Fighting For Love

One Direction fanfic. 17 year old Adriana was kicked out from her house by her parents for getting into trouble. Her parents got her an apartment to help her in Chicago, since then she has been living with her best friend, Danni. When Adriana went out for a run, she had no idea what was going to happen and how much 5 boys could change her entire life, but would it be for the best or for the worst? (Trust me the story's better)


29. Coffee

Harry's POV

Three weeks later...

"Thank you all for coming!"

I yelled into the mic to all the fans at the concert. "We love you all!" Niall told them, we wouldn't be this far without them.

We all ran off the stage and were done with our concert. Next We would be going to Chicago.

"Good show boys!"

Simon patted us on our backs. This was the first time Simons seen us perform on stage, other than X-Factor or rehearsals. I threw myself onto a couch and closed my eyes.

"Did you see them all?! It was amazing!" Niall said as he walked in the room I was in.

"It was crazy!" Louis added.

"Hey Haz! Ready to go to Chicago now?" Niall and Louis both laughed. I was ready! I was going to see my girl now!

"Boys, come on now. We have no time to waste get on the bus." We all went onto the bus and talked to some fans quickly.   

"Babe, it's chilly out here. Aren't you chilly?" She smiled and nodded her head. "A bit..." I laughed quietly. "I don't want you getting a cold! Take my sweater." She squealed as I handed her my sweater. She hugged me, "I don't want you getting sick either!" I smiled at her and ran off onto the bus. I went on and went into on of the bunks on the right. 

On the left were three bunks, the bottom one was usually Zayn's, the middle one was Louis, and the top was Niall. Liam slept on the bottom one below me. I charged my phone and closed the curtains to my bunk, and started to sleep. 

Adriana's POV

I woke up snuggled in who knows how many blankets next to Max.  It was so cold and it was spring! I was not about to turn on the heater though. 

"So damn cold..." Max covered himself up with more blankets and covered me too. This weather was crazy. Yesterday in the morning it was 60 degrees, then at night it dropped to 40... 

"Ugh I don't want to get up.."  I turned over and reached for my phone. I looked through my missed texts.. Danni, Ethan, Derrick, Mandy... 

Louis?  I clicked on Louis text.

From: Lou

'Hey. We havent talked in a while. I just wanted to tell u that were going to be in chicago for a month. Do u want to hang out?' 

Sent: 1 Day ago 12:53 AM

Oh crap...  I'd love to see Louis! I love him! The only problem was that Harry was obviously here too... 

To: Lou

'Lou- Lou!! You're really bak?! YAY! Of course I want to hang out! :) Plz just don't tell harry.. Pick me up? Same apartment if u remember...'

Sent at 9:58 AM

I turned my phone slightly so Max couldn't see, I was going to have to sneak away from him. 

"Babe, want to get some coffee?"  I nodded and smiled at Max's offer. I jumped out of bed and went towards my closet. I grabbed my white shirt with a whole bunch of mustaches on it, and picked my white skinny jeans. I grabbed a black beanie too. 

"Be right back!" I went into the bathroom, I did my normal routine. I untied my hair from the pony tail I put it in last night and down came my natural hair. It was curly but mostly wavy. I fixed it up and put the black beanie on.  I came out and saw Max waiting for me by the bathroom. 

"Let me just brush my teeth."

He went in and I went to go get my coat.  I put on my black coat that wrapped around me.. So soft... I slipped on socks and my tan uggs, I know it was spring but people would understand with this weather.  I grabbed my phone and saw a text from Lou. 

From: Lou

'i won't tell him! He really misses u though... Anyways I remember and I'll be there around 11:30? I can't wait to see u Ri- Ri!'

Sent today at 10:03 AM

I smiled at myself.. Harry missed me... I shook it off.  I'm with Max! .... 


Anyways, I'm getting to see Louis today! This was too good to be true. "Ready to go?" I saw Max at the door and I walked towards him. 

Harry's POV

I woke up around 6 AM to be taken into a hotel. I ignored everyone since I was so tired and wanted to sleep. I went into the closest room I could find, threw my bags on the floor and slipped into bed. 

I woke up again around 9:45... I wasn't going to sleep again. I wiped my eyes and decided to go out for something.. Maybe a hot chocolate since it was cold.. Or just a coffee. I got up with a blanket and into the bathroom. I came out and went for my clothes, I picked some black jeans and a white shirt, I grabbed a jacket I had in case it did get cold. I put on my shoes and it was about 10 now...

I grabbed my phone, some money and put it in my pocket. I wonder if the lads wanted to come..  I walked into each of their rooms, they were all sleeping. I shrugged and left a note so they knew were I was.

