Fighting For Love

One Direction fanfic. 17 year old Adriana was kicked out from her house by her parents for getting into trouble. Her parents got her an apartment to help her in Chicago, since then she has been living with her best friend, Danni. When Adriana went out for a run, she had no idea what was going to happen and how much 5 boys could change her entire life, but would it be for the best or for the worst? (Trust me the story's better)


68. Friends

Adriana's POV
"Would you support any one who has dreams no matter how unrealistic it may be?" I nodded, "Well yeah. I mean if you say you want to be a astronaut, go for it. There is nothing stopping you. I mean that is probably the most unoriginal saying but if you think about it it's true." I looked carefully at the woman, Anne, who was interviewing me. It was suppose to be on television as a commercial for the Achieve your Dreams Association. It was me and ten other people chosen. "You have been on Sheek Magazine am I right?" I nodded and smiled, crazily. "So you are taking in modelling? Would you not say that is a dream of many girls and boys that seem difficult?"
"I would say it is. Only because not many people get the chance. When I received a call to be on a magazine for the first time, it was a great feeling. To the point of being on Sheek that sells worldwide... It's incredible."  Anne grinned at me and I felt like I blabbed too much, "Cut! Adriana that's all for now." I got up, fixing my skirt and walked over to the director. "Did I talk too much?" The director shook his head, "Not at all, it was a good amount. Try telling the others, I could barely get two words out of them." I smiled, patting his shoulder. I walked to the mirror where it had a few lights around it and I started fixing my make up, that seemed to do bad with all the lighting. "Hey. I saw you talking over there, you were really good." I looked to my side on the mirror and saw a mo-hawked boy, with dark blue eyes, and an eye brow piercing. He wore a plaid shirt and some black jeans, I gave him a kind smile. I hoped he was just being nice. "Lose your words in so little time?" I chuckled and turned around to look at him, "Totally." I got a better look of his eyes, they were blue but a little speck of gray was there. He looked at me and I realized I stared too long and I blushed feeling embarrassed.
"Sorry..." I went back looking into the mirror and added some lip stick. "You know, I've seen you around on magazines. I think you've got a really good future with modeling, it is modeling right?" I shrugged, "In a way. I would like to actually be able to walk a runway." He smirked at me and I glanced at him and found myself looking into his eyes again and quickly looked away. "You seem like a good person." I moved my eyes looking at him, wondering what he was thinking. "Thanks..."

He kept his eyes on me, he was quiet for awhile, up to the point where he opened his mouth, "My names Blake. I know we just met but I'd really like to take you out." He told me quickly, and I sighed. "Uh... sor-"
"Sorry bro. She has a boyfriend and isn't interested." I looked behind me to see Max as he pulled me onto him, "Hey babe." I was relieved he was here, I didn't mean to be snobby and obnoxious but ever since I had been on Sheek... Boys tend to be giving me more attention.
"Hey sorry. I didn't know. Uh, you're really lucky." Blake bit his lip and turned away. "Thank you." I smiled at Max and he smiled back and gave me a kiss.
"Is it just me or have a lot of people been hitting on you in the past few days?" I shrugged, but I had to admit I was flattered yet annoyed because again, it was all too much attention for me.

'@edsheeran: congrats @Adri1995 :)'
From: Ed (:
'Congratulations! You're going to be too cool for me now ;( give me a call when you can.'
Sent at 2:03 PM

I smiled, Max looked over my shoulder to see what I was smiling at. He stared at me for awhile taking his eyes off the road for a bit, "I won't respond if you don't want me to." I told him, if you thought about it Max should be able to tell me not to talk to someone if he wasn't comfortable with them... 'Wow, Adriana do you ever listen to yourself? This isn't you.', I thought.
"No... It-It's fine." Which meant, don't reply back. I wouldn't for now but I knew later on I would feel bad and reply back.
A few minutes later I got another message. I felt like crying tears of joy in that very moment when I saw the name come up. 'Danni'
Danni had sent me a text message.
From: Danni
'I don't know if you still hate me but Adriana... I miss my best friend. Idk why it's taken me this long to realize it. I'm sorry a million times'
Sent at 2:04 PM

