Fighting For Love

One Direction fanfic. 17 year old Adriana was kicked out from her house by her parents for getting into trouble. Her parents got her an apartment to help her in Chicago, since then she has been living with her best friend, Danni. When Adriana went out for a run, she had no idea what was going to happen and how much 5 boys could change her entire life, but would it be for the best or for the worst? (Trust me the story's better)


42. Chapter 42 (Happy Thanksgiving ! ! )



Zayn's POV

She slapped me.. She said she couldn't believe she kissed me. I looked at her as she walked away. It felt like I was being stabbed with a million knives, how could she just do that.
"Zayn! Are you okay?" I put my hand to where Adriana slapped me..
I couldn't look at Danni,  I walked away from her.
She really hated me.. For keeping the secret. Why did this hurt her so much? We were only trying to protect her.. I went inside and sat back down putting my hands on my head..

I felt like rubbish! Why did I ever keep this from her?!
"Mate are okay?" I looked up at Niall with Liam next to him.
"She slapped me." Niall starred at me and so did Liam.
"She's going through a tough time.. She'll be better later." How could Liam just say that? She left so mad, so hurt.

"Liam.. She isn't. You know she would never hit one of us. She wouldn't say those things to us either. She was pissed... And it's all our faults." I wanted to go back five weeks ago and never make that promise to keep that secret from her.
"It's not our faults. It was to protect her. She'll thank us later. You should know she can't stay mad at us..." Niall smiled at me, Liam smiled reassuringly. I had a doubt though, it actually scared me to think we Could have gotten Adriana that angry.
I needed to talk to her again, knowing she left like that.. I worried about her.

"Where's Louis?" I asked them, I felt worse for Louis though. She really hurt him.
"He went to the bathroom."
I walked into the bathroom to find it locked, I knocked on it and heard Louis' voice.
"Who is it?"
He unlocked the door and I saw him with a sad look. "Are you alright?" He nodded his head and sat on the side of the sink.
I saw Harry leaning on the corners of the wall, his face was so.. So sad.
It was quiet before Harry spoke up, "Did you see the way she looked at me..." We all looked up to see Harry staring at the ground, thinking.
"She looked so sad."
"Angry." I said simultaneously with Louis.
"I tried chasing her and she slapped me." Louis looked at me shocked, "She slapped you?" I nodded and felt the pain back on my cheek.
"She hates us." I looked at Harry and remembered what happened the last time something terrible with Adriana happened.
Harry opened the door and walked out leaving mad..
"I wish I didn't keep it a secret from her." I told Louis as I walked out leaving him in there.

Adriana's POV

I can't believe they fucking did that to me. I hated them, people would think that they did so much for me.. And they did.. But, when they hide such a big big secret from you..
I understood that my dad told them not to tell me but they should've told me! My dad was dying, and instead of letting me know.. I'm clueless and watching my dad die in front of me..
I wasn't going to forgive them.. I can't.
I got to my apartment and I turned to see Danni running after me.
"What?" I just wanted to leave, at least Danni didn't lie to me.. Didn't keep a secret like that.
"I can't let you just be mad at them.." Danni was breathing hard and she continued, "I was apart of it..."
I dropped my keys before opening the door. "You what.."
"I promised your dad that we wouldn't tell you..."


I was furious..! What the fuck was happening?!
"You.. YOU LIED TO ME TOO?! What friend.. Does that? That's low. Fucking low Danni."
I can't believe this! My own friend that I've known since middle school.. Betrayed me... I wanted to scream and yell but I held back. I.. I didn't know what to do. I felt so alone and empty. But I couldn't stand to see Danni anymore, not the bo-.. Not Harry, Liam, Niall, Louis, & Zayn. "I'm sorry. It was for the best though." I looked at Danni.
"For the best? Keeping a secret that my dad dying was for the best.. I swear.. I don't even know who you are anymore."
I was done with Danni, she had helped me a lot I admit it.. But like before this was too big to hide from me.
"I don't mean it like that Adriana." I shook my head and bent down to get my keys.

"Okay.. Fine I'm not wasting my time here. And you know your right. You have no fucking idea who I am... Because honestly all your time was spent with Max or the guys. We never talked anymore! We moved in together for that reason. It was obviously dumb." I had my keys in my hand and I just starred at the door knob hearing Danni.
"Obviously." I said as I started to unlock it.
"You changed Adriana... You know why? It was because of your little boyfriend. You were never like this.. so different.. When you could have Harry or Zayn.. They both die for you, but instead you ignore one and slap the other. For some reason you chose Max.. And I will never ever in a million years figure out why." She was looking at me with teary eyes.. It hurt like hell, but I couldn't.
"Max has nothing to do with this. Alright? Don't bring him into this..." I looked at her and she was looking away.
"Zayn and Harry.. They are nothing to me. Accept that. They could have anyone in the world.."
She interrupted me, "But they chose you! Why can't you accept that?! You can't possibly say they are nothing to you because three weeks ago, Harry held you in his arms as you cried. And Adriana you kissed Zayn! How is that nothing..?" I wanted this to end already..
"NOTHING. Three weeks ago is in the past. Not now. Beside that fucking kiss was.. It was stupid. A mistake. I'm done talking to you."
I unlocked the door and walked inside, right before I closed the door, Danni put her foot on it to stop.
"I'll be back tomorrow for my stuff." She moved her foot and left.
I closed the door and started crying.

