Fighting For Love

One Direction fanfic. 17 year old Adriana was kicked out from her house by her parents for getting into trouble. Her parents got her an apartment to help her in Chicago, since then she has been living with her best friend, Danni. When Adriana went out for a run, she had no idea what was going to happen and how much 5 boys could change her entire life, but would it be for the best or for the worst? (Trust me the story's better)


35. Chapter 35:D

Harry's POV

I kissed her forehead and left. I smiled to myself, it seemed like she really wanted me to kiss her, I've waited long for it, and its not going to come easy no matter how much I really wanted to kiss her too.


I went into the lift and went to the lobby. I heard screaming fill my ears, I went out and saw them all. All the fans screaming and crying, but they looked so happy. I waved hi to them, and quickly went into the van with Paul next to me.

I saw all the lads in there, so I closed the door and we were off, to who knows where. "Why did you take so long? Wanted a few last minutes with Adriana..?"  Louis laughed and I started to smile. "I think she wanted me to kiss her.. Like actually kiss her." I kept smiling, it was a perfect moment. "Did you?" I looked at Zayn and shook my head, "No." I saw him smile from the corner of my eye.

Adriana's POV

One Week Later...

Lately, all I've been doing was being around the boys. Every minute I spent with them, I found myself laughing. They were always so hyper and jumpy. It's hilarious. I was on my laptop it was midnight, I just came back from late night bowling. I was just checking Twitter... Wow, since when did I get 100 K?

'@1D_Dream: Er.. Gonna get so much hate but.. @Zaynmalik & @Adri1995 ADORABLE.'

I favorited it, that's cute... I guess. I had so many mentions, I've never read so many rude comments... They judged me and they didn't even know me..

Well screw them ! I found myself getting mad at people.. I'm not letting them say this crap about me. But I'm not going to stoop to their level.

'it's sad haters are sitting behind a computer or mobile and spend their time hating on someone. Try going outside, it's lovely out. Don't be angry because I'm hanging out with my best 5 friends. Thanks xx'

I smiled at myself and saw Max walk to me, "I'm going to my parents. Bye." I was ready for him to give me a quick peck, but instead he kissed my cheek and left... He was still mad at me for yelling at him, his problem then. No one is going to say those things to my friends.

I shut my computer down and set it down on my desk. I yawned and went onto my bed again.

I snuggled inside the warm blankets, at least it was warm outside now. I kept waking up during the night, I wasn't dreaming, I just kept waking up. I went quickly to the bathroom to wash my face and then go back to bed. I looked into the mirror and saw the bags under my eyes, grr. They looked like I was just punched. Whatever, I'm so tired.. I went back to bed and hoped not to wake up again. BUZZ BUZZZZZZZZZ !!! A never ending buzz rang through my head.. Erg.

I had a text. I moved my pillow on my head but the buzzing kept going. "Fine!" I got up and reached for my phone,

From: Unknown

'Hey, Adriana ! it's David. Remember me?! I went to try out for X Factor.. I got sent home though.. :/'

Sent at 9:34 AM

David... Hm.. That name sounded familiar .. David.. OH. DAVID. Oh my gosh !!! David !

To: Unknown

'oh my god! DAVID ?!? I didn't even know you went for X Factor ! I remember the angelic voice though ;D Miss ya buddie ! Are you in town yet ?'

Sent at 9:35 AM

David was my best friend since elementary school even though we ha totally different teachers. I moved around so I didn't see him after 5th grade. He was older than me though, he was 21 while I was 18. We still kept in touch though, he moved to Chicago actually in the city, after high school he told me. I hadn't seen him in forever ! I put in his phone number in my phone, 'Davie'.

From: Davie

'Yeah! I made it far, I was with L.A it was amazing. We should definitely go clubbing or something ! Haha.'

Sent at 9:37 AM

I chuckled to myself, clubbing! It wasn't a bad idea though.. I could invite the boys! All of them would love David.

To: Davie

'Uh, clubbing isn't half bad lol. I have some friends you'd love to meet! Any chance you know who One Direction is ?'

Sent at 9:38 AM

I got up and left my phone on my bed.

"Danni!!" I heard music in her room, Ed Sheeran. We were utterly obsessed with him, the angelic voice. Ginger Jesus, Harry said. I laughed to myself and started singing along to 'Small Bump'. "Cause your just a small bump, you can wrap your fingers round my thumb, and hold me tight, and it'll be alright..." I skipped to my bathroom, and brushed my teeth and did everything I needed to. I put my hair in a messy bun, I was so lazy. I walked out and heard Danni singing. I walked to her door and opened it slightly. She was dancing around using her hair brush as a mic. I ran to my room, and started to record her.

"ShouldI,  should I? Maybe I'll get drunk again. I'll be drink again, I'll be drunk again. To feel a little love all by myself I'm here again all by myself you know I'll never change. All by myself I'm just drunk again. I'll be drunk again. I'll be drunk again! To feel a little love..." I bursted out laughing and Danni turned her head and ran after me. "I love the whole dance you had going on!" I mocked her dancing and I was still recording.

I ran around the couch and we found ourselves in the hallway. "Adriana ! Give me that phone!" I felt like a little sister annoying her older sister. I loved it. "Gotta catch me!" We were screaming, very early, people weren't going to be happy. I could care less though. I ran down the stairs and Danni followed me. I was in the lobby and I ran around the couches, as Danni was glaring at me. "Give me the damn phone!" She had a smile on her face and I was laughing my bum off. "Woah! What's going on?"

