Fighting For Love

One Direction fanfic. 17 year old Adriana was kicked out from her house by her parents for getting into trouble. Her parents got her an apartment to help her in Chicago, since then she has been living with her best friend, Danni. When Adriana went out for a run, she had no idea what was going to happen and how much 5 boys could change her entire life, but would it be for the best or for the worst? (Trust me the story's better)


88. Gone With The Letter

Harry's POV

I stood in the kitchen where so many memories had happened. I'd been here waiting as the tea finished. I made four cups of tea, three each made differently to match the liking of Ben, Annabelle, and Henry. The other one was for Adriana who was upstairs in bed. I had spent a lot of time here taking in everything, like looking out the wide windows to see the large beautiful landscape that was the back garden. I finished making the tea and set three of them on the dining table and set one on a silver tray. I expected they would arrive soon but before I went to take Adriana her tea, I began to write on the letter I've been writing for a week or so. I was finishing the last sentence as I heard Adriana coughing. My glance went towards the stairs waiting for her to stop. As she did I got relief and folded the letter and signed the front lightly. 

'Love H .xx' I slid it underneath the cup on the tray and took the tray up the stairs. I went slowly and as I got the bedroom I saw Adriana laying in the bed underneath the covers. "I brought you a tea, it'll make you feel better." I said with the last bit of hope. I went closer to her and sat down on the chair next to the bed. She had her head resting on the pillow in the same spot she was in when I left. 

"Thanks honey." Adriana said with a low and delicate voice. To this day her voice still gives me goosebumps and makes me feel happy. I smiled and kissed her forehead. She sat up a bit, I helped her and handed her the tea. She sipped it slowly and carefully as her hands shook. I looked at her in awe, she will always be the beautiful girl I feel in love no matter how old we both got. Adriana set down the cup on the coffee table next to us. It was silent, only the breeze that came from the open window made a slight noise.  After minutes of silence I heard her voice, "Harry?" I looked at her with a smile. 

"I will always love you. I don't care how old we get, I love you like no other and I'm just so glad you were there in the toughest of times." Adriana said with a single tear running down her cheek. I didn't say anything because she knew I loved her and I always will, we were infinite. 

"Ben, Annabelle, and Henry are a bit late... But please tell them, I love them. Tell Louis, Zayn, Liam, Niall, and Danni I love them too. I'm scared for what happens but just know I will watch over all of you."  I found myself with tears too as she spoke, I shook my head slowly. 

"Please-" I begged choking with the word. 

"Every moment spent with you won't be forgotten. As much as I don't want to end this, it isn't much of my choice. I would stay forever." I held onto her hands and held them to my lips. "Thank you for fighting for me, for fighting for my love. For saving me from what could've gone so utterly wrong. It was a long ride but I'm so glad I spent it next to you. I love you, I love you, I love you." She spoke crying and her hands shook. My heart was dropping lower and lower with each word, actually it was crashing to the ground. Until I felt her hands no longer supporting themselves, I opened my eyes and looked at her. 

"I will always love you Adriana. I will always fight, I love you so so much." I cried as her eyes closed and I had lost her. I set her hands down and I cried. I cried realizing the love of my life, the person I had been with had slipped away. I kissed her lips one last time and I kissed her cheek. What I would do for just one more kiss that was as passionate as our first kiss, as she saw me surprise her, as our wedding kiss, as the moment I saw my children and held them in my arms. I feel so lost and empty without her. My beautiful Adriana was gone, she was gone... My sunshine had been taken away.

This was 'the worst', I felt every part of me empty and all energy had been drained. I stayed with Adriana until I went down the stairs with the tray, cup, and the letter. I left it next to the sink. I took a deep breath realizing this was all coming to a stop. I would be found laying next to Adriana, I wouldn't want it any other way.




As Ben, Annabelle, and Henry walked out of the car they were surrounded by cameras.  "How is your mum Annabelle?" Annabelle moved away, how disrespectful of them to be here when her mother was sick was all she could think.

"Ben! Is your mum feeling any better? How is Harry coping?" Ben ignored them putting his hand against the camera.  "Our mum is sick! She needs peace as well as my dad, if you could all please just leave!" Henry announced as the three of them walked into their parents flat. 

"Daddy? Mum? We're sorry we're late the traffic was unbelievable."  Annabelle said loud enough for anyone in the house to hear. Henry let out a laugh, "Don't blame others, you're just a terrible driver." Ben laughed along with Henry and Annabelle rolled her eyes accepting the usual teasing from her brothers. 

"Pops!" Ben yelled as he went to the kitchen and seeing it empty.  "Go check in the basement he might be there." Annabelle told Henry and Ben. She knew her mum was in the bedroom sleeping so she rather not wake her up by going up there. Instead Annabelle went pass the kitchen to the back garden.  "Daddy, are you out here?" She questioned, usually if he were out he always replied back. With no response she went back inside. 

