Fighting For Love

One Direction fanfic. 17 year old Adriana was kicked out from her house by her parents for getting into trouble. Her parents got her an apartment to help her in Chicago, since then she has been living with her best friend, Danni. When Adriana went out for a run, she had no idea what was going to happen and how much 5 boys could change her entire life, but would it be for the best or for the worst? (Trust me the story's better)


58. Just gave up

Adriana's POV
I woke up next to Max, and he was on his phone.
I stretched and took a long breath.
"What are you doing up?" I turned to face him as I put my hand on his chest. "Just on Twitter." I laid on his chest and I quickly moved to find my phone. I threw it on my bed the night before.
"Uh.. Did you see my phone around.. Or.." I moved through the bed holding the blanket on my chest.
I moved my hand through and I felt nothing, I felt Max touch my back and I still jumped.
I turned around and Max had my phone in his hand, "Be more careful where you leave it." He chuckled and I took it from his hand, I saw I had text messages but I ignored them.
I went through Facebook and Instagram until I started noticing something weird.
I finally went onto Twitter and I saw my mentions were full of 'omg haha'
'lol wow! That's funny!' ':0 did not see that coming'
They all tagged me and Max.
I clicked on one tagging both of us and tried to figure out why people were saying that.
I scrolled up only to see, 'I know a perfect example of a lady in the streets, freak in the sheets ;)'
I felt my cheeks burning, and I looked at Max with wide eyes. "Why would you put that!" I laughed as I now knew why everyone had put 'lol, haha, omg' and such.
Max started to laugh too as he got up with the blanket around his waist.
"It's funny!" I threw a pillow at Max and he laughed even more.
I felt so embarrassed knowing people knew what happened last night. I loved it but I didn't want other people to know! I wasn't mad, I thought it was funny...
I rolled my eyes and pulled on the blanket to cover myself.
"Do you want me to make something for breakfast?" I heard Max yell from the kitchen, "Good luck trying to do that, I have no food!" I got up and I felt my legs were sore.
I did my morning routine and walked out seeing Max ready.
"You ready?" I nodded and we walked out with my phone and keys in hand.


Max's POV

The night I spent with Adriana was great. I waited so long to do that with her, I loved every minute of it.

We headed off to the store and I noticed she was walking weird when we got inside.
"You alright? You're walking weird.." She looked at me, "I woke up with sore legs." I laughed at that, "I need the pancake mix.." Adriana had a basket in her hand and we started walking to get the things I needed.
We walked aisle through aisle getting food.
"Can you get that for me?" I reached for the cereal on the top shelf. I put it in the basket and we continued. I looked behind me because I felt like someone was following us. I ignored it once we got to the cash register.
We paid and we both had bags on our hands.
"Oh! Here I'll take the bags can you give this back to the woman in there." Adriana handed me a pen and I chuckled. "It's a pen..."
"It's not mine though. Can you just take it back to her?" She laughed, and smiled at me but I shrugged taking the pen. I handed her the bags and I walked back inside, I saw the woman at the cash register, I walked over to her.
"My girlfriend took your pen, she asked me to bring it back to you." I handed the pen to her and she smiled, "Thanks." I nodded as she took the pen and set it down. I walked back out and when I walked to the exit I heard my name.
"Max!" I was outside now still by the door when I turned around to see Tony, "Hey man!" I smiled at him, lifting my SnapBack up a little.
Tony walked to me and he looked pretty mad, he grabbed the collar of my shirt and punched me.
"Asshole!" I moved back, he hit me right in my jaw and I heard a few people gasp.
"What the hell!" I yelled at him, "Why'd you punch me?!"
Tony glared at me, "Hurt my little sister, and have the fucking balls to sleep with her?!" He threw a punch and I dodged it moving to the right.
"Hurt her?!"
What was he thinking? I didn't want to hit him knowing Adriana would hate me for hitting her brother but I was really tempted to.
"You think I don't know how she got those marks on her arms?!" He threw another punch at me which made me fall back and Tony went next to me and started punching me, I could feel my face hurting and I held in punching him back but instead I pushed him off me.
"I'm not going to hit you!"

