Fighting For Love

One Direction fanfic. 17 year old Adriana was kicked out from her house by her parents for getting into trouble. Her parents got her an apartment to help her in Chicago, since then she has been living with her best friend, Danni. When Adriana went out for a run, she had no idea what was going to happen and how much 5 boys could change her entire life, but would it be for the best or for the worst? (Trust me the story's better)


36. Clubbing with One Direction.. ;D

Adriana's POV


It's about 9 PM right now, the boys are still here and I texted Max if he wanted to come along and he turned down my offer.. I haven't spent any time with him, I missed him..

"Adriana ! We need to get ready!" I shot my eyes up and ran to my room. "We still have an hour though!" Liam called out to us. Oh Liam, he does not know how us women are. "Not enough time!" I yelled and I could already tell Harry was rolling his eyes. I laughed a little bit. What was I going to wear, something that says party on it! Hmm.. I closed my door and locked it.


50 Minutes later...



Danni was in my room curling my hair since she was done getting dressed. "Boys are you ready?" I yelled out to them, I only heard a "Yes!" I grabbed my phone and began to text Davie.

To: Davie

'The boys are ready, & us girls.. Almost. Like five more minutes & we'll be on our way !'

Sent at 9:51 PM

"Finished!.. I should become a hair stylist.." Danni gasped and I saw how well she curled it! It was beautiful! I stood up and went after my shoes. They were high heels but covered my feet and went to my ankle, and they were black, with a zipper on the back. After I put them on, I looked in the mirror with Danni. "The dresses are gorgeous, and.. The hair! The make up! The jewelry... We are classy." I smiled and laughed.

Danni had a tan dress, went to her thighs, with tan wedges with ties on them, an owl necklace, wavy long black hair, and the shoulders on the dress went to her elbow. It was gorgeous! She looked so flawless! Her make up was little, with white eye shadow, eyeliner, and pink lip gloss. I had a purple dress, at my ribs it was open and then closed as it went onto my thighs. I had my infinity necklace I had gotten from the boys too. I had black eye shadow, blush, eyeliner, and pink lip gloss. I was actually happy the way I looked..

"Ready?" I smiled and nodded as we grabbed our handbags, Danni's white and mine black with a striped white line. I unlocked my door and Danni walked out, I grabbed my phone as Danni did too.

"We're ready!" I said as we walked into the hallway and saw the boys.. Wow. They cleaned up nice for a club.. It was.. Damn. I saw Harry leaning on the wall, Louis standing looking at the table, and Zayn with Niall and Liam on the couch. I smiled at them as they looked at us with their mouths dropped.

"Damn!" Louis yelled out.


Danni laughed and she walked to the door. "Are we gonna keep David waiting? Come on now boys." She smiled at me and I smiled back, Niall had his eyes glued on her. I walked by Zayn and smirked at him, and shook my head as I headed out the door. "Come on!" I yelled to them as they shook their heads into reality and followed Danni to the elevator. I stayed back to lock it. I saw Harry waiting for me when I was done.

"Thanks!" He smiled at me and I could tell he was staring at me. "Please stop staring.. Feel weird." He laughed and kissed my cheek, "You look.. Amazing. I'm speechless. I didn't know you could clean up good.. Like really good." I smiled and felt my cheeks burning. "Wanna take the stairs?" I said as the elevator doors closed with the rest of them. Harry nodded and held my hand. "You say I clean up good. Look at you!" He blushed and looked at the ground. His curls flopped onto his face and he flipped them away. I could hear faint screaming as we walked down the stairs.

"Thank you." Harry said, smirking. We got to the lobby and saw them waiting for us. The screaming was so loud, "Liam tweeted about going out, and they found us!" Louis yelled to us. "We have to go, come on." I saw Zayn stare at me then I looked and saw I was holding Harry's hand. I pulled my hand away and Harry looked at me confused. I smiled quickly and walked out. The screaming was so loud... It was amazing how they had come here, it was so many people... I walked next to Louis and Harry as Danni stayed with Niall by her side and Liam and Zayn in the back.

