Fighting For Love

One Direction fanfic. 17 year old Adriana was kicked out from her house by her parents for getting into trouble. Her parents got her an apartment to help her in Chicago, since then she has been living with her best friend, Danni. When Adriana went out for a run, she had no idea what was going to happen and how much 5 boys could change her entire life, but would it be for the best or for the worst? (Trust me the story's better)


55. Giving up

Harry's POV

"The tours boys. We have to continue on. We've let you spend enough time in Chicago."

"We know.." Liam said as he sighed. "We know you may like being here but after such a long time.. We think its best that you go back home, straight to work. Then we have some new things," Rob continued, "One thing though... I'm sure you may not like it but we won't be allowing you to come to Chicago."

My eyes shot up and I looked at Rob. He was a great smart person and i had a lot of respect for him but right now he was treating all of us like little kids, 'we are not allowing.' Allowing? We were all old enough to do our own things.

"Allowing? Rob you realize all of us are eighteen years and older? We can do what we'd like, we know you may be saying this to help but you can't keep us from a city... We have fans here, how would it be fair to see all these fans and not them?" Louis spoke up not hesitating to do so.

"I know you are old enough to take care of yourselves and can do what you'd like. But you have jobs. Important jobs, besides I'm sure the fans here have had plenty time seeing all of you." He stayed silent looking at all of us, "I'm quite aware of the magazine. This girl.. You've all known.. I'm saying this to help, I truly am. This girl is no good to any of you. Including you Danni."

"What? You're kidding me? What exactly did she say about me that you are trying to help me?"

Danni raised her eyebrows at Rob. "Have you seen all these things this girl has been saying about you?! What makes you think she won't go after you. You're Niall's girlfriend and we have to protect and help you too." Rob was getting frustrated with us... I didn't see why Rob was doing that? We couldn't come to Chicago? It was like a new home to us. It's almost saying we can't go back to London.. "So what if I am Niall's girlfriend? What does that matter? I don't need any protection from you! I'm sorry if I'm being rude but I have had about enough with this over protection! You are treating them like they're little kids, Rob! Louis is twenty, Zayn is nineteen, Niall's nineteen, Liam's nineteen, and Harry's eighteen. They're are not four, five or six years old, understand that."

I was shocked hearing Danni saying that because she hardly ever spoke and right now she was.. Really speaking up. I looked at Rob seeing what he would say, he was mad. "Fine, Danni, if you are not liking the way I am handling this, the door is right there. Why can't you be simple like Eleanor and Danielle! You are so disrupting, you have had enough with me, I've had enough with you." I knew for one thing was when you tried making Danni act like someone else or compared her, saying she could be better you would get her angry.

"First of all, do not compare me to someone else. Eleanor and Danielle are great girls, I'm sorry I may not be them..." Danni got up and reached the door, "But get use to me because I love Niall. So here's me helping you, I'll be out here. Just remember expect to hear more out of me" She left and I heard her swear under her breath. I laughed and Rob looked at me.

"Why would you even say that to her! Do you not have any respect! She's my girlfriend, she was trying to help. You can't keep us from some place, you think just because you said something we're going to listen." I agreed with Niall, "It's five against one." I told him finally speaking.

"Fine, lets wait until you drop then. Don't come running back. I'll see you all later boys." Rob left angry and we all watched as he left. We all sat around on a long table with chairs all around.

I looked at Niall who made his hand through his hair, "Who does he think he is?!" "I agree with him, Niall, Danni was being a bit over dramatic about the whole situation." I looked at Louis who was staring at Niall. He must be joking was he really saying this? "You agree with him? So you rather not come back to Chicago, forget everything that happened?" I questioned Louis and he nodded.

"I just, I don't know why we're trying so much! I've thought about it so much and I'm sick of always trying for something that isn't going to happen. I try hard for things and you all know that! Besides think about it, we've only been fighting because of Adriana. You know damn right it's the truth too." Louis got up and left. I looked around, now I was angry.

