Fighting For Love

One Direction fanfic. 17 year old Adriana was kicked out from her house by her parents for getting into trouble. Her parents got her an apartment to help her in Chicago, since then she has been living with her best friend, Danni. When Adriana went out for a run, she had no idea what was going to happen and how much 5 boys could change her entire life, but would it be for the best or for the worst? (Trust me the story's better)


70. I'm so sorry

Niall's POV I was laying in bed, in the hotel with the lads. I just couldn't get it out of my mind, the conversation I had with Danni. I hadn't told the boys yet because I was playing out what they may say. I imagined Harry and Zayn up for it, Liam also, the only one I wondered was Louis. Either way I had to ask them, I need to go back. I feel trapped in here!  

To: Lou, Harry, Liam, Zayn 'i got a question for ya guys. come t my room i'll tell u here'

Sent at 9:33 PM  

I waited patiently and started walking in my room with my arms behind my head, what would they say?  Harry opened my door and I lifted my head. "What's going on mate?" I motioned my head to the door as in wait for the others. Louis followed by Zayn came in and Liam soon after. I shut the door as they sat on me bed. I locked the door and reached for the remote and turned the television on and turned the volume high. 

"I've got a question for you. I know it might sound crazy but listen to me alright?"

They all looked weirdly at me but nodded.  I explained everything to them, confused faces all round. 

"What'd you all say?" I asked hoping they would understand.

"Niall, how can we just leave?" Zayn first responded me, I thought for awhile.  "We have two months. I know in two months we'll still be in recording. I'm sure if we asked we could call a few days off... They won't suspect a thing."  I looked at all of them and they had doubtful looks, shit. 

"Please... Harry, Zayn. You both could fix it up with Adriana." I asked them and I heard Louis laugh.  "You think they could fix a mess like that in a few hours mate? It ain't gonna happen." I sighed and Zayn looked away biting his lip.

"I'm in then. You think I can't? Watch me." Harry announced and glared at Harry. I smiled, please god please! I just need the other three. 

"Besides what do we have to do with this? You're going to see your girlfriend, and these two are trying to get one. Liam and I are fine here." My smile faded and Liam looked back at Louis. "I don't know, I think I might like to see good old Chicago." Liam looked back at me and smiled, "And if these two can fix their problem, I want to see Adriana. And I haven't talked to Danni in awhile now..." I wanted to hug Liam right now!  "Yeah, I'll go then." Zayn told me and we all looked back at Louis.  He glanced up and shrugged, going back to his phone.

"I don't see why I should go." 

"Oh c'mon mate! You miss Adriana as much as any of us, if not more. You were best friends." Liam tried helping me out but  Louis moved his eyes staring at the lamp and shook his head and looked back down. "I don't. She was a friend, she isn't anymore. People come and go. I tried fixing up things but it clearly didn't work. I have no reason to go. I'm perfectly happy staying here with my family and Eleanor."  I grew frustrated and put my hands on my head and threw myself on the couch. 

"Louis! Just admit it! You know you're not happy. Yeah you love being here, seeing your mum and sisters and Eleanor, but you know you miss Adriana. She was a good friend to us, to you." Liam shook Louis' arm, and Zayn patted his leg.

"Come on..."  I got back up now and waited for Louis to say something. 

"No! Okay? I've told you all. I'm not going back there to be humiliated! I'm not going to put an effort while she's sitting down next to her boyfriend on her couch. And you all shouldn't either. You're wasting your time." Louis got up from the bed and walked out of the room, slamming the door.  "Louis, dammit!" I sat back down and put my hands on my head like before. Why couldn't he just say yes? I knew he was hurt but I hadn't realized this badly.   

We stayed silent, only now because Louis had been really upset. We all were upset in the beginning but we knew we had to try and Louis just.. didn't want to anymore. Harry got up fast and walked out the door. Zayn grabbed the remote and turned the television off. 

"We need Louis." Liam stated and I sighed with my hands on my mouth.   


Louis' POV

I was not going. I had a better idea than doing something so terrible! I had no reason to go, I was happy..   

'Cut the crap Louis.' I told myself and I shut my eyes, and landed on my bed, laying on my back. Of course I wanted to go! I wanted to go badly! But why should I try to even get Adriana as my 'friend' again? So she could get angry again and ditch me? That's not how it fucking works. I was mad and upset by it, Adriana was so confusing yet she meant so much to me. It felt like losing a baby sister I was always suppose to watch over because our parents were out of town. How cheesy that sounds. How perfectly it described it though. 

"I know you're still mad but can you just please tell me what the hell is going on with you?" Harry came into the room and slammed it shut. 

"What's going on with me? You're seriously asking me that?" I pulled my phone from my pocket, and turned it on. Harry then grabbed my phone and shut it off throwing it on the floor. I stood up now, pissed off more than before. 


"Get the fuck out!" I yelled shoving him towards the door.


"Do you realize what you're doing?! Since when do you ever push me?" Harry stood straight with his arms out, "What's going on Louis? You're my best mate. You told me everything, just because I said a few things that I completely regret you push me out of your life?"  I swallowed and took deep breathes trying to control myself.  "If you want me out of your life completely just say it! The doors right there bro!" Harry's voice grew louder and I huffed making an angry face. He believes I want him out of my life? Of course I don't. 

"Do you?" Harry said softly and kept his eyes on me. 