"Harry your so hot!!" "LIAM! OH MY GOSH!! "LOUIS I LOVE YOUR BUM!" "ZAYN MARRY ME?!" Harry moved me over to a limo, a limo?! What was this?! I walked inside and Lou went in with me and soon everyone was inside.

Zayn closed the door and I felt the limo move.

After 15 minutes we got to Blu 65. It was so packed but of course being with the biggest boy band, we were immediately let in.

To: Davie

'You here yet? We just got in.'

Sent at 10:14 PM


From: Davie

'I think I see you.. Purple dress right? Move your hands aha.'

Sent at 10:14 PM

I waved my arms and I saw David and he walked to me. The music filled my ears and the room was dark with lights flicking around everywhere. He hugged me and I hugged him back. "I missed you Davie!" I felt eyes on me and opened my eyes to see Zayn clutching his fist.

"David, I'd like to introduce you to One Direction! And that's Danni, she's a nobody." I winked at Danni as she smiled at me and had her hand out to shake David's hand. "Hi, Danni. You look.. Amazing." I looked at Niall glaring at him, I whispered to David, "Danni's Niall's girlfriend." He made an 'O' with his mouth and he apologised. "Sorry man." Niall smiled at him and shook his hand. Guys being guys, introduced themselves and Danni and I were off dancing.

'We'll Be Fine' by Drake blasted throughout the whole club. I saw someone come up from behind me and turned around to see Zayn. "Hey!" I smiled at him and I danced with him. After about six songs Zayn asked me if I wanted a drink. "Yes! Lets go." I grabbed his hand and we went to the bar. "Yaegar bomb!" I yelled out, catching the bartenders attention.

( I know the drinking age is 21 but let's say 18 okay? KAY. :D )

"Two!" I looked at Zayn and he smiled at me. After about four yaegar bombs, I was getting tipsy. "Zayn! I'm like.. Woah!" I tripped a little bit and started laughing as Zayn did too. "Mr sir bartender guy! Two shots right here !!" I yelled out and soon I was taking shots with Zayn. I gulped the shots fast like I was a pro! Zayn was two behind me, and I kept getting new rounds.


"Drunk yet?" Harry and David walked up to us and I began laughing. "She's wasted!" Zayn laughed at me and I went on Harry's chest and laughed. "Styles, you have no.. No idea!" I went to the bartender again I grabbed his shirt, "Um.. Can.. Can I have like more shots! Like you stopped! Come on! Make it four this time. Thanks!!" I wobbled as I let go of him and he gave me four shots. "Shots up boys!" I handed their shot to each of them and we gulped them up.

"Woah!" Harry shook his head making a face, "Can't handle it?!" I yelled to Harry as he laughed at me, "hey! Four more over here!" I laughed as Harry put his hands on my shoulders. Sooner or later, I was completely drunk. I was everywhere, especially Harry! That boy could not handle his beer. We were laughing at each other and we had lost Zayn and David and everyone else as we sat at a booth with Liam.


"No drink Liam?" He shook his head as he showed us his Sprite. "I don't drink, love. One kidney."

I made a ':/ ' face and hugged him. "I'll drink for ya babe... Sir! Sir! Can I get some drinks going on over here! Thank you!" I slurred with my words as Harry laughed at me hitting his fist on the table.

"You guys are completely drunk." We laughed together soon enough that no noise came out, just like Niall. "Harry... I.. I think we should stop.. Like.. .. The d-drinking." I made my best serious face as Harry did too. Then we bursts out laughing and grabbed drinks the waiter brought us. "Cheers!"

Clink! I laughed at the noise it made.. Clink! Clink! Clink!!! "Come on Liam, don't sit around let's dance! Yeah?!?" Liam was way ahead of me as he already had a girl next to him asking to dance. "Sure!" Liam got up and I saw him walk off and dance. Harry took my hand and led me to the dance floor.




"I'm going to head home! Nice seeing you babe! Text me, we should do this again." David said as he walked off. It was about 2 AM and I was dancing crazily. "Kay! Bye!!" I screamed out to David as he waved to me.


