Fighting For Love

One Direction fanfic. 17 year old Adriana was kicked out from her house by her parents for getting into trouble. Her parents got her an apartment to help her in Chicago, since then she has been living with her best friend, Danni. When Adriana went out for a run, she had no idea what was going to happen and how much 5 boys could change her entire life, but would it be for the best or for the worst? (Trust me the story's better)


37. Er... Hi.

Adriana's POV


'Crazy night out.' I put a photo on it, it was a group picture, I was in the middle with Harry and Zayn by my side and Danni and Niall making out next to us and David sticking his tongue out but smiling at them, and Liam was next to Harry giving him bunny ears.
I had my hands in the air and Harry had his mouth opened in a 'O' and Zayn stuck his tongue out.


"You had pictures?!" Harry looked at me and I laughed a bit, "That's what I said!.. Oh my gosh.." I showed him my phone, it was a picture of him with his shirt up and he had his hands up on the dance floor. He laughed, and I scrolled, a picture of Harry and a girl grinding on hi and Harry had a thumbs up and he was smiling like an idiot.. What the hell was he doing that for... Um.. What am I saying..

Harry laughed at the picture and saw that I wasn't happy about it.
"Are you mad or something?" He smiled gently at me, "No.. Why would I?" I deleted the picture and got up to the my door.
"Wait.. Adriana. Are you jealous?" I turned around and have him a glare. "Why would I be jealous? I have no reason, your single and I have a boyfriend. Why would I?" I opened my door and slammed it annoyed.

I wasn't jealous.. Maybe. OKAY. I'm a bit jealous.. Only because he's my friend.. Yeah, that's only why.
"I'm sorry! I was drunk." Harry followed me, it was cute he did. "Harry I'm not jealous okay? I'm fine, it's just the headache again." I lied, my headache went away, like really quick too.
My phone buzzed and I saw mentions on Twitter.
'Don't @harry_styles & @Adri1995 look happy together... ;) '
'@Adri1995 Ohh  @harry_styles ! Just go out already!'

On that one I tweeted back, '@Kissmeurirish I have a boyfriend. & it's not Harry. Sorry xx'
I was standing frozen and I felt Harry on my shoulder.
"Uh..." I shrugged him off and I walked to the kitchen and sat next to Niall.
"Pancake? My princess can make some really good food.." I giggled at that.
"Aw." I could tell if Danni was in front of us she would be blushing, she was off watching the television though.
"Sure! Harry want some?" I grabbed a pancake poured some maple syrup in it and folded it, then took a bit out of it.
"What the hell?" Niall looked at me, as if I were some weird creature.
"What?" I looked at Niall and at Harry both looking at me.
"It's the way I eat pancakes okay?!?" I laughed a little as Harry sat next to me.
I was looking at my phone again and a girl wrote, 'wait.. What is nialler doing, that's not me! :'( :'( :'( '
"Aw, Niall.." I showed him my phone and he made a sad face, "Is that the picture I was kissing Danni?" I nodded and went back to my phone.
'@Adri1995 You look so pretty! Just stay away from Hazzabear okay? Kay! :) '
I chuckled at that, '@Styles_69: Don't worry babe, & thank you. Loving the name too xx'
I closed my phone and went back to my extremely delicious pancake.
"Look who it is! Miss life of the party! SHOT SHOT SHOT. What about mr sir bartender more drinks because I'm a drunky!" Everyone started laughing at me and I just sat blushing.

"Was I seriously that drunk?" Niall started laughing so much no noise came out. "Yes!!" I stuck my tongue out to Louis.

"So anything going on today?" I asked once everyone calmed down. Everyone shook their heads, such a boring day. I heard a door open and I looked over to see Max poking his head in. 

I squealed and ran over to him. "Max!" I jumped on him, wrapping my legs around him and my arms around his neck. "Woah! Miss me that much?" I nodded my head and hugged him, laying my head on his shoulder. "I missed you a lot. I'm sorry for yelling at you." I couldn't stand him being mad at me, it made me feel terrible. "It's alright. I shouldn't have said those things to them. I was just pissed." I lifted my head and started to kiss him. Finally. His lips felt warm on mine, it was weird how just ten months ago I thought he was a jerk. He isn't not even close.

I heard a cough behind me, a fake cough. I stopped kissing Max and turned to look at Zayn. "Was I interrupting something...?" He walked past us, he did that on purpose. "Actually yes. So if you don't mind.." I stuck my tongue our at Zayn and smiled, and began to kiss Max again. Max smiled in between the kiss, something about him, he told me that he liked to show me off. I laughed when he had told me, I wasn't anything to shown off  too.. I really wasn't.

Harry's POV

I woke up early and saw  Adriana sleeping next to me. My head was hurting so bad! But when I looked at Adriana, it felt as if everything that had hurt before was gone. As if it didn't even exist. I stared at her as she slept and moved her brown wavy hair off her face. It was funny how she slept, how crazy her hair was everywhere and how her mouth was closed tight, her eyes closed, even when she slept she looked flawless. I kissed her cheek, tempting to kiss her lips but if she woke up she would slap me. "I want to tell the world that you're mine..." I sang to her as I pulled away and a gentle smile appeared on her face. I fell asleep after, and woke up four hours later. I saw Adriana awake and we both had a huge headache. Danni brought us some medicine for the headache and mine went away pretty quick. Adriana started showing me pictures she took, they were funny! But when she showed another picture she looked pretty mad.

Was she jealous? YES. She was mad! Its not good she's mad.. but that means she likes me! She was jealous, of that girl! I don't remember what had happened but Adriana slammed the door.

After walking to the kitchen we all started laughing together. Next thing you know Max comes in and Adriana jumps on him.

"I don't know what she sees in him." I whispered for only Zayn to hear me. "Watch this." Zayn got up and faked cough, Adriana and Max stopped kissing. I laughed quietly and turned to look at them.

"Actually yes.. If you don't mind.." She started kissing Max again and I could've thrown up then and there. I hated seeing them kiss, I wanted Adriana to be kissing me, and to leave him. Something was up with this lad, you could tell. He had this secret.. I wanted to find out what it was. "What do you know about him?" I looked up at Danni who looked pretty annoyed at Max. "He's a douche. I hate him. Adriana should've stayed with you." She rolled her eyes as she looked up at them. So Danni hated him? "Why do you hate him?" Danni knew something too, what was going on here.

"Its just... I just do. Okay? Do you guys want more pancakes?" Danni got up and started to make more. "You can't just hate someone.." Louis spoke up and stopped eating his food. "Yeah, did the lad do something?" Niall said as he took in his food."I can't say but I do... Can we talk about something else?" I turned around and saw they had stopped kissing. They were just talking. She turned around smiling and walked into the kitchen with us. "Max wants to apologize." Apologize? He can but he won't be getting any thing from me. The only apology I'll be able to take would be, "Sorry I'm stupid and a loser. You can punch me and have her back." I would happily accept that. I looked at Max and I glared at him, "Sorry, man. Everything I said before, it was dumb. Are we okay now?" Some apology. I looked at him, and walked away into the living room with Zayn. "He tried saying sorry?" I nodded my head and Zayn chuckled, "He told me he was sorry that he thought I was trying to take Adriana away from him.." I laughed at that, "We kinda are." Zayn chuckled  again, "He'll figure that out when Adriana's ours."  

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