Fighting For Love

One Direction fanfic. 17 year old Adriana was kicked out from her house by her parents for getting into trouble. Her parents got her an apartment to help her in Chicago, since then she has been living with her best friend, Danni. When Adriana went out for a run, she had no idea what was going to happen and how much 5 boys could change her entire life, but would it be for the best or for the worst? (Trust me the story's better)


66. I like her

Zayn's POV "So you admit having a bit of a crush on her?"  "I mean I don't like to lie, our fans know everything about us and there is no point in really hiding something like this." I bit my lower lip, I was finally telling the world. It wasn't such a big thing but I didn't want to keep it hidden anymore really.  "What do you think about all this?" He looked at Louis, "I mean it's Zayn's choice to let you know this about himself, I have no part in it since that's his own decision." Louis didn't look at me.  The man looked at the rest of them, "Like Louis said its his own decision and I respect it."  Liam told us, "Yeah, I agree with both of them." Niall said shrugging. "The thing is I don't see why it's such a big thing. We all have our crushes, our loved ones. What's so big about it?"  Harry chuckled, he was the only one who looked at me, he didn't want to tell anyone about it well his part. He didn't want me to tell anyone about my part, he was mad I had told them I think, was he was jealous that I was willing to say it? "Well it isn't a big deal, it's just that... If this is not too bad to say you had your own crush I could say on this girl too." There it was.  Harry shrugged, "I did. I mean she's a lovely girl, I'm not- shocked that someone may have a bit of a liking to her. She's great."  "So this doesn't bother you the slightest?"  Of course it bothers him but he wouldn't admit it. He shook his head, "No."  "Well then I think that's all we've needed for today thank you for coming! I hope to see you soon, as for you Zayn. I hope you get your girl." I nodded and smiled towards him as I walked off the set.   "You're going to get your head beaten into a raisin mate." Louis told me laughing, as I looked at Harry who walked off the set and out the doors.    Harry's POV I wasn't mad, I was frustrated yes that. I knew one day we would have to have this sort of conversation with an interviewer but I just expected it to be later on. I can't be mad at Zayn, he's my friend, a brother to me. I have been angry many times at him, I just feel like I should stop. It wasn't good for anyone it wasn't good for the sake of the band.  I really care about Adriana and I want to make everything work, I would find a way but right now I needed to focus on what I should be doing, like my mum said I had to be under control.  The scolding I'd gotten from Gemma and mum helped and made me realise if I really love Adriana I had to wait. That's exactly what I would do, wait for the perfect time.  I was outside and I waved at the fans, "Hello!" I smiled and covered my eyes from the blaring sun. I laughed when they screamed, it wasn't a noise I was adjusted to but somehow it was nice to know they were there, almost a comforting feeling.  "Are you on your way to leave?" The guard next to me asked, "Yeah, is that alright?" I asked because I wasn't sure if we were done here, I assumed we were though. "That's fine I suppose." I waved good bye to the fans again and walked to my car.   Adriana's POV I was left with Max after Tony decided he'd see me some other time. "What did I do?" I asked Max questionably. He was mad at me and I had no idea why. I remembered that I was at the mall and I talked to a few people and I met up with David and that's it. Tony caught me up with saying I was surrounded by a whole bunch of people, which was the reason I had fainted or gone unconscious still not sure which one it was, but not much else. Oh and people, more people, now hated me and were telling me to die more than ever now... Seriously what the hell! "Nothin'" Was all Max said before he put his head on his knuckles and started watching the tv. "Uh yes, something's up. Why do you hate me now?"  I was being annoying, I know but I was going to find out what I did.  "I don't.. Hate you."  I sighed and stood up in front of Max with my hands on my hips. "What the hell did I do and why are you pissed off about it? I want to know right now."  I looked at him strictly, I wanted to know. "What the hell did you do? So you can seriously tell me you don't remember screaming, 'Harry!'," He mocked me with a high pitch voice, "And to make things even better, people with cameras were all around you, hearing you. I was right there Adriana... You chose to scream out for someone who told you off like what a week ago? I... I don't want to fight with you but at this point Adriana if you still have some feelings for him then just tell me so we could end things right now." I was lost with what he had all just said, but it hurt me so much. "Why are you jealous about it?" He stayed silent. "You know either way if he was there he wouldn't have helped you. You know that as soon as you hit the ground I was there to carry you out and run. Oh yeah, one last thing ya should know" He chuckled, "Apparently Zayn has this crush on you and admitted it a few thousand people, I mean whatever right? Not like you have a boyfriend or anything."  Max got up from the couch and started walking towards the door. "Where do you think you're going?" He just expected to walk out like that? Without talking about it just expecting that this was all done with and tomorrow he'd come and see me like nothing had happened?  "I told you, I don't want to fight with you. And when I asked you if you still had feelings for him you didn't say anything so I'm just going to take it as a yes-"  "And what makes you assume that I have feelings for him? I called out his name, I was confused I could have easily mixed your name with him!" I lied. I knew I did it on purpose but either way it did not mean I had any feelings towards him. Right? He looked disappointed in me and I only felt guilty.  "I just don't want to be arguing with you all the time and leaving you alone like this."  "Then don't leave, stay here..." I was practically begging, apart of me didn't want him to leave and the other side wanted him gone forever but I wasn't going to tell myself that. He hesitated coming back to me or walking out the door, "I'll stay.. But" He walked in front of me and looked straight into my eyes, "Are you hiding something from me?"  I looked down and began shaking my head, no.  "I'm an open book." I glanced back up at Max and he had a soft look. "Okay then." He pulled me into his arms and I had my lips pressed on his warm skin, and he rubbed my back.  I took slow breathes as he did. All I thought was why did I lie, why.. Life would be so much easier if I just bothered to say the truth. But I felt if I ever said anything to Max that something bad would happen and something about him terrified me. "You know you scare me?" Max laughed and pulled me away still holding my shoulders. He smiled as he titled his head looking at me, "Why?"  "I don't know." I spoke softly and he let go of me. "As long as its only me you have nothing to ever be scared of."  My heart raced, I was scared hearing him, I couldn't do anything  he was this... This monster that was hidden with a face and a body. And I was in love with him no matter how much he ever hurt me, I always came back. Always.     You know what I just realised ? I am terrible with comments that say 'advice' like its... I get frustrated. But it's good to get them because I know what I could do. I feel like you guys really are holding back though. Please be honest with me. BUT FIRST. I'm getting there, the end is almost here. I have it planned out, just typing like I said. Remember I can't please everyone so... But please comment anything rude like 'this sucks.' Will be deleted I mean helpful advice yes? Okay guys, love ya bunches. Stay safe !


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