Fighting For Love

One Direction fanfic. 17 year old Adriana was kicked out from her house by her parents for getting into trouble. Her parents got her an apartment to help her in Chicago, since then she has been living with her best friend, Danni. When Adriana went out for a run, she had no idea what was going to happen and how much 5 boys could change her entire life, but would it be for the best or for the worst? (Trust me the story's better)


41. Chapter 41 -LONG-

Adriana's POV

We had spent the whole morning and afternoon laughing, talking.. It was the best.

My dad and Louis really got along, they were both mischievous! Niall and I were the one cracking up the most. My mom was laughing too, this. This was the best moment. "Why don't we do this more?" I looked at Zayn..

I was laying my head on his lap staring up at the ceiling. "I don't know.. This is the best. My parents obviously love you guys." It was late and everyone was sleeping except Zayn and I. "It is.. Your parents are really fun." I smiled at that, typically my friends wouldn't like my parents because they were strict. When you got to know them, they were sweet. They really were. I started to wipe my hands on my face, I was so bored and felt like crap.

"You look perfect." Zayn moved my hands off my face and I started smiling at him. "Says the one with the perfect jaw line, hair, body, personality, and most importantly voice." I poked his nose and he chuckled at me. "I'm okay." He laughed and so did I.

"Your laughs cute." I blushed, agh! He kept making me blush. "Stop.." I hid my face.

"What am I doing?" He smiled at me and move my hands. "Never mind.." I laughed quietly and grabbed my phone from my pocket. I looked through Twitter and saw the way people cheered me up, I laughed and smiled like crazy at these. I loved my Twitter followers... Zayn moved my phone from my face and he starred at me. "Uh.." He looked at me and focused his eyes on me.. Like he was scanning me. I looked at his bright brown eyes, I didn't know what was exactly happening..


"Can I kiss you?" He whispered to me.. I looked at him, I wasn't going to cheat on Max.. Not him.. My breath was being taken away from the way Zayn looked at me. I looked at him, I wanted to shake my head.. But found myself nodding. He got closer to me and closer...


       He closed his eyes and I felt his lips on mine. I closed my eyes to and I started to feel the way Zayn moved his mouth with mine. I put my hands on his face, feeling his cheeks that were burning. He put his hands on my stomach, feeling his every move. His mouth, his hands.. His tongue explored my mouth, I didn't know what I was feeling.. I didn't know if it was good or not... I heard our breaths and how slow they were.. I slid one hand on his chest and felt his heart pounding. The way his lips moved, his burning cheeks, the way his breath was, his heart pounding... I started digging my nails into him, to how intense the kiss was.. I wanted to move up and sit up but his hand held me down. Because if I moved Harry would wake up since he was right next to me. I started moving my hands through Zayn's soft hair..

Was I enjoying this?

I moved my tongue through his mouth, his breath got faster and I felt as if Zayn really wanted this.. I held onto his neck and pulled him down even more and I pushed up. He smiled a little and started to kiss me harder. I bit his lip and he couldn't immediately grabbed me by my neck and moved me up, not wanting our lips to separate. He finally let me move and I was now sitting on his lap and he held onto my neck kissing me. I kissed him back, I still had my hands on his neck. He put a hand on my thighs and rubbed them with his thumb. I rubbed his neck with my thumb too and he pulled away whispering into my ear quickly, "I love you."

He moved his lips back to mine but.. I sat frozen.. I started to push him away from him.. He loved me.. No, I was.. I looked at him like I've done something terribly wrong and I did. Zayn didn't want to pull away from me and kept kissing me and I kept pushing him off, "Zayn.. S-stop.. Z-ay-Zayn.." I whispered not to wake anyone up. I felt someone move by my feet and I quickly saw Harry look at us with wide eyes. I was still pushing Zayn off but he wouldn't let go of his grip. Harry grabbed Zayn's shoulder and pulled him right off me, it hurt. I touched my lips and saw I was bleeding. I grabbed a tissue on the small table next to me and put it on my lips.

