Fighting For Love

One Direction fanfic. 17 year old Adriana was kicked out from her house by her parents for getting into trouble. Her parents got her an apartment to help her in Chicago, since then she has been living with her best friend, Danni. When Adriana went out for a run, she had no idea what was going to happen and how much 5 boys could change her entire life, but would it be for the best or for the worst? (Trust me the story's better)


48. Danielle

Louis POV
The nerve of Harry! Dammit, who did he think he was? I can't believe he would even bring up Eleanor, I love her with all my heart. I love Adriana too but she's just my best friend. Or not anymore. I just can't believe she would say those things on a magazine where everyone could see it. I left Harry looking shocked, with Zayn, Niall, and Liam there too. I went into my room, I shared with Harry, and I grabbed all my things and moved them into the guest room. I threw everything on the floor and I sat down on the bed.
I could never look at Harry the same way again, he knew not to bring Eleanor up especially in something like this since she was far away and I couldn't see her.
I didn't choose to stay here, I stayed for Adriana but now I don't even have her with me, so I'm leaving. Why am I even still here?
Maybe Harry was right, I am a little puppy chasing her around. Well then why should I have to be here since this is clearly only for Harry and Zayn. This isn't my problem anymore, Adriana doesn't want to be friends.
I pulled my phone out and I called out for a cab and the closest airplane to take off to London.
"Do you have any planes taking off to London anytime soon?"
"Please wait, sir... Oh! Yes, we have one that's leaving at two this morning." I checked my clock, it was ten.
"That would be great, thanks. Can you save the ticket for Louis Tomlinson."
"Sure thing. When you are going to the entrance just tell the woman your name and you'll be all set. Thank you for choosing O'Hare Airports."
She hung up and I started packing. I took a quick shower, changed, and got out, it was only 11 now.
"Louis? I might be late to ask but are you okay?" I heard Niall's voice come through my door.
"I'm fine."
I don't want any of the lads to know that I was leaving. I didn't want Harry finding out either.
I can't stand being around him, at least I could be happy with my family and Eleanor in London.
"It was pretty, crazy back there... Do you want something? I'll get it for you."
I sighed and went to the door, I opened it up only a bit, enough to show my face and I shook my head, no.
"I'm fine, Niall. Get to sleep now, we have an interview early tomorrow." He smiled gently and nodded.
"Okay, I'll see you in the morning." He smiled again and walked to his room.
I closed the door and walked to the bed. I won't see Niall in the morning, I'll probably already be half way to London. I sighed and laid down on the bed, setting my alarm to wake up at 1 AM.
I couldn't sleep so I decided to call Eleanor, "Hello?" I heard Eleanor's tired voice, it was about seven in the morning she was probably still sleeping.
"Did I wake you up?"
"No, no. I'm had to get up anyways. What's wrong, it must be late over there."
"I just wanted to tell you ill be going back sooner than I thought."
"What do mean, when will all of you be coming?" She sounded cheerful.
"I'll be going in a few hours, actually." I smiled, she must really miss me.
"That's great! Wait... You will..? Aren't the rest of the boys coming with?"
"Uh, no.. Just me. Don't you want to see me..."
"Of course I do. But... I don't mean anything by it, but why only you? Is everything fine?" Why did she have to ask, I was bound to tell her anyways..
"Harry and I.. Had a bit of a fight. I don't want to be here anymore Eleanor. There isn't any point to it anymore." She sighed, "Louis, what are you talking about?"
"I have no reason to be here anymore. I hate to say it but Adriana will never forgive us. Besides we just have a week left here, what bad will it do to leave a week earlier?"
"Louis, you have to try. I want to see you happy again. You have a week to fix everything. I'm not allowing you to come back to London."
I chuckled, "That's sweet of you to say, but I'll be there soon. Besides, what are you talking about me being happy? El, you make my world go round, you make me happy. Yes I might not be buzzing but its only because I miss you."
