Fighting For Love

One Direction fanfic. 17 year old Adriana was kicked out from her house by her parents for getting into trouble. Her parents got her an apartment to help her in Chicago, since then she has been living with her best friend, Danni. When Adriana went out for a run, she had no idea what was going to happen and how much 5 boys could change her entire life, but would it be for the best or for the worst? (Trust me the story's better)


14. "I love you guys."

Adriana's POV

Why were they telling me this now?! My heart sank, they were practically the only people I trusted other than Danni. And I wasn't going to be able to have fun with them anymore...

"Adriana are you ok love?" I looked to Zayn.

"I... W-Why.." I took a breath. I had to let them know I'm fine... Even though I wasn't.

"Well.. Um.. Good luck. I'll miss all of you..." I felt like I was going to cry but I held it in.

"Danni.. Maybe.. We should go." I knew she saw the pain in my eyes. She could always tell when I wasn't ok.

"Yeah.." I was about to start walking until Zayn grab my arm.

"Can we at least get a last hug?" Why... This was just killing me... I nodded though and gave Zayn a hug.

Then I gave Liam a hug, no wonder he was hugging me before for no reason.  Louis gave me a hug around my head like he always did.

I saw Niall and hugged him, his hug was going hurt me so bad... He dug his head into my neck and that's what hurt me and not in a bad way but just knowing that I wouldn't ever get another Horan hug...

I closed my eyes and then I looked up to see Harry. I saw Harry and I hugged him. I felt a tear roll down my cheek, I dug my head into his chest hoping he wouldn't be able to tell I had tears.

He laid his head on mine and it took awhile before I let go. I nodded my head and turned away from them and walked away. I saw Niall still hugging Danni but I just had to go. I ignored them and walked past them. I felt everyone staring at me.

I was practically crying now as I walked to the exit. I didn't care... I just wanted to leave.

"Adriana!" It was Danni I could hear her running after me. I stopped as she caught up.

"Please Danni.. I- I just want to leave."

Danni nodded her head and we were outside heading for the car.

"Wait!" What now!? I turned around to see Harry running to us. He couldn't see me like this..

I kept walking as we got in the car. I closed the car door and saw Harry at the window.

Now I knew...

"Hold on Danni."  

I opened the car door...



"I like you Adriana and ..."  I kissed Harry. He put his arms on my waist and I wrapped my arms around his neck. I knew I had to do this... It was awhile after we stopped.

"Is that how it feels like.." He smiled at me. I laughed as he started kissing me again. After awhile I pulled away and I was still in tears.

"I won't change either. Please promise me you'll never forget me... I know you won't be back for a long time."

He shook his head.

"You? It's impossible to forget you." I kissed Harry and I opened my eyes quickly to see Liam, Louis, Niall, and...


Niall was smiling and so was Liam. "You go Hazza!!" Louis yelled I smiled between our kiss, so did Harry.

We stopped again and our noses were touching.

I looked over to Zayn, he had a sad face but put on a fake smile to me. Zayn...

"Harry.. Don't hate me alright? I know Zayn's been waiting for me to do this for awhile. Just know your the one I like."

Harry nodded his head and I ran to Zayn.

"Zayn, I'm sorry.... I like Harry. I know you've been waiting for me to do this though, so...."

I kissed Zayn and he kissed me back. He put his hands on my back and practically took over. He leaned forward and I leaned backwards. We both pulled away.

He was shocked, I smiled at him and kissed his cheek.

"None of you.. Never forget me. I know I won't forget any of you." I saw Danni's car pull up,

"I love you guys." I got into the car and saw Harry smiling at me. It hurt so much that I wasn't going to be able to see him anymore. Or any of them... Tears rolled down my cheeks, as Danni took a turn and I saw the group of girls surrounding them again...

Harry's POV


When Adriana hugged me, I couldn't let that be the last hug. She put her head on my chest, I laid my head on hers. I closed my eyes... I didn't want this moment to ever end. Until she let go... I saw her crying as she quickly turned her head and left.

She passed by Niall and Danni I knew she was really sad then...

"She hates us doesn't she..." Zayn said as he looked down.

"I'm not letting her leave like this... Not her remembering us like this... At least not me."

I ran after her, I'm not letting Adriana go... I saw Danni caught up to her,

"Wait!" I yelled to them. I just saw Adriana turn around, she was full of tears... It hurts to know that she's ever cried, and knowing this time is was all of our fault. I was outside and I got to the car they were in. I was knocking on the window anything to get her to come out...

She looked at me, and opened the car door,

"I like you Adriana and..."

She started kissing me.... I wasn't going to question it.

It felt right, like we should have done this. I wonder if that's how she feels when I've surprised kissed her...

"Is that how it feels?" She started laughing, she was happy... I kissed her again, I can't help myself. She pulled away,

"I won't change either. Please promise me you'll never forget me... I know you won't be back for a long time."

It would be impossible to forget Adriana, I knew she was the one I wouldn't want to lose....

"You? It would be impossible to forget you." She started kissing me again, then I heard Louis yell,

"You go Hazza!!" I felt her smiling and I started smiling too.

Thanks Louis, thanks a lot... We both pulled away,  

I knew she was looking at Zayn... "Harry.. Don't hate me alright? I know Zayn's been waiting for me to do this for awhile. Just know your the one I like."

She likes me........... SHE LIKES ME BACK!

I knew she was going to kiss him, but she was mine and Zayn wasn't going to take her away from me. I nodded my head. She kissed Zayn and he looked like he was enjoying it... I shook it off.

"Harry, you better treat Adriana right? You're a lucky guy."

I looked over to Danni who was smiling.

"Dont worry, Danni." I walked back next to them and Danni pulled up for Adriana.

"I love you guys." She got in the car and they drove off..

Then I remembered, wait.... I was leaving. I wasn't going to be here anymore.

I pretty much just kissed the girl of my dreams, and we could be dating... But I was leaving, never seeing her again...

I looked up to Danni's car taking a turn then the fans saw us and came after us.


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