Fighting For Love

One Direction fanfic. 17 year old Adriana was kicked out from her house by her parents for getting into trouble. Her parents got her an apartment to help her in Chicago, since then she has been living with her best friend, Danni. When Adriana went out for a run, she had no idea what was going to happen and how much 5 boys could change her entire life, but would it be for the best or for the worst? (Trust me the story's better)


40. Chapter 40

Adriana's POV

I got to the hospital and saw my dad coughing up blood... The nurse held the trash for him.
I stood back with my mom and she began to cry. "Mom, he's fine.. Just a cough." I didn't want to look at him, or I would be sick.
After five minutes of my dad coughing up blood, the nurse gave him a shot and soon he fell asleep. Seeing him like that was so.. Weird. My dad was usually the strong type, he was always strong and.. Well.. A few minutes ago, that was my dads weak side. And I'd never seen it before.
I sat down on the couch and started watching TV on my phone on Netflix. The walking dead, it was my favourite. So thrilling! (You like need to watch it, it's like damn. lol. But I got like freaked out on EP. 4 Season 1 because of the suspense though. Okay ! I'll continue :D )
It was only 9 AM. Maybe I'll text Louis.
To: Lou
'Hey ! I'm really bored.. What r u up to?'
Sent at 9:43 AM

I got too freaked out watching The Walking Dead so I went through Twitter.
'Met up with the sweetest girls today. I was a bit shocked to see ppl wanting to to take pictures & sign things for them..'

'The Walking Dead? I CAN'T EVEN.. So scary >.< someone cheer me up ? ^.* love you babes!'

I moved my phone onto my lap and saw my mom staring at me.
"What..." I always smile when people look at me and won't stop, it's a habit.
"Nothing... It's.. Do you like him?" Do I like who...
"Harry. He's really charming. A boy for you." I laughed quietly, my mom doesn't even know Max.
"No, mom. Just friends.. If you didn't know, I have a boyfriend. Max actually. You'd love him. I asked him to come today but he was really tired."
My moms smile grew, "But five international teen superstars manage to come here everyday. Oh Adriana..."
.. Since when did my mom figure out that they were famous. I was actually trying to hide it from them. Maybe.. They told them.
"Oh.. You know about that? Okay.... Well, it doesn't mean anything. Max is just.. You know.." I couldn't find an excuse to bail Max out.
"Yes I know about them being famous!" She put her hands up and moved them around, "He's what? Let me guess.. Poor guy's tired. But of what exactly. Does he have a job?"
I sighed, not because I didn't have an excuse. But that I had no clue if he did or not. I had been spending all my time with the boys and my parents here. I didn't know what Max was up to, only when he told me.
"I don't know mom. I have no idea. I haven't had much time.. To really talk to him..."
My mom gave me a look, "Can we change the subject?" I asked my mom. I didn't want to talk about Max anymore.
I went back to my phone and saw messages from Louis.

From: Lou
'We're coming up. You won't be bored anymore ! Lads to the rescue ! ;) see ya in a bit love.'
Sent at 9:45 AM

I smiled and went onto Twitter.. I was expecting the boys to come soon. Louis will entertain me.
'OH MY GOSH. The walking dead?! AGH. It's scary as f*ck.'
'Cheer you up..? Why did the mushroom go to the party? ;D '
I started cracking up! He was a fungi.. Oh my gosh.
'@hazzaboobear: Because he was a fungi ! Aha ! Thanks babe! (:'
'I legit can't believe I met @Adri1995 today.. *le fangirl*'

She cant believe she met me? I'm not anything or anyone special.. weird.

'@Stacey23_1D: Aw, thank you for coming to see me ! It was great meeting you :)'
I followed her and smiled at the thought of making people smile, was this how the boys felt ?
"Hi.." The boys came through the door, holding a bunch of balloons.
"What's with the balloons?" I asked as my mom hugged each of them.
"We thought your dad would like them." Louis smiled and set all the balloons on the small table next to my dad.
"Oh.. Okay then." Louis hugged me, and sat down next to me.
"No hug for Horan?!" I laughed at Niall, I got up to hug him and everyone sat down. Niall moved me out of the way and sat on my seat.
"Niall!" I made a puppy dog angry face. They all laughed at me and I heard my mom too.
"Mom! They just took my seat!" I sounded like a little girl tattling on my five annoying brothers.
I looked at Zayn and he quickly stuck his tongue out at me and smiled.
"Boys will be boys." My mom said as she left the room, "I'll be getting some food. I'll be back in a bit."
I crossed my arms and walked over to my moms seat.
"You could sit on my lap." I looked at Harry and he smiled mischievously.
"Cute Styles." I shook my head and sat down, "It's funny that you act like that when you do realize.. My dad's right there."
Harry smiled showing his dimple and I laughed.
"You look so lonely over there.. Come on Ri Ri."
Louis patted his lap and I smiled to get up.
"Thank you Lou Lou." I sat on his lap and he started laughing. "What.." I smiled at him, why was he laughing. I looked at him, "You say Lou Lou funny.." I giggled a little bit and laid on Louis. I had my head on his shoulder and my body rested on him. This was a good moment, being with my five best friends.. The only bad thing was that it was in a hospital where my sick dad was..
"Can you all honestly tell me if you think.." I started to whisper, "If my dads going to be fine..."
I just, I felt like I should ask them.. What they thought. Because honestly I sound like a completely terrible person but when I looked at my dad, I.. I can't explain it. It was like I had to cherish that moment because it could be the last.
"Adriana.. Your dad's a fighter." I smiled a little at Niall's words.
"He is.." I looked at Lou and he smiled at me. I kissed his cheek.
"I'm going to be fine Adriana." I looked at my dad and he was smiling at me.
"I know." I smiled back and I felt better, a reassuring note from the boys and my dad.