"Louis... Come on. I miss you too but I'm still myself. Adriana had a huge impact on you. Don't play foolish with me, please. Try.. Make me happy by staying." I hate how she had her way around me.. But I just don't know if I should stay.
"I want to make you happy.. I really do, but I don't think I could stay any longer here. I promise you, I'm still the same. I really am. I.. I don't need Adriana. We were only friends. Friends come and go right?"
I didn't care if I was lying, okay.. i cared a lot, but Adriana obviously meant every word in that magazine interview. I knew I was quieter, so what? I was never so loud before anyways. I'm sure Eleanor won't see that in me..

"They do, but only great friends change you. I know what you expect to do, arrive in London, see your family, me and then, you're going to be someone I don't even know. I know you too well Louis Tomlinson." I got chills, how could she know me that well. We have been together for about five months, we do love each other a lot too.
I smiled, "You do, don't you.. I don't like to lie to you babe. But, I just don't think I could stay in Chicago any longer! You might not fully understand everything but please, I don't want to be here any more."
I didn't want to be here because of Harry actually. I couldn't let myself leave if I didn't get Eleanor on my side, it would just bug me too much.
"Listen to me, I may not know the whole story.. But I'm not letting you get on a plane just to get away from your problems.. Or fly away.." She giggled, "Please, for me."
I sighed, I don't know. Usually I'd just get on the plane and go back but knowing Eleanor wants me to try and stay... It really makes it a harder decision.
"And if I stay? I get into more fights with Harry.. Or what if Adriana won't even forgive us? Eleanor. I just don't know, I think.. I'm going to get on the plane to London."
She replied quickly, "If you do.. I will..." She paused, "I will stay as far away from you as I possibly could!"
I was shocked, she wouldn't.. She couldn't.. "You wouldn't! As soon as I get there, you'll be right next to me." She knew it was true..

"No, I'm not going to Louis. I am not going to go with someone I don't know. I want the Louis I know and love."
I thought a lot about it, "I am the Louis you know and love! I may be a bit quieter but that would leave behind a big headache."
"Headache? You are not a headache. For god sakes Lou, we both know we're the loudest couple known to man. It's who we are, it just makes us different. You love that about us.. I'm going to say it one last time, are you going to stay or should I change my mobile and hide away from you?" I chuckled at her silliness, she was too good.
"I love you.." I said chuckling again, "Is that a I'm staying or I'll find you?" I laughed, "I'll see you in a week." I smiled and she laughed too. "Good, I'll see you then. I'll call you later today or tomorrow, I love you. Now rest." I smiled and yawned, "Okay, I love you more babe. Good morning to you."
"Goodnight to you, bye!" She said sounding happy and I hung up.
I yawned again, dialling a number, "Cancel my flight to London, please."
"Louis Tomlinson?"
"Yes, I've decided to stay for a while. Thank you for your assistance though."
"Very well. You're tickets are canceled, thank you for calling. Have a goodnight."
She hung up and I put my phone on the coffee table. I closed my eyes and finally fell asleep, much more comfortable now.

Adriana's POV
I woke up with my phone buzzing, "I'm sleeping!" I yelled at my phone hoping that it would hear me and say I'm sorry, I'll ignore the call. Instead it rang and rang.
I picked it up and answered it, "Hello?" I said a bit annoyed.
"Is this Adriana Gomez?" She asked kindly.
"Yes, who's calling?"
"Good-morning darling, I'm an assistant for a model agent-see, we saw you on your spot on Ok! Magazine. My boss really put a fancy on you! He asked me to find your telephone and ask you to be front cover for our magazine, Sheek."
I was taken back, Sheek? It was a magazine where you would walk into a store and it would be in the front row. I cleared my voice a bit and answers back, "Wow, uh, yes! Definitely.. Thank you, tell him I say thank you. When should I be there?"
"Great! I'll let him know. Our address is 36604 on Rogers Avenue. Let me ask him what time he'd like you in. Please hold on, doll." I put the phone down and shrieked, I lifted the phone again and I heard her calling my name, "Yes! I'm still here. Sorry.."
