Fighting For Love

One Direction fanfic. 17 year old Adriana was kicked out from her house by her parents for getting into trouble. Her parents got her an apartment to help her in Chicago, since then she has been living with her best friend, Danni. When Adriana went out for a run, she had no idea what was going to happen and how much 5 boys could change her entire life, but would it be for the best or for the worst? (Trust me the story's better)


26. Cheaters.

Adriana's POV

"What was that about?" I laughed silently, "Just Zack being annoying."
Danni laughed quietly too and I started eating.
"Have you texted Max?"
I looked at Danni and nodded.
"I texted him but I haven't gotten anything back yet." I said as I checked my text messages. I was getting worried.. I know I probably shouldn't but Max was my boyfriend I just wanted to know if he was alright.

"Call him." Danni said as she swallowed the rice. He'd think I'm over protective or something... I shouldn't, he'd call or text if he needed and wanted to. "No.. He'd do it himself. I don't want to seem protective over him." Danni shrugged, she seemed bored and I realized she's been so busy with all my problems... Maybe I should talk to her about Niall and what happened...

"Danni..?" She looked up at me still eating.
"What exactly happened with you and Niall?" Her face went serious and she dropped her fork.
She stayed silent for awhile while I continued to look at her.
"Nothing... why...?
How can she just say nothing? The way she would smile and blush at the texts... And they had only just met.
"Danni come on, I'm your best friend. You can trust me... What happened?"

Danni sighed. "I do trust you. It's just... I barely knew Niall and all we did was text and maybe a few calls... That was it." She was silent for awhile... "We still talked after what happened with the call and everything. Until a week later he told me he had a crush on Demi and all he did was talk about her... After.. it- it just hurt me to say anything back so...... Yeah."
She was looking down at the food and a tear fell from her eye.
"You just never responded..." She nodded her head.
She scrolled on her phone and showed me a text..

'From: Niall
Demi is so cute..! I talked to her on Skype. I was so nervous all I did was stuff my mouth! Lol :)'

I bit my lower lip...
She slide her finger on the screen and showed me another text.

'From: Niall
I was lucky enough to talk to her!  Maybe she could be my princess, huh Danni?'

"After that.. I was crying my eyes out. I liked him and I had to listen to him talk about another girl..."
Danni wiped her eyes. She tried to smile but you could tell this was hard for Danni to talk about.
It would be terrible to have to hear someone you like talk about someone else.
"I'm so sorry Danni... You never told me... Wow. I sound like a complete idiot.... I should have been the one asking if your okay. I've been so caught up in my own problems and I never bothered to ask you what was wrong." Tear rolled down her cheeks and she sniffed.
"It's okay... Now this day shouldn't be about me, its your birthday..." She wiped her eyes again and smiled.

"I'm not hungry anymore let's head back to the apartment." Danni said as she grabbed her bags and everything else and started walking away. I quickly grabbed my purse, bags and my phone and followed her.
We got to the apartment and Danni kept smiling.
"Uh..." Danni laughed and opened the door.

She set her bags down and the lights were all off. I walked in setting my bags down too and the lights flipped on as I saw a huge group of people.
I jumped back... They scared me! Wait.. This is a surprise party!
I laughed and smiled like crazy.
"Aww!!!" Everyone laughed and screamed, "Happy Birthday Adriana!!"
I smiled as Derrick came out from the group and I hugged him.
"Aww! Did you and Danni plan this?!" They laughed and Derrick shook his head..
"Not us.. But Max."
I smiled at them and looked around for him.
"He's not here he left to get some....... more chips..."
I nodded my head and laughed. Everyone was doing their own thing now. I went to the kitchen to find a something to drink...