"Then this makes it easier!" He grabbed my collar again and began punching me harder.


Adriana's POV
I got out from the car waiting for Max until I saw some guy punching him.
I ran to them and pulled Tony off Max.
"Tony!" I yelled, a crowd began to surround them and I was putting all my force to take Tony off.
"Tony! Stop hitting him!" I yelled louder, I was getting scared seeing him do that, "Tony!!" I yelled again.
I got his attention and I saw Max push him away.
"Max..." I went next to Max on the ground and I saw the blood go down his face.
Max looked at me thankful, and I put my hands on his face.
"Are you okay..."
I asked Max who looked like he could faint any second.
"Tony! What the hell is your problem!"
Tony was breathing hard and glaring down at Max, "I told you if I ever saw him... I would beat the crap out of him. When I saw that stupid tweet he put..." Tony went down, reaching for Max, trying to punch him again.
"Don't touch him!" I yelled at him putting myself in front of Max.
The crowd surrounded us and I sighed, "But really? You had to actually do it knowing I would get pissed off at you..."

I had a serious tone and I could hear sirens in the distance. It caught everyone's attention too as they looked the same direction to see a ambulance and a police car.
I looked back at Max, I was worried he could faint. He looked so weak and I couldn't do anything about it.

The crowd all went farther apart as the ambulance drew closer.
"You're an idiot." I spat at Tony and he looked at me hurt.
I looked back at Max, "You're going to be okay..." Max sat himself up, coughing.
"Yeah" I held his hand and I felt Tony looking down at us, "Ma'am, excuse us. We need to check on him." I looked next to me to see a woman as  she gently pulled Max to stand up and walk to the paramedics.
"We got a call from someone here, that guy looks pretty beat up, who was it?"
The police officers voice toned down when he looked at Tony.
I stood up and I didn't even glance at him, I stayed quiet and I waited for Tony to respond, "I did..."
I looked at the police officer as he had a serious face, "Come with me." Tony huffed and walked with the officer.
I ran to the paramedics and I saw two women cleaning blood from Max's face.
"We're going to check him really quickly to make sure he's fine."
I nodded and went to my car. I sat down on the drivers seat with the door still open, I waited for fifteen minutes until the officer came to me.

"I spoke with your brother, Anthony?" I nodded, "Okay, he admits to everything. He's arrested, he's curently locked up. We contacted your mother. Last I heard she was on her way there. This is a very serious thing. Your brother can be taken to court for this, you have to realise that."
"I'm pretty confident my mom is going to bail him out and talk to him, seems like he's already gotten a punishment. No court... I'm sure my mom would hire a pretty good lawyer, so there's no point with doing any of that. He's also my brother and he was just protecting me in his own way."
The police officer looked at me weirdly, "We have numerous witnesses willing to stand in court and say what happened, no matter how good his lawyer will be, he will be taken to jail. Miss he may be your brother but he did beat someone."

I could never let Tony go to jail, he's my brother and I still love and care about him.. No matter what.

"No... It's fine," I sighed, "Can I go see my boyfriend now?"
The police officer shrugged and led me towards the paramedics with Max next to them.

"You're going to be fine, just a black eye and a bruised up face. It will tone down after a few weeks."
I heard the woman talk to him and he nodded as he put his hat on.
"Thanks." Max said as he looked over to me and smiled.
His eye was dark, but other than that he seemed fine, the blood on his face before only made it looked bad when in reality it wasn't.

We were on the edge of the ambulance, sitting down, "I'm sorry Anthony did that.. He was being stupid."
Max shrugged, "He was just protecting his little sister." I gave him a small smile and hugged him.
"It was wrong of him to do it though."
Max could not possibly be alright with this, I felt broken because it just gave a reason for Max to.. Leave.