Oh god, I missed her to death too. She was always the 'bigger man' she would apologise first then I would say no I'm sorry and buy her things as an apology but I don't think I could ever make up for something like this.
To: Danni
'Thank god you send me this text. Danni I miss you a shit load. I dont hate you! It was my fault for being an idiot, I'm sorry I never listened to you when you needed a friend. I have no clue why you would want me as a friend again but I'm really happy/glad that you do.'
Sent at 2:06 PM

I made sure Max wasn't looking now and I put my phone down and looked out the window. I started singing along with the radio and Max beamed when I did.  I made up words to go with the song, "I'm terrible at singing." I laughed out of loud as the song ended. "You're not terrible... You're just... Okay it was pretty bad." I made an 'o' shape with my mouth and playfully punched Max. "Insulting." He laughed and grabbed onto my hand. With my other hand I grabbed my phone to see of Danni replied.

From: Danni
'Obviously I do, you're my insane best friend. No matter how much of an idiot you could be ;) anyways... Mandy told me she invited you to her party so I was thinking today me you and her can go shopping and make party plans! Interested?'
Sent at 2:07 PM

To: Danni
'Ouch bc it hurt :D. EEEEKKK. I'm excited like a lot. What time?!'
Sent at 2:08 PM

"Who could you possibly be texting now?"
"Uh" Make up a lie, say Tony. "Tony! Yeah.. I was going to hang out with him today." That shut Max up faster than anything. I think I could finally realize nothing scared Max, with an exception of my brother.

From: Danni
'Like in a few minutes haha, just come to the mall. We'll be waiting inside at the macys entrance. See you then.'
Sent at 2:09 PM

"Can you drop me off at the mall? Stay with the car, Tony will drive me back home." Max abruptly agreed and about ten minutes later I was at the mall. "Thanks, boo. I'll see you later." I gave Max a quick peck on the lips and ran into the mall.
I looked behind me to see Max drive off. "Adri!" I felt people hug me and I realised it was Danni and Mandy. I hugged them back.
"God I missed both of you guys!" We let go and we started looking around for some dresses.


"Pretty much me and Danni are for sure about the party being a masquerade ball, I mean it's dramatic. Who wouldn't love it right?" I knew I wanted a long mysterious dress but the party was in two months, but I badly wanted a dress. "Guys this is for me." Danni came up to us with a red flashy dress on a hanger and we started laughing, a woman passed by us and have us a dirty look. "Okay come on guys, something classy, not slutty." Mandy said, "Because I'm pretty sure some girls will do that for us." Danni added as we looked into more dresses.


Danni's POV (I'm getting into Danni's POV more for the sake of the story)


I decided to send her a message was because the other night I couldn't for of the life of me sleep, at one point I had my phone in my hand and I was looking through my photos. I passed by Max and Adriana when they had their anniversary. I kept moving on and I got onto a picture of Adriana sticking her tongue at me. I didn't know if she hated me or... I didn't know. I hoped that we could be friends, I cried. It's like when you miss someone and you realize that you were so close, we were best friends and because of a mistake we didn't speak. I had to talk to her, I had to do something to get my friend back.

So that's what I did. I sent her a message and I would probably beg for her to forgive me, because Adriana was always there for me when we were younger the only reason she didn't before was because she was in the whole situation with Harry and Zayn.

When she replied to me, also apologizing I was, I was so thankful. We obviously still needed to talk about everything but for this moment it was good to just pretend nothing happened and have fun. We spent two hours looking at dresses all over the mall until Mandy found something for herself, a tight short white length dress. She wanted to the white princess, didn't know what that meant but what ever made her happy. There wasn't much to describe about her dress since it was all white, but it was beautiful on her.
Adriana managed to find a long puffy white ball dress. She was aiming for Cinderella when she wore it. I was the last one to find a dress, I didn't really want to be anything specific so i just kind of chose a dress and went with it. My dress was short too, the main part of it stopped and the over layer went on from the back, it was beautiful. We all picked masks too.
After choosing our things we ate in the food court, "I have a place booked already, it's in this palace like place, oh my god. It's perfection! I planned to have some drinks around on the tables, and for food we'd have some chips, salsa, and very classy stuff." She joked with us, I couldn't wait for this! I looked up to see a few girls with big smiles next to Adriana.