"Never. Kiss her." Harry glared at Zayn and Zayn looked at him angry. "I let him.. Harry. I- I let him." Harry looked at me and he looked shocked at me. Zayn kept his eyes on Harry. "You .. Let him?" I looked away from both of them, I did something terrible and regret every second of it. "Harry.." I looked at him and his eyes were watery. He put his hands on the back of his head and he sighed as he left out of the room. I felt like a huge part of me crushed into a million pieces.. "I'm sorry.. I didn't know you wanted me to pull away and for making you bleed." I shook my head, "It's fine.. It's fine, I'm going.. Going to the bathroom. I'll be right back." I smiled nervously and walked out of the room.

I looked around for Harry and he wasn't here. I went into the bathroom and looked at myself in the mirror. I splashed cold water onto my face and put paper on my lip again. It was bleeding only a bit. I locked the door and slid down on it. I cheated on Max... A promise I made myself, a promise broken.

I stayed there for awhile, noises from the outside flooded my ears.. I ignored them and I made up my mind that I was going to tell Max. I had to. I unlocked the door and looked to my right and left. I walked to my dads room and saw a whole bunch of machines next to the door. I ignore them walking inside.


I saw my dad laying on the bed, pale.. No one else was in the room.. The thought of my dream passed through my mind and I started to panic.. "Dad.." My dad looked carefully to me and shook his head. "Dad.. Daddy.." I started to let tears run down my cheek. "Adr- Adriana... I'm, I'm proud of you... The boys, they're.. Good." He was shaking and stuttering with his words, I went next to him and hugged him.

"The Harry boy.. He's g-ood. That.. Max boy... B-better t-take care of you.. Adriana" He carefully motioned his hand to me and I got closer to him and tears went rolling down my cheek. The machines beeped and beeped.. "You.. You have, a brother.." The door opened and I saw Harry standing there with a worried look. My dad smiled gently and continued, "your brother... His- his names, Anthony. He-he's like you, trouble- m-maker." I cried and Harry went next to me. "H-Harry." He was losing his breath, "Watch A-Adriana. I'm - I'm trusting you." Harry looked at me and nodded and he looked like he was going to cry too. "I will.. I won't let anything happen to her." I looked at Harry and he looked back at me and to my dad. "Good... Adriana, I'm dying.. You-You need to be okay.." I cried onto my dad and he patted my head. Beep.... Beep... Beep... "Dad.. You're fine. Everything's.. Fine." I cried and I was so scared.. "I love you.. Okay? I'll talk to my brother.. I'll be with mom." I looked at him and he was trying to say something.. "Don't- Don't lose this guy." He pointed to Harry and I nodded. "I won't.." "The ot-other boys too..." I nodded my head and my dad smiled at me. "I love you, Adriana." I held onto my dads hands and they were cold. Tears kept running through my face, my dad was dying.. The machine then started to beep slower.. And slower.. I looked at my dad and his eyes closed and he lost his grip on my hand. Beep......... A never ending beep went through my ears and Harry looked at me. "Dad... Daddy.." I squeezed on my dads hands and I felt no grip.. Nothing. I cried and let go of my dad shaking. Harry hugged me, "I'm so sorry.." Doctors rushed in and pulled us away to the hallway. "NO! Dad !!" I was yelling and I tried to run in but Harry held me back. "DAD! NO! NO. DAD.." I cried feeling every ounce of pain in me. My dad.. "Harry.." I turned around facing him and he hugged me in his arms, he whispered into my ears, "It's okay... Shhh.." He had a hand on my head and one on my back. I cried onto him..

"My dad.. My dad just d-died." -I am so sorry for words like that, example. d-died. Those annoy me too  but its as if the person is stuttering so :D -

I kept crying and I looked up with teary eyes to see the boys standing behind us with sad, shocked faces. I hid my face in Harry again, and cried the pain away.. But this pain.. It doesn't end. "Sshhh... I'm sorry, it's okay.. Calm down, shh."

All those memories with my dad, that moment playing my first game of softball, him being my coach.. The time I fell of my bike when I was 4 and he helped me, staying outside with me, watching me try to learn a two wheeler. Buying me every toy I saw, helping me on homework, sharing problems together.. Memories flooded my mind, it only made my cry more.. Every moment of it, Harry holding me in his arms as I cried onto him, the boys staring at us, the doctors making loud noise in the room, my moms crying heard loudly... My heart sank.


