Fighting For Love

One Direction fanfic. 17 year old Adriana was kicked out from her house by her parents for getting into trouble. Her parents got her an apartment to help her in Chicago, since then she has been living with her best friend, Danni. When Adriana went out for a run, she had no idea what was going to happen and how much 5 boys could change her entire life, but would it be for the best or for the worst? (Trust me the story's better)


32. 2 Chaps. In 1- Something to think about. 2- Daddy

Adriana's POV


I called a cab and I eventually got in and told them the apartment name.
My phone started buzzing..

From: Louis
'I'm so sorry! I promise u I thought he wasnt going to be here I'm so sorry a million times Ri-Ri! :('
Sent at 1:58 PM

I was over it, I knew Lou didn't know.. Something could have happened and they came back early...

To: Louis
'Its okay Lou-Lou. IK u didn't know, it's fine... What did harry do when I left ?'
Sent at 2:00 PM

I could never be mad at Louis for something like that, never. I was just really upset at Harry. Of course I couldn't help myself and I had to ask Louis about him... I was so stupid.

"Ma'am are you alright?" I looked up to see the drivers eyes on the mirror.
He was old, and he seemed kind...
"Oh, um.. I'm fine sir." He smiled at me through the mirror.
It was nice of him to ask me, really sweet.
"Are you sure? You've kept crying ever since you've gotten inside..." I gave him a reassuring smile, and wiped my eyes.
"I'm truly fine. It's just a few, you know, teenage troubles." I laughed quietly and so did he.

"You have a beautiful smile, miss. I know what you mean.. Ah, back in my time all we had to worry about was if we had to wake up early to feed the animals." He chuckled and so did I, this man barely knew me and he was really nice.
"Well, you were very lucky. Everything's gotten so much more complicated, huh? Oh, thank you for the compliment." I laughed and smiled at him. He was know paying attention to the streets again.
"A bit so, I could see. May I ask you name miss?" I nodded, not knowing if he could see or not.
"My names Adriana, what's yours?"

"Ben, Ben Hillburgh.  Nice to meet you Adriana. Oh, and here we are. I hope you feel better and have a great life."
I was confused when he said have a great life... I would surely see him again.. Wouldn't I, he was such a nice and sweet old man.
"I won't see you again?" He smiled at me,
"Well, I doubt it Adriana. This is a big city. You only see a person if your meant to. Coincidentally of course,  So I guess I'd see you when we have to. Goodbye!" I quickly handed him $40, I didn't care if it was too much, he gave me something to think about, he thanked me and drove off.

Was I meant to see someone, I would have.. And I did.
I looked at my phone and saw another text from Lou.

From: Louis
'your aren't mad at me? Your too good to me Ri-Ri. He was pretty bummed out.. He went back inside and locked himself in his room. He'll be fine after I talk to him'
Sent at 2:03 PM

I walked into the apartment and started to text Lou again.

To: Lou
'I am, aren't I? :) & okay.. I didn't mean to hurt in any way, but when he accused me of doing something I didn't do..? & said what he did for me was 'shit', it got to me.'
Sent at 2:16 PM

I sat down on the couch and I guess Danni heard me closing the door and she sat next to me.

"Hung out with Louis?" I looked at her and nodded.
"How'd you know?" She showed me her phone, it was a picture of Louis and I at Chile's. When did someone take a picture of us? It was pretty close too.
"Oh, didn't know someone took a picture of us.. Creepy." I rested my head on the couch and closed my eyes. I would have fallen asleep until Danni started talking again.
"Did you see Niall?" A smile grew on my face.
"Your soon to be boyfriend? Yeah." She hit my arm and I laughed.
"He is not and isn't!" She started blushing and it was obvious she wanted to see him.
"He will. I'll text him and let him know you miss him." She reached for my phone and I pulled away before she could take it.
"Adriana! You better not! I will hit you!!" I laughed and ran to my room and locked it.

