Fighting For Love

One Direction fanfic. 17 year old Adriana was kicked out from her house by her parents for getting into trouble. Her parents got her an apartment to help her in Chicago, since then she has been living with her best friend, Danni. When Adriana went out for a run, she had no idea what was going to happen and how much 5 boys could change her entire life, but would it be for the best or for the worst? (Trust me the story's better)


54. Ed. Sheeran. :0

Adriana's POV

I laid down on my bed it was midnight and I was just thinking. I planned on telling my mom, not going to college just going to see where modelling takes me. I was still excited about meeting Ed Sheeran, still couldn't wrap that around my head!

He told me, he was in Chicago for like another three days then he'd be off not sure where to, but I was guessing probably to Wisconsin next. He said we could meet up tomorrow at a restaurant, he still hasn't sent me a text where. 

I still couldn't believe when he DM'ed me his phone number I am living the dream right now, I can't. 

I was probably too excited to sleep, or anxious. I was meeting my idol tomorrow! I had to seriously learn how to control myself when I see him. I hope tomorrow is perfect, gosh I really hope it is. 

Next day... 

"Wake up lazy ass." I felt a pillow being thrown at me and I woke up looking blankly. I saw Tony looking at me and I groaned.  "Let me sleep!" I pulled my blanket closer to my body and I felt so much more warmer and comfortable.  "Wake up! I'm hungry, I don't think you want me to make some food..."  I hated mornings. But of course! My lovely brother came on in asking for breakfast, I didn't even know what time it was. I looked at my time and underneath I saw texts from Ed.

From: Ed<3(:

'Hi I was thinking around 1 at the Sprozanos restaurant I heard it was good '

Sent at 9:44 AM

It was 10:55 now, so I kind of slept in too much.  "You want breakfast... At ten, almost eleven?" Tony looked at me, "Obviously. Are you getting up or not?" I sighed taking my phone off charge and I motioned my hands for him to leave and he left. I shut the door and changed from a tank top and shorts into a oversized blue shirt with a paw on it, sweats, and some socks on. I did my morning routine except I didn't put on any make up, I was saving that for when I actually left the house. 

I walked out and went to the fridge, pulling out eggs, bacon, and I was too tired to actually make pancakes so store bought waffles had to do. I really needed to go buy some food. After ten minutes I was about some, "Get your food!" I yelled to him as I poured myself apple juice. 

I took my plate with bacon and waffles and a bit of syrup and I sat down, Tony walked to the table, "Food?"  I pointed to the counter in the kitchen and he glared getting it. "So what's this whole thing with Ed?"  I dropped my fork running to my phone and I started texting back Ed, I completely forgot!

To: Ed<3(:

'Sorry, anyways. That seems great, I'm so anxious to see you oh my god... I'll see you there! :D'

Sent at 11:09

I took my phone this time and I went back to eating. I looked down at my food as I sat down, "You ate my bacon.. Really?" 

Tony smiled chewing on the food and I rolled my eyes.  "Oh! So I need to tell you! Ed frickin Sheeran tweeted me, he talked about me on the radio too! I screamed so loud, it was.. Just, perfect. Now I'm going to meet him later today!" I smiled the whole time I told him and Tony looked weirdly at me. "Weirdo." 

I smiled eating my waffles and Tony always finishes before me so I'd wash the dishes but he kindly offered to wash the dishes this time. "Aw, look at you. Growing up. Tear.." I moved my finger down my cheek and he laughed splashing me with water.  I laughed and sat down on the couch watching Pawn Stars.  Once Tony finished he grabbed the remote changing it to the sports channel. 

"My tv, my apartment, I pick what we watch." I told him and he kept looking at the TV. I sighed letting him win and he laughed, "Put up a fight, you aren't fun." I made a weird face at him and I grabbed his arm pulling the remote to me.  "Give me it!" He stood up and I stood up too, of course I wasn't going to get it he was a foot taller than me. "That's not fair! I can't jump!" He looked at my ankle and he sighed handing me the remote.  "I forgot about that!"  "Oh, I forgot about that." I mocked him and he laughed at me. I changed it to my channel again and we spent a long time watching the marathon of Pawn Stars.  It was 12 and I got a message,

From: Ed <3(:

'Alright, see you then love'

Sent at 12 PM

'Love' he just called me love, I think I might pass out. "We'll great having you big bro, but my idol is going to a restraunt and I have to dress nicely so if you may." I walked him towards the door and he chuckled.  "I know when I'm not wanted.. See you later loser." I waved bye to him and closed the door, I ran to my bedroom blasting music. 

