Fighting For Love

One Direction fanfic. 17 year old Adriana was kicked out from her house by her parents for getting into trouble. Her parents got her an apartment to help her in Chicago, since then she has been living with her best friend, Danni. When Adriana went out for a run, she had no idea what was going to happen and how much 5 boys could change her entire life, but would it be for the best or for the worst? (Trust me the story's better)


30. Day with Lou-Lou(:

Adriana's POV

I looked at my clock and it was 11:20! Only a few minutes until I saw Lou- Lou!
I didn't bother changing since I was already wearing normal clothes.
I was so scared.. Well not exactly scared but nervous. I haven't seen Lou in a year.. Would he hate me? I felt like I changed into a different person.. Since I did spend most of my time with Max.

Someone knocked on the door..
Who could that be..? Louis wasn't suppose to be here until ten minutes..
"Uh.. Who is it?" I was walking to the door and opened it and saw Louis standing with a huge smile.
"Louis!!" I was so happy! I hugged him and he hugged me back.

"Ri-Ri!!" I kept hugging him! This was actually happening! My best friend was back!
"I missed you so much Lou!" I buried my face on his shoulder.

"I missed you too! Things were.. Crazy." We both let go.
I kept smiling and was happy knowing that Lou was finally here!
"Were not just going to stand here! Come on!"
He grabbed my arm and dragged me out of the apartment.
"Lou! Hold on, I need my phone and purse."
I said losing my grip from Louis. He was so strong!
"Ugh. Girls.... Hurry up babe!" I ran back inside and went into my room to get my phone and purse. I looked over to my phone and saw a text from Max.

From: Max
'Sorry I had to leave, I love u okay? I'll be back at 3, Around that time.'
Sent at 11:26 AM

It was perfect! I had enough time to hang out with Lou, I started walking towards the door.
"Ready now?" Louis had his hands on his hips, he moved his hand to fix his hair to the side.
"Yeah, sorry... Danni! I'll be back later!" I closed the door and ran to him.
We went out to his car and I hopped in.
"So where does Ri- Ri want to go on this lovely and chilly morning?"
I giggled, "Er.. Any where the gent would like to go. Lou-Lou?"
We laughed at our weirdness.
"Alright, I know a good place."
I laughed and I found myself looking at him..
Louis was the nicest person just liked Danni, but he really was helpful and I don't know what I would have done without his help last summer.

"I know I'm hot and all. But it's getting a bit awkward."
I laughed at him, "Sorry, didn't mean to make you feel uncomfortable... So how's Eleanor?"
He smiled and his whole face lit up, it was obvious he really loves her. It's so cute.
"She's good, really good. I just miss her a lot." I pinched his cheek, and he smiled and made a confused face.
"You're so adorable with Eleanor! You're going to see her eventually, don't worry." I smiled at him and he looked quickly at me then back at the roads.
"I know.. So what about you? What's the lucky guys name?"
I smiled, barely though. Then I thought how did he know? Twitter maybe...
"His names Max, he's one lucky boy, isn't he?", I said sarcastically as Louis chuckled,  "How'd you know about him?"
"Twittah." I loved the way he said Twitter! I laughed and he stared at me.
"It's just you say Twitter funny.. Sorry." He laughed and smiled and then we turned into ...


I absolutely loved it there! The food was so unusually big, but so delicious.
"I do? Twittah! Twittah! Twittah!!... Oh, I guess it's a bit different from your accent. Well like you sound any different! Hi, I'm Adriana. I Use Twitter because Facebook is too mainstream. " He said the last part all girly,  I laughed and laughed, as Louis did too.
I couldn't breathe and he stopped and opened his car door.
"Well now! You want Chile's?! ... STOP LAUGHING. You're just like Niall! Harry, Liam, and I always have to try to calm down."
I heard Harry's name and I laughed a bit then went serious... "Sorry." I got quiet... It's just his name.. It brought back so much that shouldn't mean anything to me.
"Are you okay?" I quickly looked at Louis as we walked inside and I nodded.
"I'm fine..." There wasn't such a huge line like usual and soon we were next.
"Table for two please." He tried using an American accent and I couldn't help but giggle.
The lady looked confused and then her face lit up, eyes wide.
"Oh my gosh! You're Louis Tomlinson! I'm such a huge fan, of One Direction!"