"It's fine. He told me he apologises its such short notice but he'd like you in as soon as you could."
I felt joy flood over me, this was seriously happening. I couldn't even breathe !
"Umm... I could go in about an hour! Sorry.. I sound so anxious. I'll be there in an hour, thank you, thank you so much!"
"No problem, sweetie. I'll see you in abut then! Goodbye."
"Bye!" I hung up and jumped on top of my bed.

"I'm going to be on Sheek magazine!!" I jumped up and down on my bed and I realised, I only had an hour.. Crap!
I ran into the shower, as soon as I got out I changed into white shorts and a tan laced shirt. I put a white tank top underneath too. I rushed and started brushing my teeth and went to check my clock, it was 8:21..
I needed to hurry, I put in the address into my phone and I have no idea how I'm so lucky but it was only twenty five minutes away.
I put on my mascara, lip gloss, and a little bit of blush.
I ran into my room and grabbed the closest shoes, they were tanned toms. I put them on and grabbed my phone again and got my keys. I went to the bathroom and spit out the toothpaste in my mouth, "Agh! Eww." It tasted gross after in my mouth. I washed my mouth and ran back to my living room.
"I have my phone, keys, did my make up, brushed teeth.. I'm missing something.." I looked to my stomach and I went to the kitchen, I was starving!
"Dammit tony!" He had used the last of food, probably when I fell asleep. I looked around and saw an apple, it's gotta do for now.
I really should go but some food..
I went walked out the door and locked it. I ran down the stairs and bit my apple, I hadn't realised I was hungry until I wanted more and more of the apple. I went to my mailbox and grabbed all the mail inside.
"Bye Greg!" I said with the apple in my mouth, he laughed at me, "Goodbye!" I ran outside and to my car.
I jumped inside and turned it on, now how to get there.. It was 8:30 now.. I could make it.. Maybe.
I drove out of the parking lot and onto the road. I was still eating my apple, I don't care if I got pulled over.. Well.. I just had to hide it because I don't want to be late.
I followed the directions on my phone and got there.. I looked through my mail as I drove and I saw a letter that has 'Ok! Magazine'
'To: Adriana Gomez'
I opened it as I drove and I pulled out a check of $700.
"Oh my god..." I found a post it attached to it, "Thanks for the interview, here's your reward! ;)"
I had $700!
I could use it to buy groceries and clothes... I got really excited!
Then I realised I had to go to the interview, and I needed to hurry up.
"Fuck, fuck, fuck.. I'm going to be late. Where do I park?!"
I was so anxious and nervous, after about three minutes I found a parking space. I turned my car off and got out.
I looked at my phone, 9:04... Ugh! I ran past people and they looked at me like I was crazy. I bumped into someone.
"Oh! I'm sorry." They had dropped their bags and I picked three out of the four that had fallen.
"I'm so sorry, I'm in such a rush." I handed the person their bags and I looked up to them.
"It's totally fine, love." She looked at me and she smiled big.
"You! I know you! Adriana!" I smiled, who was she? She had her hair straight and a green tee with light blue jean shorts with some black closed high heels.
She had a really big and perfect smile too.
"I'm sorry! My names Danielle. I've heard a lot about you, Liam mostly." I smiled at her and began to walk away.
"You're just going to leave like that?"
I stopped to turn back and nodded, if I knew any better Liam was probably with her.
"I'm sorry, I don't want to risk seeing any of the guys right now. I'm also in a rush. I have to go."
I went to walk again and she followed me, "No, he's not with me. He doesn't know I'm here. I just stopped by this store to buy some shoes. Can I come with you?"
I made a confused face, "Why?" I asked as we kept walking, "I want to get to know you. Please don't make me chase you like a child.." She said behind me and I slowed down a little.