"Louis.. Louis isn't thinking right." Zayn said as he got up.

"He's saying Adriana's the problem.. Doesn't he just realize I love her?! If Eleanor or even Danielle had a situation like this, I would help! I wouldn't just say oh, they're the problem." Liam looked at me and sighed, "I don't know Harry.. Louis has a point and I'm not saying she's the problem, I'm saying that if she doesn't want to be around us why are we trying while she's just.. Not?" I looked shocked at Liam, "What do you mean? Liam! It was our fault this happened, because we lied!"

"Her dad asked us to keep a secret, we kept it instead she's holding this grudge on us when we only kept a secret her dad told us to keep. I don't know about you but I think that's being respectful." I couldn't see what she did wrong, but when you thought about it she was mad at us because we respected her dad's wishes... There has to be more than just, I don't like you because you made me lose my trust in you.

"She just wanted the truth though! We hid it from her" Zayn was next to me in this argument and Liam just shook his head. "Because her father asked us too. We only did it to help. To respect her dying father. Get that through your minds lads." Liam left leaving Niall, Zayn, and I in the room.

"Niall?" I looked at him and he sighed, "I don't know Harry. I'm going to talk to Danni. I'll see you back at the suite later." Niall got up leaving and I looked at Zayn. He looked down and followed Niall. It's like they were all giving up on her. I was going to find out what was the real problem with Adriana. It had to be more than she said.

Adriana's POV

"Smile darling! Ah, perfect!" I smiled as the photographer told me, and I posed my best. "Can I take a quick break again? My ankles hurting.." He sighed, "Yes, I guess. Be quick though..." I nodded as I carefully but quickly walked off and sat on a chair. My ankle kept hurting, this is what I get for walking almost all day in wedges. I rubbed my ankle and I looked as Max came to me with a band to wrap my ankle.

"Feeling any better?" He started taking off my other one wrapped on my ankle and putting on the new one. "Not so much, here.. I'll do it." I took the band from his hands and began wrapping it myself. "Thanks.." I said as I finished and got up. Max helped me by grabbing my arm and I jumped as he did.

"Woah.. Um.. Did I do something.." I shook my head hoping he didn't look at me, so I walked fast back to take more pictures... Since he put his hands on me, I've been so scared of his touch. The feel of his grip scared me, I hoped he hadn't realised since I've done it three times already today. "Okay! Lets start again. We only need a few more so we can pick them out." I nodded and began posing again. I wore a white collared shirt that went to my bellybutton and dark blue short skirt with tan high heels that were open toe.

I felt like Katy perry in a way.. I always laughed thinking about it. The background was a white building alley, it was so me, hipster.

I'd been taking pictures for an hour and another hour just doing my make up. I had pink lipstick, blush, black eyeshadow not too much though, and over the black it was brown. The whole theme was suppose to be a summer fun. Last months issue or the last one I had seen was a Christmas miracle, the model was absolutely gorgeous she had no flaws what's so ever. I wouldn't be able to beat her, I still would have to try my best though. I kept posing differently as the camera flashed. After twenty minutes, we were done, I went to get changed but I didn't have enough time so I just slipped on my robe and walked out.

"Okay, all of these are absolutely.. Perfect. We must pick one though. Which one would you like Adriana.. Cover of Sheek, pick wisely." I looked at the computer and saw all the photos, I scrolled down looking at all of them. The photos showed my whole body structure and I had to pick one out of at least eighty. "This is so hard! Uh.. Maybe if... This one!" I picked one where I was standing tall, a serious look and I looked far off into the distance. My eyes popped and my hair to my side was beautiful.

"This one, I love it darling!" I smiled at him and I felt hands touch my shoulder, I jumped, gasping. "Sorry." I heard Max tell me as he looked over my shoulder. "Feel free to leave any time soon." I nodded, smiling at him and I went to my dressing room with Max behind me. I went in and I was going to get changed but Max came in with me.