I saw Liam behind me and I ran over to him. "I recorded Danni dancing and singing!" Danni ran to me and I jumped onto Liam. "Don't let her touch me!" I was laughing and Liam lifted me a little high and he was laughing too. I stopped recording and soon it was in my phone not to be deleted. It's wasn't hard for Danni to soon reach me, Danni and I were about 5'6" he was a 5'8". I laughed as Liam tried to keep me away from Danni. He kept swinging around so she wouldn't get me. "Liam Payne! Put her down!" Danni was jumping and jumping before I saw Niall walk in and he helped her get me.

"AHH!" I fell back with Liam and we were laughing on the ground. I liked my phone quickly so Danni wouldn't be able to get into it. "Aha! I got it... Adriana! Come on!" I laughed and laughed with Liam and Niall joined in. "Why does she want your phone?" Niall turned to help me up, I reached for his hand and got up, as I helped Liam too, "I recorded Danni singing and dancing. You have to se-" Danni screamed, "NO! Never. Nope. Not gonna happen babe."

I laughed and ran after her and snatched my phone. I saw Louis run inside as he saw me and I gave him a quick hug. "Lou you gotta see this." I ran into the elevator as Niall, Louis, and Liam did too. I pressed close the doors before Danni could come in. "Adriana!!" Danni slammed her hands on the door and I hit play on the video. The recording started and throughout Niall laughed and smiled. Liam and Louis did too.

"That's cute!" Niall blurted out and I looked at him and he was as red as a tomato. The doors opened and Danni stood there angry. "I told you not to!" I smiled at her an gave her a hug, "It's okay!" Niall pushed me and hugged her and give her a kiss on the cheek. "It was adorable babe." I opened my mouth in a happy way, what was this now?! Danni and Niall! SO FRICKIN CUTE.

"Woah, Niall." Louis patted his back and smiled.

Danni blushed as Niall did too. "Aw, happy couple!" I made kissy faces at them. "Forgot about us!" Harry and Zayn ran up through the stairs and Zayn quickly ran pass Harry and hugged me. "Missed you, love." I smiled, it literally had only been a few hours since I last saw them, I couldn't help but miss them too! "Miss you too! Bowling was hilarious." I laughed as Louis an Harry laughed too. "We actually broke one of the bowling alley.." I laughed again and Zayn did his adorable laugh too.


"Good you got punished!" Liam scolded them and started laughing too. I remembered I was texting David I quickly ran inside my apartment and into my room. I saw a text waiting on the screen.

From: Davie

'No way. You know them?! Holy crap! Love to meet em! All of us should go tonight then. Blu 65? It's the best in Chi... :) '

Sent at 9:39 AM

To: Davie

'Yup! It's a long story, you'd love them. Theyre amazingly funny. Blu 65 it is! But maybe I should ask them(: hold on please!'

Sent at 9:59 AM

"Boys! How does Blu 65 sound?" I yelled out to them, "Little Adriana, clubbing?! Alright, sounds good!"

To: Davie

'They said yes! I'm going to bring my best friend, Danni too(: maybe my boyfriend if he wants, but so far I'll see ya around 9?"

Sent at 9:59 AM

"Who are you texting?" I turned around to see the curls.

"Styles.. Hm, you don't need to know." I smirked at him and turned back to my phone. "Friend? Max? Family? I'm guessing here.. Am I close?" When he said am I close, I felt his hot breath on my neck. I moved forward and faced him, "Friend." I walked passed him, I turned around and saw him smiling at me.


"What friend?" This boy didn't give up. "An old friend... If you must know. His names David, I call him Davie. He's coming with us! You'll love him." I smiled at Harry and went to the kitchen and surprised not to see Niall. I grabbed a bowl and cereal. "David? Er.. Davie? Who is he? How old is he? Where did you meet this lad?" I poured cereal into my bowl and went into the fridge to get milk. "A friend, twenty one, school. Did I answer all your questions?" I smiled looking at my cereal and put everything away and grabbed a spoon with my cereal. I quickly saw Liam, and pointed the spoon to him and he glared. I smiled and Harry chuckled. "Almost, do you.. Um.. Like him?"



I laughed, "Harry! I have a boyfriend. You know that right? Oh gosh.. So no. I don't." I laughed as Harry went next to me. "Can I have some?" I eyed him raising an eyebrow. "Some cereal? ... Uh, alright." He reached for the bowl an drank the milk. "Did you really just drink all my milk?" He started laughing as I realized how his dirty mind worked. "Oh my god Harry! Grow up!" I laughed at him and he was practically spitting milk out. I handed him a napkin and he took it from me. "I didn't! From the cereal yes. From.... No." I laughed and went to get more milk for my cereal.


"So immature, Styles." I walked to the living room to see everyone sitting and I sat on the floor next to Zayn and had my cereal in my hand. "Can I have some?" I looked at Niall and sighed. "I suppose. Your special, I usually don't share." Harry looked at me, confused an I stuck my tongue out. I grabbed my spoon and fed Niall. "Thank you!" He said with a stuffed mouth. "So who's this friend, David? He's coming too?" I nodded my head Liam's direction. "Yup.. Wait.. You heard me?"

"We all heard.. It is only a short distance babe. We also happened to hear Harry's inappropriate joke."

Harry smiled and laughed as he high fived Louis. "Now That was funny!" I laughed with everyone, "Hilarious!" I said sarcastically as Louis stopped, "No. You ruined it." I made a puppy dog face and ate my cereal. "Aw, Liam! Your not the only puppy!" I let my laugh blurt out, "Both cute puppies!" Zayn kissed my cheek and I looked at Liam, "no kiss for me?" Liam sighed, I laughed again. "May I please eat cereal in peace. Without dirty jokes, and laughing." Everyone became quiet and only my crunching was heard. "A bit too quiet..." Danni said as she shoved me. "Hurry up!" Danni laughed at me, and I looked at her, "Well then!" I put my bowl on the table and looked around. "We.. We could laugh now..."

I looked around and the first I heard laugh was Niall.

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