Derricks POV
Adriana walked away and I smiled as she left and wiped the smile off my face...
"What are you talking about?! We planned this! Max had no idea!" Of course I knew that!
Max was going to owe me big time for this.
"Where the hell is max anyways?"
I grabbed her arm and took her to a room and locked it.
"Okay. When we were at the party... Max hooked up with some girl. I tried to stop him but he punched me and left with her. I called him around 3 Am and he told me he just wanted to have fun. He's a idiot I know! Just don't tell Adriana."
Danni's mouth fell open. I know what Max did was the worst mistake ever! But he was too stupid to realize it besides I'm pretty sure he was drunk.
"That.... That bastard!!!! How could he do that to Adriana?!?! UGH! He's a complete dick! I can't just watch him kiss her and hug and I CAN'T WATCH THEM DO ANYTHING. Not even sit together on the sofa! I have to tell her."
Danni was walking towards the door and I ran in front of her and leaned on the door.

"You can't tell her! It's her birthday! The last thing she needs."
Danni put her arms on her waist.

"And tomorrow's their seven months. Derrick I'm not just going to sit and watch my best friend be with some guy that's using her."
I know this was bad.. Really bad. I want the best for my friends. Max told me not to tell her and it's bro code! I can't just bail him out like that.

"It's bad, I know. But I told Max I wouldn't tell her. Adriana's been through a lot Danni. She doesn't need another bad relationship."
Danni looked at the floor and looked around not making eye contact with

"I texted Max and he's on his way here.... Don't say anything."
Danni needed to promise me she wouldn't. Adriana doesn't need another heart break.

"Fine. But if he ever... EVER. Messes up again I'm going to tell Adriana everything."
I nodded. If he ever did cheat on her again I'd personally beat him up. Adriana's special and it's not easy for some guy to win her heart. I would know.


Danni pushed me out of the way and opened the door.
I walked out behind her and everyone was having fun, smiling, laughing.
I went to look for Adriana with Danni following me now.

We saw the door open and Max peered in. I looked back at Danni and saw her talking to someone else so I went to Max.
"Bro. Where's Adriana? You didn't tell her right?"
I shook my head.
"Nah... Your stupid you know that? Adriana doesn't need that...." He stayed silent and Adriana came running and jumped on him.
He caught her hugging her by the waist.

"Babe! I haven't seen you all day! I missed you... Did you really plan all of this?"
I looked at Max and nodded my head telling him to say yes.
"Uh, yeah I did. I missed you too...." He hugged her and dug his head in her neck.

Max's POV
I hugged Adriana... What I did was stupid. I was drunk... It was my worst mistake. I dug my head on her neck and whispered, "I love you."

I felt her smile grow.. She let go and so did I.
Derrick shook his head and walked away. I messed up... And I regretted all of it.
As long as she didn't find out, everything would be fine. Tomorrow's our seven months and we're going to happy...
"Babe... I need to talk to you..." She took my hand and walked to her room.

"Go Max!!!!"
I smiled Devin, a guy on the team with me, he was stupid. Adriana turned to look at me and laughed.
"You're blushing." She told me as she opened her door.
"Am I?" I chuckled.

I had no clue what was about to happen...
I walked in her room and sat on her spinning chair. I spinned a few times and saw Adriana shut the door.
"Max...? Okay. I know it's been six months. About to be seven tomorrow.. I've honestly never felt so happy and you've helped me through everything."
I smiled and went to hug her.
"The roses..." She smiled at me.
"You've been waiting forever for this. I feel comfortable with you and you make me happy... So ..."

I kept looking at her then to her big brown eyes. I felt bad but tried hiding it. I cheated on her and Adriana had no idea about it... I was the wo--



I felt Adriana's lip slam into mine. I kissed her back enjoying the moment.

   I grabbed her by her waist and she grabbed me by my neck, digging her nails in me. It didn't hurt but made everything better.
Her lips felt soft against mine, she bit my lip... Damn, she was good.
I kept kissing her and this kiss was long... She walked over to the bed and we sat down still kissing. I pulled away kissing her neck, she got chills. She moved my head back to her lips, as I smiled.

The door swung open and Adriana pulled away... Whoever  that was...

I looked at the door to see Danni. She looked like she was angry.
She slammed the door and Adriana looked at me.
Then back at the door and got up.
"Danni!" She opened the door and ran to her.

I stayed on the bed still shocked on what just happened. Adriana finally kissed me.... It was the best kiss. I felt terrible though. She just kissed me and I cheated on her...


I posted it early just for you guys! Much love<3

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