To: Niall
'Hey Niall. Sry about the drama bak there. Just pee'd off. So Danni wanted me to tell you she misses you like a lot.'
Sent at 2:21 PM

"Adriana! You better not!" I came out and had a smile on my face.
"Okay, okay. I won't. Geez. Calm down. And stop blushing!"
She covered her cheeks with her hands.
"I am not blushing! Erg..! I'm going to take a nap, you give me anxiety." I laughed as she went into her room.
Danni was so strange.. She was my friend so I get where she would have gotten it from.

I went back onto the couch and took over the whole couch. I just wanted to sleep and forget what happened today.
I suddenly heard the door open and a slam.
"Adriana! Get up. Now."
Woah, I saw Max standing, he threw his jacket onto the floor.
"Uh, that's not where it goes." I was not about to pick that up for him, his mess not my problem.
"Whatever. What the hell were you doing today?" I raised my eyebrow at him, he's never been like this. At least not with me.
"I was out. Why?" I started feeling guilty. He must've found out I was with Lou..
"Your face is plastered everywhere. I got a text from someone and they told me you were with Harry! Are you cheating on me?!"
He actually thought I was cheating on him?! I wasn't even with Harry! What was his problem?!

"I wasn't even with him! I wouldn't cheat on you! You actually think I'd do something like that? Wow. Some boyfriend..."  I rolled my eyes and started walking towards my room.
"Adriana! Come on. What am I suppose to think.. They told me you were with h-"
I turned around, "I wasn't with him! I was with Louis. I wouldn't cheat on you. We're just friends Max. I can't believe you'd think I'd cheat on you..." I walked to my room and laid down on my bed.
He went to lay next to me as he put his arms around me. I was so easy, I was going to forgive him.
"I'm sorry. I just got jealous..." I swear I didn't hear anything else till everything went black.


Harry's POV


Hearing all those words from Adriana.. It was the worst. I made her cry.. I was so dumb!
"Harry.. You picked the hard to get girl. Nice!!" Josh patted my back and I walked away into my room.
Why did Adriana have to hurt me, and why did I still have to love her even though she didn't want me to?

Josh's POV


I don't know what happened between Harry and Adriana.. But if Harry doesn't want her, I'll take her off his hands. She seems like a really happy person, and when she cried, I felt like I should've done something but watched her leave instead.

"What just happened?" I looked over to Niall who just stood there staring at the ground.
"Harry and Adriana have this thing. But Harry I guess cheated, so Adriana got a boyfriend and now.. They're stuck."
Harry? Cheating on her? Not the smartest move.
"Do you have her number? Maybe I could text her. Felt bad letting her leave crying."
Niall laughed a little bit, "You think you have a chance with her? Mate, Harry's going to kill you!"
Eh, i smiled a little bit at him. I laughed too, he was just joking.
I looked at Zayn and he was glaring at me, then he walked away. I pointed to Zayn and Niall laughed again.
"He might kill you too."
So Harry and Zayn both like Adriana? This was good.
I'm not about to get into it, she seems more like a friend anyways.
"She's more of a friend anyways" I shrugged and Niall kept laughing.


New Chapter...

 Louis' POV
After everything they both said, I didn't know who I should go after.
Harry or Adriana?
I love Adriana as my best friend, but Harry needed to talk to me.
I walked to Harry's room,
"Hazza? Are you okay?"
I wasn't going to let him go back to the hospital.. It would devastate Adriana, since she likes.. Loves him. Or it seems.
"Go away, Lou." I opened his door, good. He didn't have it locked like last time.
"Harry. Come on, what she said was rubbish. I'm sure she didn't mean it... At least that's what she told me."
He looked at me confused. I was trying to get him to be happy, only way was to show her text to him.
"She.. She told you?... Prove it." He eyed me and I pulled out my phone.
Scrolled down to her text and handed him my phone.
He had a serious look and a smile appeared on his face. I couldn't help but smile too, I was good at making him happier.
"Adriana really asked if I was okay?.. So she cares about me?" He started smiling and handed me back my phone.
"Of course she does, Haz. You might've had stuff happen but your still in her mind. We can't change." I brought up the necklace we gave her before we left. He was obviously happy again and he hugged me.
"Thanks, Lou."