"Thank you. Now where are we heading?" I smiled, she was so persistent, "I'm going to.. Work. You could say." She giggled, "I'm sure your work involves some sort of dressing, you look a bit too dressed up for work. That is unless you're going somewhere else and not telling me."
I felt a bit insulted but I didn't mind much, "Dressed up?"
She shook her head, "I meant fancy babe." I nodded and she smiled, "I wouldn't say such a thing. Now where are we going?"
I giggled, "I'm going to work, I told you."
She raised her eyebrows and followed me. After awhile we got to the address. "Sheek? Isn't that a magazine, I saw it at the counter back at that store." She said as she held the door open behind me. I nodded at her, "It is.. I came here because the boss of the magazine asked me to come." She smiled and walked with me.
"How may I help you?" A woman asked as I got to her desk.
"I'm Adriana Gomez, I was asked to come here. I'm a bit late." She nodded pressing buttons on her computer she looked up at Danielle and made a weird face, "She's with me."
"I'm her friend." Danielle said as she continued to type.
"Go over there to the right, there are elevators and go to the fifth story. Someone else will be there waiting for you." I nodded and walked to the elevators.
I turned to look if Danielle was with me, she was and she laughed when I did, "I'm just fine, Adriana." I smiled and clicked on the elevator to open, I walked into the elevator and closed the door when we were both in. I pressed the number five and we were heading up.
"So how has your day gone?" She asked curiously to me. "Just great.. Yours?"
"Lovely, thank you." It was silent for a bit and I asked her, "When did you come?"
"I came this morning actually. Around six and I couldn't sleep so I thought I'd buy some shoes."
"Can I see them?" She nodded and went for her bags and showed me one pair. They looked so beautiful! "Oh my gosh.. I love them!"
She smiled, "Do you want them?" I shook my head, "No, no. I was just complimenting them." She smiled, "Okay." She laughed quietly. I saw a lot of Liam in her, she was a bit more persistent than Liam though.
The doors opened and I went out first, "Hi! Adriana?" I nodded and recognised the voice from the call.
"That's me. This is my friend, Danielle." She shook my hand and then Danielle's.
"Nice to meet you both. Come on with me, Alejandro is dying to meet you." I smiled and followed her, I walked nervously..
"Aren't you excited?" Danielle asked shaking my arm.
"Yea, a bit nervous though."
"You're going to be great. I've done this sort of thing before, just smile and act kind." I smiled at her, "Just like that!" I laughed and nodded.
"You're friend could stay over here, while you talk with him. Can I get either of you anything? Some coffee? Tea perhaps?"
"Oh! I'll take a tea, please."
"Coffee, for me."
"Okay, I'll be right back, good luck darling." She smiled at me and I walked into the room.
"Ah! Adriana, welcome, welcome. Talk a seat where you'd like." He was bald and had a black tux on, he had blue eyes though, they were really noticeable. He had white sofas on the sides and two white chairs in front of him, I sat on the chair on the right. His office was very lit up since the wall behind him was a window and the sun hit nicely on it.

"So, how has your day been so far?" He asked as I got comfortable.
"Really good, and yours?" He smiled, "Fantastic. Now, Adriana I have to say.. You're young. Eighteen years old." I nodded.
"You're also beautiful." I smiled, "Thank you." He smiled back and continued on, "How would you feel about from cover of Sheek magazine?" I smiled, "Lets just say when I got the call from your assistant, I was yelling and jumping on my bed." He laughed.
"I'm guessing you'd really like that then. Well, I could make that happen. I just need a few questions answered."
"Sure! What would they be?" Someone knocked on the door and the assistant walked in with my coffee. "Here's your coffee doll." She smiled and handed it to me. "Thank you!" I smiled back at her and I took a sip of it.
She walked out and I set the coffee on his clear glass desk.
"It's alright if I set it on here?" I asked and he nodded.
"Okay, so I'm sure you've gotten these questions before. Maybe you haven't..." I waited as he continued, "What is the deal with these One Direction boys?" He asked looking at me curiously.
"It's.. Nothing, just use to be friends. Nothing extraordinary."
