Fighting For Love

One Direction fanfic. 17 year old Adriana was kicked out from her house by her parents for getting into trouble. Her parents got her an apartment to help her in Chicago, since then she has been living with her best friend, Danni. When Adriana went out for a run, she had no idea what was going to happen and how much 5 boys could change her entire life, but would it be for the best or for the worst? (Trust me the story's better)


19. Coming down to nothing.

Adriana's POV

It's been exactly a month since.. What had happened with the boys.

I cried everyday, I never when out, only for school... Going to school was a living hell with Mindy.

It was a Friday and I had nothing to do so I sat on the couch and watched TV.

"Adri, wanna come with Ethan, Derrick, and me for some dinner later?" Danni knew I wouldn't want to so why was she asking me.?


"No thanks." I didn't look away from the television.

"Please... All you've done is sit down on this couch and watch TV, stop laying around... For me.. Please?" I looked at Danni who was pouting.

Maybe going out for once wouldn't be so bad. Who knows, I could forget everything and just have fun with my friends. I nodded my head, "Ok..." I smiled as Danni pulled me up and pushed me to my room.

"Go change!" I went into my room and Danni was dressed casually so I just changed from sweats and a jersey to some blue skinny jeans and a white hollister shirt. My hair was curly today so I let it stay like that and I put some black eye shadow and some lip gloss. I reached for my phone and put it in my pocket.

"I'm ready, Danni..." Danni was by the door with her phone, "You look pretty! Now come on, Ethan came to pick us up."

I smiled and locked our door and walked with Danni to the lobby. We we're outside and Ethan's car pulled up. Danni went in the front with Ethan and I went in the back with Derrick.

"Hi, Adriana." Derrick shot his perfect smile at me. I smiled back at him.

"Hi Derrick!" I hugged him quickly and he hugged me back.

"So where are we going?" I asked Ethan...

"Oh, no where special! Just to the Panda Express..." I laughed. I loved Panda Express though.. The best! Ethan started his way there.

"So... Adriana... I know we don't talk much at school but maybe we could be best friends!" Derrick was one of those sweet, innocent guys that was always friends with people. I smiled and giggled.

"Yeah, you know what? We are officially best friends now!" I smiled again at Derrick. "Woah! What about me??" Danni turned around to look at us.

"She's my best friend!" I started laughing like crazy.

"Guys, calm down. We all clearly know I'm her best friend. So just shut it." Ethan was looking at the mirror starring at us. We all bursted out laughing.

We got to Panda Express in ten minutes. We picked our food and once we got it, we sat down at a table.

"Adriana so what happened? You've been like sad lately well at school..." I had wished they hadn't brought this up...


"Um.. It's just some trust issues with.. an old friend..."

Danni looked at me and I looked away. I knew what she was thinking, what did I mean 'old friend'... Harry wasn't a friend anymore. He wasn't anything to me... He was... Just a summer romance... Like Mindy had said.

"Oh, hope that gets fixed up then." Ethan smiled at me and opened his fortune cookie.
I reached for my fortune cookie and opened it up... I read what the small paper had, "One can not simply change."
I didn't think much of it.. I slid it into my pocket and continued to eat. After ten minutes we were done eating and we were just talking.

"So, Mrs. Walberg comes up to me and starts telling me that I couldn't do that in class.. I don't see how it was bad.. Seriously..."
We all started laughing as Derrick sat there trying not to laugh.
"You can't just do that!" I laughed again.

We all calmed down and just looked over at each other... Then Derrick started talking again.
"So how do you like this as a first date?"
Derrick blurted out. I was drinking my sprite as I started coughing it up.
We weren't on a date! We were just hanging out together!
"Date?!" I gave Derrick a confused face.
I looked over to Danni who was shaking her head at Derrick.
"Uh.. Didn't you tell her?... I thought we were on a double date..."

Derrick looked confused and I glared at Danni.
She was going on a date with Ethan while she brought me, not knowing I was on a date with Derrick.
"This is NOT a date." I looked over to Derrick, who looked confused and offended.
"It's not that I don't like you, you're a great guy and all.. But I'm not ready for dating yet. And Danni should know that. That's it..... I'll be waiting in the car." I glared at Danni and got up from my seat and went into Ethan's car.
Five minutes passed until everyone got back into the car..
We were half way back to the apartments when Derrick started talking to me again.
"I'm sorry..." I glanced at Derrick, I felt bad that I just left him hanging...