'Going out for a bit. See you later. - Harry'


  I left it on the counter and went on my way. I still hadn't gotten a rental car, might as well take a cab. I called out for one and I got in.  "Do you know a close coffee shop near by?" He nodded his head and started to drive. I didn't pay much attention to where I was going but soon I arrived at a place called, 'Kate's' I paid the driver and smiled then got off. 

"Thanks." He said as he drove off.  I walked in and saw people waiting. I got in line and sooner or later I was second in line.  I waited and looked through my phone...

I quickly looked up to see two people at a table sitting down. It was a girl and a boy.  I payed no attention to them... I found myself looking up again though. I focused on the girl.. 

It was Adriana. 



She was taking a drink from her cup. The guy next to her took her hand and held it. 


It was Adriana... It really was her. 


I felt someone tapping my shoulder, I looked back to see a woman pointing forward.  "Sorry.." I was next in line and didn't notice. "Can I get a regular coffee..?" She put in numbers on the register.  "$2.50 please." I handed her three singles and I still had my eye on Adriana.  The girl handed my change. 

"Do I know you from somewhere? You're really cute." I smiled at her. 

"I don't think so, thanks though."  I smiled at her again, as she shrugged.  "Here's your coffee then. I'd love to see you around her more often, cutie. Oh, I love your hair."  I hadn't realized she was flirting with me until I took the coffee and sat at a table and noticed she wrote,

'Cutie  xoxo Call me- 224- 221- 1233' (Fake number I made up) 

I looked back at Adriana, she was smiling.. Her perfect smile.. I smiled too... She quickly got up and kissed the guy she was with. My smile faded and I clutched my fist. I looked down at my coffee, I shouldn't just sit here... Maybe I should talk to her. Say hi or something...

"Hi, I'm Harry.. Remember me? Uh yeah..." I said it to myself, I sounded like a complete idiot. 

I looked back up at her and saw her staring at me. We were looking into each others eyes.. I stared at her as she did the same.. She looked away and wiped her eye and said something.  I looked away.. She saw me, and I saw her... 

      She got up and so did the guy with her, I saw his face and he looked like any ordinary guy, of course it was her boyfriend, I'd seen in the pictures. He had a SnapBack like Niall wore, he had his ears pierced with black stars. He took her hand.. I saw them heading for the door, I quickly got up and reached for the door and held it open. 

Adriana looked at me, then looked away.. 

"Thanks, man." 

I felt like hitting him... I hated seeing him be close to her.. I saw them walk out and I walked back to the table and sat down. Should I follow her and just talk to her? Yes I should! 

I grabbed my coffee and went to the door.. I saw no sign of her...  I threw my coffee in the trash next to me.  I missed her. 

My phone started buzzing in my pocket.. I took it out and looked at a text.

From: Zayn

'Hey where are u? Paul's mad u didn't tell him.'

Sent at 10:15 AM

I had no clue where I was.. I didn't know how to get back to the hotel, either. I guess I'd have to find my way.  After forty minutes of just walking, I sat down at a bench... I just lost her again. She was going all through my mind. I missed her so much, I just wanted to hold her in my arms and kiss her. 

"Oh my gosh!!! HARRY!"  I turned around and saw three girls coming after me...

"Harry!!! I'm such a huge One Direction fan!! Can you sign this?!"  I smiled at her and signed a piece of paper, and one of their arms. "Can I have a hug and a picture too?" 

I nodded my head and smiled for a picture.  I hugged her and I guess people saw us and more people surrounded me.

"Harry!!! I love you!!!! Sign this?! Can I have a picture?!"  I felt someone grabbing my arm and I got pulled by my hair. 

"Ow! Um.. Can I go through... Please move, excuse me!" 


I tried being nice to them since they are our fans but if I didn't go now, I'd end up all scratched up. 

"Poor thing! He just wants to leave! Come on leave him alone!" One of them yelled, I thanked who ever it was but it didn't stop anyone.

  I tried to get through them, but they all kept crowding me. "Harry!" I heard a fimiliar voice and turned, I saw Louis in a car telling me to go. 

"It's Louis!!!" Everyone screamed, I ran into the car and jumped inside. Louis started the car and he started driving. 

"What the hell were you thinking Harry?" I sighed and stared outside. 


"I saw her."

It was all I could really say right now.. Louis kept his eyes on the streets and stopped. 

"What happened?"  I could Louis anything and he would understand...

       "I saw her.. And she was with that guy. I saw her kiss him. They were holding hands too," I shook my head, "when she looked at me, she got up with him and they headed to the door. I held the door for her and she looked right into my eyes.   She left without saying anything.. She looked so happy with him. And I hated it." 

