Fighting For Love

One Direction fanfic. 17 year old Adriana was kicked out from her house by her parents for getting into trouble. Her parents got her an apartment to help her in Chicago, since then she has been living with her best friend, Danni. When Adriana went out for a run, she had no idea what was going to happen and how much 5 boys could change her entire life, but would it be for the best or for the worst? (Trust me the story's better)


23. Chapter names aren't necessary :)

Louis' POV


"She's not a whore." Zayn turned around and saw me reading the rest of the comments.

"I know she isn't. But people think she is." I jumped over the couch and sat next to Zayn. 

"How is it her fault that lads fall for her? She's beautiful." It was true Adriana was lovely. I didn't understand why so many people felt the need to say all those things.

I kept reading them, they were terrible. I felt bad for Adriana, but she never really cared what people thought of her, something that's really good about her.

"Read this one, she isn't any of those things you're just jealous of her, Adri you're really nice and one of my role models.. She's possibly the only one giving good comment," I smiled at that, Zayn was right, that was the only good comment.

"I'm going to follow her..." I looked at the Twitter name and found it and followed.

"@1D_OneDream: Really sweet comment you left for @Adri1995 :)"

She almost replied right away, "@Louis_Tomlinson @Adri1995 OMG... No problem! Tell her she's really strong, and tell the boys I love them! (:"

I clicked on the favorite button, and put my phone in my pocket.

Adriana's POV

I was still with Max and we were just talking after we finished eating the pizza. We knew more about each other, he loved video game, had one older brother and one younger sister, happy parents, good grades, favorite team was Chicago Bulls, his favorite color was red, and other stuff... 


"So do you want to do anything else?"

I heard Max say it but I wasn't really paying attention to him... I kept staring at Delia's, a store that was literally a few feet away... They sold One Direction shirts... I couldn't help but keep looking at the Harry shirt... I sighed.

"Are you okay?" He turned around and looked back at me.

"Oh! You wanna go there and buy something?... Adriana?" I went back into reality, I looked at him forgetting about Harry...

"Uh... Er. No. I was just.. Day dreaming.. Sorry." I faked a smile as he smiled back at me.

"Oh, alright. So you want to go somewhere else?" I shrugged, I didn't need anything else really... I ate and bought a pair of shoes and a few outfits.

"I'm fine.. You?" He was thinking about it and then grinned.

"I want to get you one thing..." I let my mouth drop. Why was he buying me these things? I loved the bracelet and the SnapBack, but he didn't need to get me anything.

"No! You are not getting me anything! You know what... I should get you something!" I grabbed his hand and he frowned.

"No. I don't need or want anything. You're my girlfriend.. I could spoil you! You don't dare get me anything." I frowned back at him. I was going to buy him something whether he liked it or not.

"Well you're my boyfriend... I could spoil you too!" He laughed.

"It doesn't work that way bad... If you could spoil me... it would be like... Making me a sandwich." He said sarcastically, then smiled at me. I raised a eyebrow...

"What." He kept smiling, "Aw, come on! I'm kidding..!" I looked away from him, knowing I would make him feel bad.

"Hey.. I was kidding... It was a joke, it was meant to make you laugh... Like Ha-ha-ha." He said the 'ha's' without actually laughing. I smiled, he was a tease. Something I had to get use too.

"I know... But hey. All you can do is sit around and play video games." I smiled at him, he had a smile but he tried hiding it. "Ha-Ha...! Funny." I smiled at him, playfully punching at him and he smiled back.

"Okay.. Well I'll be back." He left running somewhere... I looked through my phone, bored. I found myself looking through old texts from Harry...

'I love you, don't ever forget it.xxxx'

I took a deep breath, and kept on reading...

'Babe! Lux learned to say you're name!' On it was a video attached. I looked around, not many people were around, they were mostly on the other side. I pressed play.

"Lux! Luxy... Say Adriana." I saw Lux balancing herself by holding on to a table and Harry holding her small hand...