"Max, I'm going to change.." I said as I started getting my clothes from the hanger. "Why are you so jumpy lately?" Max closed the door sitting down on the couch. "I'm not jumpy." I said as I slid into my jean shorts. "Yes you are, it's like every time I touch you, you freak out... Is something up with you?" I shook my head, I don't want Max to feel like I'm scared of him. "Are you sure?"

"Yes Max, I'm fine.. Now can you go I need to put my bra on." I said as he sighed. "Alright, but why can't I stay?" He said smiling hopefully. "Look at your cute smile... No." I said seriously and I pushed him out. "Why?" He whined, "Out" I closed the door locking it. I finally was fully clothed and I got out.

I saw Max waiting for me by the door, "You're mean you know that?" "Yes, I'm so mean." I said kissing him, I walked out and I waved bye to everyone and they did the same. "I'll see you some other time doll." I waved bye to her and we left. "You have fun today?" I nodded, "I love taking pictures.. Does that make me sound conceited?" Max laughed and got inside the car, "Do you want to go get something to eat?" I nodded, "Sure" I pulled out my phone seeing my text messages.

From: Mommy

'Hi sweetie :)'

Sent at 9:25 AM

From: Tony

'I hate u :)'

Sent at 9:37 AM

From: Ed (:

'Whats up? Are you busy today, I was just getting out of practice for the show tonight. Maybe you want to come with me'

Sent at 10:44 AM

I changed Ed's name because Max felt jealous when he saw it. I just laughed, it was cute. I did want to go with Ed, but Max wanted to be with me today.. He did have a game that was going to take 3 hours, and later I'll just ask Ed if I could bring Max along! I first started to text my mom,

To: Mommy

'Hi mom! How's today been for ya? xoxo :)'

Sent at 11:10 AM

To: Tony

'I know you love me okay. Geez. Aha, I hate you too :P'

Sent at 11:10 AM

To: Ed (:

'Just getting out from a photoshoot :) & I'd love to go, mind if I bring my boyfriend along? I promised to spend today w/ him. He has a game today around 1 to 4 so I could spend it w/ you, sound good? :)'

Sent at 11:11 AM

"Grandma V's?" Max asked and I looked up, "Yes! I've been craving pancakes." Max pulled into Grandma V's restaurant, it was mainly for breakfast and they opened at 5 AM to 1 PM. I got out from the car and so did Max we began walking inside and we waited for the waiter to tell us where to sit. "Hi, welcome to Grandma V's, table for two?"

"Yeah" The lady took us to an empty table and we sat down as he handed us the menus. "Drinks?" "Black coffee for me, you babe?" I looked at the woman, "Uh, chocolate milk" I looked at her name tag that said 'Vicky', she looked at me weirdly and I just smiled, yes I wanted chocolate milk. I don't care how old I maybe I love it. "Uh, alright? I'll be back in a few." The woman walked away and left us with menus. I pulled my phone out again from my pocket, feeling it vibrate.

From: Ed (:

'Sure, love to meet the lad. I have to go back to practicing I'll see you at 1'

Sent at 11:17 AM

I put my phone back in my pocket and looked at Max but he was already staring. "Who you texting?" He asked me and I shrugged. "Someone, why?"

"Is it Ed?"

"Why?" He raised his eyebrows, "Then it is... I don't want to say anything Adriana.. But I thought today was just us." I smiled gently at Max, "And it is, I'm just texting Ed. He asked to hang out.." "You said no?" I made a weird noise and shook my head. "Not.. Really." Max looked at me, disappointed, "He has a concert tonight and he asked if I could go, he said he'd love to meet you. While your gone to basketball we were just going to hangout too." Max huffed, "Adri... You know I love you, and I'll go with you but I don't know.. I really wanted you to, not to be mean, but just stay at home or something.." I looked at Max, I liked he was being honest but did he really truly expect me to just stay home and wait for him?

