Fighting For Love

One Direction fanfic. 17 year old Adriana was kicked out from her house by her parents for getting into trouble. Her parents got her an apartment to help her in Chicago, since then she has been living with her best friend, Danni. When Adriana went out for a run, she had no idea what was going to happen and how much 5 boys could change her entire life, but would it be for the best or for the worst? (Trust me the story's better)


20. Drama. -Swears-

This chapter has swears so I'm just letting you know. Also I'm kinda at writers block too. So bare with me, lastly.. CONGRATS ON THE BOYS WINNING 3 VMA's. Proud..  : D

Harry's POV

I woke up in the hospital... I felt like I had tears from the dream I had.. It was about Adriana and she had found out about Samantha and I practically destroyed my whole room... I was also mad at Zayn, he was the one who caused it all. I tried moving my arms and it felt like I was being held down.

I started opening my eyes and I was in a white and tan room and I lifted my head and saw Zayn...

Then I remembered, my 'dream' wasn't a dream... It all happened. I felt myself get angry, why was Zayn even here?

I started yelling at him that I didn't want him here. Then he told me Adriana was going to forgive me... She was never going to forgive! What  didn't Zayn understand that?! It isn't something you forgive people for! I started yelling again and a machine started beeping... Before I knew it I was surrounded by nurses and doctors they were pushing me down and I kept pulling back, then I looked at a nurse injecting a needle into my arm...

I felt my eyes closing and in a matter of seconds I was asleep...





I woke up and I saw Louis smiling at me and I turned and saw Niall, Liam, and my mum.

"Harry! You're awake!" My mum hugged me and started kissing my face. I realized I wasn't being held down anymore, I grabbed my mums hands... "I'm awake, I'm fine.." I chuckled... I couldn't remember much of what happened. I looked at my hand and I had a white band wrapped around it... I wiped my eyes and I lifted myself up still laying on my bed..

"Haz! Feeling better? Good! You went a little... crazy yesterday..." It all came back to me again, the yelling, wrecking my room, seeing Zayn, and Adriana...

"It was.. stupid. Is Zayn here? I should apologize for yelling at him... And blaming him for something I did." Everyone looked at me and nodded their heads.

"Zayn's in the waiting room, he hasn't left for the past two days. He's really worried about you, Harry." My mum still holding my hand, and squeezed my hand.

"Can you tell him to come in here..?" I looked at Niall, Liam, and Louis.

"I'll bring him in, I have to go anyways.. Gemma's coming out from school soon, I love you Harry, be more careful." My mum walked out the door...

Zayn opened the door slowly and peeked in... "Uh.."

"You could come in, Harry said it's okay." Liam opened the door more and I saw Zayn walk in.

I apologized to Zayn and he apologized to me.

"When can I leave then..?"


"You can leave as long as you won't go crazy anymore." Louis had a eyebrow raised. I laughed.
"I think I'll be fine." Truth is, I didn't really know if I was since Adriana was always going to cross my mind everyday.. Knowing she wasn't mine anymore killed me...

One month later...
I had to do an interview with the lads. So we got up early around 6, and we were on our way to do a live interview on E! I think..
We got there and fans were screaming behind the fence since no one was allowed on set. We all waved to them, and quickly got inside.. We had to get everything prepared like our hair and our clothes and everything else... After we were done, we all sat down on a couch for five and got ready to be interviewed. I sat by Louis, Louis by Zayn, Zayn by Niall, and Niall by Liam.
The interviewer was young and pretty and she was wearing jeans and a shirt that said, "One Direction".
"I like your shirt..." Louis pointed out as she smiled and we did too.
"Thank you! ... Okay, now.. I'll just ask a few questions and we'll be done. This is going to be live too, Okay?" We nodded our heads and a camera pointed to us and we started.

"Hi, we're back on E news, and I'm here with One Direction!"
"Hi, I'm Harry." "I'm Louis." "I'm Zayn!" "I'm Niall.!" "And I'm Liam!"

We all smiled and the questions started.
"Okay, so I have a few questions from Twitter... Let me just say your fans are very... Passionate." We chuckled as she smiled, "So Harry a fan asked what do you think about America?"