Harry started leading me to the waiting room and I sat down next to me, I put my legs up and started crying onto them. Harry rubbed my leg, "I'm sorry.. For everything. I'm so sorry Adriana." I shook my head, "No, I'm sorry you have to deal with-with me." Tears were the only thing that I could process, speaking was a challenge for me right now.

"It's not that I have to deal with you Adriana. I choose to be with you. It's hard.. It really.. Um.. hard to stay away from someone your crazy about." I looked at him, Why me? Harry. You have models, actresses, other singers, why not them?

Wait.. Was I actually thinking about this.. My mom came next to me crying her eyes out as she hugged me, we were standing up "Mom!" I cried on her shoulder, "It's.. its okay baby." She stuttered with her words. She had the same pain I did. "It's not.. My dad just died! In front of my eyes.."

I was trying hard to not cry anymore and be tough for my mom, because my mom had known my dad since they were teens and she was in love with him, obviously. Now.. He's gone..

I cried and tried to wipe my tears but more and more came out. "Mom.." I heard a strange deep voice come from in front of me. I moved away and saw a guy. Tall, skinny, dark brown hair, brown eyes. He was wearing jeans, a black plain shirt, Derrick rose shoes... He looked like he was in a huge rush and ran to us.

"Anthony.." My mom hugged him and he tried his best to put a strong face.. But right now, that wasn't possible. He kept staring at me, and I kept looking at him. How come I couldn't remember him, not even the slightest. "Adriana." I looked at Anthony and a small smile appeared with a tear. He hugged me and I stood completely still. I promised my dad.. My dad.. I promised I would talk to him, get along. I hugged him back and held on tight.. My mom and I weren't the only ones now.

I started crying again, Anthony held me in his arms and put his hands on my head and put his head on mine, like Louis. I could tell that Anthony and I were going to be fine, we have this weird bond and we only just met. or seen each other after a long time.


"It's going to be alright..." I could tell he was crying a bit by the way he talked. We all cried, the whole night. We stayed in the hospital in hope that he would come back to life. Louis stayed with me during the night and the rest of the boys went back, they had red eyes as they left. And they had only just met my dad.. I couldn't sleep at all, I closed my eyes and all I saw was my dad.. It only made me cry more.

"It's okay, Ri-Ri.." Louis would start to comfort me..

We laid on the couch in the waiting room with my mom and my brother on other couches sleeping. When I was finally closing my eyes.. I fell asleep. By morning a doctor had come to us, well my mom. She signed papers, paid the cost for everything and we left. Louis drove me to my apartment, it was silent the whole time.

"I'm sorry." I heard Louis say as I looked out the window with tears running down my face.

"For what." I whispered, still looking out the window. Everyone was apologizing to me, what did they do. Nothing, no apology needed. "I... I.. Um never mind." I ignored it and continued to look outside. To me, everything was black and white.

The trees, the stores, houses, roads, people.. I didn't see anything to give me joy, nothing to put a smile on my face. I have never felt like this...

"Thanks." I said to Louis as I closed his door and walked inside to the lobby. "Hi, Adriana! You didn't come back yesterday huh?" I nodded at Greg and started to walk to the stairs. "Oh.. Well how's your dad?" I stopped and looked at the ground. I walked away from him... I ran up the stairs and into the apartment. I cried as soon as I closed the door. How was my dad? Dead. I kept crying and had forgotten that Danni was here. I didn't realize until she was next to me. "Adri, what's wrong?" I kept crying, I just couldn't take the pain that ran through me! I had seen this coming! And what did I do? I just stood back and watched it happen.

"Adriana! What happened?" She kept asking me, to the point I just yelled at her.

"My dad's dead Danni! Now you know what happened.." I said angrily, I walked to my room and slammed the door. I cried sitting on my bed.

Three weeks later..

I spent the last three weeks, planning for my dads funeral. I cried everyday.. I usually stayed in my room and planned everything. Other than calling my mom or Anthony or Max or a company, I just stayed silent.

The boys left a week ago to continue their tour, they promised they'd come back for the funeral and that when the tour was done they'd come back and stay for awhile. It made me happy knowing that they do that for me. Now today was the day..

The day of the funeral.

I arrived and walked in seeing my family, friends, and companions of my dad. I walked up to the front with everyone's eyes on me and saw the boys sitting down leaving me with a open seat in-between them. I sat down next to Harry and Liam. It was Louis, Niall, Zayn, Harry, me,& Liam.