"Are you sure? If you don't mind me saying so, you're article in the Ok magazine. It didn't convince me, Adriana."
I grabbed my coffee and drank from it, "What do you mean?"
"I don't think it was all the truth. You stated you had no feelings for any of the boys from the band. I'm not buying it.." He made a ':/' face and I sighed.
"Okay.. I admit. I liked two of the boys. But that was such a long time ago! It really means nothing."
"You posted on your twitter that you apologised for anyone you may have confused in your relationship.. Is that why you don't want to tell me?"
He was so convincing and easy going, "I don't want people getting angrier at me.. I don't want to go into my apartment and see girls waiting to tell me they hate me. I don't want to confuse any one else what better than to say that I never liked them. It was just.. Just.."
"The easy way out." He finished for me and I nodded, "Pretty much. I hate it. I do, I'm not one to lie, but its just easier to say I don't and have never liked them. I don't like any of them, I have a boyfriend." He nodded but starred into my eyes, "Say the truth.." I made a confused face, "What do mean? I am saying the truth.."
I was, yes I was..
"Something, when you say you don't like any of them, it just.. You have a look." I make a weird face at him, "Well, I don't. I love my boyfriend, Max."
He studied me and the room was silent.
"Okay!" He said loudly that it made me jump.
"Let's continue on yes?"
"Yes.." I said as he starred asking questions. He asked how I met them, rumours, and simple questions too.
"What is this with Ed Sheeran?" I felt myself blush, "Celebrity crush.. He's so precious! I absolutely adore him! His songs just make me melt! As much as I want to say I'm not obsessed.. I'm obsessed." He chuckled and continued on, "What would you do if he walked in right now?"
I looked behind me just to make sure he wasn't there, "I would scream, run to hug him, kiss his cheek, hug him even more, ask for a picture, an autograph, and if he could just to sing.. And have a decent conversation."
"Decent conversation, yeah you know." I laughed, after more questions we were done.
"I have to ask.. Can I take a picture with you and can I post it to Instagram.." I laughed and smiled, "Sure! Why not?" He stood up and went next to me, I got up too, he made a funny kissy face and I smiled pointing to him. He took the picture and posted it. I got a ring on my phone and I saw he had tagged me, 'Something coming big for this girl! @Adri_1995' I laughed and gave him a hug before I walked out.
Surprisingly, I saw Danielle still sitting on the couch.
"You're finally out! How'd it go?" I smiled, "Hilarious." She smiled and I walked toward the elevator again.
"Thanks for coming doll!"
"Thanks! I never got your name.."
"Mary." I smiled, "Thank you Mary. See you soon!" She waved and I saw Danielle smiling at me, "You're so nice to everyone"
"I wasn't so nice to you.."
"Because you didn't want to see the boys. You had a reason to, now you're being so kind to me!"

As we got out of the building we walked back to my car, "Do you want a ride some where?" She nodded, "It would be great if you could drop me off at Liam's hotel." I stopped for a bit and I looked at the ground.
"I don't know.."
"It won't be bad, you're just dropping me off. Please? I waited for about an hour in there." I smiled and nodded.
"Okay, I'll just drop you off." I unlocked my car and we both got in, I still remembered where their hotel was. Hopefully they still stayed there.
I started to drive and in about five minutes Danielle saw a shop with really pretty clothing. I wasn't going to lie but the clothes were wow..
"I'm not the only one who really wants to go there right?" I asked her and she bit her lower lip.
"You wanna go?" I started parking on the street parking, "Yeah."
I took my keys out and Danielle jumped out and I followed her. Cars passed by us and we just ran for it. We got to the other side of the street laughing, "That car almost hit me!" I looked back to see a man glaring at us and we just laughed even more.
"You think this is funny?!" He yelled.
"Go, go!" I pushed Danielle gently and we walked into the shop.
"People from Chicago are, very.. Threatening. Except you! You seem like a delight."
Danielle walked over to dresses and I went towards the skirts.