"Uh.. America was really fun... We loved doing the concerts and seeing all the fans.. It was a really fun experience.... I just feel like we left a lot there, like people... Certain people."
The interviewer smiled at me, "It must have been fun, I'm sure. Especially if you had a few people there." I nodded my head... I was really talking about Adriana.. There hadn't been one day that I didn't think about her, I sighed. After asking us all questions she came back to me.
"So Harry... I really have to ask... How are you and Samantha doing? You two are so cute together..." She pointed to the screen and it had a picture of us hugging... I faked a smile.
I had to say something, "Uh, really good actually. She's really nice and caring..."
"Well that's fantastic... Now can you tell us what happened.. It was about a  month ago.. You were uh...  were taken to the hospital for some injuries weren't you?"
I nodded my head,

"Yeah, I got a cut on my hand and it started bleeding really bad, I guess I fainted... It wasn't anything too much.... Uh, glass broke and I was.. Erm.. Picking it up..."
I was terrible at lying....

I showed her my hand that still had a big scar and she grabbed my hand, "It must have hurt and it had to be really bad since you were taken to the hospital."
I nodded my head and so did she and went on to Louis...

I started remembering everything that happened... After I left the hospital...

Three weeks ago..

I was back to normal.. I guess. I had been quiet since Adriana was no longer apart of my life and I had nothing much to say. I had to forget about her though. There wasn't any point in trying she was gone and I'm sure I meant nothing to her...
I was so confused... I was on the couch as I heard a knock on the door. I went to the door and of course... Samantha.
"Harry..." I sighed.. Maybe being with Samantha wouldn't be so bad.. It could help me to forget Adriana. Who knows I could actually be happier with her.
"I heard what happened at the hospital.. I'm so sorry. I just wanted to say th-"
I kissed her.. She didn't fight the kiss, she actually kissed me back and we both pulled away.
"It's okay." I told her as she smiled at me.
"So am I your girlfriend now?" She was hugging me by my neck.
I smiled at her, "I guess so." She kissed me again...

I flashed back into reality... I think having Samantha as my girlfriend was a bad mistake... She was so bossy and she wanted me to be with her all the time. Lately she was so angry all the time too, and she always tried to kiss me as an apology even though I hated kissing her.
We finished the interview and we went back to the flat and got the rest of the day off.

Adriana's POV
Harry was dating this girl.. It was stupid of me to actually bother to search it up, "Harry Styles girlfriend".
I went through the pictures, them kissing, hugging, being together at random places, then I saw a picture of me with Harry... I felt like I was being stabbed in my heart.

(Directioner moment)

Why would this happen to me? I just wanted to be happy and have a life like any ordinary teenage girl, but of course since it's me.. I had to fall head over heels with a teen superstar, that doesn't even like me at all... I felt like tears were going down my face, why Harry...

Next Day...

I fell asleep on the couch and I had to wake up for school. I checked my phone which was on the coffee table, and it was 6:15.. I got up and quickly changed into skinny jeans and a blue and white striped hollister shirt. I checked in on Danni, and she was still sleeping in bed... I didn't want to talk to her just yet, I was still mad at her for setting up a date I didn't even know about. I grabbed her phone and put an alarm on (The most annoying ringtone). So she could actually get up, I put it for 6:35. I brushed my hair and brushed my teeth.

I got my phone and my bag and walked out the door.

Once I was at school no one was here yet so that was good... I walked to my locker and saw a huge poster on it.

"Harry Styles Girlfriend! I told you... xoxo ~Mindy." At the bottom of it, there was pictures of Harry kissing his girlfriend and on one of them it had written, "Samantha & Harry"

I pulled the poster off my locker and threw it away in the closest trash. I hated Mindy! What was her problem! I never did anything to her, just because I was with the guys hanging out. She's the one that bit me! I looked at my wrist, her teeth marks always stayed there as memory of that day, it was that crazy.

Harry.. Haz, why did I have to fall in love with you?! Out of all the boys in the world... It was you! All those memories, all those dumb things we did... I pulled out my phone and looked through my pictures, I clicked on the first picture I took with Harry, we were smiling together and I went to the next picture...