"Max.. Come on.. You know I don't like to stay home, I like going places! Everything's fine, okay. I love you too." Max smiled and grabbed my hand. "I don't know, I just hear you talk about him sayin' how perfect he is, how great his voice is, how do you not expect me to be jealous? Especially when you're so beautiful.." I blushed, and smiled at him.

"What about when I tell you that, you have the cutest smiles, amazing skills in basketball, a great personality, and.. That I have a perfect boyfriend. That's so hot too." I smiled as he chuckled at me. I liked when I was able to make him laugh, "You two ready to order?" I nodded, "I'd love chocolate chip pancakes.." "Do you want anything on the side?" I shook my head, "Wait, uh.. A hash brown." I smiled at her as she wrote it down and looked at Max. "I'll just have the same." Max looked at her and handed her the menus, "Okay, here are your drinks... Black coffee, and.. Chocolate milk." She handed it to us, "Thanks Vicky." She smiled kindly to me.


We got our food, finished eating and left. Max and I spent almost the whole day with each other until he left to his basketball game.

Soon enough I got a message from Ed, telling me his hotel so I could by. I drove to his hotel about an forty minute drive since I had to go more into the city. I had to enter through the back since fans were in the front.

I got his suite and I saw it was pretty big. You entered and saw the couch and TV with huge windows showing off the city and you kept walking until you looked to your right and saw a hallway leading to two bedrooms and the bathroom. To the left he had a small refrigerator, with a microwave, a counter and a few cabinets. I walked around his suite since I couldn't find him.. "Ed?" I went to the first room and I saw it was really clean, and neat. I closed the door and walked to the other one, "Ed?" I knocked and heard nothing, I opened it, the bathroom.

I walked to the one on the right and knocked, "Be in here.." I opened it and I saw Ed sitting on the bed playing his guitar. "Adriana! Sorry I didn't here you come in. You could sit down if you want, close the door too please." I walked in, closing his door and I sat next to him. It was pretty dark in there until he got up opening the curtains. The city was in front of my eyes, I could see the Willis Tower, Sears Tower, but yeah. It was beautiful and I never really saw the city like this.

"That's.." "Beautiful, yeah. I know, I love it too. I was looking at that tower, what's it called?" Ed looked at me and I went closer to the window, seeing everything better. "Willis tower, it use to be called Sears Tower though. You know you could go up there and just look down." Ed looked at it, "Do you want to go?" I smiled, "It would be fun, but I'm terrified of heights."

"You're going to be alright. I'll be right next to you." I nodded, "I guess that would.. Better." I was honest with him, I was really scared of heights. We left, going out the back, and went to the Willis Tower. We went into the elevator and I could already feel my stomach flip flop. "Yeah, Ed... I'm kind of regretting this." We were in a elevator with people with their kids and I was shocked to look at the kids with excited looks and I'm the one nervous. "Don't be scared love.." Ed smiled at me looking at the numbers as the elevator went up higher.

"You're scared?" I heard a small squeaky but cute noise and looked down at the little girl next to me. Her mom held her small hand, "Gabriella." Her mom looked to her and smiled at me, "I'm sorry." I smiled to her and the little girl, "It's fine, and yes. I'm a little scared, I bet you aren't." The little girl smiled at me, shaking her head.

"I've come here, two times!" She showed me two little fingers, letting go of her mom. "Wow, really? I've never been here before and you've been here twice, and you're younger than me!" She giggled and I smiled again at her. "I'm not scared, because, because it's just really tall. That's it!" She said trying to help me feel better, she was so adorable, her mom looked at her and smiled.

"It is just really tall isn't it? I'm just scared of heights, I always have." I told her as she listened. "My mom tells me if I'm ever scared I just hold her hand." I smiled at her mom and looked back at Gabriella.