Adriana's POV
I was in pitch dark... Where was I?
A bed appeared and I heard voices crying...
I walked towards the bed and leaned over to see who was laying on it.
I hadn't seen him in forever...
Machines then started to appear around him and a room built up. I saw my mom in the corner, crying. Why was she crying?
I obviously realized I was in a hospital room.
"Dad?" I called to him, he couldn't hear me...
"Mom, what happened?" She didn't hear me either. What was happening?!
I saw a guy hugging my mom by her arms. And who was this? He looked like he was in his mid- twenties.
"Mom, what's happening? Who's that guy?"
No response..
The room fell silent. Only hearing the machine beep at times...
I looked around and I went next to my dad. I sat at next to him on the hospital bed... Something was wrong with him, but what...
He had a pale face, and his eyes weren't his usual bright brown eyes. They were dark and hardly open.
I found myself talking to him.
"Dad.. I don't know if you could even hear me.. Since apparently mom can't. What's wrong? What are you doing in the hospital?"
I knew he wasn't going to respond..
Or was he?

"Adriana... My little girl... I'm sick...  I don't know if I'll make it."
Did he just talk to me? What did he mean he wasn't sure is he was going to make it?!
"Dad, don't be silly. You'll be fine.. Remember when I was five years old and I asked you how old people live?"
I looked at him and a gentle smile appeared on his face, "You told me as long as they need too.. But you were going to try extra hard.. For mom, for me." I turned and he turned to face me.

"I know.." He moved my hair behind my ear.
"You promised, daddy." I felt like a little girl, but I was a little girl with my dad.
"I love you, Adriana. Alright? Never forget it..." He started coughing. I felt tears roll down my cheek.
"So why did you send me away?.. On my own?" I was scared to ask him.. I loved him, of course he's my dad but why did he and my mom send me away.
".. Adriana. It was for you. Your mom and I, we're in our fifties. I wanted you to see the world and how it is."
I smiled, "Like finding love? Finding what I love to do? Discovering new people?"

My dad smiled at me, "Exactly that. I hope you've found things like that... You did didn't you?"
I smiled and let tears run down my face...
"I don't know.. Maybe. But enough about this.. But, I meant to ask who's that guy? Next to mom."
His face went serious and he swallowed.
"He's.. He's someone we've been meaning to talk to you about. He's your brother. His names Anthony, he's twenty-two."
My mouth dropped, I had a brother?!


"A.. A brother? I have a brother?! Oh my gosh.. Dad why didn't you ever tell me?! This isn't something you just hide from you're own daughter! Does he know me?"
He started coughing again and I patted his chest.

".. He knows who you are. He went to live with your aunt in New York. He was only 6. He got in a lot of trouble, remind you of anyone? I'm sorry. But it was best if you didn't know. I want you to talk to him, be family. As you are."

I smiled at him again.. "Daddy?.. Thank you, for everything. For not leaving me homeless. Helping me throughout things when i was only a kid. I love you, dad."
I just wanted to be with my dad and spend every minute with him now. To take care of him and help him too, now that he was weak.
The machines started to beep faster, and longer.
"Adriana... Pr-Promise me, that whenever.. You need anyone, I'll be here.. You- You may not see me... But I will."
My dad held my hand and I nodded and smiled at him..
"You're going to be fine dad.. You don't need to say anything.. You're going to be fine.." Everything was turning dark..
The machine only rang in my ears...
The voices were back, the crying and I saw doctors rushing in.
"Dad..!! NO DAD! Daddy!" I was crying too and I screamed for my dad.
No! No! He's fine! He can't.. "DAD!!"
I cried my eyes out and I screamed and screamed. Something pulled me away and I couldn't be next to him anymore.
"Everyone leave now!" Someone yelled.
Everything thing was dark and I could only see a bed and doctors surrounding my dad..

"Daddy! NO!" I tried to run to him, I couldn't. The doctors looked around at each other and the ringing went on...
A long low ring..
The doctors walked out and a nurse pulled the blanket on top of my dad...

I opened my eyes, breathing heavily. I was crying, tears running down my face.
"Daddy..." I whispered. I cried into my pillow.. I saw memories run through my head, the thoughts of my dad.
He was fine, it was only a dream...
I reached for my phone and dialed my dad's phone number.




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