"You're hearing rumours about me and saw some pictures online..." 

I sang along with Chris Brown, as I picked out what to wear. I grabbed a pink skirt with a tan belt on my waist and a white shirt with roses here and there, it was loose on me but fit nicely.  I put on tan wedges that go with the belt and I was taller now, hopefully my ankle would last. I quickly wrapped another band around my ankle, nice and tight.  I really wanted to look nice to meet Ed! I don't want him to think I dress bad. I grabbed my white handbag purse and I went to the bathroom putting on make up. Adding blush, shiny white eye shadow, and just a little lip gloss. I brushed my skirt with my hands and I took a long breath. 

I was meeting Ed Sheeran.  I'm going to pass out... I knew where Sprozanos restaurant it was about forty minutes away.  I grabbed my keys locking my door and walked out. I walked outside, walking to my car.  I started driving off, putting my sunglasses on. After getting there, I told the waiter I came here to see Ed and he immediately let me in.  "Thank you!" I told him as he let me sit down at a table. 

"Mr. Sheeran just went to the bathroom, he'll be back shortly." I smiled at the waiter as he handed me a menu, "May I offer you a drink miss?" 

I liked his italian accent! I didn't always hear it...  I wasn't use to people using miss, it seemed so proper. Which wasn't me so much. "Water will be fine, thank you."  He nodded leaving. 

Okay, stay calm Adriana. It's just Ed Sheeran, ginger Jesus. No big deal... I started getting a weird feeling all over me and I felt so nervous. 

"Adriana get ahold of yourself..." I whispered and I felt hands touch my shoulders making me jump. 

"Woah, sorry! Didn't mean to scare you." I looked behind me and there he was. Ed. Sheeran. I felt like I couldn't breath as he sat down, I looked at him with shock.  "Are you okay?" He laughed and I smiled big actually hearing his laugh in person. 

"You're Ed Sheeran... Wow. I don't think I'm alive right now.." I said with one breath and I smiled. 

"Yeah, I am. Great finally meeting you, heard you've been saying good things about me." I nodded my head, not believing this was real. "Okay.. I am going to be completely honest with you. I just, I love you. You are my idol. Your voice, is perfect. I cannot believe I'm actually here with you." I looked at him and he smiled, blushing. I just made him blush, can he not? Oh my god. "Thanks, that's sweet of you Adriana. You want to get some food? I'm starving."  Ed moved his head up and a waiter noticed and came to us, "You ready to order sir?"  Ed laughed quickly and nodded, "Yeah.. The.. This. It's in Italian so I don't know..." He looked at me and smiled and I smiled back. 

"Ah, tagliatelle. Good choice."

I smiled and I ordered, "Carbonara sembra buono, è buono?" I told him, Carbonara looks good, is it good?

"è deliziosa!" It's delicious!

"Mi piacerebbe che poi, grazie" I'd like that then, thank you.

He smiled kindly at me and I smiled back and Ed looked at me.  "You know Italian?"  I shook my head, "I've been here enough times to know, just trying to make a good impression..." I joked with him and he laughed a bit.

"I'm joking.. Yes I know a little Italian. Mostly Spanish."  He smiled, "Three languages.. Cool." I felt my cheeks burn and he chuckled.  "Teach me a few Spanish words! I have a bud who knows a bit of Spanish so I hear it from him every now and then."  I laughed, this was going to be fun.

"Okay.. Um, how about como te llamas?" -What's your name.

"Ed Sheeran." 

"Good, okay. Cuantos años tienes?" -How old are you. "Yeah.. You lost me there." We both laughed as he gave up. 

"You did.. Alright I guess." I laughed and a minute later the food came. "Deliziosa!" Ed said as he put the food in his mouth. I laughed covering my mouth with my hand.  He smiled holding in his laugh as he continued eating. 



