Fighting For Love

One Direction fanfic. 17 year old Adriana was kicked out from her house by her parents for getting into trouble. Her parents got her an apartment to help her in Chicago, since then she has been living with her best friend, Danni. When Adriana went out for a run, she had no idea what was going to happen and how much 5 boys could change her entire life, but would it be for the best or for the worst? (Trust me the story's better)


11. He didn't...

Harry's POV

I walked into Adriana's room slowly. Adriana..?

She was on the ground wrapped in the blanket. It looked like she was naked...

"Adriana?!" Louis ran to her and shook her.

"Huh..." She was waking up but looked tired. I walked to her and went on my knees to be able to see her. I moved her hair out of her face and when I moved it on her neck was a hickey. What was going on with Adriana...

"Are you ok? Why are you on the ground?" She slowly got up and had the blanket covering her and she looked around.

"I'm fine... I must've fallen off my bed. What time is it?" I was looking at her neck. Then I remembered Zayn had his clothes ripped and his hair was everywhere... He didn't.

"It's 11 AM.... Why are you naked?" Louis was obviously worried since he kept asking her questions. She couldn't have... What about Leo? Adriana wouldn't do that.

"Was Zayn here last night?" Louis looked up to me and he knew what I was thinking.

"Um.. Yeah. Can you guys like leave so I could get dressed?" We both nodded our heads and walked out of her room.

"You don't think her and Zayn actually..." I had to ask Louis... I was pretty mad that it even could have happened. I really wanted to punch Zayn.

"Hey guys." Adriana walked out from her room.

"I need to ask. Did you and Zayn.. You know..." She looked at us with wide eyes. I wasn't going to actually say it. It would be awkward.

"Did me and Zayn, what?" How was she not getting this?

"Did you and Zayn....." I kept making eye contact, I didn't know how to say it to her!

Louis kept staring at both of us "Did you..." Was all I could say.

"For the love of... Did you and Zayn have sex?!"

Woah. I could feel the awkwardness. She looked at us like we were crazy, then her thoughts just seem to run off.

"I... I don't think we did... He was here."

Zayn's POV

I got back to the lads in the morning. Before I did go, I woke up on Adriana's couch. I got up and went to the bathroom, my shirt got stuck in the door and ripped a little. Oh well..

I looked into the mirror, my hair was a mess, I was too tired to care. Yesterday Adriana and me kissed, she kissed me back after I went to her neck but she pulled away because she knew it was right. I knew it wasn't either but she was just so beautiful and I couldn't help myself.

I apologized to her and I was worried if something else happened to Adriana so I stayed on her couch, while she went to bed.

Now.. I had to leave before someone spots me here. I walked out her door and as I made my way to my car paparazzi took pictures of me. I just kept walking to my car and got in and drove away. 

After twenty minutes I was back with the lads. Harry and Louis were awake watching the telly. "Woah, what happened to you?" They started laughing. I just smiled and told them, "Nothing, just.. nothing."

I went to my room and took a quick nap until Liam woke me up.

"Zayn! Time to wake up and get ready! We're going on a boat ride." I was tired but I had to get up.

I quickly ate cereal and back to my room to change. When I did, I grabbed everything I needed and saw Niall and Liam waiting for me.

"You take forever!" Niall started eating a candy bar and went to the door. We walked out and fans were there, waving and screaming.

"NIALL! LIAM! ZAYN! I LOVE YOU! SIGN THIS? CAN I HAVE A PICTURE?!" We took a few pictures and signed a few posters then we left.

We got to some boat place and we saw Louis and Harry standing there in their trunks, waiting for us.

When we all got on the boat we changed into our trunks. I couldn't help but stare at Adriana standing next to Louis and Harry. Once we were on the boat I saw Harry come back with Adriana. He pulled her up on board and Harry held her by her waist. "Hi Niall! Hi Liam! Zayn, hi!"

She smiled at us and hugged all of us. She gave me an awkward look and looked back at Harry. "Ok! Let's get going!"

He clapped his hands and Louis went to go steer the boat. After ten minutes we were in the middle of the ocean. I couldn't swim so I wasn't going to jump in. Before I knew it, Louis was already in the water swimming around. Then Harry jumped in, maybe I should go talk to Adriana. I turned and saw she was laying down only in her bikini. I couldnt help but stare, until she looked up at me. "Can I help you...?" She took off her sunglasses and chuckled. "Uh.. Sorry. So why aren't you swimming with the lads?" I looked at her and kept staring. "I will just wanna tan... Why do you wanna go in the water too?" I shook my head,

"No! I can't swim." "Really? Want me to teach you!" Was she offering to actually teach me how to swim? I never thought about it... I took her sunglasses from her, and put them on. "I don't know... But fine." She smiled and got up and took my hand. Adriana's POV I offered Zayn if I could teach him how to swim, and he said sure. I was really happy when he said yes, I got up and grabbed his hand and headed towards the water. "Zayn! You're going to swim?" Harry yelled out. "Come on, mate!" Liam started yelling too. "Come on Zayn." I told him still grabbing his hand. I was on the little stairs that leads to the water. I had my feet in the water still on the stairs. Zayn had his feet in the water too, I got my whole body inside and then I had Zayn's hand as he slipped into the water. His whole entire body was in the water and I pulled him up gently. "Are you ok? I'm sorry..." He smiled at me, he was fine. I was still holding him the only way his head was above water. "Kick with your feet..., not like that!" He was kicking my feet in the water. I started laughing. "Gently and lightly..... Like that!" He was kicking normally now, and I let go without him noticing and he was swimming by himself. That was pretty quick. "Ok, don't let go! I'm just starting..." I guess he still didn't realize I've let go.