My mom, Anthony, Danni, Derrick, Leo, and Max were sitting together on the other seat next to us. I looked at Max and he gave me his sincere look. He had helped me, well he tried to make me happy to see me smile. I loved him for that.. It was sad, seeing my father in a casket.. Pale as can be..

It was the worst, but I had to get through this. After about 30 minutes of the priest talking my mom got up and started to talk. "Michael.." She tried to smile but failed and had tears fall down her cheek.. "I loved him, he was the only one who was there for me. I had met him at the age of fifteen and stayed together until five years later he proposed. Thirty years married..." She continued as I got tears run through my cheek. Harry put his hand on top of mine and smiled gently at me. He didn't mean it as any thing relationship wise, but as in a friend that was there for you. I smiled a bit at him and I looked back at my mom. After her I went barely saying much, it was too depressing, and Anthony came up.

He didn't say much either and then mom came up again. She started talking about Niall, Liam, Zayn, Harry, and Louis.

These boys.. They had only met Michael and they were there for him like sons. Adriana, she picked great people to be with. Do any of you want to say anything?" I looked at them, they really didn't have to if they didn't want to.

I completely understood if they didn't. Harry kissed my cheek and got up, "You don't have to Harry." He shook his head, "I want to." He walked up to the podium and began.


"I obviously didn't know.. Michael that much as much as all of you. But he was.. a great person, he was really funny through bad times, trustworthy, honest, he was really nice too... When he was... he was dying i was in the room, i had no idea what had been happening. I walked in seeing Adriana by his side, crying. He... actually smiled at me when he saw me. It is like an honor having him like me, and to trust me to watch his daughter when she needed me by her side as her friend, a really good friend... He obviously loved his caring wife, son, and daughter and I'm grateful I got to meet him."

I started smiling and crying, what Harry said, it was.. It left me speechless because I didn't know how much they had gotten along. When Harry got back to and sat down I hugged him. "Thank you.." I hugged his arm and I laid my head on his shoulder. He held my hand again, maybe I was going to get better..

My mom got back to the podium, "Thank you, Harry... before we go to the burial, I have one last thing, before I was exited out of the room.. Michael told me to tell Adriana that.. We kept a secret from her."

I looked at my mom.. What secret...

"We've been hiding something.. Michael thought it was best if it came from me.. We knew he was dying of influenza. He told us to keep it a secret from you.. He didn't want to see you cry or be disappointed." My mom looked at me with sorry eyes, crying and I immediately looked at Harry.

"You knew about this?" I let go of him and looked at his guilty face. "Liam?" He gave me a guilty face, "Niall... Zayn? ... Louis." I looked at them and all of them.. Guilty looks.

I looked at each of them, "Adriana.." Harry grabbed my hand and I pushed him away. What made him think he could.. They could just lie to me like that! Fucking bull! They can't even tell me that my own father was dying! I had more right to know than them ! I had anger built up inside me but I wasn't going to make a scene.

"I'm sorry.." My mom got off and everyone did their own thing not paying attention to the front and silently talking.

"We didn't mean to keep this from you." I glared at Zayn. He should've told me, they all should have told me. But none of them did I until now, and it came from my mom.

"We're sorry.. We promised your dad. We told him we wouldn't say anything..." Niall looked sad but this time.. I wasn't giving in. Not to them.. "I'm sorry a million times Ri-Ri..." I didn't bother to look at Louis.

"Please say something." Liam put his hand on my shoulder..

They think I could just get over this? That a 'sorry' could make this up?

"Don't touch me Liam... Never call me Ri-Ri again Louis... Sorry's don't cut this time Niall. Nothing will. I don't care if you promised my dad.. You don't just hide a secret like that. Especially from his own daughter." I stormed off..

Anger was rushing through me. I hated them! Why did I ever even meet them! Why did Niall even save me that day, I would have been better off dead.


I walked towards the exits and something got my arm. I turned around and saw Zayn holding onto it.

"Adriana it was a mistake.." I tried to lose his grip and eventually did and I kept walking until he got my hand again.

"Stop!" He started yelling at me. I turned around and slapped him. He looked shocked at me and I had watery eyes, "I can't believe I actually kissed you..." I walked away from Zayn, leaving him shocked.

What they did was bullshit...

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