Louis POV
We got to the hospital to see Adriana's dad again. He was really nice to us and when we told him we were in a band from the UK, and that we were on tour he couldn't believe it. It was quite funny. "My daughter ended up with five celebrities.. Wow." It was really good to see they didn't disapprove, we only wanted to be good to them.
When Adriana asked us if we thought her dad had much time, I just wanted to hug her.. But I would give it away.
I didn't understand how he wanted us to hide this from Ri Ri.. It hurt to keep such a big secret from your best friend. I talked to El about it last night.

Last night..

"El.. I have this huge problem. You know Adriana right?"
"Yeah, what's wrong? Did something happen.. What happened, did something good or bad happen.. Lou tell me before I go nuts."

I chuckled a bit.
"Well.. Adriana's dad is in the hospital and while Adriana was sleeping he told us that.. That he didn't have much time to live..."
"Oh my gosh, Lou.. How did she take it? This is tragic.."
"That's the thing babe. I can't tell her. We promised we wouldn't. It's terrible hiding a secret from her. You know I can't hide anything from you! I'm trying my best Eleanor."
I felt terrible, hiding something so big from her..
"Louis you can't just keep this hidden from her. It's her own father! I know it's hard but I mean.. Maybe he's waiting to tell her.. It would be best if she heard it from him. Don't you think?"
She changed her mind from telling her to hiding it, but Eleanor was right.. What if he wanted to tell her later on?

"Okay. I guess you're right. This is why I love you! Always there to help me out."
"And that's why I'm your girlfriend! You got lucky Lou!" She started to laugh and so did I.

I have to keep it a secret.. Wait until her dad tells her.
Then we all jumped when we heard, "I'm going to be fine Adriana." He looked at us and I swallowed..
I looked over to Adriana and smiled at her. Keeping this secret is going to drive me crazy..

Adriana's Mom POV

I left Adriana and the boys in the room.. I couldn't stand to be in there anymore, my tears were going to fall and I was going to show Adriana.. I can't stand this.. I went into the cafeteria and got myself a coffee. I sat down at a table and I started thinking.. Thinking how Michael wasn't going to be here much longer.. The doctor said the medicine would help, the biggest lie I have heard.

I kissed Michael everyday and let him know I loved him.

After 30 years of marriage I was still a school girl with the biggest crush on the high school football player.
I started to cry drinking my coffee, I covered my eyes and held in the pain.. I cried for about ten minutes until a young women came up to me.

"Mrs. Gomez?" I quickly got a napkin and wiped my tears away.
"Y-Yes?" I smiled gently at her.
"I.. I am so sorry to inform you but.. Your husbands, his test came back. He has influenza and from what we've seen.. We'll be lucky if he's still with us by morning."
My breathe was gone.. I bursted out crying, it was the flu. One morning he just woke up with the cough.. A small cough, then a week next back pains.. The next cough, back pains, he couldn't stand.. That's when I brought him to the hospital and now.. His death.
The women hugged me and rubbed my back with her hand.. This. This was never suppose to happen.
What would happen to Adriana and Anthony?
"How could this.. This happen." I cried out , my husband.. My love.. He was leaving this world.. I cried and cried on the floor of the cafeteria, I didn't care who watched.. Pain, hurt, sadness.. All these emotions ran through my skin..

"Ma'am you need to calm down.." The nurse told me.
"How would you act if you found out your husband, a father is dying?!" I looked at her and got up from the ground, crying.

I felt like crying when I typed this.. It hurts me so much to think this has happened to people and their families..

Well thank you to everyone for reading and for some who read 'Hurt' my new movella. It's a One Direction suicide fan fic... I don't want spoil it.

It's sad, everyone tells me they cried and it's depressing. I did cry when I wrote the first chapter for it. - Izzaybel ^.^

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