"Zayn... Zayn! I already let go." He looked at my hands and he started smiling. "I'm actually swimming! Kind of..." I helped him learn to swim short and long distance in less than two hours. He was a quick learner, I thought.

I started smiling. "Come on! Let's just relax now!" I yelled to him, he looked like he was having fun but he nodded his head, and headed for those small stairs. I followed him and soon we were back on the boat. "Look at the two love birds! Finally back from swimming, eh?" Louis yelled at us then smiled. I layed down on a chair and so did Zayn. "That was the best time of my life! Thank you, Adriana." He was looking at me and smiling. "Zayn, it was just swimming. It's no problem!" I smiled back at him, then Harry came and sat at by my feet. "Like the ride so far?" Zayn's smile faded and I looked to Harry, "Best time ever." I was only spending it with Zayn. I was starting to like him more and more. I still had feelings for Leo and Harry. I liked Niall, but I never really got to talk to him much... "Good, now come on. You've spent this time all with Zayn, I want a turn." Harry took my hand and Zayn nodded as I got up to go with Harry. "Go... I'll be fine." I turned to Zayn who was smiling and closed his eyes. "Ok, I'll be back!" I followed Harry as he took me inside of the boat. "I made us sandwiches! Hurry before I have to make Niall some..." He started smiling and handed me a sandwich. I took a bite and it was delicious! This was a different type of sandwich, nothing of what I've had before... "What is in this?! It's delicious!" I took another bite, and he started smiling... He took a bite of his sandwich and swallowed. "I have a secret ingredenit... I'm only going to tell you though." I nodded, "It's nutella." I always hated nutella for the taste but in a sandwich, it was perfect! I started smiling, "Nutella? I've never liked it... But this is delicious!" He smiled at my complement. We both finished our sandwiches and started talking,

"So... Whats with you and Zayn?" Me and Zayn? "Um, we're friends... If thats what you're asking." He smiled and shook his head. "I mean like have you asked him yet... About what happened last night." Oh! That... I was positive that nothing happened. In the morning I wasn't thinking straight... I was naked but I guess I couldn't get comfortable so I took my clothes off. "No... Nothing happened I'm sure. I was just naked, to be comfortable." I started blushing as he started chuckling. "You sleep naked?" Why did I tell him.... It felt like my cheeks were burning. "Ok... Sometimes I do. It doesn't matter! I sleep how I want to sleep." I smiled at him. "It's ok, I do too. Its just more comfortable."

I can't believe we were actually talking about this. I started laughing and so did Harry. "So, have I told you yet about me and Leo?" I should tell him, why just hide it... "No, what happened...?" He looked at me. "Um... We broke up. He's... He was over protective you could say. I don't want someone like that, I'm only 17. I don't want anyone holding me back." And Leo wasn't about to do that to me. I like him but it wouldn't be worth it. Harry kept looking at me... Did I say something wrong?

I was going to say something else before he grabbed my shoulders and started kissing me. What was with everyone kissing me for no reason! He put his hands on my face and I pulled away. "Harry what are you doing?!" I gave him a serious look. I can't believe he just kissed me! "I've been waiting for a while to do that, Adriana. I like you. When you tell me you aren't with anyone... I'm sorry." He looked down at the ground. I felt bad, I mean I'm still mad for him kissing me after telling him Leo and I broke up....... Did he just say he likes me. I froze for a second. "Adriana.. I'm sorry. I shouldn't have kissed you." He grabbed my hands and kept apologizing. I was just frozen. I liked Harry and he just told me he likes me back. What about Zayn... and Leo. I don't know what to do. I was frozen until Harry starred at me and left.

Why were they all doing this to me... I closed my eyes and took in a quick breath. I walked outside and looked around. The sun was shining on my face, I looked to the sun and hid my face from the sun. "Adriana!" I turned my head and it was Liam. Good, I smiled at him and walked over to him. I kept staring around to see if Zayn or Harry was nearby. They weren't, "Hey, someone you're trying to find?" I looked at Liam and shook my head. "No... Just looking more around. Uh.. So..." I sat down on a chair next to him. I looked behind and I saw a man taking pictures, I looked away and looked down. "It's ok, just the paparatzii. Ignore them. So, what happened? Harry walked out pretty... sad." I moved my hair to one side and sighed. "I told him, I broke up with Leo and he kissed me... He also told me he liked me." I shook my head. "And I like him but I also like Zayn and Leo." Liam looked at me with his mouth open. "Why are girls so... complex? I'm sorry... I'm being rude.... But you are my friend and I'm telling, you....You have to get your thoughts together!" It's exactly what Louis told me, I knew I did I just never bothered since I was sure I wanted to be with Leo. I guess I was wrong though...

















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