Fighting For Love

One Direction fanfic. 17 year old Adriana was kicked out from her house by her parents for getting into trouble. Her parents got her an apartment to help her in Chicago, since then she has been living with her best friend, Danni. When Adriana went out for a run, she had no idea what was going to happen and how much 5 boys could change her entire life, but would it be for the best or for the worst? (Trust me the story's better)


77. Absolutely nothing.

No one's POV

They argued, debating what to do. Harry had come from the kitchen explaining to everyone that Paul found out. As Adriana listened, her thoughts had gone worse by the second. She had just gotten her best friends back and now, they were leaving. Louis spoke out how Eleanor sent Paul searching around. No one wanted to leave. Niall had his night planned with Danni, that was gone. He'd gone to the bathroom calling her, that he wasn't going to go instead he was going back to London. Danni was broken, she knew she should've been with him the night better, she regretted staying at the party and going directly back home after it.  Everyone was upset, they didn't know how long it would be until they saw each other again in person. They sat around and took in last two hours they had before they had to go to the airport. 

"This isn't fucking fair. Why can't we stay, Danni was right. He treats us like crap and we listen to whatever he has to say."  Liam stated as he covered his face with his hands.

"What else do we do? This is our job. We have to listen to the bullshit he gives us." Louis was walking back and forth, angry at how they had gotten stuck with the management they have, they were all good people especially Robert it's just the rules they had were childish.  "I'm going to Danni's house."  Niall said after coming out of the bathroom with his eyes stained red. All of them were strong people and hardly ever cried but each of them let out a tear, out of anger and or sadness.  "I don't know when you'll come back but I promise that I'll always be here. We'll call, text, almost like you didn't leave."  Adriana was hoping for them all to become happy and agree but no one could take them out from what they felt. Adriana was in bad shape, due to her break up and Harry planned to make it better, but it didn't seem available anyone. After an hour passing they hugged, saying their last goodbyes. They didn't know when they'd see each other again, it was a matter of time.

Harry's POV "I had hoped to be here in person to watch you grow out of what... You um, become." I fiddled with her hair and looked back at her, "Don't think just because I'm not here I won't help. This could sound super cheesy but you'll get better, promise me that you won't think about the past." I gave her a light kiss on her forehead, and she gave a small smile.

"I promise to try."

Adriana whispered, that was all she managed to say. It was upsetting seeing her so down, but I couldn't do anything since a plane was waiting for me. I didn't say anything either, we all left the others giving small goodbyes too. It seemed like we always said bye rather than it's great to see you again.

"I'll see you later." Zayn stated to her as he closed the door.

Adriana's POV

When they walked out the door I was dumbfounded. Nothing made sense for a few minutes, nothing seemed right, everything was wrong. I stood in the exact same spot, without saying a word, without shedding a tear, I did absolutely nothing. I didn't know what to do. At one point I found myself tired so I went on my couch, and slept. In my dreams, everything made sense, everything was right and nothing was wrong.

Until I woke up, remembering my surroundings and remembering what happened, I groaned. I got up, going into my bedroom and laying on my bed. I flipped through the channels but I didn't even stop to read what was on. I got a phone call, I slowly dug in my pocket picking my phone out.

"Can I come over? I just want to be around someone who understands me right now." Danni's voice stuttered a bit and I cleared my throat, "Yeah."  

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