Fighting For Love

One Direction fanfic. 17 year old Adriana was kicked out from her house by her parents for getting into trouble. Her parents got her an apartment to help her in Chicago, since then she has been living with her best friend, Danni. When Adriana went out for a run, she had no idea what was going to happen and how much 5 boys could change her entire life, but would it be for the best or for the worst? (Trust me the story's better)


52. Good laugh

Louis' POV
She always does this! I have a great mood then it lowers, she's the reason for both too. I have a week to fix things so I could leave to London knowing Adriana's my best friend again. I don't think it was possible though. Well, even though it doesn't seem good right now she did talk to us.
"She just left and I miss her." Liam sighed and I chuckled, "At least your girlfriend is here." I saw a smile appear on his face as I reminded him. I hoped Eleanor could have came with Danielle, she always worked so hard when I was gone but when I came back she cooled off a bit so she could spend time with me, friends, and family.
To: El
'I was a bit disappointed to see Danielle without you...'
Sent at 2:00

We walked into the lift and I saw Harry looking at my message.
"What are you doing?" I slid my phone back to my pocket and looked at him.
I was annoyed he looked at it when I was still pretty mad with him.
"I just.. I wanted to see what you were doing." He looked away and I leaned back, pulling my phone out again.
No message yet, I looked at the time 2 PM, she was probably leaving work now. She'll reply sooner or later.
The doors to the lift opened and I walked out last.
"Please tell me she's alright! We just saw the television and they were talking about a group of girls surrounding someone, I guessed Adriana.. The police chased them off awhile ago though."
What? I was so confused with what Danielle was saying.
"No one but us and Adriana were out..."

We were so use to fans being outside we didn't even realise there weren't any. Which was kind of weird not to sound snobby or anything.
If the fans did that, it would make sense why Adriana had scratches on her face.

"They were saying a few things to her when we came." I didn't believe it, they wouldn't do that. It's just not possible to imagine it!
"Come on boys! She's safe right? I need to do your hair & get you dressed up for the shoot."
Lou pulled on Harry and Niall and took them back into the room.
I felt my phone vibrate and I figured a text from Eleanor.
"I'll be in the room" I told Zayn as I went into the guest room, not ready to go back into the room I shared with Harry, and pulled out my phone.

From: El
'Im sorry babe :( I really wanted to go, badly! It's just work, when u come back ill spend my time with u, I miss & love you :) xxxxxxx'
Sent at 2:05 PM

I chuckled because she never liked to use only the letter 'u' when she said I love you. I jumped when I saw Zayn walk in, "Hey Louis"
I sat down on the bed and looked up to Zayn, "Oh, hey." It was a awkward silence for a second until he started talking again.
"I just came to see what's up with everything... Are you okay?"
I smiled, "Everything's good.. Why?"
Zayn closed the door behind him as he walked to the bed and sat down next to me.
"I heard you.. Calling for a flight to London, calling Eleanor..." He looked blankly at me and I felt guilt rush through me.
I stayed quiet and put my hand on my cheek, "It felt right at the time, to just leave ya know?"
Zayn nodded putting his hands together and resting his elbows on his thighs.
"I was thinking about just walking in here and begging you not to leave. I'm glad you called Eleanor." I sighed, "I just miss everyone, when I fought with Harry, the whole agreement it just felt like... We were tearing apart. When he mentioned Eleanor too, I just miss her a lot. I miss everyone, fighting made everything worse and leaving felt like the only choice."
Zayn smiled and let it fall, "I miss my family too, homesick. It's the worst thing. I don't like when any one of us fights with each other you're the family I have right now."
I knew exactly what Zayn felt, it's how I felt and feel.
"You realise we only fight because of Adriana..." I felt bad but it was true. I loved her of course but I didn't know loving someone had to cause drama.
"I feel bad just saying it because she's like a sister to me..."
Zayn chuckled, "Only because we miss her, it's weird how all of us though just want to see her again. Did you see everyone's face when she walked in? She brightens up the room and we all just want to always be around her."
It was all true, every bit. She makes everyone so happy, all we really want us out friendship back.
When Zayn talks about her he sounds so mashed up.
"I don't know if you've realised but you sound so mashed up." We both laughed.
"Yeah... I guess I might be." He smiled and took his phone out.
I should send Eleanor a quick message back too.
To: El
'Its fine, I just miss you. I cant wait to see you, Love you xxxxx'
Sent at 2:10 PM

"I don't know what to do, Harry loves her too."
"Yeah, both falling for the same girl."
Zayn stayed silent looking at the wall blankly.
"I think she loves him back."
I looked at Zayn who had a serious face, it also looked hurt.
"You don't know that..."
"She told me before, when we were leaving she said she loved Harry. What would make her change her mind?"
I sighed, "You."
He smiled a little, "I don't know Lou, I love her a lot. I've never felt like this about anyone. I don't know if I could change her mind like that. Someone just doesn't fall out of love that quick."
I knew Zayn was right, no one falls out of love that quick, but it doesn't mean she still loves Harry. He's done things to mess up with Adriana, Zayn hasn't.
I didn't really know who Adriana liked, well obviously Max was one of them. Actually, I didn't even know if she liked one of them! Maybe she only loved Max.
"What makes you think that she loves Harry though? She seems pretty thick with Max..."
I realised that didn't help, Zayn chuckled again, "Thanks mate, that sure did it."
"Well be honest to yourself who would you rather have Adriana with?" I expected him to say Max, "Harry" I was shocked but then I had remembered, something was up with that kid! I had totally forgotten!
I stayed quiet thinking of what to say.
Zayn smiled at me, "Remember when we went laser tagging and I was trying to find Adriana and she ended up falling on top of me and you laughed at us and you pulled Adriana off me and ran carrying her screaming, Adriana must survive!-"
I cut him off finishing for him, "You could have your show later.." We both laughed remembering the fun times.
"Or what about when we were at her apartment and we were watching impractical jokers and it was Niall and Adriana who kept laughing at how ridiculous they were acting."
"And they kept laughing even after the show was over" We laughed a bit more until Lou finally called us out so she could get us ready.
"What were you laughing about? I love a good joke here and there." Lou smiled as she started doing Zayn's hair.
"We were just talking about some funny memories." Zayn looked over to me and started laughing and so did I.
'A good heart to heart with @Zaynmalik !'
I pressed tweet and I started looking through my mentions, I saw Zayn tweet something.

'I needed a good laugh thanks bro @Louis_tomlinson'
I favourited tweeting back 'No problem mate, ever need need someone to have a laugh with I'm here! :)'
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