Fighting For Love

One Direction fanfic. 17 year old Adriana was kicked out from her house by her parents for getting into trouble. Her parents got her an apartment to help her in Chicago, since then she has been living with her best friend, Danni. When Adriana went out for a run, she had no idea what was going to happen and how much 5 boys could change her entire life, but would it be for the best or for the worst? (Trust me the story's better)


72. Back to the city

Adriana's POV   2 Months Later...   "Max you've had two months to pick a costume! Now only a day left, pick something. I'm even helping you. Come on now." I pushed on his shoulder as I looked through the clothing. He had long enough to pick something! I was way beyond stressed, Mandy had been giving Danni and I things to do, we didn't mind but it was such a stressful thing.  "Hey, just calm down. I already know, I just need the clothing." He chuckled, kissing my head and back to searching.  "You do?"  He nodded and pulled a red suit out, I started laughing at how odd it looked, "The Devil." He winked at me and placed it in his arm.  "Well." I beamed and I saw a man staring at us in disgust as we flirted around.  "A problem?" I spat at him and I completely regretted it and apologized.  "Geez what's up with you lately?" I shrugged at Max's comment, "I'm sorry.." I told the stranger again and looked back at Max.  "Just stressed out. Anyways, you only need the suit right?" He nodded and we went to the cashier.   Once Max paid we left the store and made our way to the exit. "So can you tell me what beautiful outfit you'd got set?"  I giggled, "Nope." I smiled at him and he pouted as we walked to my car.  I handed him the keys, and he got into the drivers seat.  "Can you give me hints?" I shook my head, "It's a surprise! Wait for it."  "I hate when you do that to me, Adri." I stuck my tongue out at him and we got out of the parking lot and to the streets. We began talking and for a moment we stayed silent, enjoying it all. "I'm sorry for anything I ever did to you, and I know that if you ever wanted to break up... I would understand." I glanced at him, where did this come from?  "What?" I straightened myself, I expected the worst but controlled myself.    "I'm sorry for what I ever did to you. And if you wanted to break up, I'd understand." I squinted my eyes at him...    "Max... What would ever make you think I wanted to break up with you?"  He looked disappointed and sighed, looking at me for a second and back to the road.  "It's almost a year we've been together and I've messed up so much. I've been thinking about how much I've screwed up and I'm the worst boyfriend ever." I held his hand and brought it to my lips.  "I am fucking blessed... Blessed that I have you. A year with you has been amazing. We've had our bumps along the way but Max, I have no reason to break up with you. Honestly the only reason I would ever break up with you is if you really hurt me..." I paused, concentrating at his face and he glanced quickly at me.  "I love you, Adriana. Please know that. I'm completely obsessed with you and I just love you for everything you are. I'm so happy that you gave me that chance to take you out. I knew it was quick to ask you on a date but Adriana... I fell in love with you on the first day and you know that." He took both my hands, in his hand and held them tightly. I felt the warmth and I felt glad to be with him. Truthfully I had forgotten that we were almost a year. On the 26th was our anniversary and the party was 26th too.  "The party and our one year are on the same date." I notified him and he smiled.  "Hottest couple even after grad." I laughed.  "Obviously." I said sarcastically and went back to my normal position and laid back.    I curiously made my way to my Twitter, I hadnt been on in ages.    '@edsheeran: Adriana Gomez, have i got news for you! :D' I smiled and went to reply.  'now what this news be? I smiled at myself, I kept on reading his DM. I beamed and decided to send the photo to Danni.   To: Danni 'Haha, any ideas ? idk what he means.' Sent at 3:06 PM   I added the photo onto it. I put my phone back into my pocket. "Let's go get something to eat, starving over here." Max told me and took a turn into a Wendy's.   Harry's POV "Mate! What are you doing?" I panicked reading the photo Danni sent to Niall from Adriana and simultaneously talking to him on my mobile.  "What am I doing..?"  "You can't tell her!"  