Fighting For Love

One Direction fanfic. 17 year old Adriana was kicked out from her house by her parents for getting into trouble. Her parents got her an apartment to help her in Chicago, since then she has been living with her best friend, Danni. When Adriana went out for a run, she had no idea what was going to happen and how much 5 boys could change her entire life, but would it be for the best or for the worst? (Trust me the story's better)


45. I don't know.

Zayn's POV   Everything that hurts happens to me, first I got slapped now I got bit.. I just wanted to talk to her, it was obvious Adriana wanted nothing to do with me. I saw her run out to Max, he couldn't protect her, I could though. I knew I could.  I was holding in the pain of the bite Adriana gave me on my hand, it hurt so bad. I deserved it though, I should have let her go instead of grabbing her and holding my hand to her mouth. I only did it because maybe then she would speak to me. 

I wanted to apologise to her, hug her, promise to never do it again, and just tell her that..  I'm in love with you, Adriana Gomez. I wanted to be able to say that to her constantly and hold her in my arms, get goodnight messages from her, or even better waking up next her, every morning. I saw we walk away from me, I saw the way Max held her close... He was lucky, lucky he had a girl like Adriana. I was completely in love with her but it seems like she'd never find out.  It was silly of me to believe that I would ever have a chance...

It was silly that I dreamt of us together, calling her 'Mrs. Malik'..  They seemed silly now though, but before it felt like I was so close..    "Zayn! We're heading back to the hotel." I nodded at Louis, we were off to California for a interview and in a week we were leaving back to London. Hopefully just.. Hopefully we could come back later on.    


Adriana's POV  

Next Day...  Opening my eyes to an empty room, "Max?" I reach my arm across the bed, he wasn't there.  I sighed, he was never here in the mornings, I knew he fell asleep next to me.  I was wearing the same clothes from yesterday so I changed into gray shorts and a black tank top. I checked my phone and I had a text from Max.

  From: Max

'Left to bball, love ya babe. Happy 10 months I got a surprise for you. I love you so much.'

Sent at 7:46 AM  

I smiled at myself, I think I was blushing too! I was so anxious for tonight now, it was 9 AM now so maybe he would come soon.  

To: Max

'Hope you won, dont you always though ;) & Aww ! You remembered, Happy 10 Months love. I can't believe you planned something, haha. I can't wait for it, especially seeing you.'

Sent at 9:12 AM  

I turned on my TV and began watching it. I went to E ! Since I needed to catch up on celebrities, like whether or not Kourtney would forgive Scott.. I laughed at myself, and clicked the channel.

  "We caught up with Rihanna yesterday, in her beautiful gown for the awards last night.." They showed Rihanna wearing a long red dress, it was beautiful! 

After about ten minutes about the winners they eventually said 'One Direction'.. Obviously. 

"Who is this young lady we have here? Mr. Malik... The girls just adore you? Don't they...?" Wow, please. I rolled my eyes and saw Zayn laugh and smile, "That's Adriana.. And actually she ran away from me, so no.. I don't think she's interested." Zayn flashed his big eyes at the interviewer and smiled. 

"Ah, Adriana.. She seemed to have a relationship with one of you boys... Harry?" She pointed to Harry, and smiled big.   

Harry blushed, "No.. We were in no relationship we just got on really well. We hardly.. Um, ever talk now.. Actually."  The interviewer made puppy eyes at Harry, "That's sad to hear, you all were very good friends with her weren't you? Especially Louis, am I right?" Louis made a sad face and nodded, he tried to put a smile.. But even I knew it was fake.   

"Yeah." Was all Louis managed to say.  

"She was really nice and sweet, she still is. We really miss seeing her. She was always so hyped up." Liam laughed and Niall continued on for him, "Yeah, actually me and Adri would be the loudest ones laughing.."  Harry chuckled, "It was so hilarious! You would just look at them and they'd both laugh so loud." He did his smile with his dimple showing, "It was really funny. She would even lose her voice, like no noise came out." Zayn smiled big and laughed with the rest of them except Louis who just made a faint smile.  