I felt so attached to Max and it was strange to feel like this.
"It's okay." I sighed looking down and I shook my head.
I got goosebumps as he reached his hand to my face.
"Hey, it's alright... Now come on, I'm sure we're both still hungry." I laughed as he put grabbed my hand.
"You two are adorable." I looked behind me and I saw one of the paramedics looking at us.
I smiled, "Thanks..."
She nodded and once she left Max laughed.
"Let's go." I laughed with him and we walked to my car.
I got in and turned on the car, I drove back to my apartment pretty quick.

I parked and I turned the car off.
I looked at Max who was looking at himself in the mirror, "Don't worry you still look hot." He chuckled at me,  "Maybe hotter with the black eye. Makes you look tough." He chuckled and looked away from himself and kissed my neck. I titled my head to the side, giggling as he did.
"Well come, those bags aren't going to put themselves away." I felt his breath on my neck and he moved away, "And once they're put away..." I looked at him to see him looking back at me, "We make breakfast?" I asked joking with him.
"Well what does breakfast mean to you?" I bursted out laughing and got out of the car, I quickly looked at him, "What?" He chuckled as he winked at me and I rolled my eyes. I opened the door to the back and I got out some bags leaving a few for Max.
"I'm serious though, last night was amazing for me. Wasn't it for you?"

It was... Wow. It was great, "Yeah.. It was. I especially loved the part where I couldn't walk without my legs giving out, oh loved it." I smiled at him and closed the door.
He laughed grabbing the bags too and closing the door on the opposite side. He followed behind me as we walked inside.
"It's the best part! Especially when you can't feel anything like nothing."
"That could happen?" My voice drifted as he nodded and I looked at Greg.
"Oh! Greg.. Last night. I'm sorry I was mad. I could apologise a million times. I'm really sorry." He smiled kindly at me, "It's alright. Now go on up and have your breakfast." I smiled at him and walked into the elevator.
I pressed the button to my floor, "Can we just one more time?" I looked at Max, he was really persistent with this.
"Wow, you really want us to do it again..." I felt like the bigger person, I felt equally as strong as him as if I controlled what happened now. It was a good feeling.
"It gets better, since it was your first time. It really does."

"I have to ask how many times have you had sex?" I looked at him curiously, I actually really wanted to know.
"Few times, I guess... The best one and hopefully the last one was you." He wrapped his arms around my waist with the bags hitting me gently on my legs.
He leaned his head on my neck and kissed my cheek. He was sweet, I liked hearing him say those gushy lovey dovey things. The elevator opened and we got out. I went to my door and pulled my keys out.
"Maybe after breakfast, I'll think about it." I barely put the key in and opened the door... It was already open... Someone was in here.
I walked in carefully with Max behind me and he didn't know exactly what was wrong. I set the bags on the dining table, I heard noise coming from my bedroom.
"Someone's in here." I whispered towards Max and he immediately put his guards up and walked towards my room.
"Stay here..." I was following him and he stopped me by putting his arm out.
I never listened to what people told me, Max opened the door and I still followed him.
"Zayn?" I looked at him before Max did but he heard me and looked the way I was looking.
Zayn stood by my closet and turned around as he heard me.

"What the hell are you doing here?!" Max came in front of me to face Zayn. I saw Zayn's jaw tense up and he began clutching his fists.
"What are you doing in my apartment..." I was mad that Zayn thought he could just barge in here! "Answer me!" I ordered him, raising my voice a little.
"You slept with him?" Zayn looked at me, glaring as he said it with an angry voice.
"And what if she did!" Max threatened him. "I'm asking Adriana not you... Did you sleep with him?" He looked back at me and I felt my body tense.
"Did you...?" I turned around to see Harry and I closed my eyes, opening them quickly again.
"Why do you even want to know? Why are you two even here?! You do realise I could easily call the cops for you barging into my apartment!"
I glared at Harry and then at Zayn.