"Adriana! What do think about this dress?" I went to see Danielle and she was holding a purple dress up, "I like it, it's really pretty." She moved it around herself and it seemed like it would fit really well on her.
"It is, isn't it.." She grinned and continued on searching.
I went back to the skirts and I found a tan skirt, it had black underneath. I kept looking and found bright green pencil skirt. I laughed, "Danielle what do you think about this?"
She came and she laughed, "It's.. Beautiful!" We both laughed, "I think I might get it.." I told her jokingly, "Love, I was being sarcastic.. I mean, if its your style, I suppose..." I laughed and shook my head, "I was joking." I put the skirt back. Danielle had about three dresses in her arms and I had one skirt.
"Babe! You need to get shopping. Look over there. Fitting rooms. You go ahead and change into the clothes I hand you. Come on." She grabbed my arm and pushed me into a fitting room.
She threw a dress above and I caught it.
"Try it on! Then come out so I could see it, I'll be looking for more" I heard her walk off and I looked at the dress.
It was pretty, a white puffy sparkly dress.
I got undressed and put the dress on.
"I found shoes to go with it!" She threw the shoes in and one hit my head, "Uh, ow!"
"Sorry!" She said laughing, I put the shoes on and I felt taller, they were high heels.
I walked out and Danielle passed by, "I love it! You look amazing, please tell me you're going to buy it!"
I looked at the mirror, I did like it, "I love it, yeah why not!" She smiled and went off to find more clothes.
I went back in to the fitting rooms and started getting out of the dress.
Just then a flood of clothes was thrown on top of me, "Danielle!" She laughed, I had to use the bar to get up!
"Uh? Are you okay? Sorry! Again!" I opened the door and saw Danielle quietly laughing, "Are you really laughing? You just threw a pile of clothes on me making me fall!" I laughed a bit too, she smiled and pushed me gently back inside.
We both laughed, it was as if I knew her for such a long time.
I changed into who knows how many outfits but I did and I ended up buying a few.
In total everything I bought was $200 and so was Danielle's.
"Thank you for coming! See you ladies hopefully soon!" The woman waved goodbye to us and we left.
"That was, really fun!" Danielle smiled at me. "Shopping is always fun!" I laughed, "Yeah, now it has to come to an end." I made a pouting face and Danielle sighed.
"It doesn't have to.. You could stay for a bit with me, just us. As friends, you don't even have to speak to the boys." I looked at Danielle, should I? I really love hanging out with her, she's so fun to be around!
I really want to its just I don't want to be near them... "Yes?" She looked at me as we stopped to wait for the cars passing.
"I want to say yes, but I don't know if it would be, such a great idea... I'm not sure if you've read the magazine I was in but I wasn't the sweetest person ever.."
She looked throughout her bag and pulled it out. "I bought it back at the shop. I haven't read it yet but you should know that they really miss you. You'd be shocked by the amount you've effected them." I sighed.
"Danielle if you don't mind, I've heard it all before. I just don't see us being friends anymore." We crossed the street and I quickly unlocked my car.
We went inside and Danielle looked at me, "I understand.. It's how you feel and what you believe is best for you. But it doesn't mean a thing. You don't have to say a word at all to them. Just talk to me, simple as that. So do you want to come?"
I was thinking about it and I turned on my car, "Maybe read the magazine and tell me what you think." She paused and grabbed the magazine.
"Okay.." She began to read and I started backing up to go.
I heard her laugh a bit and then go silent, I could tell she was going to get mad and say something like I can't believe you even said that! It's what everyone did, well mostly everyone some people on Twitter actually said I could say what I want, freedom of speech sort of things. I was grateful for them, Danielle would probably hate me though since she is in a relationship with one of the guys I talked bad -I guess- about.
After I got to the hotel I waited for Danielle to start talking, I parked and turned off the car. I looked at Danielle and I bit my lower lip, nervously. I actually really cared what Danielle was going to say, I don't know if I was ready to hear how terrible person I was but I kind of wanted to...