"No! Seriously what the fuck?! Don't you think I would tell you more? I can't because you have no idea." I felt like a dramatic girl at this point but I couldn't give a shit. Harry wanted to know, so I would tell him. 

"The crap you said, you knew it would piss me off! You still said it and losing Adriana too, you knew she was my best friend. I told you before I missed her, I told you I was feeling like crap. You still managed to have the guts to say that crap to me! It pisses me off Harry. I told you and you knew and you had the guts to sa-" Harry cut me off, "I was mad, what did you want m-"  

"I fucking told you!" I yelled louder than him.


He backed off and shook his head. "I'm sorry Lou. You know I am, I didn't think of what I said. We all said things we wished we didn't."  I listened to him and I remembered what I had told him...  I looked at him and he stared at me. 

"I'm in love with Adriana and I lost her, don't you think I knew?" I felt guilty at Harry's words and I knew I was being stubborn, I said things too, not only Harry.

"I'm sorry..." I spoke softly and Harry went on, "I was just so pissed off at you and everything just came out. I miss her too. I do, I really do. But do you know how much it meant to me when you said that she would never love me? That she would never care, because of that other guy? I apologized Louis, I was bummed when you felt like you had to even move rooms." He told me and he stayed silent for a minute.  

"You're doing what she did to us." 

In that moment, I looked at Harry and felt like a douche. Was that the way I worked? I didn't even realize. 

"I didn't even know... You know I'm sorry Harry. I want to blame the whole situation of before but I can't this time because I was just so mad and I took it out on you. You're my best mate and I hated yelling at you and moving out the room and shoving you just then..." I didn't know what else to say, I needed to say more but I couldn't find words. Harry was better with words, sort of hard to believe. 

"I'm sorry, I apologize for everything I said... You didn't deserve it. Please feel free to punch me whenever you like." Harry chuckled and I smiled, "For the youngest one, you're pretty brave." I patted his shoulder and Harry laughed, he went to reach for my phone and handed it to me. 

"Sorry for throwing your phone." I shrugged looking at the cracked screen. 

"Needed a new one anyways, it kept freezing on me." Harry smiled and I gave Harry a hug. Harry was a good person, he was like my brother. I felt terrible for the things I said and Harry knows that now, I felt bad for doing everything I did. It was childish and even I knew my  mum taught me better.  "Aw. Louis and Harry and friends again. How sweet." Niall came in and jumped on us and it became a group hug as Liam and Zayn later came in and we ended up falling down. 

"Agh!" Harry yelled and we all stood up and pretended to beat him up and he curled into a ball. I helped him up and we all ran into the game room and played Mario Kart.  This was fun, this time my smile wasn't fake... The only times I didn't pretend was around my family and Eleanor because they made me unbelievably happy and now, I had my four best mates back. 

"You know what Niall? I'll take you up on that offer of yours." I smiled and I looked back at Harry, he smiled at me gratefully.  I hoped things would stay good, I just really needed it.  


Danni's POV

"They said yes, they said yes! Danni!" I dropped my phone on my bed and felt my heart racing. I quickly picked it up, "No! Niall, what did I tell you! This is a huge deal and I don't want to be the cause of it, please Niall!" I begged as much as I wanted to see him, again I couldn't let them do this! 

"Baby, everything is going to be set. We'll be quick getting there and no one will even realize. We'll leave the next day and go back and say we stayed at another hotel and apologize and we'll be fine and only us will know that we had the night of our lives." He sounded so persuasive and I badly wanted to give in... 

"Niall..." I thought about it... 

"Please babe... I just need you to agree. Don't you want to see me?"  I immediately responded with a yes, "I do... God.. Okay! Okay.. Fine. Please just promise me you will not be caught."  "Yes! I promise you honey! It's a smooth plan, nothing can ruin it. I love you so much! What are you dressing as, we could match, be one of those couples." I knew if he was in front of me he would be winking. 

"I'm just wearing a pretty dress... No one in particular." I smiled and bit my lip.  "I can't wait to see you.." I blushed, good he wasn't here. 

"I love you." I whispered to him, tiredly. It was 6 in the morning, Niall had forgotten we were in different timezones. But he was doing better than before, he had called at 3 AM and then sent me a text saying 'Sorry babe I forgot it's like 3 over there! Ha!'  "You tired?" I yawned quickly and pushed it away, "A bit... Do you have any ideas of what you might come dressed as?"  "No a clue. But when I find out I'll let you know. I'll call you later sweetheart, love you." His voice was deep when he was tired and got raspy and I nearly passed out, it was so.. Ah.

"Bye Niall, I love you too." I laughed and pulled the phone away from my ear and hung up.   

From: Niall

'ya hung up :( ya know what i realised it's about 6 in the morning, sorry again :D love you a lot' 

Sent at 6:22 AM 

I laughed quietly and responded quickly. 

To: Niall

'i thought we finished haha sorry ;) & u just realized hmm.. bye cutie i love you'

Sent at 6:22 AM  

I turned off my phone and closed my eyes hoping I could sleep longer.


Hope you all love it! By the way I posted something exciting -I hope- on my mumbles <3 

So I said before I'll be doing a contest, I just have been asked a few times and I've seen other writers do this so why not? I can't say too much but you will be a girlfriend for a special boy, I just need one lucky girl. So below in the comments let me know your appearance, personality, and why I should pick you.

Please don't let this be a contest where no one enters, yeah? Don't be shy. I love you guys! Thanks! -Bella

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