"I just started this year with the whole modeling thing, it seems really fun. Just being myself." Ed looked really interested in what I said and I liked that he really listened. "It seems going great for you, you look pretty in those photos." I blushed and smiled at him. 

"I like when you blush." I blushed even more with him telling me that..  "Thank you and okay?" I giggled and he smiled. We stayed quiet for awhile until he broke the silence, "Do you want to go anywhere?"  I didn't really need to go anywhere... Except the grocery store. "I have one place but I don't know if you'd want to go..." 


"I was running low on groceries.." 

"You have to eat don't you? Come on." He stood up and I was shocked, he wanted to go buy groceries...  I should have said something more interesting like Six Flags.. Or on a boat ride! Something.. But of course grocery.. "Well, you only have a few days here, lets go to Six Flags, to an aquarium.. Navy Pier? Somewhere fun!"  I asked and he nodded. "Okay that seems fun, not that buying groceries didn't.."

I laughed, "Totally fine I have a long ass time to buy food." I stopped myself knowing that wasn't really lady like swearing in front of him and I hoped he didn't catch that.  He laughed, "Since you have a long ass time to buy food then lets go to an aquarium, we could see some weird fish. We walked out and I waved bye to the waiter who helped me.  "Did you come in a car? We could take mine.." 

He stopped me, "Lets take a cab, it'll be more fun." I guess it could be, I put my keys in my handbag, squishing it in and I followed Ed.  "How do you stop a cab around here?"  I laughed, whistling out for one and one pulled up.  Ed laughed and we hopped in, "Can you take us to the aquarium?"  "Sure thing."  We began to drive and Ed and I kept talking, and laughing. We got stuck in traffic and it would take forever to get to the aquarium, "Walking would get us there faster.. I hate traffics." 

"Uh, right here is fine." Ed handed him money and the cab driver gave us a thumbs up and we got out. 

"Are we really walking?" 

"You said walking would be faster.." I smiled since he listened to me when I didn't even mean it literally.  We walked and at one point he took my hand. "Smart idea, walking way faster.." He said as we crossed the street going to the aquarium.  "I have to know my own city.." 

I laughed and we ran until we got to the statue that stood outside.  I pulled out my phone taking a picture, 'I love the aquarium!' I tweeted, and then I moved close to Ed taking a picture with him. 

"Smile!" We smiled and took the picture. We walked inside and we waited in line and once we payed we walked around. "Look at that shark" I told him pointing to it, getting goosebumps. 

I went forward more and I looked at it, "I would so name you Walo." Ed laughed behind me. I looked at everyone passing by and I was surprised no one noticed Ed yet.  We walked more and we got to the turtles, one was really close to the glass and it was opened from on top so I touched the shell. 

"Badass" I rolled my eyes smiling at Ed, he had his phone out and I figured he was taking pictures of me. 

"Shush, or we get kicked out" I stuck my tongue out and he took another picture.  "Look at this little guy!" I said as I looked to the small turtle and I wished I could just take it with me. I had this weird thing with animals, I just loved them, except sharks, dolphins, and whales. They terrified me.

We walked around more, talking about each fish.  "Is there a zoo close by?"  I nodded and I got really excited! More animals! "Yes! Lets go!!" I pulled Ed and we ran out bumping into a few people, I kept apologising to them. 

After thirty minutes we got to the zoo and we had to walk on a bunch of stairs to actually get inside.  We snuck in carefully, no one noticed unless someone did but didn't say anything. We got in and we were outdoors now and we started cracking up. "No one saw!" Ed laughed and I laughed even more with him. 

"This is the best day" I said as I wrapped my arm with his, in a friendly way, like I use to with my friends and we walked around and I took picture of every animal.  "I love lions.. They are so cute." I focused on one who stood up quickly to move around and go back to sleep.  "I like that one right there.. He looks tough." He pointed to a lion that was sleeping and was really fat, he was obviously the oldest one. 

"He's the oldest one..." I got closer moving from people and read the little biography put on there. "His names Tobi.. Aw."  I said as I looked back him and at his picture. I heard a loud rawr come to the left and I knew it was a tiger. 

"That tiger is loud"  In my head I though, with bass but I felt awkward saying it... Ed walked to the tigers and I followed him and we saw that people were smiling and laughing at the tricks the tiger did. Someone was in there feeding it. 