"A...Adriana!" She almost said it perfectly and Harry appeared giving a cheesy smile with a thumbs up... Then the video ended...

I smiled, letting a tear roll down my cheek.. I missed him.. I wiped the tear and looked up trying to see the Harry shirt but saw Max running to me while holding something behind his back.

"For you, love!" He pulled a banquet of roses out and handed it to me... They were red with light pink at the top. I felt a smile grow, "Max... Aw, I love this." I got up to hug him and he held my face and kissed my forehead.

"When this flower dies... Or love does too." He pointed to one, that looked slightly different from the rest I grabbed it and it was plastic... I smiled at him.

"I would be impossible." He smiled and held my hand as he reached for the bag and carried them, as we walked outside.


After he dropped me off at my apartment and it was about time that school was going to end. I expected Danni coming back in twenty minutes.

I took my phone from my pocket and a text from Harry...

'Who's your 'babe' Adriana....' I closed my eyes... I felt chills... I bit my lip and pressed the delete button. I set my flowers in  my room in a clear vase. Harry was a summer romance... Never going to be anything more.

I threw my phone to the couch quickly, wanting to be away from it, and went to take a nap.


I woke up and looked over to my clock and it was 7. I cleared my eyes. I went to  the couch to get my phone, I walked there moving my hair up in a tired way. I saw Danni eating popcorn while watching tv.

"Hey..." I gave her a small smile as she did too.
"I'm sorry! I was being such a crappy friend. I know you were only trying to be a helpful friend and thank you for that..." I told her as I leaned on the couch moving forward to her. She opened her arms for a hug, I laughed and hugged her.
"Its okay. I'm sorry too. I should have told you at least... I was only trying to help."
We pulled away, "I know..." I jumped over the couch and sat down.
"Pass me my phone?" My phone was on the coffee table next to her and she handed it to me.

Six months later... (Late January)
I woke up in my bed, snuggled up next to Max. I smiled and looked up at him.
I poked his nose and I saw his smile.

"Good morning." I pecked his cheek and got up.
I was in gray shorts and a black tank top on. I wasn't going to school today, Ethan and me got a call in the morning.. Snow day.


The last six months have possibly been the best months ever. I spent most of it with Max.
I looked over to the banquet Max gave me the first gave me the day we started dating. It was in a clear vase and the plastic rose was right next to it.
Only a few  roses have died... I smiled at them and I saw Max get up.
He wasn't wearing a shirt only in his basketball shorts.
He had literally the most perfect body. I payed no attention to him though since I didn't want him to actually see me, I looked the worst in the mornings.
I ran to the bathroom and closed the door.
I took a quick shower and brushed my teeth.
I then grabbed my make up bag and began doing my usual routine.
Foundation, eye shadow, mascara, and eye liner (pencil). I walked out from the bathroom in a towel and to my room.
I changed into sweats and a Mickey mouse sweater.
I dried my hair with the towel, still a bit wet. I put it in a messy bun. I wore a beanie I had. I looked into my mirror,

I decided I looked alright, and I walked into the kitchen smelling pancakes.
He didn't... He couldn't have! He hated cooking. He always said he was bad at it.
I went into the kitchen and saw Danni eating pancakes on the counter and saw Max cooking.
"Adri, oh my gosh. I love your boyfriend. Best pancakes ever...!" She stuffed her mouth with the pancakes. I giggled and walked towards Max.
I hugged him from behind and laid my head on his back.
"You made... Pancakes? Like actual food?!" he turned around and held my arms.
"I tried it out... I like this cooking thing. Whenever I tried I sucked... But after seeing you, it's not as hard as I always thought." He kissed my forehead.
It's been six months since we've been dating and I've never let him actually kiss me...
I just didn't seem like I had to, it was obvious he tried to kiss me sometimes but he knew I didn't want him to, and he didn't want to ask me why.. Maybe because he already knew the answer.

"And cuz today is a special day." He had let go of my arms and I grabbed a fork and started eating off from Danni's plate. I loved stealing food.
"Hey..! Get your own."

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