Ben and Henry walked in the basement, "Dad are you in here?" With no responses they both searched around more.  As Annabelle walked back into the kitchen she saw the three cups of tea. She picked up the middle one knowing her dad would go in order from oldest to youngest. She turned around to look around, she found a silver tray next to the sink, as she lifted her cup up to her lips she saw the letter underneath the other cup. She walked to it and picked it up, beginning to read it and that's when Ben and Henry came back up and went to search upstairs. 

"Dad!" Henry yelled again. "Be quiet mum's sleeping!" Ben pointed to the bedroom door and went into the other rooms. With no hope in finding their dad they grew worried. If he isn't here where could he be they asked themselves. Bae walked into the bedroom and saw Harry and Adriana both laying in bed.

"Henry, dad's in here." Ben said and he went closer to Harry and smiled, he shook him to wake him up. It felt odd and Bae realized when he noticed it was too quiet. 

"Is he sleeping?" Henry asked as he came closer. Ben now had a worried look, just then they heard Annabelle's cries. Ben suddenly put his hand on Harry's neck to feel a pulse and Henry went next to his mom, shaking her lightly.

He expected the worst, "Mum? Please wake up."  Ben realized that the odd thing was that when he walked in the only thing he heard was his breath and the breeze. 

"Call an ambulance!" Annabelle came in crying and as she saw them both laying next to each other, with no breaths she ran over to the both of them. 

"Mum... Daddy." They were all crying now to see their parents were no longer alive.  Annabelle was regretting being so late and careless, Ben was regretting every moment he yelled at them, and Henry was regretting being rebellious to them and saying harsh things. Henry managed to call the ambulance and they were now rushing in the room taking both Harry and Adriana. There was no use because they were gone, they were both gone but they were together. When Harry had said infinite he meant it.   


Days, weeks, months, no one knew how Harry had died. The doctors had just said it was of old age and it was reasonable since Harry was 92. But they had discovered Harry had died an hour later after Adriana.

With everything Annabelle had shared the letter she found with Ben and Henry, then they had showed it Louis, Liam, Zayn, Niall, and Danni too. 

"This was Harry's last words." Louis said setting down the paper.

Ben, Annabelle, and Henry both nodded, strained to find any more energy.

"They will never be forgotten." Niall said and handed the letter back. 

"I'll always love him like my brother, and Adriana like my little sister." Zayn said once he had finished the letter. 

"It's so hard to accept they're both... gone." Liam said with a tear rolling down his cheek. "My best friends are gone."

All of them were in shock after reading Harrys letter. They didn't share it with anyone else, it was a secret they would keep for Harry and Adriana. Two brilliant people taken from the world.


'To my loved ones and best mates, 

I find it hard to write this to all of you, I want to keep this short but I apologise if it's a bit long. I use to say I don't think you can really define love before, until I met Adriana, and I had my kids; I knew what it really was. As you all know Adriana hasn't been doing well and recently the doctor gave her less than a week to live, we hadn't told anyone this because she only wanted people who she cared and loved to know not the press. 

I feel broken to think she won't be in my life but I'll have her in my heart, always. I write this for the both of us, Ben, Annabelle, Henry, you were the best kids anyone could ever ask for. I love each of you, and I know we had our down times, but just forget those and remember the good times like when we had water balloon fights outside when you were all younger. I would love to do it again, wouldn't you? I love the three of you so much.

To my best mates in the world, I grew to know all of you and we grew together as a band, the journey we had was the best and when it came to an end it was upsetting but we still remained the best of friends. I won't forget all those crazy nights on the tour bus and I won't forget all the songs we wrote. No matter what happened we stuck together, you're all my brothers and I hadn't said it in a long time, but I love you boys.

Thank you to each of you for being with us through thick and thin. I feel as Adriana becomes sicker each day my heart goes with her, I love her and all of you know this. She is an incredible mum, wife, friend, and worker, she does not deserve to be laying in bed waiting for the worst. Sadly, I cannot fix it. No amount of love, care, or even money can. I expect the worst when she leaves us and I don't know what 'the worst' can be but I hope all of you go on with your lives and take care of your children. Finally, the reason I write this is that, life is short and I want this to be my last words when someone finds this. May you all live beautiful lives.'

At the funeral held for the both Adriana and Harry many people came and many cried. Ben, Annabelle, and Henry all had said their last words to their parents as did Louis, Zayn, Liam, Niall, and Danni. The funeral ended and everyone had gone, except for Annabelle who stayed crying. The wind gracefully moved her hair, as she looked at both graves she remembered the letter.

"I found your letter dad... I was so confused to what it was. When you said you felt the worst to come," She stayed quiet allowing only the wind to blow, "is when I realized you weren't going to come from the back garden and hug me to greet me." Annabelle softly cried. "When I read mum had less than a week I knew she also wouldn't be upstairs in bed with a smile and a kiss ready for me either. Why did you both leave us?" Annabelle wiped her eyes, this wasn't time to get angry or be confused, it was only time to let go and know they both loved their kids and friends. "I miss you both, so much. I love you." 

Annabelle finishing her last words pulled the letter out from her pocket, she stared at it and gently put her lips on it before she gave one last look at her parents.

They were something so special, almost like a fairy tale pulled from a book. Although it was the realist relationship anyone would ever come to know.

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