He smiled, "Thanks, love. That really means a lot. But if you don't mind. Were starving. I'm sorry if I'm coming off as rude.." She shook her head smiling. Some people were staring...
"No, no its- it's fine. I'm sorry, can I just have a picture before you finish eating and can you also be able to sign my phone?" Lou nodded and signed her phone. She squealed a little and lead us to a table. It was in the middle, but I liked it.
"This is the only one we have available. Here's your menus and someone will come to take your.. Um orders.." She looked at Louis and he winked at her as he said Thanks.


"Well, well. Mr. Tomlinson being a bit flirty isn't he? Huh. What will Eleanor think?" I told him sarcastically he knew I was only teasing, I've learned from Max.
"She knows my heart.. My soul, is for her love. And her love only." He put his hand on his heart.. Then made a heart with his hands.
I laughed at him, he was so weird.
I ordered a bacon burger I believe it's called, Louis ordered baby back ribs.

"So.. Anything new?"
I sighed.. Should I tell him about Harry? I did trust him, so I might as well.
"I saw Harry... This morning." He smiled softly.
"I know, he told everyone. He was bragging about it..." I couldn't help but smile like a idiot. "Ri?" I looked up to see his blue eyes.
"You still like him don't you?" I felt as if my chest was going to explode. My heart was beating fast for some reason.. Of course I didn't like Harry. I was in love with Max. Completely in love with him.
I sighed quietly knowing it wouldn't help to lie to myself. Who was I kidding? I still liked Harry. Something made me forget about him sleeping with another girl, his lies, his protectiveness... I just couldn't forget his perfect self.
His flirty personality, his green eyes, his caring ways, his sweet thoughts, his smirk, and his adorable dimple. It was a list of things, I would never forget about Harry.
No matter what though, I was still with Max and I did love him.


      "I... I dont know. I like Harry. It's no point in hiding it, but.. Max. He is my boyfriend. I am in love with him..."
Louis came over to my side of the table and hugged me.
"It's alright love." He gave me his regular hug where I put my head on his chest and he put his head on top of mine as he put his arms around my head.
I laughed a little, "Thanks Lou-Lou. I don't want this to be a sad lil festival. We came to have fun and hang out." He smiled and sat back down.
"Okay, just know you could talk to me about anything. I'm here for you babe."
Our orders came and we spent the rest of the time eating, laughing, talking about pointless things. A day made.

                                             Louis' POV
We headed out, I took a picture with the girl who asked and it was a oddly quiet day. Hardly any fans came it was only five at the most. It was good feeling free for a day.
"Wanna head to the hotel were staying at? Don't worry, the lads should be out, at a photoshoot I think."
Adriana looked worried, but nodded anyways. I smiled and we were on the way to the hotel.
"Are you sure he won't be there? I don't mind Liam, Niall, or Zayn.. It's just, I dont think I could see Harry. Right now at least."
He held my wrist and moved his thumb, rubbing my wrist.


"Ri- Ri I promise Harry wont be there." I smiled at Louis knowing he wouldn't lie to me, we were Best friends!
We got to their hotel and fans were screaming.
I waved hi to all of them as I held Adriana's arm. I couldn't hold her hand knowing they would make something else out of it. I loved the fans but sometimes they made things into too much of a big deal.

A security guard was there and lead us to the door and we got inside.
"Wow.. They are like.. In love with you." I laughed, and it was only me. She couldn't imagine how it would be with all of us.. Wait, she did. She got tackled by that one girl. I looked back at her wrist and remembered the girl had bitten her.
I pulled her wrist so I could see and she stared confused at me.


"Oh, wanted to see of the scar went away? It's this wrist." She handed me her other wrist and you could still clearly see the teeth marks.. Woah.
"It never went away.. Weird." She nodded her head and we went into the elevator.
"Oh! I press the button! What floor?"
She sounded like a little kid ready for a roller coaster ride.
"Floor 11, munchkin." She turned and glared at me then pressed 11.
I chuckled at her.
She pulled her phone out and started laughing.
"What?" I wanted to know what was funny... Her smile got bright and her laugh was contiguous even though I didn't even know what was funny.
"Your grandpa. I absolutely love him! He's so nice and sweet." She showed me her phone and saw it was on Twitter.