We were doing the duck face.. I chuckled, I felt a tear roll down my cheek... I was biting my lip in the next one while Harry was doing one of his cheeky smiles... I put my head into my locker and started crying... All those memories.. They mean nothing anymore...

"Hey.. What are you doing here so early?" I turned to look at Derrick who was by my side laying on the locker next to mine..

I pulled myself together and wiped the tears away, "Um.. Just, homework.." I grabbed everything I needed from my locker as I was reaching for my phone, Derrick got it.

He looked at it and kept scrolling, I stood there trying to be annoyed and waited.

"His names Harry, right?..... He's the reason you've been sad... What happened?" I snatched my phone from Derrick and walked away from him, I didn't need someone else to get into this.

"Hey! You aren't leaving... I'm you're friend! I want to help you." Derrick grabbed my arm and looked at me in the eyes. I turned around, "Derrick... I don't need someone else getting into this. Okay?" I walked away from him and went into the girls bathroom.

"Adriana!" I ignored him, as I looked in the mirror and saw my eyes were red... Great. I fixed my hair quickly and walked out ignoring Derrick.

"Adriana! Come on..." He tried grabbing my arm again but I pulled away, I was about to go into a class before Derrick grabbed my waist and pushed me against the lockers.

"Now, please tell me... Please." I rolled my eyes, I wasn't saying a word to him.

He had my arms in his hands, I looked down not wanting to see his face.

He lifted my chin, "Please, at least tell me what I could do to see you smile again?"

In that moment my mind was fluttering, I looked into his eyes... His hazel eyes, I got lost in them... I slowly shook my head...

"No..!... Derrick, only one thing could make me smile again..."

I pushed Derrick off and he chased after me, "Adriana!" A huge group of kids then came in through the door and I went in between all of them and Derrick lost me in the crowd.


I was outside and saw that everyone was waiting outside, I went through them all and I saw Mindy.

"Hey! Like the poster?" She started laughing at me. That's it, I am not dealing with her crap anymore!

"Mindy why can't you just stop being so damn annoying! Seriously! I am done with all this crap!" I yelled at her and her group looked at me like I was crazy.

"Hey... Don't be going all mad... Not my fault Harry wanted someone better." She laughed... I knew how this was going to end, I saw Danni walking towards the school, then she stopped to stare what was happening.

"Harry.. Harry has nothing to do with this! I'm sick and tired of your bull!" I stepped closer to her and I was getting ready to hit her... I was too mad to hold it back.

"Just shut your mouth kay?" She glared at me stepping closer.

"Adriana..Come on.." Derrick was grabbing my arm. He's right.. I have to hold back.

"Wow. So your dating Derrick now? Slut much.?" I turned around, no one ever says that to me. I walked back to Mindy and slapped her.

"Your one to talk." She grabbed my hair like before and I grabbed her hair, everyone around us started cheering, 'FIGHT! FIGHT! CHICK FIGHT!"

I kicked Mindy in her stomach until she came off from me. I went on top of her, Derrick and Max were trying to pull us off each other. I kept slapping Mindy and she trying to push me off. 

"That is enough ladies!" Two police officers came next to us and grabbed us. "In my office now!!" The principal pointed to the school and the police officers dragged us in.

We sat down on the chairs in the principals office. "Adriana, I'm sure your parents wouldn't like to hear about this..." Mindy looked at me and smiled.

"Mindy, your getting a week of detention and your grounded." I looked at Mindy and back at the principal. You have got to be kidding me. Mindy was his daughter! Ugh..! Mindy walked out.

"I'll take a week of detention too..." I looked over to him.

"Your getting two weeks since you were the one who had started it. You could go then. Since your a A student, I won't call your parents." Whatever, as long as I didn't expelled. I moved my hair to one side and sighed.

"Okay..." I walked out and saw all eyes on me. Great everyone thought I was some crazy person now, maybe I was. I went into the bathroom locking it. I looked into the mirror, a small scar from her slapping, and my hair had leafs and grass. I heard the bell ring, I unlocked the door and everyone was in class, I went to my locker and saw Max waiting...











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