Fighting For Love

One Direction fanfic. 17 year old Adriana was kicked out from her house by her parents for getting into trouble. Her parents got her an apartment to help her in Chicago, since then she has been living with her best friend, Danni. When Adriana went out for a run, she had no idea what was going to happen and how much 5 boys could change her entire life, but would it be for the best or for the worst? (Trust me the story's better)


51. Bruises

Adriana's POV
"It means... Give me space." I saw a slight smile come from Max.
He moved closer to me and hugged me, "You know I love you?" I smiled and he kissed me on my forehead.
"I said space Max." I pushed him and he gave a disappointed look and ran to his motorcycle on the opposite side of the building.
I sighed and walked to the front of the hotel. I heard someone call my name and I saw it was Harry.

"Where is he?" Zayn was angry and I was annoyed because it was if they think I'm dumb and can't take care of myself.
"Zayn, I'm fine. All of you, I'm seriously fine."
"Why do you look like you've been crying?" I looked at Liam, why was he making it harder?
"I wasn't crying..." I faked a laugh and looked away from them.
It was silently awkward so I decided just to leave instead of staying, "Liam, can you tell Danielle I'll text her.. To hang out later on. If she wants.." Liam nodded.
"Does that include us... maybe?"

I had to be honest with them, it probably isn't going to happen. Max is my boyfriend, if he doesn't like me being here then I shouldn't even be around them. I just sighed and told them, "Bye."
I walked away holding in the pain on my ankle before I got in, I saw them walking inside and Louis was last as he looked at me, he looked away and walked inside with the others.
I should have never left with Harry...

I got home and I was shocked to see my mom waiting for me at my door. "Mom!" I smiled and hugged her. "I waited for you to come, where were you?" I opened my door and she walked in following me.
"What happened to you?" I sighed as she noticed and she started touching my arms.
"Mom, I'm fine, just a bruise. Is it that noticeable?" I looked at it but it hurt when we both touched it.
"Oh Adriana please tell me it wasn't a fight. I thought you knew better! I thought you got over all the fighting!" My mom led me to the bathroom as she scolded me.

"Mom. I wasn't in a fight... Mom.. Mom!" I yelled back at her to get her attention and she was quieter.
"I wasn't in a fight. Please, trust me." My mom rolled her eyes and laughed as she began putting on alcohol and a band around my arm. I sat down on the counter next to the sink.

"Your arms should heal nicely... Now those on your face. Where do you keep the band aids?" I pointed to the lower drawer as she reached down. She moved my ankle and I yelled in pain. She jumped back and started to look at my ankle.
"Adriana." She had a mad look and I sighed, "Mom... I wasn't in a fight! I promise you I wasn't."
I didn't want to say I was surrounded by a hundred girls yelling , scratching, and one punching me. Then to tell her Max came to help by squeezing my arms, wouldn't be the best news to my mom.
"Does this hurt?" I yelled again and she looked at me. "I think you broke your ankle..." I looked towards my ankle and it looked odd, like out of place...
"You need to go get this checked. Adriana, it's very hard to trust you... You've gotten into so many fights before, are you telling me the truth you didn't get into a fight." She had a serious face and she looked straight at me.
"Who could I possibly fight with?! I didn't get into a fight! You seriously need to learn to trust me. Dad did..." I saw her get teary eyes.
"Mom, I'm sorry... That was terrible of me to do that. I'm so sorry." She shook her head and put a smile.
"No, no. It's my fault. Come on, you need to go the hospital." I felt terrible saying that to her, what was wrong with me! I constantly made people feel bad today.
My mom took her car and she drove me to the hospital. It hurt so much when the doctor had to pop it in.
"Can you step out for a moment ma'am?" My mom nodded and left me in the room with the doctor. He was really nice and he watched as my mom left.
"What happened?" I looked at him weirdly, "Why..?" I laughed a bit because it was so awkward. He had a serious face and I stopped laughing, "Okay... If I tell you, you cannot tell my mom. I don't know you, and I'm trusting you..."
He looked at me, "Okay, I need to know. But I might have to tell your mot-"
"No! You can't. I won't tell you then..." I was stubborn but I was not letting my mom know what happened.

"Okay... I won't tell your mom." I nodded at him.

"I know a few famous people, if you want to say it like that. So one of them have a girlfriend we were just hanging out. We got there and obviously they have fans.. A lot too. They were waiting outside and they love her so they were nice you could say. They... They don't like me though. I left by myself and they just kind of scratched me... And when my boyfriend came at one point looking for me, he hated seeing it and he pulled me out I got stuck. which hurt my ankle I guess, he just squeezed my arms a bit too much also." I acted like it was nothing, but it really meant something big for me. My boyfriend the guy I love, the one I was with for 10 months hurt me, physically.

The doctor looked at me weirdly, "That was you? The girl that was surrounded by this huge group of girls? You were on the television, the cops came and forced everyone to leave. It was mad!"
I didn't believe it was something big, I didn't even know it was on television!
"What? How? I didn't see any cameras or news people out when I went to my car..."
He thought about it, "Which side was your car? They must have been on the other side because all the girls were there."
It seemed strange to me but I just wanted to go back home and eat something.
"Well, anyways. Can you just help me with my ankle?"
He nodded and went towards a drawer he pulled out another white band like I had on my arms and wrapped it tight on my ankle.
When I lifted my leg up so he could put it on better, pain shot through my back and I squeezed on the bed I was sitting on.
"I'm sorry did that hurt?" I shook my head, "No.. My back." I put my hand on my lower and middle back.
"Your back? Let me check..."
He helped me turn around and he lifted my shirt, "Looks like a bunch of bruises.. Those girls are violent ones.." He touched one of them and I flinched.
"We need to put something on that, I'll be right back." He walked out and I was left alone.
I felt my phone buzz and it was a phone call from Tony.
"What the hell happened to you?!"
I heard him panicking, "Nothing.. I'm fine. Uh, why?"
"You were on my tv and I just got a call from mom that you're at the hospital? I'm almost there but you need to tell me what happened."
I sighed, "Um.. Alright. It's no big deal. Just a bad ankle and a few scratches. I'm fine, I'll see you in a bit and I'll explain then, bye."
"Okay, I'll see you in ten minutes. Bye."
He hung up and I tried walking around slowly and it didn't hurt, then I lifted my leg and that's what hurt.
"Okay I'm back." I saw the doctor with all these things in his hand but I noticed about three needles.
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