'Keith Tomlinson:
What do you think about this shirt :D'

It had a picture of him smiling and I laughed too. He was a nice man, I missed him too. Adriana had to meet my family one day.
The elevator doors opened and we walked out. I saw Niall running as he passed us and caught a football and laughed.
"I got it!" I looked at him and he laughed more then he saw Adriana come out, she was still on her phone but when she heard his laugh, her head shot up.



"Adriana... ADRIANA!!!! It's you!" Niall ran to her and gave her a huge hug, picking her up.
"I missed you too, Niall." She hugged him back and I started walking to the room door. I stopped at leaned on the door.
"Hey Lou! Finally come back?" I lifted my eyebrows up at Josh.
"Yeah, brought a friend of ours... You'd love her."
He smiled and laughed, I saw Niall running with Adriana on his back.
"Thank you! I was so tired after riding the elevator. Ugh." She was so sarcastic. She laughed and so did Niall.
"Woah, your their friend right? I'm Josh. Drummer of One Direction." He was trying to impress her and Adriana turned to him and smiled.
"I'm Adriana! I use Twitter because Facebook's too mainstream." She looked at me and we both laughed.
She stuck her hand out and Josh shook it.
"Woah." Josh was practically drooling over her.
"Now, now. She has a boyfriend. Don't think about it drummer boy." He turned at me and glared, I smacked his arm telling him that I was joking.
He laughed quietly and took the football from Niall.
"Go long!" Josh motioned his hands for Niall to go back. Niall and Adriana ran farther back.
Josh threw it and Adriana caught it.
"The girl plays football! Hot and sporty!"
Josh laughed and ran to them.
"I dont play football! I'm a chi town girl. We all know how to catch a ball, Joshy." She walked towards me with the football and Josh couldn't keep his eyes off her.

"He's drooling over you." She laughed.
"Boys.." She rolled her eyes and laughed again.
"Niall, I made you the sandwiches..." Zayn walked out, making me almost fall back.
"Louis, watch out!" I quickly caught my balance but fell back the other way. I started laughing.
"Ow! Ow! Ow, that really hurt!" Adriana started laughing and came next to me.
"Dummy. Take my hand." She helped me up and I saw Zayn staring at her.

"Ad-Adriana.." It was all he could say. Zayn still liked her. She was all he could think about!
"Zayn..!" She ran up to him and jumped on him. She wrapped her legs around him and he held her waist. She put her head on his shoulder and he still had a shocked face.
"Well, at least you could say hi to the girl!" Adriana laughed and smiled at Zayn.
He laid his head on her head and she moved away as he stared at her.
"Hi." He told her as she smiled and came off him.
"Zaynie! I missed you!" She told him ruffling his hair.
"Woah.." I said.
"You let her touch your hair but go crazy when we even put a finger on it." Zayn never EVER let anyone touch his hair. He would slap our
hands away.
"Well, I'm special guys! Geez." She laughed and Zayn smiled at her.
"You are special." I looked at Zayn who kept looking at her.
Adriana smile back at him, Zayn ran back with Niall and Josh. She threw the ball, and I had no clue who caught because I hear Liam.

"Zayn! You made a huge mess in the kitchen! What did I say about keeping it clean?" Liam walked out and looked for Zayn.


"Zayn?!" He looked around and Adriana stood there smiling at him.
"Oh, hi Adriana. Have you seen Zayn? He made a big mess in the kitchen..." She kept looking at him, she looked back at me and I looked at Liam.
"What?" He looked at Adriana and Adriana opened her arms..
"Oh!! I DIDN'T REALIZE! I thought you were Lou!" Lou was our hairstylist, Liam must be blind because in no way does Ri- Ri look like Lou.
"It's alright Liam!" He hugged her as she smiled.


I worked so hard on this chapter, it has to be my favourite so far! Thank you to everyone reading! I love you like A LOT! Thanks guys<3 Loving all the cute comments! #TeamHarry, #TeamZayn, #TeamMax

:D Means so much! <333


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