Fighting For Love

One Direction fanfic. 17 year old Adriana was kicked out from her house by her parents for getting into trouble. Her parents got her an apartment to help her in Chicago, since then she has been living with her best friend, Danni. When Adriana went out for a run, she had no idea what was going to happen and how much 5 boys could change her entire life, but would it be for the best or for the worst? (Trust me the story's better)


86. Big News

Adrianas POV

After three weeks of coming home I wanted to start my running again. I had to stay 'in shape' for next months photo shoot. I was much of an exercise person but I could use to do a bit of running.  "Babe, I'll be back in a bit, I'm going running." 

"I'll go with you! Let me change."  I waited for Harry to come and while I did, I made myself a a healthy smoothie with vitamins. I added some chocolate to make it have a better taste. As it was mixing I took bites from the chocolate while spinning around listening to music from my phone. I drank my smoothie, still waiting for Harry to come.  "Sorry, I took long. I couldn't find my shoes. Hey, did you finish my chocolate?"  I shook my head, throwing the wrapper in the garbage, giving a sly look.

"I'll buy you some later, now let's go!"  I changed the subject and Harry laughed and went after me.  As we ran outside we started off slowly and would gradually go faster. 

"So I was thinking we should start looking for a new place. I love the penthouse but I think we should get a regular house instead."

Harry asked hopeful that I would say yes. Yes we should get a new place but I wasn't too sure since this was the first we spoke on the subject. While running we talked about how it would give us more options and how he could make a few calls. It was ridiculous how much responsibility we had now, I secretly wished my mom could handle bills, do all the signing for a car and house, all those things because it really sucked. We went home once we noticed it was going to rain. As we came back we both threw ourselves on the couch, resting.

"You run too fast." Harry said out of breath. "You run too slow." I told him back. I could feel my stomach doing flips, and not the good one. I went to the kitchen to get water to flow it down. I found myself staring at the calendar hanging on the refrigerator. "You okay?" Harry came from behind me, massaging my shoulders. I nodded and sat on the counter looking at the calendar.  "I'll make dinner tonight." Harry told me as he moved past me to grab a pan. I rubbed my eyes, forgetting what I was trying to remember.  "I'm going to take a nap, wake me up when you're done?" Harry nodded, too busy to actually say anything since he was too focused now. I went to the couch and went on my back, closing my eyes.  Once we ate, we sat on the couch to watch some movies, Harry got the occasional call for business. He was making a new album with Niall, Louis, Liam, and Zayn he had explained, and he would be in London with them to do recordings and music videos and interviews. It was unexpected but I knew he had to work too. 

"I'm really happy for you guys. Send me little snips of the songs?" I smiled and continued to watch the TV.  I went to bed around eleven and when I opened my eyes I saw it was two in the morning.

My stomach was doing the flip flop thing again, this time I had to get up. For awhile I walked around the room, with my hand on my stomach until I had to run out to the bathroom. I leaned against the toilet and threw up. After I did I wiped my mouth, Harry had woken up to see me and he was now was behind me, holding up my hair.  We stayed quiet, "Maybe it was the dinner?" Harry assumed, I felt bad thinking he felt guilty for making me sick even though it wasn't him. Then it hit me, I remembered I hadn't gotten my period. I completely forgot about it, that's why I was staring at the calendar earlier.   "Harry," I spoke softly, getting up carefully with his help, "It was the smoothie I made today. The strawberries were in the fridge for awhile. Don't worry about me, get back to bed. I'll be there in a little." I told him as he hesitantly walked, "Are you sure?"  I replied with a small nod. When I heard the bed shuffle I leaned my head on the wall by the sink. Oh my god.

I left the penthouse around seven this morning without waking up Harry. I went to a Walgreens close by to buy a pregnancy test and take it back home. I was careful that no one saw me or noticed me except for the cashier. As I got home I walked in quietly to the bathroom and waited patiently to see what it would say. I paced in around worriedly, a plus was a yes a minus was a no. Could I be pregnant? I mean I could but it didn't seem possible in my mind. I heard knocking come from the other side of the door, "Adriana, are you in here?" 

Crap, "Um, yeah. I'll be out in a minute." I scratched my head and went back to look at the stick that had the rest of my life settled if it had a plus on it.  I looked at it for awhile, and set it down. 

"Sorry, I just need the-" Harry opened the door with closed eyes,  reaching for the drawer and stopping when he opened one eye and he saw what was on the sink counter. I looked at him, waiting for him to look at it or say something. He picked it up and looked at it carefully, he opened the door wide now and reached for the box and kept flipping it.  "What does a plus mean?" He looked through the box and then looked at me.