"When tigers do that.. It makes me want to just buy one and keep it forever." Ed laughed and nodded. "I really want a giraffe.. Is that odd?" I giggled shaking my head, "You should get a giraffe.."  I agreed with him and he chuckled.  We walked around more and it was so hot out. It was about 90 degrees out.  We walked pass a shop and I decided to go inside. "I'm going to buy something!"  Ed nodded looking at the rhinos in front of the shop.  I walked inside, I'm getting a toy lion, and a giraffe. I took a lion and a toy giraffe and went to pay, I saw a bracelet with a + on it and I automatically thought of Ed! His album was +! It had animals all around it and then it had the plus sign in the middle. 

I bought all three and I was walking to the rhinos back to Ed and I saw him with a huge group of people and he was in the middle taking a picture. 

It was about fifteen people, and I smiled and waited for the pictures to be done. I smiled at Ed and he smiled big, they took the pictures and they all thanked him, saying they love him, love his songs, he's perfect, a lot of sweet things.  I walked next to Ed and he laughed, "What did you get?"  "I got you two gifts!" I handed him the giraffe and the bracelet.  I put it on for him and he smiled hugging me, "I love the giraffe, this was a total coincidence"  I laughed and we continued walking around. I checked my phone and it was 5 PM.  "Do we still have time to go to Navy Pier?" 

I shook my head, we would have about an hour and that wasn't enough, "We can go on a boat ride?"  I suggested and he nodded, "I don't want to leave yet, you're fun to be around." I blushed and held his arm again. Traffic slowed a bit down and it was faster getting to Navy Pier. We got onto a boat and we stood up looking at the water, sky, it was still light out and definitely still hot.  I sat down, I had to rest my ankle.. I rubbed my ankle feeling how tense it was..  "You alright?"  I nodded, "I'm fine." Ed sat down next to me and he smiled gently. 

"Today was buzzing." I agreed with him, it was amazing.  "I haven't had this much fun in awhile. Thanks." I rested my head on his shoulder and I looked at the sky, the sun was setting so it was purple, pink, blue.. It was beautiful. "I love the sky when it looks like this."  He put his head on mine, "I like the way it all blends together." I starred at the sky more and then payed attention to the city in front of me.  "I love this view.." I heard a woman say. I pulled my phone out taking a picture, 'Chicago, my city, I love you.'  It was beautiful I loved the way it looked.  "The view from here is fantastic everyone!" I heard the announcer say.  "Ed.."  "Yeah?"  "I had a fun time..." 

I felt him smile and we started talking more about random things. We got off the boat an hour later and we went back to the restaurant.  "I'll see you some other time, before I leave too, bye." I waved bye to him and got in my car. I drove back home and started tweeting pictures. 

'Definitely one of the best days ever @edsheeran , thank you!' I tweeted a lot of pictures and posted some on Instagram.  '@daniellepeazer: I'm glad you had fun babe! When are we going to have a girl day? :) xxx'

'@daniellepeazer soon I hope! Xxx'

'@edsheeran: today was fun! Great meeting @Adri1995 loving the giraffe' he put a picture with it and I laughed.

'@edsheeran I loved meeting you too! I hope you keep the bracelet & think of me when you're gone ! :D' I sat down on my coach and I saw a text from Max, I must've missed it.

From: Max

'I don't know if you need more space but I gotta say I'm a bit jealous seeing you with him :('

Sent at 3:08 PM

It had a picture of Ed and I at the aquarium leaving. 

To: Max

'I met my idol! He's great babe. You don't need to be jealous, I'll see you tomorrow? xoxo'

Sent at 7:03 PM

I checked to see what else I missed, I had three missed calls, what was this about? I called back, "Hello? I got three missed calls from this number.." 

"Hey doll!" I realised who it was and I immediately replied, "Hi! I'm so sorry I was gone the whole day. I'm so sorry!"  "It's totally fine, I just wanted to let you know that your photo shoot is tomorrow at 8 AM..-- oh! I'm getting another call, email me if there's any problems I have to go, goodbye." 

She hung up and I rubbed my eyes, I had to wake up early.. Okay then.


HI! I hope you can watch my video for my movella, 'Hurt'. I'd been working on it & I finally posted it! I hope you love it :D

Thanks ~

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