"You have a good mom then." She nodded her head looking at her mom, smiling with her dimples showing. "Even she knows you don't have to be scared." Ed smiled at me, I saw the elevator open and I looked at the numbers that said '65' I went out as Gabriella took my hand I smiled at her and she led me to the glass that would let you look down. "Oh, sweetie. I think I'll just go back.." I tried pulling from her but before I did she pointed down, "Don't be scared, it's not bad." I looked carefully below and I felt sick. "Ed..." I reached out my hand and looked for him, he was with a fan. All the people noticed and made a circle around him. I felt nervous and I felt myself shaking.

"Just squeeze my hand. It makes me feel better" Gabriella looked at me and I shook my head. "Thank you, sweetie. But um.. Where's your mom, she must be looking for you." She shrugged and looked back down, "Don't think it's big, think its just small. Look." She pulled me down, "Oh." I said as she did and I looked down. "Okay.. Um.. Gabriella I think I shouldn't look down. Oh god.." I felt like throwing up and I let go of her hand going to a bathroom to the left of me. I got to the bathroom and started to breathe hard. "Oh god." I was shaking as I heard Gabriella.

"Are you okay... Sorry that I made you do that" She spoke sweetly and softly to me. I sighed, smiling, "It's okay... Get back to your mom. She's probably worried." I looked at her and she looked guilty. She was about seven years old, I guessed, and she shouldn't have that look. I bent down to look directly at her, "It's fine, okay? Don't feel bad. Come on, I'll take you to your mom." I took her hand and walked out I didn't dare look out the window again.

"Oh! You were with her. Thank you. I looked beside me and didn't see her. Thank you.." I smiled at her, "She was just showing me the view. Thank you honey." I smiled at her and let go of her hand. She smiled back at me and went with her mom. "Where'd you go to?" I looked at Ed as everyone looked at him with awe. They began to walk to see what they came for though. "Just looking..." I smiled at him, his phone began to ring and I looked at him. "Sorry." He got it out from his pocket and looked who was calling, he answered and put it on speaker. He took my wrist and we walked away from the people. "Hey mate!"

"Hey Ed, what's up? I hear you're doing a concert tonight, I'm pumped!" I heard Niall's voice through the phone... I had completely forgotten... Ed was one of their best friend. How could I forget?! I felt so stupid! I knew they were friends it just had never made it through my mind to think about it.

"Yeah! It's going to be amazing! The whole arena is full, concert sold out! You gonna be there?" Ed sounded so excited to see them, and I couldn't help but smile when he smiled. "Hell yeah! Gonna be sick! I'm going to be bringing the lads, Danielle, and my girlfriend."

"I'm going to have a friend or two there too. I'll see ya then, I should get going. Talk you soon mate."

"Bye" Ed hung up and he smiled. "Gotta love that lad." I nodded, I don't think he knows about everything.. Maybe it's best if he doesn't know too. We left the huge tower and I automatically felt relief, we went back to his suite and played video games, talked, watched the TV, and watched videos. I left at 4 and hung out with Max until the concert. It was about 7 and I had gotten a text from Ed saying he'll be waiting for us.

I got dressed in black high waisted shorts with a white shirt that went to my belly button and black high heels. I wore a grey tank top underneath that went to my ribs so it wouldn't show my bra underneath too. I saw Max in black skinny jeans, and a blue plain T-shirt with black and white Jordan shoes. He also had a SnapBack on that had the Bulls on it. "Lets go! I finally get to see Ed in concert!" Max took my hand as we walked out from the apartment and got to the car. I drove this time and we went to the arena Ed played at. It was outdoors and it helped a lot since it was pretty hot today too. I saw the bodyguard and I walked to him, "Tickets?" "Uh, actually I'm a friend of Ed."

"Sure you are kid, both of you get-"

"They're with me." Ed smiled at me and the bodyguard moved to let me through. The fans screamed when they saw Ed. It hurt my ears but I would be screaming too. I followed Ed and Max held my hand following me. We were backstage, the part of the back where he gets dressed and I jumped.