"No, I'm sorry.. It's just I'm not ready to date yet... You're a really great guy, seriously. But I'm just not ready for it again." I really meant it, he was great but I didn't like him...
"It's okay.. When Danni told me that we were going on a double date, I was really excited.. I like you, Adriana... I don't mean for this to be awkward though, I respect that you aren't ready to date.."
He had his hands up, I giggled.
"Well, you're a really sweet guy, Derrick. I have no clue why'd you like me... But it flatters me.. Anyways.. Um, I still had a great time.. And I might change my mind, maybe we could go on a date and we both could know about it..."
I smiled at Derrick and I felt my cheeks go hot. He laughed and smiled at me too.
"Alright, that would be great." He smiled at me and he started blushing. How cute...

My phone vibrated and it was a text from Louis... I hadn't gotten anything from him in forever... I opened the text and it read:
'I know you might not want to talk but I miss you... xx'
Oh Lou, I missed him too... But I couldn't text him back, I shouldn't and I won't. I held back and slid the phone back into my pocket.
I smiled at Derrick, we got back to the apartment and I went straight to the couch. I turned on the TV and I laid down using up the whole couch since I didn't want to even talk to Danni.
She closed the door and went off to her room.
I flipped through the channels and found E! I watched it and of course One Direction! What luck.. I sighed.
I found myself watching it though...

"I feel like we left behind a lot of things in America, like people.. Certain people." Harry said in an interview.
Then he came up with a girl in a picture.

I got up focusing more.. This girl was a brunette, tall, skinny, and beautiful.. He was hugging her by her waist. Why is he doing that?!

I shook my head... I cannot be jealous.
"So how are you and Samantha doing Harry?" An interviewer started saying.
"Uh, really good actually. She's really nice and caring..." Was he dating her?
"Well that's fantastic... Now can you tell us what happened.. It was about a  month ago.. You were uh...  were taken to the hospital for some injuries weren't you?" Injuries...

What injuries... A month ago? I thought back into what had happened... This couldn't have possibly been about me... No... It couldn't.

Zayn's POV
A month ago...
We walked into Harry's room, everything shattered and thrown on the floor...
 We found Harry lying on the ground,
"Harry!" Louis ran to the ground, Liam doing the same.
He wasn't moving... They turned him over and saw he had been bleeding on his arms a lot and had some cuts on his face.
"Harry!! Come on! Wake up!! Harry!!"
Paul walked over to them and tried moving Harry to wake him up...
"Call the hospital.." Paul told Liam, and he carried Harry into his arms and walked outside...
Fans were screaming at the sight of Harry, terrified and wondering what had happened.

I stayed behind knowing if Harry saw me, he would freak out. I closed the door and walked into Harry's room...

Stepping on the glass with my shoes, hearing the bigger pieces shatter more... I looked around the room more, his clothes were thrown out from his closet, I picked some up shaking them slightly in case there were any glass. I laid most of his shirts on the bed.

I walked over to the broken picture frames... Shattered into piece, I picked them up carefully and took the pictures out and set them down on his drawer. His bed sheets were on the ground covered with glass, no point in picking it up.. I kicked them with my foot, I went to his bed and sat down looking over everything Harry did.. It was all my fault.


I put my hands on my forehead, I turned my head and saw a picture on his pillow... Adriana and Harry, I remember they were posing for pictures and being jealous over it... Did Harry really care so much for Adriana, that he destroyed everything in his room and had to be taken to the hospital?

Harry obviously really loved her, and I took the chance of them being together away from him, the one thing I told myself I would never do.. Even though I loved Adriana too.


Next day...

I went to the hospital and saw Harry was on restraints.. He must've put up a fight before they grabbed him. He had two small scars on his face, not so noticeable... His hands though, there was a huge scar, that must have been the reason why there was so much blood. Harry slowly started opening his eyes and tried moving his hands a tear rolled down his face. I was the only one in there..

He opened his eyes and lifted his head... "I don't want to see you."

"I'm sorry mate. I know you love her, but I didn't know.. You hate me right now. I get it, she's going to forgi-" I was saying before Harry started yelling at me..

"No!! She won't! You know how she is! She won't ever forgive me, Zayn!! It's your fault!!!" A machine connected to Harry started beeping, and nurses came in and Harry was trying to get away and moving from them.

"We need you to leave.." A young nurse started pushing me to the door...

I've never seen Harry so mad, but I know it was all for Adriana, and it was all my fault.

"It's okay.. Harry's mad for now, your one of his best mates though, he'll forgive you." Niall had his hand on my shoulder.. I don't think it would be possible for Harry to forgive me. Not for this.



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