With his voice raised he asked again, "What does a plus mean Adriana?"  I jumped hearing him and quickly responded, "It means I'm pregnant."  It was surreal. I wanted to sit on the counter but I thought it could squish the baby. I felt like any sudden movement I would hurt him or her. "Calm down. Sit and relax don't be nervous it's going to be okay. It's just a baby love." As I looked at Harry I started to realize this baby was the both of ours. Harry and I both made this human being and it would have our traits. I bawled now and I couldn't believe this was happening. Would I even be a good parent? I was panicking and taking hollow breaths.

"How are you so calm?" I asked and I put my hands on my head. "Don't do that. Listen to me, Adriana..." I looked at him and I was shaking now.  "Everything is going to be okay. Don't cry and don't panic." I nodded as best as I could. I didn't know what I was feeling, I was happy but I was worried at the same time.  I wanted to move but now I was scared of what I'd do, I pulled my phone out and dialed in my moms phone and Annes'. 


"Yes?" I heard their voices and I started to ramble. 

"Mom, Anne. I know this is unexpected, but I don't know what to do- One thing led to another and I had stomach aches. I went to the store and I got a test, I used it and I'm pregnant."  I could hear them both gasping. "You're pregnant!" I continued to shake and Harry held on tighter to me, "What do I do?" I cried, hopelessly confused.   

Harry's POV

"She's pregnant!"  Louis' voice repeated what I had told him and he started laughing.

"Harry! You're going to be a dad?! Holy shit! Congrats, I don't know what to say."  I started to feel anxious and I truly didn't know if I could wait nine months.  "I have to tell the other lads. Adriana's pregnant!" He quickly hung up and I went back to Adriana still sitting on the couch. She was much more calmer now and she was looking at her stomach.  "I called a doctor and in a week you'll have a check up. I also called Louis." Adriana looked at me and sighed.  "Okay..." She moved her hand against her still flat stomach. "I'm going to love this baby more than myself, I could say that much." I let out a low laugh and sat next to her, it was good to see she was happy now instead of scared and shaking. I had to skip that in order to make sure she wasn't nervous. I was shocked, she was pregnant and I would be leaving shortly. I don't think it was the best time to talk about so I didn't mention it. I knew that we had yet to feel the baby but I still moved my hand on her stomach. I was going to be a dad.

Three months ago we decided my stomach was getting noticeable, we were asked all the time if I was pregnant and when people asked we usually just replied with a smile. Then when most recently we smiled and added a nod. Harry was tired of keeping it a secret so we both went on Twitter and just shortly announced it.

'@Harry_Styles: Three months and counting, I love you both. :D xxxx' With a picture of him kissing my stomach. I had said, '@Adri1993: Babyyyy!' With a ultrasound picture. Our managers were sketchy on the idea because Harry wasn't around as much as he liked and I was always doing photoshoots. But once everyone, including me and Harry, got a bit use to it and a baby was coming out of me no matter what, everyone got use to it, well some as in the fans were a bit confused. 

I'm now six months, I was carrying an extra pound which was only the baby. I had gained at least twelve pounds. The cravings I had we're unbelievable. I had Danni over and she fed me all the time, I loved her.  I also found myself crying at literally everything. I seriously thought that this was all fake and people just acted but everything happening to me was real. The baby bump wasn't too big, which the doctor had said was normal for me. Harry was always trying his best to please me, even if he wasn't here. I had to do a lot on my own but he had always made sure to do what he could, he did come to every appointment. He had especially been excited to come to the one where we found out the gender.

"A healthy baby boy." The doctor cheered when he had told us. After planning for more, we went looking around for new homes everywhere. Literally everywhere, like out of country everywhere. Since I couldn't go on a plane Harry would find houses and FaceTime me while he went on a tour around the house.  

"Harry can you bring me some-" I hesitated thinking of what I craved, "I think a hamburger would do good." Harry looked over at me with wide eyes.  "Again, I love you but isn't it a bit much?"  I glared at him, "Just bring me a burger, I need more food since I'm eating for two now. I love you hun." I kissed his cheek and he sighed, "Bring me a hamburger Harry, bring me my nail polish babe. Let's cuddle, let's watch a cute movie. Massage my feet..." He teased and luckily for him I didn't yell.

"Harry." I only warned him, I knew I was being terrible but I couldn't help it. I was that bad.  


Sorry I couldn't update sooner! I was so busy, Happy late fourth of July! I love you guyyysss :) PS You should def. read 'A Beautiful Monster', I hope you'd like it! Thanks for sticking around it means a lot. xx

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