I hate them! I cried my eyes out just standing at my door. I just didn't know what to say and what to do.


I ignored it.. "Babe? Are you okay?" I heard Max's voice.. Max..
I ran to the door and opened it.
I ran into his arms and cried. "It's okay.. I'm here now."
Max's voice soothed me and it made me feel so much better.
"It's alright babe.."
He hugged me all night and I felt like someone was finally here for me. Someone that wouldn't betray me. But I betrayed him.. "Max..." I had to tell him what happened with Zayn.
Yes it was.. A mistake but I have to tell him so I wouldn't have to feel so guilty.
"I made the worst mistake ever.. I hope that you won't hate me, because honestly you're all I have now.."
He looked at me with the sweetest eyes, "I can't hate you.. You have your mom and your brother, a lot of other people... So whats wrong?"
I sighed, "I kissed Zayn... Please, please don't hate me. I know your going to be mad because I kissed him. But I regret every second of it, I'm sorry Max.. I'm so sor-"
He cut me off and started to kiss me.. He wasn't mad?
I pulled away, "Your not mad?" He smiled and shook his head. "Everyone makes mistakes." I hugged him as he started to kiss me again.
 I was lucky.. Lucky to have him with me.


Max's POV
"I kissed Zayn.." She apologized.. At least we were even.. Well kinda.
I kissed her, it was really alright. I mean she wasn't the only one who cheated. I had spent a few too many nights with Sofia.
It was a mistake though.. I was still crazy about Adriana I have been for a long time. Sofia is more of a person I need when I'm... Down I guess. Sofia was really sweet and nice, she's 21 going to college. What could I say? Older girls are hot..
I met her over Leo, they worked together fixing trucks... She was working on a truck when I went to pick up Leo for basketball.

4 months ago..

"Hey! Leo! Lets go, practice is in twenty minutes." Leo ran to my car covered in oil.
I laughed at him, "Damn. Hold on I need my jacket. Look, there's a new girl, she's fixing up a bike." I looked over to her and she was grabbing more tools as she looked up and smiled.
"Woah." Leo laughed and smacked my arm.
"Hey come on, you got Adriana... I'll be right back."
She was really.. Really pretty. She had brown hair in a braid and blue eyes..
I waved to her as Leo ran back inside.
She looked around and ran to me. I smiled at her, "Hey. What's your name?"
She had a really cute voice too.
"Max, yours?"
"So you work with Leo? How is he?" She gave me a crooked smile.
"Yeah, he's alright I guess." I laughed.. Maybe I should ask her to go out like for food.. Just friends, though.
"So, Sofia? Have anything planned after fixing up that bike? We could go somewhere." She nodded and smiled, "I'd love to... Well I should be getting back, bye Max."
Leo started running back as he waved bye to Sofia.
"Hot right?" I nodded, "Yeah.."

I shook her out of my mind. I hugged Adriana and kissed her even more. "I love you okay?" I laughed, "Okay babe."

Harry's POV
As soon as we got back to the hotel i went into a room I shared with Louis.
I felt terrible doing that to Adriana. She was so hurt and that look.. She hated me now!

"Harry, start packing up for tomorrow. We leave in the morning."
Paul opened my door and left it open as he left. We had to continue the Up All Night Tour.. I had to put Adriana in the back of mind right now.. I need to do this for the fans. "Okay." I grabbed my suitcase and threw my stuff in.

My phone started to ring.. I picked it up and saw it was my mum.
"Hi!" I answered happy to hear her voice.
"Hi honey! You finally answered. Been a bit busy?"
"Yeah, sorry. I'm almost home though. Just one more month."


(I know their tour was longer but.. OH WELL.)

"That's good! I miss seeing your curly hair. I'm sure Gemma does too."
I could tell she was smiling.


"No I don't! He could stay a bit longer in America." I laughed hearing Gemma in the background. She so missed me.
"I miss you too Gemma." I chuckled at the thought of her sticking her tongue at me.
"She says she misses you too. Come home soon baby. Okay? Now I'm the one who has to go. Answer my calls and tell the boys I miss them too!" I smiled.
"Soon, and okay, I'll tell them. Bye mum!"
"Bye!" She hung up and I smiled to myself.
"Aren't you happy?" Louis walked in with a sad face.
"My mum called." He nodded his head.

"Louis.. We can't just be sad about this. Yes, I'm upset too. But we have to continue the tour for the fans.. I'm not sure if she hates me.. Us.. We just have to be sure that she doesn't. Come on Boobear.. Smile!" He just stared blankly at me.

"How could it be that easy for you?.. I thought you were in love with her. I'm positive Zayn isn't too happy about this either."
Of course I wasn't happy about this! I was dying for Adriana to come and hug me. I wanted to feel her soft hair on my shoulder, her brown eyes looking at me, with a big smile. I wanted to feel her next to me watching the telly and being happy...

"I am.. I always have been. And I always will. I know, Zayn isn't either. But I'm choosing to try to be happy without knowing if the love of my life hates me so I show the fans, our girls that I'm okay. Don't you want them to know that we're fine?" Louis was already reaching for his suitcase to put his clothes in.
"Of course I do and I'm trying Haz. I'm really trying for them. Sometimes it's hard and I can't hide it like you.."
He sighed and started grabbing his clothes.


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