"It seems like you had a lot of fun with Adri... I see as her nickname now, Niall. I hope you talk to her soon. How was last night boys!! You won all the awards you were nominated for! Congratulations!" 

They all cheered, "Woohoo!" Harry did a little cheer dance and Louis put his hands in the hair like Niall and Liam.  "It's all thanks to the fans really. We wouldn't be here without them. We owe it to em." Niall said. They all agreed and the interviewer said bye to them.    "I had a great conversation with them, obviously" she laughed, "I hope Adri, will find them and talk to them."  "Why would I bother?" I found myself talking to the TV, where has my life come to..  "She must be insane if she doesn't want to see or talk to them, I mean look at them! They're perfection, Adriana you must be an idiot if you don't want to!"   


Did she just call my insane and an idiot?  I pulled out my phone since it was my first thought, and went onto twitter.  

'How lovely to be called insane & an idiot, on public TV @ENews'  

I rolled my eyes & everyone on my mentions were retweeting, favoriting & saying 'You're not an idiot!' Or 'Well you are for not spending time with the boys..'  Most of them were like that..   I kept reading and I scrolled up to see a reply from them..  

'@ENews: Many apologizes @Adri1995 , we'll watch our words next time ;)'   

"Sure you will." I retweeted it and got up to serve myself some food.  I grabbed a bowl and poured some Frosted Flakes and added milk.  I sat back down on my couch and saw my phone light up again. 

  From: Max 'We always win! 89-56, impressive I know. I won't be going back since I'll be gettin ready for your surprise.'

Sent at 9:34 AM

  A day without Max, this should be... Quiet..   

Louis' POV

  "Eleanor, I just don't know. I miss her. I need you to be here to help me, babe."  "I wish I could be there, but I'm at school.. I hate to hear you so sad. But on the bright side you still have Harry, Liam, Zayn, and Niall..." 

I sighed, it just wasn't the same without Ri-Ri.. "It's not the same anymore. Everything is so much quieter and a bit useless... I hate to make this about Adriana.. I really miss you El.." 

I heard her tearing up, but she giggled, "It's alright, she's your best friend.. I completely understand. I don't know where I'd be without.. Danielle for instance, I love her to death! It's alright Louis, it's okay to miss her. I miss you too, maybe soon I'll be there.. With you. And we could spend it together." I smiled, she always knew how to make me smile. 

"Thanks.. This is why I love you! You always know how to bring a smile on my face, even though you can't see it..." I chuckled, "How's school been? No bodies hitting on you right?" I asked protectively, I heard her laugh, "No, Louis. It's been lovely! I absolutely love politics!" I laughed, "Aren't you a smarty pants? Oh! If a boy ever does, just tell them your boyfriend could beat them up alright?" She laughed and I smiled hearing her laugh, she was so cute. 

"Alright Lou. I love you and I can't wait to see you, I have to go now. I need to rest.. Bye Louis." 

"Bye Eleanor, I love you too." I hung up and wished I could continue to talk to her.

She was so helpful and so sweet and perfect, I told her at five months that I was in love with her, that's how fast I fell for her.. And the best part was she told me that she loved me back.  I was back to Adriana in my thought again, how could she just easily forget us.. Is it that simple to let go of someone you cared a lot for? Or what if she never even cared.. What if she only cared that we were 'famous' or ..  

Stop Louis. 

  Don't think about it... Of course she cared for us, she loved us or she wouldn't have spent all that time with us, we loved her too.. It was so weird how everything was.. How quiet and like I said useless everything was, I hated it. Ri-Ri and I use to bring the party, now without her I don't feel like I need to.. But I'm trying hard to do it like before with the rest of the lads.. But since I met Ri-Ri we became so close, and we had so much fun I had no idea how I did it before without her! 

I missed Ri-Ri a lot and I know I could go just go into a cab and go to her apartment and demand to talk to her but since I could see from Zayn's experience it didn't work out so well. I didn't want to demand to talk to her I wanted it to be like I could just go to her apartment and see her waiting on her couch with a smile watching the telly, and we could both just sit down and make fun of what we saw or laugh at the cartoons and shows..  I hate how by one secret we kept this all changed.   