"Get out, both of you."
"What happened to you?" Harry asked Max and I stopped him there.
"Nothing happened, leave. Now. I'm not joking."

"Then answer us first! Did you sleep with him! We need to know the truth. Those pictures and those rumours, tell us. Say they're lies. All of them."
Pictures? Rumours? What?

"What are you talking about? What pictures? What rumours?"
Since when did people start caring about me, I'm no one.
"The pictures of you, half naked in front of the window..."
I turned to look at Harry, "And the ones of this douche running in after you."
I looked at Zayn and back at Max, he looked just as confused as I seemed.
Someone took pictures of me looking out my window? What! Why would someone even do that? It's completely invading my privacy! Why me, I'm no one, I'm not anyone important.
"Did you have sex with this piece of..." Harry stopped himself, I looked back at him and I felt like I had a guilty look. I leaned back on my drawer and looked up to Max, hoping he would say something to make them leave.
"Why don't you check my twitter? Might answer your question"
Both of them looked at Max and quickly pulled their phones out. I looked at Max angrily. I thought he was going to tell them to leave but instead made sure they got their answer. Max... Why?
I waited for the both of them until I couldn't take it, "Okay! You need to leave, I'm not going to take this any longer! Get out." I grabbed Zayn's arm and Harry's and pulled them to leave but of course, they had their eyes glued to their phones.
Zayn completely stopped and looked at me, he saw it.
"You..." Zayn glared at me and I let go of him. "You fucking.. How could you just..." He didn't finish, he turned and went towards Max ready to punch him.
Zayn dropped his phone, not caring and put his fist in the air.
"Don't!" I yelled and ran to Zayn pulling on his arm. "Don't touch him. Don't hit him, just don't!" Zayn pushed me off and punched Max in his stomach.
I gently pushed Max back and then glanced at Zayn.
"Get the fuck out Zayn. I mean it." I looked at Harry behind him who had Zayn's phone in his hand and he looked at me.
"You really did..." I swallowed hearing the pain and the shock in Harry's voice.
"Fine... I don't even know why you had to look onto Twitter, I should have just told you. I had sex with Max, my first time too. And you know what? It was great, whatever the rumours maybe they're true. Why don't you go tell some reporters that are going to be at your hotel, tell them their true. Tell them you came into my apartment to know. I don't even care." I looked angrily at them, they had angry and shocked faces.
"You got your answer..." I felt my voice shaking and I felt like I could fall apart any second... But I managed to have a strong face.
"Fucking..." Zayn swore under his breath as he walked out of my room, I heard the door slam and I jumped as it did. Harry still looked at me and I looked away, he looked so hurt.
I felt tears form in my eyes and I managed to look back up at Harry, "Well then? You got your answer. Just leave... We obviously have nothing more to talk about."
I remembered being told that they were leaving back to London soon, "Maybe next time you come around starting your new tour, you'll be smart enough and leave me alone... Just-Just get out." I said with such a weak voice until a tear finally slipped.

"Good thing none of us are allowed to come back here then. Have fun with your beating boyfriend Adriana. I'm tired of being there, protecting you when you didn't want it... Have a fantastic life, I'm sure it's going to be much better without your best friend who just gave up on you, a friend who always listened to your problems just stopped listening, your friend who was always there for you isn't beside you anymore, a friend who you always laughed with he just stopped the joke, and two lads who were just in love with you... you know what? We just stopped, I'll see you in another fucking magazine Adriana."
With that Harry left, also slamming the door.

I felt the world shattering in front of my eyes. I breathed in hard and let tears roll down my cheeks, one by one. I cried and I went onto my bed and laid down crying onto my pillow.
"Babe..." Max put his arms around me and hugged me tight. "He's an idiot. You don't need any of them, I'm here.. I'll always be here. It's okay."

WOW. Intense chapter. I have to say I cried as I wrote Harry's part. It made my heart shatter. I hope you loved it, thank you to you lovely people for reading!

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