"I'm actually here! Ah!" I grinned and I heard Max laugh at me. "I'm Max, good to meet ya." Max shook his hand. "You got a weird one.." Ed motioned to me and I gasped sarcastically. "I know.." Max chuckled and I let go of him, "So have you been up to practice yet?" Ed shook his head, "In about two minutes.." "Ed! You ready?" Ed looked behind and back to me, "I guess right now then. I'll see you in a bit." He patted my arm and left onto the stage. I looked back at Max, he knew I was really excited about this. "You know what? I'm actually excited.." I walked over to Max and hugged him. "This is going to be so fun! I finally get to see my idol perform. This is too good to be true." I looked through the room and I felt Max's arms wrap around my waist.

"Believe it because it's happening." I smiled and I sat down on the seats next to us. "This is.. Absolutely amazing." Max smiled and sat next to me. He kept staring at me and I blushed, "Stop.." I giggled, "You're so weird when you stare at me." Max narrowed his eyebrows smiling. "So I'm weird now?" I nodded and Max laughed. "Ah, wow.." He leaned his head on the wall, and it made his hat move back too, "I love you."

I smiled and I laid on his shoulder. I heard Ed's voice and I got goosebumps. His voice.. Live. I felt max put his arm around my shoulder and he lifted my head and kissed me. We both closed our eyes, and I kissed him back, feeling his warm lips on mine. I blushed when he kissed me for no reason. We kept kissing and I felt him grab my neck and I put my hand to his chest, gently, not forcing him away. He bit my lip and kissed him even more, "I love you too" I told him and he smiled.

The kiss grew more passionate and I felt so happy in this moment. He was breathing harder and I ran my finger on his chest. The kiss was intense but passionate the best one yet really. Ed's voice only made it better, he sang Kiss Me. We pretty much made out for a long time. I saw him smirk when I licked my lips, he pulled me right back to his lips and I laughed a little.

"Interrupting something?" I felt my heart race when I heard him... I pulled away from Max and looked at Harry. "What are you doing here?" Max got up and looked straight at Harry. "Came expecting to see my friend's concert... Instead I see you two snogging." Harry looked at me and Max moved so he couldn't. "If you're expecting to see him then fine, what do I care? It doesn't mean you need to come over here and bother us."

Max glared at Harry. "I really only came by to get a drink. But I don't know when you see people snogging, I have to interrupt since there are other people around.. Not everyone wants to see you eat her face mate." Harry walked over next to me and got a Pepsi. He looked at me with a sad look and walked away. He showed Max the Pepsi and opened it walking with the rest of them. I moved my finger on my lips and I got up looking at Max. "Ignore him." I took his hand and I heard Ed walking.

"Hey lads!" I heard Ed talk to them, and I turned around. Ed smiled at me and motioned for me to go. "Come on.." Max followed me as I walked to them. I felt eyes looking at me, "Hi, Adriana!" I looked at Danielle and she smiled at me. I smiled back, "Hi" I looked at Danni and she looked away from me. I sighed, "I'm sure you know them... In the British band, One Direction." I nodded and I looked at them. They looked at me, Zayn bit his lip looking away, Niall did the same and pulled Danni with him, Liam looked at me like he didn't care, Harry just started talking with Ed, and the worst one, was Louis. He looked at me with pure disgust.

I bit my lower lip and looked away from them. I closed my eyes and opened them again, "Zayn, Niall, Danni, Liam, Louis. This is Adriana." He looked at me, "We know who she is." Louis said. He looked straight at me and I felt so hurt. I felt my eyes get watery but I looked away to Max. He looked at me and hugged me. I moved away from Max, "We'll be over there. I'll be waiting to finally hear you. Thanks" I hugged Ed and I saw Harry, I immediately looked down and we both let go.

"No problem, love." I smiled at him and I walked back to the seats we were before. "Are you okay? It looked like you were going to cry." I shook my head, "I'm fine." I said as I put my finger to catch a tear before Max saw. He saw it though and he hugged me, "It's alright..."




I made a youtube video for "Hurt' I worked hard on it, for it to only mess up & not show some words, but they're in the description ! If you could see it, I'll love you forever :D

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