Sooner or later I was next to the DJ, "This is legit my fav song!" I played Up All Night and Harry laughed at me. "This is for my best friends..! The boys from One Direction! Now ladies.. Louis- Louis, Niall, and Liam are off limits, but Harry and Zayn..!" I heard screaming as Harry laughed, and almost fell back. The DJ was laughing at how stupid I was being since I was so.. So wasted. "Who wants me to take a shot with Harry Styles?!" A bartender came next to me and handed me two shots. "I say shots you all say shots too alright?!?" "Shot!" I screamed, "SHOT! SHOT! SHOT! SHOT!" Harry climbed up with me and we gulped the shots, "YEAHHHH!!" Harry screamed as everyone else did too. "We could all say the life of the party.. is Adriana and Harry!!" The DJ said and everyone cheered, "WOOOOOOO!!!" I said and jumped off. I began dancing crazily again with Harry.

"Calm down!" Danni laughed, she was drunk too. "PARTY TIME!" Harry yelled out and everyone began dancing like maniacs and 'Sexy and I know it' by LMFAO played.

"WHEN I WALK ON BY, GIRLS BE LOOKING LIKE DAMN HE FINE." Harry sang onto the mic as he jumped down next to me. All the girls were screaming for Harry. "BEST NIGHT EVER!!!"




Next Morning...


I woke up with the BIGGEST headache EVER. "Urgh.." I heard a deep raspy voice, I looked up and saw shirtless Harry next to me. A memory flashed into my head, I was laughing with Harry with drinks on our hand and we fell onto the bed and knocked out... "SHUT UP!" I hit him with a pillow and grabbed it back to cover my head.

"STOP!" Harry hit the bed and I could tell I wasn't the only one with a major headache that felt like a million nails were being drilled into your head. "Aw, life of the party's having a hang over?" I sighed and threw a pillow the way I heard Danni's voice.


"STOPP!!!" Harry yelled again covering his head with a pillow.

"I guess you don't want the Advil then.." I shot my head up and took the water and pills from Danni. Harry took the water too and grabbed pills. "What the hell happened last night...?" I held my hand out and high fived Harry. He hated it when I sweared so when ever I sweared we gave each other a high five. We made it up last night. Cool, I know.

"Uh.. Alright then... But anyways. You two were drunk as hell..." Harry stuck his hand out and Danni looked at him like a weirdo and I laughed a moved his hand down, "so.. Yeah. Drunk. You two were the life of the party. You kept dancing like crazies and you were next to the DJ and you took shots and made the crowd yell shot, shot, shot! Whatever.. But then Adriana, you like flashed everyone."

I opened my mouth and gasped as Harry started laughing. "I DID NOT." Harry was laughing so much he fell to the ground, "okay, okay. It was a joke Harry." She chuckled, "But yeah, it was legit crazy.. But Harry, wow.. You were taking shots like a maniac, Louis and Liam headed home early. David left around two I think.." I sighed and put my hand on my head. "The life of the party.. Wow." Harry had his hand up from the ground, and I high fived it, "YEAH!" I yelled, my headache was going away really quick, "agh!" I closed my mouth and apologised.

"I'm gonna go make Niall his pancakes then.." Danni got up and I was left in my room with a shirtless, curly haired boy. I got up and realised I was only in a bra and underwear. It's not like Harry's never seen me, and honestly, I don't feel like changing. I was too busy fighting my much smaller headache.

"Uh.." I turned to look at Harry and he was blushing. "Oh, shut up!" I smiled at him and picked his shirt from the floor and threw it to him. I grabbed some grey shorts and slid them on, I grabbed a black tank top too and put that on too. I quickly put my hair on each side of my shoulders and left some in the back. I did my usually morning routine, and went back into my bedroom and saw Harry smiling at me. "What..." He laughed and handed his phone to me.

'The life of the party.. WOOT WOOT. @Adri1995' I laughed at him and picked up my phone too...

'SHOT SHOT SHOT. Aha ;) @harry_styles' He chuckled and I looked at my photos, I actually took pictures?! Oh my god.. I did.

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