Danielle looked at me, she made a 'what are you waiting for' look. She hates me.
"I told you.. Look I'm sorry if I offended you in anyway, it's how I feel an-" Danielle made a confused face and laughed.
"I meant are you coming or not.." I was shocked, she didn't hate me?
"Wait.. What? You don't hate me?" She shook her head, "Why would I?"
"I said all of that stuff.. That doesn't bother you? At all?" She shook her head, "It's how you feel why should I disrespect that?" I smiled a bit and she smiled too, "So are you coming?... You don't have to say a word to them."
I really thought she'd be like the rest and scream and tell at me, but she wasn't, she was actually really cool about it.
"I guess if you don't hate me.. Sure." She smiled and we both got out of the car.
"It's Danielle!!" I heard someone yell and I turned around and I saw them glare at me.
"Let's go.." Danielle walked to the entrance door and I followed.
"Danielle!! What are you doing here?!" They asked her a million questions and she just smiled and waved at them.
"Can I have a picture?" Danielle nodded her head and took a picture with the girl.
"Adriana?! What the hell!" I heard yelling coming around me, it was all the same, 'Ew? Why is she here?' 'Leave!' I looked down at the ground and and I heard Danielle call for me, "Ignore them, come on now." She motioned for me to go and I did as she said. We got inside and I saw the manager there, "Things must be crazy out there, sorry if you were disturbed."
"It's totally fine, can you help us find someone? They're staying here.." He nodded at Danielle and he went behind the desk and typed on the computer.
"Who are you trying to find here?"
"Liam Payne." The man looked at us, unsure.
He pressed a button and you heard someone answer, "Yeah?"
"Are you expecting anyone right now?"
"No..." He looked at us and Danielle made a are you kidding me face.
"Okay, sorry for bothering you."
He looked at us.
"I'm his girlfriend, Danielle. I came here all the way from London, I'm not going to ruin the surprise for him, are you going to let me or not?"
The man shook his head, "You need to leave." I sighed, "This is Danielle Paezer.. She's Liam Paynes girlfriend. Google it, dammit." He glared at me and I motioned him to do it already.
"Well then." He looked at his computer and started typing. He must have found it and he looked at Danielle and back at the screen.
"Are we done here?" I asked him, annoyed.
"His room is 316, on the sixth floor." Danielle smiled, "Thank you." We walked to the elevators and she pressed the sixth button.
"Weren't you a bit sassy.." I laughed, "Sassy, back there? Honey you have no idea." She laughed and smiled.
The elevators stopped on the sixth floor and we got off, "Nervous?" I looked quickly at Danielle, "A little, yeah. What about you? Finally seeing you boyfriend after so long.."
I saw her smile then go yearly eyed, "I really missed him..." I smiled at Danielle and she hugged me.
"Thanks for coming with me.."
"Only because you convinced me!" She laughed and she pulled away, "Lets go then!" She started to run and I ran following her.
We passed 304, 308, 311, 313, 314, 315... Then we got to 316.
"Danielle!" She turned around and we saw Josh smiling at us.
"Josh! Nice to see you!" He hugged her and he stared at me as he did.
"Look who you brought with you.." He looked at me and Danielle smiled at me.
"We bumped into each other, we went shopping too! She's great isn't she?" Danielle smiled and looked at Josh, waiting for a reply.
"Of course she is!" Josh went to me and picked me up, hugging me.
"Where have you been? Last time I saw you, you were crying."
"Yeah.. I was.."
"Great seeing you again, I have to go back to my room now, nice seeing you! I'm sure Harry and Zayn are gonna be happy to see you!" He smiled and ran to his room.
I felt like I was going to be sick, just him mentioning Harry and Zayn made my stomach flip flop.
Danielle smiled and laughed as she knocked on the door.
"Coming!" It was Liam, Danielle smiled at me and waited for him to open the door. She covered the peep hole just in case and Liam opened the door.
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