"Louis!" I turned around the look at the door, "Yeah?" Liam had a sad face at me.  "Is there something up with you? You've been... Quiet. It's not like you." I sighed and got up to be sitting on my bed.    "Nothing's wrong.."  Liam sighed and entered the room and sat on Harrys bed.

"This isn't like you Lou, sitting around by yourself, not being loud, you aren't buzzing! I know something's wrong..."    Damn he was good, but I'm pretty sure a lot of other people noticed..    "I don't know Liam.. I just don't feel like doing anything. Like it's not worth doing it, pointless really."  Liam gave me wide eyes, "Woah, what do mean? Pointless? Like singing and performing.."

I shook my head, "No.. No, not that. I love singing and performing, I love it. I mean things like.. I don't know, like rubbish things. Like right now going into Niall's bed and attacking him. I just, I dont feel like it." Liam laughed, "Well you still think about it. Is this because of Adriana? Lou, things happen, I miss her too. Like crazy! But I just don't know, I don't know how to get her back so we could all be great friends.." I nodded my head, this was exactly what I'm going through, I don't know what to do to make everything up. 

"I don't either and that's what's bugging me. I wanna go to her apartment and expect Ri-Ri sitting on her couch, watching the telly. I want things to go to the way they were."    Even I knew that things like that don't always come true. I continued on, "When you started talking about her and all the fun times, I just felt, like.. I don't know how to explain it. Empty I guess.." I felt so low right now, was it odd that I'm starting to get use to it though? I just wanted to hug my best friend again. "It's tough Louis. Things are going to get better. They always do, we wouldn't be in a band if things didn't get better... Can you at least smile to show me you're going to get better?"

I looked at the ground for awhile and then looked at Liam and smiled.  He laughed and started walking towards the door, "Im pretty sure we aren't the only ones who miss Adriana too.." I nodded and I thought of Harry, Niall, and Zayn. I blew air into my hands that covered my mouth, things are going to better... 


That night I was having a hard time sleeping and I looked over to Harry and he kept moving around too. I turned to one side and started to hope everything turned out well.  


"Hey Mike... If that's okay if I call you that.. Um But, I just.. I don't know what happened with Adriana.. I miss her and she won't bother to say a word to me or any of us.. I'm... I'm crazy about your daughter, and I just want her back. I can't sleep at night and I have no idea how Louis' sleeping right now, it's been for awhile now. At first I didn't know why, then when it was right in front of my face.. At the beach, it was Adriana. I tried hard Mike.. Er.. sir.. But I'm sure you know what happened to Zayn. Anyways, I tried hard to smile and show everyone I'm okay but it's so hard, acting as if it doesn't bother me that the girl I'm in love with doesn't speak to me and acts as if she doesn't even know I exist." 

I can't believe Harry was saying all of this, I acted as if I was still sleeping although I was wide awake now.   


"I love Adriana. I'm sure she's pretty happy with Max though. But let me ask you, what's this lad hiding? He seems too.. Too easy. You could tell by the way he acts he has something hiding. I don't know if Louis, or Liam, or Niall or even Zayn notice it too. But I'm guessing you would. Please help me if you can.. Help me get my girl back and help everything be right. Or if Adriana being with Max is right then so be it. Just lead me a way to finding some hope somewhere... Please."   

He finished off and I could hear him tearing up. Harry was really in love with Adriana.  When he said that something was strange about Max, I completely agreed! I thought I was the only one but I guess not. I would find out no matter what it takes..

I had too.  


  Sorry for keeping you waiting! I'm just bummed out.. My brother left to Mexico on a winter vacation and isn't coming back in a month.. Me & my brother are super close.. To be honest, I wouldn't be alive without him. I've cried so much and he left this morning -12-8-12- at 5 AM.It hurts really bad. Anyways.. THANK YOU. FOR BEING SUCH PERFECT PEOPLE. I love being able to post for you all & know that there are people that are waiting & expecting a new chapter. Thank you so much !Keep commenting your thoughts & please, please no rude comments to any of the boys &/or other people. Thank you !

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