"Oh, hey guys." Adriana smiled and made conversation with them. Two of them were probably 16 and the others were our age. Adriana talked to them like she's known them her whole life! Once they left Mandy and I stared at her.
"Are those like your fans now or something?" Adriana took a sip from her drink before answering. "Fans? No, they're just people wanting to talk. No biggie." I laughed, she was still this typical girl I knew from seventh grade.

I drove them home and once I got home myself, I set my dress carefully in the back of my closet, it wasn't cheap so I was not going to let anything mess it up. I could only imagine Adriana, her dress was the expensive one. I also placed my mask on my top shelf and made sure it stayed there. I ran to my bed and grabbed my phone.
'@Adri_1995: Great shopping day girls! @Danni_0725 @Mandybabe241'
I was glad that we were friends again, it felt really good. I'm sure that this would raise questions though, I mean who wouldn't ask questions after we ignored each other for the last seven to six months? Niall would be one of those people who would ask. I decided to call him and let him know. We talked for about an hour until he finally understood. "I'm really happy for you. Is she doing okay? She doesn't have anymore bruises right?"
"No, well from what I could see she didn't have any. I think she's good."
"Do you think that-that since she forgave you, she'll forgive us? I'm telling you Harry and Zayn can't stop blabbing about her." I laughed, it was cute that even throughout everything... They were persistent with Adriana, it was adorable really. "Adriana is a lucky girl. Those two won't give up..." I could tell Niall was disappointed that they wouldn't give up because they were his friends and he doesn't want to see them get hurt. But he always cared about Adriana too, so he was in between. "Yeah. So did you buy anything hot?" I bursted out laughing as I heard him say that, "Niall!" I blushed even though he wouldn't tell. "I bought a dress." I said calmer, 'hot'. He laughed too, "Well is it hot, send me a picture." I shook my head, smiling as I pushed over my clothing to get to the dress and I took a picture of it sending it to Niall. "Ya get it?" I heard Niall's breath through the phone. "Yeah, babe... That's hot. I need to see you in that!"

"Why don't you come then?" I said sadly, abruptly changing the mood in this conversation. "As much as I want to I can't." I sighed, "Sneak out then."

Niall chuckled. "It's not that simple hon. It isn't like sneaking out your flat, it isn't that easy. It's going across the world. You know if I could go see you, I would. I really would." I hated this, I absolutely hated this, you can't just tell someone that you can't go somewhere it's like a parent saying that to a child. "It's like you're the little kids and are grounded from going out! They're treating you guys like little kids-" Niall interrupted, "Wait..." I heard Niall moving around and then he started whispering. "Danni, why don't we sneak out?"

"Niall, I wasn't literally meaning it. You have bodyguards protecting you twenty four seven, if management find out... I don't want want you risking yourself or the guys." He couldn't be possibly actually think this was a good idea, it was risky! Unbelievably risky, they shouldn't risk their career. "Danni! You have to listen to me, I know it's only been a few weeks but to be honest I'm getting tired of how managements been treating us, I know they're trying to help us be successful but what they're doing is not helping at all." He was serious. He literally wanted to fly across the country to come here and risk his whole career. "Please don't. I can't let you do this! I won't  let you do this. You know I love you but no, you aren't going to do anything, you're going to stay in London or Ireland and focus on your music, for your fans. Stay with your family..." I had to convince him this idea was terrible, I just had to. "I'm not making you a promise."

"Do you hear yourself? You're saying you want to come to Chicago to see me in a dress, I know I miss you but really?" I hated saying this to him, but it has to be done. "Don't you have that party? That masquerade party. I'll go then... I-" He paused for a moment, "For Harry and Zayn. They could see Adriana, this isn't only for me this is for the lads. I know Liam misses both of you and same goes for Lou. This isn't just for me, listen if I get the lads on my side I'm going back there. I have to go, I love you and miss you."

"Niall! No, stop! Plea-"

"Niall, who are you talking to? Get off your mobile and let's go! Come on now." The call ended and I felt responsible for everything that may or may not happen.


Hi, guys! I updated, hope you like it sorry for taking such a long time! I don't have much to say but I hope you've been well. OH WAIT. I've been working on a new story. When I finish Fighting For Love, I will have a new story. Hope you guys are excited, love ya bunches.

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