I wanted to tell Louis everything since I'd know he would help me. I just want to be with her though...  He started to drive again as the light went green.

"She saw you.. So why didn't you say anything?.. I really don't know what to tell you Haz." I looked at Louis and gave a thanks for trying look.. The car was silent, we came up to the hotel and we both came out. 

Louis' POV

I went to go look with Harry since Paul was getting really mad. I found him surrounded by people, I called him and he came with me.  He told me that he saw Adriana, I was close to telling him I was going to see her but I told Adriana I wouldn't..  Once we got out of the car we went inside. 

"Harry! What do you think you were doing?! Do you know how much trouble you could get into, how much I can?! Harry you need to stop going off! It's dange-"

 Harry cut Paul off, "Dangerous, I know. I'm sorry. I just wanted to get some coffee. I'm sorry." Paul sighed and patted his shoulder.  "Alright. If you want to go somewhere please tell me first." He nodded his head at Paul and sat on the couch.  "Relax." Liam told Paul and he smiled.  "Well, then I'll be in my suite, I'll be six doors down." He told us as he walked out the door.  I sat next to Harry on the couch, Liam and Zayn next to eachother.  "Move over." Niall moved Zayn while holding his hamburger.  "Hey! No food on the couch, we have to be respectful of the hotel."  Niall frowned and went on the floor sitting between Liam's knees.  "Good boy!" Zayn played with Nialls blonde hair. 

"Woof." Niall said sarcastically. We laughed.  I could tell Harry really wanted to rub it in Zayn's face that he saw Adriana, he really wanted to... 

"So I saw Adriana today..." Zayn automatically shot his head up from playing with Niall's hair. Niall gently looked up to look back at his food. "You.. You saw her?" 

"Yeah... But she was with him. I saw her though... Her smile and her perfect hair, her cute beanie, her brown eyes..."  I looked at Harry strangely. He shot himself back into reality.  I looked at Zayn and he looked sad... I felt bad for Zayn, he really liked her and Harry was just bragging to him. I didn't want to be part of this, so I looked at my mobile. Adriana wouldn't mind if I came a few miniutes early...


"I'm going to be back later. Tell Paul, so he doesn't get mad at me." I laughed at Harry. He laughed back sarcastically.

  "Where?"  I ignored Harry's question, I was close to blurting it out. I had to leave, I left without responding to him.

Adriana's POV

"So he told me he was in wrestling.. Like that was going to stop me!" Max was drinking from his cup, I laughed.

"Trying to show off huh?" I giggled at him.  He took my hand and he smiled. "Yeah, for my girl! What else should I say to impress you? I drive a sports car, and I have over a million dollars I the bank?" I laughed at him and kissed him,  "You don't need any of that for me to love you!" 


We both laughed and took a drink from our coffee. I loved these conversations with him, I felt happy and just so loved.

I had a chill and felt like someone was staring at me... I looked out the window next to us, and then to my side, that's when I looked forward...

The curly brown hair.. The smile. It couldn't be... It can't. Out of all Chicago! All the damn coffee shops! He was here. 

He looked up and I saw his perfect green eyes, his dimple, his hair falling on his face, his lips, his nose, his flushed cheeks, and he was flawless. 

I felt a tear coming and wiped it before he could see. "Max, maybe we should go..." He shrugged and got his phone and got up. I did the same... All I wanted was to leave.

I couldn't see Harry, not right now at least. It felt like my heart was being torn into a million pieces, he was actually in front of me.

He saw me and I saw him... His perfect curls, soft lips, his green eyes... I shook my head and went to the door holding Max's hand.  Harry passed by me and opened the door... I felt like hugging him and never letting go, his warm breath hit my cheek. I looked straight into his eyes and he did the same... 

"Thanks, man." I heard Max tell him, he obviously didn't know who he was, and it was good... Knowing Max would punch him with no hesitation. 

I called out for a cab and one came right away. We got in still holding hands, what just happened.  I got to the apartment and went straight to the couch. 

"I'm going to hang out with the guys, I'll be back later. I love you."  Max walked out and i sat on the couch shocked... 


I just saw Harry. 


What do you guys think of this chapter? Please be honest, I could take critizime. You all are so adorable!

'Team Hazza!' 'Team Zaynie' <-- That's cute. I feel like were a huge happy family! Haha... Thank you! For reading, for commenting, liking, and favouriting! I'm #2 on Most Popular romance... That's Huge! THANK YOU SOOO MUCH! You have no clue how big this is for me! I love you soo much! Not being creepy lol. :) Thanks <3 <3

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