I saw Harry look at me and I quickly let my smile fade and looked away.
I grabbed my sunglasses next to me an covered my eyes.. I needed to stop looking over to them.

After a while of tanning I felt like I was burnt enough, I got up and reached for my water bottle. "Of course." It was empty, I wonder where Max got the cold water..
I reached over to my bag and pulled out a some money for a new one.
I got up and made my way towards the food stand.

"Hey baby..!"

I looked over to a guy that was laying on the ground and he kept staring at me.
"Ugh." I rolled my eyes and kept on walking.
I walked passed Zayn, Liam, Louis, Harry, and two other girls. Harry looked like he was having plenty fun with the brunette. Zayn looked at me and I just looked at him and went on.
I got to the stand and I heard the guy whistling at me. What the hell?

"Can I have a water bottle please?" The man nodded and dug through the cooler.
"Here you go, one fifty... I think there's someone trying to get your attention over there.." The man chuckled and I turned around to see the same guy winking at me.
"Baby why don't you come over here?!" That's disgusting, what a pig. I turned back around to the man and handed him the money, "If he's bothering you, you should let those guys you came here with handle him. Give me a bit of excitement at work. Yeah?" I laughed, "I could handle it. Sorry. Do you have any smoothies actually?" The man nodded, "Make it a large, strawberry please, chunky too."

He gave me a confused face but continued on after about a minute he handed me a smoothie in a white foam cup, "Thanks, here's a ten."

He smiled big at me and I walked off.
"Oh! She's coming!" The guy laughed with his friends as he whistled at me and motioned for me to come.

"Hey baby! Why don't you give me a little show, how's that sound?"
I was going to ignore him, but he's got to know I'm not some whore he could pick up at the beach.
"You don't talk to her like that, is called respect mate. You obviously don't know anything about that." I looked at Louis talking to him, "Louis.." He looked at me and looked away.
I walked to the guy and bent over. "You want a show?" I whispered into the guys ear, "I'll give you a show."
I opened the cap of the smoothie, "What are you doi-"
I poured the smoothie on his head, it slowly fell all over him. I slapped him and threw the cup at him.
I licked the smoothie on my fingers, "Mmm.. Tastes great." I raised my eyebrows as I walked back to my spot I was before.
"Bitch!" I laughed as the guy swore at me. I was only bitchy if you asked for it..

WOWWWWEEEEE. *SNAP* aha, he deserved it right?!

Haha, well I'm sorry it's been like more than a week that I haven't posted! I apologized a million times!! I've been so busy with school, & homework, forgive me? I hope you liked the chapter & I'm sorry, but how cute was Zayn in this? & Harry... AWW.
Adorable! Well except the part he flirts with the girls.. BUT YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN. :D
Love you all & thanks for the favourites, likes, & comments. I can't believe I'm number 2 on most popular Romance.. It's unbelievable! Thank you so much!! :D

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