Niall was by my side and tried to calm Danni who was freaking out on her side. We had let Ed now about our plan, but we hadn't told him not to tell Adriana. Danni had been sending Niall constant messages that even seemed suspicious. I felt bad but she was a tad bit overreacting.  "Babe, calm down. Everything will be fine. I'll see you tomorrow okay?" He paused.  "Danni. I am going tomorrow. I have to go now. I love you.... okay. Bye."  He sighed and looked at me.  "My girlfriend is going crazy Ed!" He shouted into my phone, putting his head back. We were all so nervous from this little plan of ours. Tonight we were going to sneak out of the country, wow. 'Country'.  "Ed, don't tell her. I know you won't tell her because you aren't like that. Wish us luck, I'll talk to you tomorrow."  "No worries bro. Good luck, get your girl. Unless Zayn... Goodbye!"  I let out a small laugh and hung up. We would leave in just about less than an hour, the others were getting set. We had let our parents know and they were awed by it. Especially my mum and Gemma. We had told Lou too, she was getting our disguise set. We were going to tell management that we were staying at our parents flat, but really staying at mine and we would be left alone and have Lou drive us to British airways. We were to go on a private plane, we told the pilot to not let anyone know any detail of us leaving or our location, he had agreed after we added a few extra bit of money. We were going to be in Chicago at midnight American time, Danni told us we could stay at her home.The getting to the airport to her flat was the biggest problem, well except getting away from management. We had to set up our disguise again and run out fast. Once we got through all that, we would be safe. "I packed my costume and Lou finished with Zayn, Liam, and I, she wants you two now." I got up I saw Louis with black hair, baggy jeans, a hoodie, and glasses were in his hand. It seemed Lou knew what she was doing, praise her.  Zayn came in and had a plaid shirt with sweatpants and a beanie. "It looks alright and I'm really comfortable. This might just work."  "It's going to work!" Niall exclaimed, getting up too.  "I hope." I said under my breathe and walked to the door. I had to tell the guards they can go.  As I opened the door I saw the two laughing and playing cards.  "If you two want to, go ahead take a break. You know what? Dinner is on me." I pulled out 65 pounds and handed it to them. They shook their heads, "No thank you, we can't take it." One said and I laughed going closer. "I know you haven't eaten go on ahead. Take your family out too." I handed them another 65 pounds and they smiled at me grateful.  "I know this job doesn't pay too well." I patted the taller lad and they both took the money.  "You're a good lad. You'll only be going to your parents and in the morning back here, right?" I nodded reassuringly smiling at them too.  "Don't worry. We're all old enough to take care of each other. Have fun." They smiled and walked out the door and headed out. I closed the door behind them, locking it. I ran back into the other room. "They're gone, let's get this going."    Danni's POV The anticipation was killing me! In six hours they would be in my house. My parents were out of Chicago and were staying at a hotel. I got them a gift for a free day out, they had accepted and left me with Sarah and Logan. "Sarah, do you want to sleepover at your friends?" She shook her head.  "No, not really. You've got something going on and I want to know what it is so I could eat you out to mom and dad." I glared at her as she kept her eyes glued to the tv. All of us were on the couch watching the tv, well Logan and Sarah were. I was nervous, for the fact that Sarah would not hesitate to tell on me and that the boys were all staying here, secretly.  I usually would be calm about it all but they were coming from another country, I wouldn't mind if it was another state but country!  "You should relax, your tense. Ruining the mood of my movie." I sighed and got up shutting the television off.  "Sarah. I'm going to tell you something and you cannot tell anyone." I glanced at Luke, "You too Logan... My boyfriend and his friends are staying over for the night."  Logan's eyes widened and he stood on the couch smiling. "Niall's coming?" I nodded and he jumped on the couch, for a nine year old he was so enthusiastic. I laughed a little and looked back at Sarah who would obviously be the hardest to persuade. "I am so calling mom." She took her phone out and I swiped it out of her hand.  "Give it back!" I moved it behind me, she struggled reaching for it. "Sarah! I am asking one thing. I don't know why you hate me so much, we weren't like this. But if you want to tell after this passes, whatever. I need you to just keep quiet for tonight. Alright?" I begged her, and she glared at me.   "No! Give me my phone, you have no permission to take it from me! Give it to me! Now!" She got up and I pulled my arm up, making it harder for her.  "Sarah!" I yelled at her. Why couldn't she just be as happy as Logan, who was now staring us.  "Sarah just for tonight." Logan told her, I was grateful for that kid.  "Don't you get it Logan? She's going to have strangers in the house. Even mom would say no to this." She rolled her eyes at me, "Give me my phone." I shook my head. I saw the phone bright up, she had a call coming... I looked at the name and saw the name 'Jordan<3'. She saw it and framed out even worse, "Jordan? Boyfriend of yours?" I was about to press answer before she gave in.  "Okay! I won't tell mom, please give it back.." She yelled fast, so I gave it to her.  "Hello?" She quickly answered it and walked to her room mad at me.  God this was going to be a way longer day than I expected.      Zayn's POV I was dressed and prepared. All of us were on the plane now. We had  gone out without anyone seeing us. These disguises worked so well for us.  "You actually think this plan is gonna work?" Louis asked leaning his head my way. I took a long breathe, "Seems like it just might."  Liam was already asleep next to Niall who was too. Harry had been on his mobile ever since we got on this plane. I was too excited to sleep but I was too tired to do anything else.  I messed with my blanket covered around me, I couldn't help but think what if what Louis said before was true? Adriana probably wants nothing to do with us... That pains me to think she would still hate us.  I remembered that day in the hospital when we were kissing. Harry got so angry and walked out of the room. The worst part for him might've been not punching me since everyone would wake up, and see what he's done. Maybe it was good if he punched me, hell I deserve it. I felt terrible having to see Harry where he ended up unconscious on the floor and still having the nerve to tell him I love Adriana and wasn't going to back down. It seemed crazy, for someone to go ballistic for a person they loved, I had never seen anyone do that. We all knew Harry had the worst temper but you still didn't expect something like it from a lad like him.  "You want some tea?" Louis asked me, I hadn't realized he'd gotten up.  "Uh, no. I think I'm fine." Louis continued making his tea as I cuddled up more with the blanket.  "So what's your costume?" Harry popped in front of me, sitting down and smiling. I laughed, "I couldn't figure one out so me and Lou both decided to be the Men in Black."  "Very creative." Louis stated as he sat down back next to me. It was quite funny seeing us go crazy, truth is Lou helped us come up with our costumes.  "What about you? I'm guessing you went more for a spongebob look..." I laughed with Louis and Harry smiled.  "Here, let's see if you can take a guess."  Harry sat up right and turned to look at us with a serious look, "Bond. James Bond." Louis started cracking up and I did too. Harry was looking at us and laughed a bit, "What! I'm James Bond!"  "Do not do that at the party." Louis said in between breathless laughs.  "It was gonna be my signature move for the night." Harry put his hands to his chin. We only started to laugh harder.   Louis' POV A few more minutes now, we had gotten off the plane an hour ago, gotten our things and were now in a cab ready to arrive at Danni's house. She'd given Niall her address before we left.  I must admit I was excited. Really excited, I hadn't realized how much I missed being here and how common all the street were to me.  "It's so dark, what time is it here?" Zayn questioned, looking out the car window.  "Midnight, I think." Liam answered him.  I can't believe we didn't even have a lot of fun here, seeing the lights in the city and the people walking.  "If we don't get caught, I'm going to stay here longer. Look at this place. I'm quite disappointed the police don't know our names." Niall laughed, "I'm with ya."  "I really like the way the lights glow, it burns my eyes." Liam said and looked away. Harry was doing the same or having a staring contest with the reflection of himself on the window.  "How much longer is this ride?"  "Not too much now. I'd say a good ten minutes."  I sighed, I wanted to sleep. Truthfully jet lag hit me harder, I'm not too sure why but it just did. I closed my eyes, ten minutes would be enough just for now.  I was worried they would do something while I slept but they looked as tired as me, so they better not.    Liam's POV Ten minutes. I was tired, a cup of tea would do good right now. I shuffled in the seat feeling cramped, it was three people only and we all decided to force ourselves inside. Zayn and I were next to the window and so was Harry and Louis on the other. Niall sat in the middle, leaning his heads towards us incase he slept.    I think the hardest part of leaving London was being far away from everything again. Especially when we'd just gotten back. It was nice to be here though, it felt like a second home. I really wanted to sleep, that's why ten minutes to me was the worst. I had guessed we'd sleep on the floor or something, even a floor sounded comfortable.  I wonder how Danni would be now that we were here. She was going crazy, poor her. What about Adriana, she had no idea whatsoever about this plan. I hoped she would just take time to figure out what she was doing. She must know about Max and that he's dangerous to her and dump him. He has no right to hit her, no man does and I hated to think Adriana believed she deserved it. Harry and Zayn were good to her, I just want Adriana happy again, she was a really close friend to me and before I leave I want to know she's in safe hands, leaving before wasn't easy.    "We're here." The cab driver told us, Zayn opened the door and jumped out, stretching. "This feels much better."  I came out next, taking off my fake lenses. Everyone else followed, we payed the cab driver and we walked to the door of Danni's home. It was average sized with four windows on the front. The other houses around were almost the same. I couldn't exactly see the color of it all since it was dark but I guessed brown.  Niall went in front of us and knocked on the door.  "You think she's awake?" He asked, he was obviously nervous.  "I'm sure she's still awake now quit being nervous. She's your girlfriend for god's sake." Louis laughed as I said it and gave me a high five. Niall knocked again and a little boy opened the door. He looked at us carefree.  "Hi." Niall told him and he squinted his little eyes at him. "Logan! What are you doing?" I heard Danni's voice come and she went to the door grabbing him, Logan I assumed and pushed him away. She looked up to see us and we all smiled at her.  "You're here! Oh my god." She hugged Niall and looked at us as she did, "Go right in, just be quiet my sisters sleeping."  We moved out of their way and went inside, the little boy looked at us. "Hi, Logan. I'm Harry." Harry stuck out his hand and Logan shook it.  "That's Zayn, that's Liam, that's Louis." Harry pointed out, I waved to him and he smiled gently and went back to looking at Danni. Danni and Niall were having their little show.  "Is that Niall?" He asked and we nodded our heads. "I was freaking out!" She smacked my arm and smiled, I gave her a hug.  "The pilot was a bit slow." Louis told her, adding a hug.  "I'm tired, and I'm guessing you guys are too. I have a empty bedroom, it's all yours." Danni leaded us to her room, it was quite big and I went straight towards the bed and lied down with Louis following.  "A bed." Louis moaned and went into the sheets and closed his eyes. The others followed and we put ourselves in different positions to fit.  "This is Danni's be-" We heard Niall complain but he stopped and I closed my eyes, finally sleeping.    First off, thank you for reading! Sorry I took so long, homework :( Thanks for being patient! I also wanted to share that I got my cartilage pierced :D Second of all, the part the most of you care about haha; I picked a winner guys! It was possibly the hardest thing ever! I thought it would be simple at first truthfully, but oh my god! All of you would perfectly fit to be the winner. All of you were saying so many kind things and it made my weekend so much better, I love all of you and please understand if you didn't win. I had to get help from my friend Jackie, together we picked the winner....   ABBY! Congrats love! You sounded great and fit the story well. It was so hard to pick I can promise you all that. Thank you for entering, you are all amazingly perfect! <3 -Bella
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